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never bet against apple

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first for redheads

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first for blood red monday

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Any big events happen that could possibly trigger another big drop?

I thought not having a stimulus plant not finalized yesterday would freak everyone out, and I'm trying to get my friends into stocks.

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normie complacency now that the big boys have all reported and people are ready to fomo back in

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Guten Tag,
buying stocks? how about you gibs me dat

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Fuck Redhead, Fuck Kim Possible, and most importantly:


T. Intel investor

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was there ever a time where we didn't get these 'blood red monday' posts during weekend /smg/?

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>it’s created the sick society we live
Consider suicide fren, debt is one of the best tools you have available to you, and credit is easily obtainable, which is wonderful if you know how to use it. Lots of real estate fags operate on debt(insinuating a bubble), they take slightly more in rent they they do in interest, of which you can make a similar comparison to student loans. Debt is a great tool primarily for liquidity, I have a lot of money tied up in PMs and hard assets, so the value is there, but the liquidity is not. I can instead take out leverage that is covered by my assets, with a slight interest I find negligible compared to the expected yields I would expect. There is always risk btw, even perceived low risk assets may carry a higher risk than you might expect in dire circumstances(ex savers during bank runs).

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Fuck you too nigger

t. AMD and PM investor, redhead and KimP poster.

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guys don't date redheads they are insane

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can anyone explain why I'm up on these puts? Is it because the volatility is very high and theres 0 open interest?

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Can bulls and bears agree on one thing, that we are in a market bubble and this will end badly?

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Lads I need your help. Some time ago there was an /smg/ in which an intelligent /biz/nessman gave advice on how to become a better investor and how to do stock research. I remember that this video was in one of his posts.
Could anyone please direct me to the thread this video was posted in?
exqueeze me for the use of attention grabbing imagery

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>tfw he can’t find the traditional redhead unicorn

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>white women are mentally insane and seek destruction

did you just realise that?

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check the archives

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I had the traditional 9/10 redhead qt. She didn't even have a facebook. Still insane.

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I’m all in on redheads with blue eyes

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>no Blackstone hapa OP

NGMI if OP keeps putting up weakness

War in Middle East
Taiwan invasion
Ayyylium announcement from Pentagram


>those trips
>that hapa

Now THIS is /biz/ posting

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Lads I need your help. Some time ago there was an intelligent /biz/nessman who gave some really valuable advise on how to invest and do stock research. I remember that this video was in one of his posts.
could someone please direct me to the thread in question? I would really appreciate it
Also, you should click on the image

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woops I thought my initial post didn't get through sorry bros

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What does /smg/ make of VIPS?

0.58 P/B ratio

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reach for the stars anon, don’t settle for less - make it big or die trying.

>pic related, your girlfriend

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Dated several red heads one fucking staled my location on snap chat daily and got mad at me every day not fun havnt dated since.

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I did, pasting the link in the search bar, with no results however. Maybe such urls change? i dunno

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pls no

>> No.20895459

Is it because its the weekend?

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>Satan’s dubs
>Goth Thot


Marry a 16yr (in UK) through a match making service when you’re 33 thank me later

If you’re in the U.S. ... Work until 45 and move to Thailand or Philip islands avoid Australia Aussies are the worst

Just stack PMs and plan to run a data center in Singapore

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I think next week they'll make some progress on the check bill. Pelosi is keeping it an "all or nothing" thing v.s letting it be passed in pieces which is good. No one can derail it cause its a must do thing. So 2400 checks, unemployment expansion,etc all will be in a single bill. V.S if they did it in parts, well the unemployment could be passed but they could cave on the 2400 checks,etc.

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So, what about that new stimulus?

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>Southeast Asians
I know a guy who's a master machinist. He says every single goddamn time there is voluntary "unlimited" overtime (in reality it's 120 hours a week), the SEA's are forced by their wives to go work every single solitary second of that shit.

>> No.20895621

Search for MGglyvc8d58 retard, I still don’t see anyone intelligent that mentions it.

What about it? Spend it on silver.

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>2400 checks

Sóunds like I just got 2 more TSLA

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Should rapists kill themselves?

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>SEA's are forced by their wives to go work every single solitary second of that shit.

A lot of anons have no clue that yellow girls are not going to conform to western ways and you will essentially become a simp to some extent, she will demand you buy a house, take care of her family, and stay in her home country. Also I do not know why people say Mexicans and Asians are hard workers, in reality they are mediocre, the hardest workers I’ve seen are white outliers, usually introverts. We live in a society where we have it better each generation, because the previous busted their ass and added to it, unlike these commie shitholes where you keep to yourself and family.

That is also why I keep it a secret when voluntary overtime is called and I am burnt out, though I do try to make the most of my time and take it when offered. Fucked me over working 60 hours this week and having 2 engineering exams yesterday, didn’t finish all my backlog stuff until 3am and only got 3 hours of sleep.

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pretty sure it was up before closing.. my other 2 puts on PINS were also randomly up through out the the day.. they would jump from +30 to -20~30 .. never seen it before not sure what it meant.. I'm just assuming it's because PINS looks like its gonna 100% correct itself next week so they will for sure print

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IT'S FINALIZED - MSFT will assume Tiktok's US operations, hope you guys have CALLS

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tik tok cannot survive without the soft core underage jerk off material, just look at vine.

>> No.20896296

no, and you should only feel that way about the ones who've hurt people you love - when you have the opportunity for dispassion in justice, you have an obligation to take it

>> No.20896394

No, just another social media platform to pass through. Unless Microsoft can somehow maintain TikTok's spot among FaceBook, Insta, and Twitter, something else will takes its place.

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She seems nice. I hope she finds a nice boyfriend/husband in college.

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How can I get money from a credit card into a brokerage account?

>> No.20896469

MSFT pumps 10% on Monday. Screencap this.

>> No.20896512

you can't

>> No.20896513

Every security in the world has a unique ISIN, right? If I buy one share of Apple at the London exchange, do I receive ownership of the same security if I had bought it on Nasdaq?

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Commercial real estate is liable to bottom out. Huge multinationals with unserviceable debts being rapidly gutted by retail bankruptcies and massively diminished interest. WFH is also a supermassive consideration, if it becomes widely adopted in the long term. Companies capable of operating as such, or with significantly smaller floorspace have found a good deal of value in this. This compounds into a feedback loop where assets are massively devalued as a product of depressed demand. REITs and finance die.

Subprime auto loans compounding with the Hertz/Advantage bankruptcies and all the dominoes that will inevitably fall with their failure. With all the debt forbearance, financial companies can delay default, but will eventually have to capitulate and realize their loans as losses, they've yet to do so en masse. Also new car demand has dropped substantially, likewise used auto sales are in decline. This is another feedback loop, and it doesn't exclude defaults in the residential mortgage space either.

The Fed's balance sheet for CMBS and MBS is fucking astronomical though, maybe they'll just buy out the whole market.

>> No.20896562

Send yourself money on PayPal and deposit into your bank account.

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You have to call them. I doubt many will accept credit cards.

You might have to get a cash advance on the credit card (from a casino or similar service) and deposit the cash directly into your savings account. I know that Coinbase will not let you use credit cards.

Anywho. Never get cash advances from a credit card. They charge you like 20% interest on it.

>> No.20896611

You would need two different PayPal accounts for that I think.

>> No.20896615

Not just commercial, but also residential. There are millions of evictions that are supposed to be taking place in August.
Homeowners and renters all over this country are getting btfo’d and are totally dependent on helicopter money to avoid total fallout.

Not to mention all boomer AirBnB owners are getting absolutely assblasted by lack of travel.

>> No.20896678

Weird coinbase excepts my credit card, but I have to fill out a "MY CARD HAS NOT BEEN STOLEN" report sometimes.

>> No.20896680

Thanks frens. There are many credit cards offering 0% APR for long periods now. The option of taking a zero interest loan in a high inflation environment is extremely tempting.

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>buy dip
>sell at 10-15% profit
>buy another stock dip
>sell at 10-15% profit
Why do you people wait for big gains and meme stocks(TSLA, Hernz)?

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Oh yeah, forgot about the retards in AirBnB overleveraging. They're also going to shit themselves...

>> No.20896730

Oh Coinbase takes creditcards? I didn’t think they would lol. Ok

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dont invest debt into the market unless you're just going to hold long positions in top tier companies.. if you're gonna try to gamble it a bit I'd recommend not doing it from personal experience.. you'll always be mentally subtracting what you owe from what you've gained or have total

>> No.20896742

You might need to create a ‘buy it now’ button if they do not allow invoices or direct payment, good luck fren.

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They do, most credit card companies just block coinbase because you are speculating with debt.

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im down 7 grand

someone please tell me that amazon and tesla will pump on monday

i will lose my last 1500 if they dump

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Redhead here with long legs, wide hips, blue eyes, pale skin, and a nice quiet voice. I've been told these are naturally attractive features, but I can't get z gf. Why, bros? What's wrong with me

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holy shit

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>buy dip
>it’s a crash
>down YTD

>> No.20896857

Instagram just launched an alternative called Reel.

So will FB, they're launching Reel

>> No.20896874

Wrong board.

>> No.20896875

You're a girl who wants a girlfriend?

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Discuss your moves for next week.

>Upcoming important events:
8/3 ~ 8/7: Earnings as Listed
8/7: Deadline for the feds to pass another stimulus bill before they go on August recess

>Notable companies:
Monday: Chegg, Clorox, Tyson, Kosmos Energy, Realty Income, Virgin Galactic, AIG
Tuesday: Activision-Blizzard, Beyond Meat, BP, Disney, Twilio, Nikola, LendingTree, Upwork
Wednesday: Moderna, Square, Roku, Wayfair, Fastly, Etsy, Zynga, Regeneron, Sonos, Microvision
Thursday: Livongo, Plug, Cloudflare, DataDog, Uber, Cronos, TTD, T-Mobile, NCLH, Papa Johns
Friday: Arbutus, CSIQ, Meridian

>> No.20896911

No I'm a guy

>> No.20896946

>~150k long term holds
>~100k swing trades and cash
>~250k selling CSP or theta strats
current balance/strategy. much less day trading now and far less work/stress.

>> No.20896950

im extremely balls deep in gold and silver
might make a MSFT/FB play as its getting the most attention politically
also NVDA is in talks to buy ARM

>> No.20896958

Haven't been on /biz/ in a good few months. How's the mood and health of stocks and the economies?

>> No.20896959

That’s your problem, beta on a man.

>> No.20896967

Are you trans?
>Redhead here with long legs, wide hips, blue eyes, pale skin, and a nice quiet voice. I've been told these are naturally attractive features
Wtf is wrong with you?

>> No.20897009

Not trans. Dunno, those are traits I've read places that people think are attractive

>> No.20897010

lmao fake ass ron weasley looking ass

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Any burgers who have thoughts on going long on RTX? I am thinking atleast 3 years, why did it drop pre-corona?

>> No.20897053

Dont pick bad stocks?

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Green monday, like the last weeks?

>> No.20897097

I bought 20 shares of FB stock when it dropped to 150~ on the basis of "can't cuck the zuck" and am feeling pretty good about it. Should I ever sell? Was kind of thinking holding forever.

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I have LEAPs on Etsy, Clorox, Activision-Blizzard, and Cloudflare.

Reason? It's simple. People are home. People want to go shopping but they can't. Amazon, Pinterest traffic up? Etsy up as well, guaranteed.

Kids are bored, WFH boomers are bored. Remember the good times with World of Warcraft? Sitting in bed bored? Hearthstone. And just wait until Diablo 4 hits.

Cloudflare. You know how much internet traffic went up by? How many sites rely on Cloudflare? Up.

Clorox. Clorox wipes used to have 560 reviews on its website prior to COVID-19 after being up there for years. Now it's at 53,088 reviews. Who's not using cleaning products right now? The new norm is here - and when service retail opens up, everybody will have to be doing some sort of regular cleaning. Clorox up til 2022.

>> No.20897118

>What's wrong with me
you have a penis and talk like a fag

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Nah just mocking you for when the crash comes, happens to all bulls. As soon as you develop a pattern like that and take out additional risk each time is the moment at which it fails.

>> No.20897183

Going deep into INTC (Intel). The reaction in the share price to their 7nm processor is dumb and the company isn't going to go under because of one operation delay. They're basically 50% off right now.
I'll keep DCA'ing into tech (TSLA, AMZN, QQQ) and hopefully we get some positive meme news about muh vaccine so my D&B stocks finally move upwards.

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Look at the Nasdaq between 2000 and 2013. Also zoom out on the Nikkei index over the last 30 years. Buying the dip works great most of the time but it's a recipe for eventual catastrophic loss

>> No.20897249

I agree but you don't know where the bottom is. Perhaps you should hold off until you see steady signs of recovery? When Intel starts going back into recovery mode, it won't be a random 10% jump - you'll notice the 1% gains here and there. But what if you get in too early? You could be down 7% before it starts the slow climb. I highly recommend you bet on shorter term tech waves like Etsy, Shopify, Cloudflare, DataDog, etc.

>> No.20897272

I’m glad I read that. Because I wanna hear about how some fat hoe feels about the smell of her pussy

>> No.20897286

Just like every week. Futures will look slightly red and then it'll pump the whole day.

>> No.20897290

Will watching a football game get me a good ROI?

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Earnings next week. What are your plays? I think BYND will disappoint

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Do you enjoy football? Then yes. Doing things you enjoy are very important to do from time to time.

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Yeah the news on HTZ was also dumb, like why would a pandemic hurt your bottom line on your failing rental car company lol. Keep buying INTC bro, and I’ll keep accumulating more shorts. Buy the “dip”.

>> No.20897342

BYND will probably disappoint but don't underestimate the positive mood retardation of the market. Even Nikola / Kodak aren't $15 yet. Play upsides instead.

>> No.20897373

Haven't heard of Zynga in a very long time. Shouldn't their "games as a service for addicted moms"-model be the winner of a pandemic?

>> No.20897387

I was the guy who shorted APRN with leverage last week, had a gut feeling and I won big. Kinda wanna replicate it, but BYND seems like an irrational basedboy stock.

>> No.20897446
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>irrational basedboy stock
Exactly. The same with Nikola. You have to realize the majority of the market doesn't think with actual analysis. They just go with whatever they know.

Apple good. Apple do good. Apple go up.
Beyond Meat lost money? Who cares, it's a novel idea and will moon later. I love supporting nature. Beyond Meat go up later. Buy. You know how it goes.

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>> No.20897511

I don't know how I can possibly keep living with myself knowing that I didn't buy Nvidia at $196 in March...

>> No.20897531

Wrote a tradingview strategy script to test the leveraged instrument strategy discussed in that one paper:
- Set the chart to the leveraged product of your choice
- Go to pine editor in tradingview, copy-paste the code there. Save and add to chart.
Read the notes in the script comment for more details.
- Click the cogwheel near the script on the chart and setup the parameters appropriately in the input and properties tabs: the former let you set the date range, underlying to use for MA crossover, and what to invest in when crossing under, among other things. The latter lets you set starting equity amounts.

Bugfixes/improvements welcome.

>> No.20897552

how do I learn to understand the market?
when I look at the market I only see numbers and candle graphics.
when I try to understand, I find a lot of videos about chartism that sound a lot like voodoo.
where do I start?

>> No.20897559

During the initial mass panic over our virus pal when people were hoarding stuff left and right the BYND "fake meat" was left untouched for the most part.. People were grabbing frozen stuff like mad but the "fake meat" got ignored. If a mass panic don't move your product it should tell you something.

>> No.20897601

so is gwen poster the new kim poster?

>> No.20897612

>holding forever
I never understand this. What are you gonna do when those 20 shares are worth $100,000? Be honest with yourself.

>> No.20897677

>ctrl f
>bloody Monday
>0 results

have the bears finally given up?

>> No.20897702

I really like Cloudflare, I bought some yesterday. I think Clorox is also good, and I would think that Papa John's does pretty good too.

Just buy LMT, NOC, or HII instead.

>> No.20897750
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Gwen takes loads from strangers.


>> No.20897754

read into the companies you want to invest in
if you think they're good, start investing

nobody knows when stocks are going up or down

>> No.20897766

alternate theory coming through about to rock your world: regardless of the product, the "mass panic" was actually a mass performance, people acting a way they felt portrayed a sentiment they felt they ought to have but didn't

>> No.20897818

>rental car company filing bankruptcy
>a vertically integrated tech company that delayed a chip
>the same thing

That's what QQQ is for. If it goes down more it goes down more. It's already at a steep enough discount / margin of safety that doesn't matter. It was the same deal when I bought PLAY and XOM and even JPM. They went down a little more but who cares? It's better to just make the move and realize you likely will never time the bottom or the top right.

>> No.20897848


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File: 156 KB, 480x480, fatcatandthebread.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're fucking with my head man

>> No.20897879
File: 2.33 MB, 3000x4500, AAAstock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kim has got to go.

>> No.20897932

thats a big cat

>> No.20897961
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Fk i got no cash left to buy more apple to get them free shares. Idc if the price gets quartered too.
The fking apple sheeps wont die out so easy.
Its basically free money with the split inc

>> No.20897988
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INTCs inability to produce chips as a chip manufacture is fairly self explanatory. For a highly competitive industry, intel refuses to innovate, not to mention the lag of R&D in developing new processes and new architectures. Intel has been pumping out rebranded chips for the last decade, while AMD has been doing R&D for their current gen chips coming out right now.

>> No.20898044

Intel has cut all of their R&D and engineering to focus on diversity hires, they are truly winning the story of the chip industry

>> No.20898048

>CLSK only gained .5% in the day
>lost 1% after
Time to sell. CLSK is dead.

>> No.20898092

I want to start investing, I have around 40k from my grandfather, but I want to make sure I don't invest in any nigger stocks, is there a list of white owned buisnesses somewhere?

>> No.20898148

If I live in the Netherlands and sign up to Interactive Brokers, can I buy funds like QQQ or VGI or SOXX which are usually only for American markets?

>> No.20898155

Just ignore the intel shill, he's been at it in every single thread and doesn't care what arguments people have against buying intel now. He just copy pastes his shitpost whenever someone tries to inform him of anything at all.

>> No.20898187

was will er?

>> No.20898193

>THE intel shill

Nigger I made my first post about Intel this morning in another thread. Take your meds

>> No.20898290
File: 62 KB, 512x487, CAF18CCC-D558-4B77-8DB3-61CB61B3B15A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gwen is a redhead w/green eyes, I will give her that, and still better than anime posters.

>> No.20898307
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>> No.20898357

Gun to your head, if you were forced to buy $1500 in one share right now and it was between GNUS or HTZ which would you pick?

>> No.20898397

Dein Geld für sein Girokonto.

>> No.20898474

Should I go all in on KIMP?

>> No.20898508
File: 914 KB, 1207x2048, smg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's barely a competition

>disclaimer that i haven't actually seen kim possible or ben 10 (the shows) so maybe the kim character has a better personality or something, i just don't like the draw style of kim

go all in on GWENP

>> No.20898547


would you retire? I'd say yes. The main issue the article brings up is the cost of healthcare but why not just move to a country that isn't shit?

>> No.20898592

Even with the cost of healthcare, 16m is 10x more than enough. What a retarded article (ps: didn't even bother reading it).

>> No.20898649

It's $1.6M, the link can't include the decimal point. But even with that I can't imagine it not being enough to survive until Medicare kicks in in 13 years.

>> No.20898679

A lot of stagnation with cpu's has to do with the "wall". Honestly your average consumer/office worker doesn't need a 16 core/8 core chip running at 5 Ghz in order to do his shit in MS office. Nor to browse the web or do other basic shit. The only thing that drives mass upgrades at the consumer level is games these days. Thanks to smart phones and people doing more shit on them I don't expect that "wall" to come down anytime soon. Unless you can cram a 16 core/5Ghz chip in a smart phone without it melting.

>> No.20898727

the samsung news sounds bullish for TSM

>> No.20898849

>doesn't need a 16 core/8 core chip running at 5 Ghz in order to do his shit in MS office. Nor to browse the web or do other basic shit.
They do in 2020 thanks to pajeets and electron.
Ayy, then yes it's far more than enough anyway. Many people retire on less than 1m, you're not gonna tell me 600k won't last 13 years since that's more money than the average person has by 35. Even if this was all cash rather than invested it would still be obvious.

>> No.20898854

4 u

>> No.20898863

how far in advance do u take positions?
daily/weekly volatiliy might completely nullify any gains unless they are massive

>> No.20898872

I'm not finding anything new. Link anon?

>> No.20898905

Dude Intel is shit. They had speculative attacks destroy their microcode which drastically effected numerous commercial workload performance metrics which lead to a disastrous slew of consequences, moreover they had repeated almost weekly reports of attack vectors being exposed for nearly a year. On top of that their processes have been repeatedly delayed. They had marginal incremental performance increases leveraging their 14nm process while their 10nm was delayed several years. Now it's looking like their 7nm process is going to have similar outcome. They're several years late to the MCM game, while AMD, ARM, and NVDA are all well established in the domain. Their singular saving grace is the IP rights they hold to the x86 register, which in my opinion is going to see some serious slippage with increasing movement around to AMD and ARM processors pushed by AMD's semi-custom market and increasing movement towards ARM in every space (MS adoption, mobile proliferation, chromebooks, etc...) INTC's marketshare is very fucking liable to drop off a cliff.

>> No.20898918


>> No.20898941
File: 1.41 MB, 1200x1077, 1596121219013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine investing in this

>> No.20898955

I get LEAPs before earnings and sell calendar spreads to lower the cost. I don't sell after earnings UNLESS it does way worse than expected. I generally play the long term.

>> No.20899007

Neat, thanks anon.

>> No.20899066

Quick, how do I invest in superconductors?

>> No.20899068


>> No.20899078

Maybe ot's time for me to jump into Tsla and crash that stupid meme before it gets even worse

>> No.20899080

Oh my god lol

>> No.20899110

You still have to develop new processes. Commercial demand is where the new processes really shine, a 5% increase in performance in that sector drastically reduces overhead and increases margins while maintaining more stable operating costs and extending service. That's where the money is, by the way. Consumer-side demand is a fraction of their inflows. They also have IoT and meme segments that are a smaller fraction.

Consider the scale of a server farm, the power draw, the thermal considerations and etc... So if INTC can't reliably produce a new node that competes, they're going to get shitcanned. Perhaps more importantly, AI and NNs are optimized towards the less accurate processing of GPUs. That's where the market is heading, which means NVDA is going to be the domineering force, and AMD, with their at-least-functioning GPU segment is going to be the distant second. INTC's segue into the GPU market is extremely late and they're poorly positioned for entry with a huge mote in front of them, and considering their price/performance metrics in their CPU segment I don't think they're going to be in a competitive position for years to come. That's entirely speculative, but I see it as very much the reality.

>> No.20899190

Is Level 2 a good indicator where the stock will go if there are large orders sitting at price points?
Buy them at the point or before or slightly after with STOP LIMIT??

>> No.20899233
File: 15 KB, 251x242, 6dBt2Oj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf is this real
why do these companies want to commit suicide

>> No.20899253

I've never found level 2 to be particularly useful, no

>> No.20899272

Bruh, this makes me unironically seethe

>> No.20899313

Diversity is the death of any organization it touches.

>> No.20899369


I see.
I was monitoring L2 on XOM yesterday, one trade worked, one failed (wrong stop loss .10c difference), then original 2nd trade strategy worked actually worked good, XOM went towards that big order and hit the target, I wasn't in it.
Just wondering.

>> No.20899390

A company in Intel's position with tons of cash and infrastructure can save themselves with good acquisitions.
The problem is there's no juicy acquisition targets that could save them in terms of semis.

No. For example, If you see a high volume of asks at 100, that tells us nothing as to whether we'll break through or reject 100, it just tells us there is resistance at 100.

>> No.20899428
File: 10 KB, 225x225, bobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my, anon. You didn't FOMO into that 'rally' at EOD on Friday, did you? Surely you've seen that the stimulus is still not moving forward, and big money is about to give you some very heavy bags!

>> No.20899437

Intel has a 30% margin (up from 15% in 2017), very low Debt:EBITDA ratio, and had growing revenue in 2020 Q2

Are you guys nuts? All in on this shit.

>> No.20899451
File: 3.69 MB, 435x245, 78.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i found these



no idea if those are legit sites/articles but seems like it's real? good thing AMD came back so that Intel need to step it up again.

>> No.20899489

AMD is never going to be anywhere in the AI space because everything uses CUDA which is proprietary nvidia tech. Opencl is just as good (and it's open source so anyone can use it on any gpu), but the amount of manpower needed to port shit like cudnn to opencl is just not even remotely worth it.
GPUs are not in any way "less accurate than CPUs" (fucking my sides lmao). They're extremely good at parallel processing (while being rather bad at sequential operations), the opposite of CPUs. Vactorizing operations in NNs is straightforward and there are very few sync points, making them a perfect fit for this, although it's a bit of a vicious cycle because a big reason why they are structured as they are is to be easily vectorized.

>> No.20899511

Intel growth is half of sector average. AMD growth is 10x sector average. Intel has no future prospects for 10 years. AMD has already secured guaranteed growth for 5 years. It's not fucking rocket science.

>> No.20899525

t. Intel bagholder

>> No.20899543

Ok fuck intel then. Get woke go broke

>> No.20899580


>> No.20899648

I’ve been buying a lot of VOO lately. Other than that, I have about 60 shares of AYX. Anything else worth buying. I’ve been thinking of buying some REITs. It’s tough because I work for a REIT already and I can’t buy REIT ETFs since they’re included.

>> No.20899661

well okay what your talking about is just refining your trade strategy, but I'm saying in general level 2s don't help me that much. I think they're based on standing orders, so maybe they would help in a case where prices don't change that much. Idk maybe you could work them on Forex or something like that, but they are too coinflippy for stock trading at least in my experience so far

>> No.20899673


>> No.20899685

And 5 years later they're still stuck on 14nm, which was released in 2015.

>> No.20899715

Life is so boring when there is no market. Should I dip my feet in bitcoin so I have something to do during the weekend?

>> No.20899718

I was given the understanding that GPUs use a smaller register thus they're "less accurate" but maybe my interpretation is fallacious.

Their margins are going to shit the bed alongside their profits as they're looking into using 3rd party fabs for manufacture which means queue times with competitors and rent among other effectors like logistic chain movement.

>> No.20899732
File: 125 KB, 1024x682, 1596036687971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think he is insinuating that the difference in time between then and now makes your previous assertions false. However I would disagree, I think it your point is strengthened because the trend has proven that this "diversity" thing is not a fad. Just an easier way to push whites out while not looking at Jews and Asians.

>> No.20899737

STOR is a good one. They’re basically the same as O

>> No.20899756

No, try sports betting or small scale gardening

>> No.20899785

Get laid

>> No.20899822

i was looking for sources of the 2015 articles in >>20898941 because >>20899233 asked whether it was real or not. there's no reason for >>20899580 to point out the year, which we all knew already

if it was that bad in 2015 it means it has had 5 years to fester and destroy the company from the inside

>> No.20900032

When the Fed casino is closed, just throw on a VPN and jump in other casinos online!

>> No.20900037

God no, please don't

>> No.20900083


Thank you! will be watching it more. and generally need to understand sentiments better. Fucking losing lately, not a lot but still

>> No.20900122

Is there anything wrong with picking a stable stock to birth hog out covered calls and turn the premiums into little penny stock bastards I don't give a fuck about?

Also, is there anything wrong with my net worth being 6k high yield "oh shit savings account", 1k yolo-long in shitcoin, 15k in stocks or cash inside IRA, 6k cash sitting in the bank for "vacation/whatever funny money"? Or should I be dumping money into my 40k of student loan debt?

>> No.20900146

TSM posting is a chinese plot to ruin investors after china seizes taiwan.

>> No.20900162

you should get rid of debt 1st

>> No.20900165

Whats the interest rate on your loan? Also, what is your living situation, renting?

>> No.20900169


There were 100 bid orders sitting @ 41.35 on XOM on Friday. When it finally broke that level, it went down.
Not saying you are not right, just telling my observations.
Still not sure if Level 2 might give a hint on where will stock go tho.

>> No.20900182

My theory: neither panic nor performance, but entirely rational and normal behavior. When you are expecting restrictions to commerce and travel, as well as disruptions to everyday life, stocking up on food and other essential items is a totally appropriate and responsible response. Anyone living in a disaster-prone area is accustomed to moments of mass purchasing such as this. The only novelty was for it to occur on a country-wide basis.

>> No.20900226
File: 127 KB, 839x1280, EF289712-49F1-4A2B-9251-2C2B130FB19D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any tips for a 20yr old starting out with stocks? I’m sure this shit gets asked a lot but I sorta missed the boat. Right now I’m using RH for trading just bc my account is so small right now (1500). Any insight would be super helpful <4

>> No.20900256

I'd just kill myself desu senpai

>> No.20900309

I'm renting for at least another year, I am desperately hoping my industry goes fully online so I can move the fuck away from NY and live somewhere cheaper/better quality of life and not be throwing away money on shekel berg's 1bd apartment. But moving in with my gf soon, so renting may be a good "trail run" option. My salary is 75k and I am up for a raise soon.

paying debt is so goddamn depressing. Right now all my loans are halted with the exception of one private loan for 5k. I was waiting to see if there would be some relief from the stimulus bill, but that seems unlikely. I may just blast that loan away. 7% interest on it. The rest are between 4-8%

>> No.20900314

This is not going to be fun or exciting advice, but when you are in your 30s youll be glad if you do it. Open a Roth IRA and try to make the max contribution every year (which is 6k per year). Ask your IRA advisor for advice on what should be in the IRA. When you are making enough money to have free cash left over beyond that 6k per year, then try some trading for fun on your own. I waited til i was 30 to open my IRA and deeply regret it. Id have 100s of thousands in my IRA growing faster, rather than the 60k that is in ther now. Compounding is no joke

>> No.20900353

Pay off loan, move to better place and find property to get at a great interest rate, max out an IRA >>20900309

>> No.20900398

This desu

+++ am I a bagholder if I don’t exit my Taiwan ETF asap?!?

True Priest-Kings are abstinent and know that Eve is the source of all sin and contamination

Doublecheck your due diligence, dumbass!

The weekend is for reading and study, the week is for execution of trades

>> No.20900406

Retard question incoming: I’ve heard that term before but what exactly is a Roth IRA

>> No.20900455

IRA= Investment retirement account. Roth is a particular type of one that give you tax advantages (good for young people)

>> No.20900499

what stonk market sites do you frequent?

>> No.20900516
File: 305 KB, 778x436, 1590538484482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. gf- ngmi
2. 'up for a raise soon' - shouldn't be any part of your calculation
3. paying 4-8% debt is just guaranteed vs higher variance all in LINK

4. life is depressing so you gotta reframe your worldview

>> No.20900517

Yeah, don't actively trade and if you do, do it with very minimal amounts.

Buy ETFs in the tech sector and a REIT ETF.
I don't touch PMs currently but if you want some small exposure go for that too. Just keep DCA'ing into everything and you're good. As you learn more about what is actually going on you can increase the amount you actively trade with and decrease the amount you are DCAing into those ETFs..
Fuck an IRA because you can't touch that money until you are 65 and you might not even live that long. You should always have quick access to your capital incase you have a better investment opportunity and you also should be planning to retire way the fuck before 65.

>> No.20900523

Roth = you pay the tax now
Traditional = you pay the tax later when you take it out
99.9% chance taxes will be higher as time goes on so better to just pay it now at whatever rate you can before we're all subsidizing jamal's 17 kids.
I type that out and realize it's already happening and hate this earth.

>> No.20900601

sure anon, good luck

>> No.20900616

The year is 2075. Anon is in his golden years and finally ready to use his IRA money. That $2.3 million sure is going to make life comfortable. "NOT SO FAST" the trans woman of color dictator of the former United States says, as xhe sweeps in to take her 80% cut upon withdrawing

>> No.20900621

Don't forget pedro's kids.

>> No.20900651

right? Laws NOW say you won't be taxed again in retirement, but who's to know laws won't change to say those roth accounts are privileged and you need to pay your fair share?

>> No.20900664
File: 964 KB, 2302x2302, 1449149878426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20900667
File: 170 KB, 1440x723, q8mxwkjmw6e51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So is the market going to totally crash by the end of the month? How true do you think pic related is?

>> No.20900681

Study some basic economy too, macro/micro, it's helpful for managing money in general and understanding how stuff (interest rates, banks, fiscal policies) work.

>> No.20900699

Valuations are high, is it going to be who ever sells first wins again?

>> No.20900705
File: 481 KB, 885x720, ocazio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In 2075 AOC will be a bit older than Hilldawg now so I could see it.
Here, have this terrible meme I made of her.

>> No.20900711

Jamaal's son needs gender reassignment surgery. You cant possibly expect him to pay for that after the death of george floyd a mere 55 years ago

>> No.20900738

If the market would crash that means printer will go brrr and so it'll rise again.

>> No.20900740

Nope, congress + money printer

>> No.20900741

Literally who? Imagine not being able to afford rent.

>> No.20900746

>ignores the "tax" he pays by holding the USD while the government explodes the national debt and prints money to the largest corporations in the US

Another difference is that you can take the principal amount out of your Roth IRA early (It's either immediate or after 5 years), and there are some other neat exceptions.

Unless you're making a at least a 6-figure salary I wouldn't question it and just go Roth. If you are making big money, then you might want to do some math.

>> No.20900770


>> No.20900783

You spend in dollars not euro or yen.

>> No.20900791

>le epic greentext
I assume you are suggesting that retirement plans are foolish and that the only solution is crypto and precious metals?

>> No.20900798

How much starting capital would you need for an REIT? Any recommendations on who I should invest with? Also how long do those typically take to show signs of return? I’m sort of what you’d call “hopeless” in terms of a future (no education no experience with anything) all I really have is a small nest egg (like 6000 LOL) and I’m just starting to try to make a future for myself somehow.

>> No.20900806

>Compounding is no joke
Is there any realistic way to compound beyond ETFs? Individual stocks can blow up in your face out of nowhere, see Intel, Boeing, Wells Fargo, etc. You pay in for years and then once bad CEO kills you.

>> No.20900833

Any books/literature you’d recommend? Or basically any form of consumable knowledge

>> No.20900852

Is my only path forward truly investing in Roth now and suffering until I get to use it :((

>> No.20900914

Roth is tax shielded sure, but you can only contribute 6k per year and you can make a lot more than that trading smart on big moves. I'd rather play the market than sit til I'm 35, no thanks.

>> No.20900922

about 95% of traders I follow on Twitter are shorting HTB/NTB stocks. Is this a major BS or are there ways?
in before I am believing all they say. Just wandering. Taking all with a pinch of salt

>> No.20901008

What kind of time frame is this over? Do you sell all the shares too?

You have enough money that you're pretty safe from it going to $0. Nonethless over what period do you do these swing trades?

>> No.20901052

I'm talking about the government cutting taxes, increasing spending, and printing money for the past 10 years, and then ramping it all up in the past 4 years, and now going into overdrive with the pandemic as an excuse.

Who do you think is getting the PPP loans and fed backstop money and treasury emergency money?

>> No.20901070

It depends on a lot of factors. The career path you take, the money you wind up making, how much "disposable" income you have that you can reasonably lose 100% of while still being on track to not be a slave until you're 90.
At 20, your focus should be getting a good degree/certification as debt-free as you can and then you can figure out how to play with your income after that.
I speak from experience because I was a big enough retard to actually "invest" a large chunk of my student loans into high speculation penny stocks when I was your age.
You can always have your employer direct deposit like 50 bucks a check into a brokerage account and play with that, but don't be an addict and go back to the ATM for more money to feed into the slot machine hoping to strike it rich.
I'm rambling, sorry.

>> No.20901093

Actually for real this time from Trump banning TikTok pissing off China.

>> No.20901122

so is Trump going to actually ban TikTok or he going to pussy out

>> No.20901129

Roth IRA is just 6k per year contributions, and I hear you can contribute 12k for your first year.

It's just a way of stacking your money to gain tax-free gains that you get to compound for decades until you're old and get to benefit from your forward thinking to make sure you can have a comfortable retirement.

>> No.20901151

Honestly I’d love a career path more than I’d love to get rich. I just can’t find one, or afford to forge a path to one. Realistically I shouldn’t even be playing with stocks right now, although i am and am doing it safely and can sleep at night. I’ve been in hospitality for about 3 years and shit sucks and shows no signs of “career” advancement. I know I shouldn’t expect the world when I’m only 20 but it’s just kinda daunting/disheartening. Especially with everything going on. The reason I’d like to get into stocks is because I feel like no matter who you are you can do it, as long as you’re smart with your trading

>> No.20901155

ah shit
so I shouldn't have bought Microsoft on Friday?

>> No.20901173

I only make 24k a year tops
Honk :((

>> No.20901181

>I hear you can contribute 12k for your first year.
You heard wrong as far as I've seen. My account has two years of contributions and the options were 6k each year. Nothing about 12k for a single first year.

>> No.20901184
File: 602 KB, 1024x768, Tulips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because of dumbass regulations a lot of US domiciled ETFs became unavailable for EU investors.
There are similar EU-domicilied regulation compliant ETFs, but their volume is a fraction of the US ones, so compare charts before you buy to see if the difference in price movement is tolerable for you.
You can set your home country (or if it's not listed chose a EU one) and it only lists ETFs you can invest in. Also note, that on the search page you need to manually enable search for leveraged ETFs (and accept a disclaimer) to see them.

>> No.20901218

Should i wait till monday to sell HBP or should I set a sell limit RN and forget about it?

>> No.20901230

Any recent book should be fine, look what they use in universities.

>> No.20901237

just something I read on /smg/ yesterday and hadn't looked into yet, as it doesn't benefit me

>> No.20901255

you need to FUD the fomo when the dead cat does the bear bounce into the bull market

>> No.20901259

>how much starting cap
Doesn't matter. I personally hold STOR which is a REIT classification but you can also buy into real estate ETF if you want broader exposure.
Markets are cyclical and we just got whacked by a pandemic that rocked the real estate industry so... I don't know? I bought STOR @ $20/share and it's at $23 now so I'm up but it crabs a lot. The good thing is REITs pay 90% of profits to investors in the form of dividends (which you should select to auto reinvest) so you'll get more shares. We are in a good interest rate climate to see real estate bounce back strong though.

Might be a better use of your money to invest it in some kind of career or skill training. You would probably see the biggest ROI on that desu.
The investment advice I gave you is pretty vanilla and it's the same shit i give to anyone who is new because I don't want to see you lose all your money which also means your returns will be minimal.
It doesn't matter how good you are at picking stocks if you dont have the income to buy a meaningful amount.
The thing no one on /biz/ never talks about for some reason is how to actually get money, it's all just focused on YOLOing minimal amounts on meme coins.

>> No.20901305

But that's on European exchanges. If I'm a member at Interactive Brokers, I can trade worldwide at any exchange, right? What's stopping me from selecting NYSE and buying SPY for example?

Maybe I understand Interactive Brokers or how foreign exchanges work wrong.

>> No.20901312

Im talking about the compounding of interest or dividend reinvestment

>> No.20901352

If you dont make enough money to invest more than 6k per year until you are 35, maybe consider a new field

>> No.20901372

I'm aware.

>> No.20901375

I really appreciate the advice. Lurking on /biz/ really has mired my thinking with the “just one lucky break” mindset, even though I know that’s not how most people make it with stocks.

>> No.20901401

Lots of factors go into how much money you need to "make it". Where you live. How much debt you got.What type of life style you want.How much health coverage you want/need. (hell a damn trip in an ambulance alone will cost you 5,000 and that's before they do any real work on you in the hospital). How well you prepare/take care of yourself when your younger will go a long way in determining your answer/needs when your older. I'm not saying be a health junkie but eating MCD's 21 times (Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner x 7) a week is just asking for trouble.

>> No.20901403

Maybe you misunderstood me, but I'm saying I can do better than a Roth IRA, tax considered, with 6k. The reasoning here is that the 6k can be compounded throughout the year weekly while the Roth IRA really isn't.

>> No.20901406

You don't get interest on stock you get appreciation (growth) or you get dividends (yield). Interest only happens in lending (debt).

>> No.20901421

Probably referring to the fact that you can open it before the cutoff date, which i believe is in april, but im probably off a little. You can put in 6k for 2020 before that april date and then 6k for 2021 immediately after that date

>> No.20901436


Don't most people think it will pump more?

>> No.20901463
File: 396 KB, 387x379, unnamed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only pluses you'll see in your inhell stock is 14nm++++++++

>> No.20901484
File: 15 KB, 410x357, 1587587377114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a brokerage which allows you to:

1. Place an options trade
2. Simultaneously set a trailing stop loss on the contracts so that if their premium drops, say, $0.50 per share, the contracts are immediately sold
3. Simultaneously set a limit sell so that if the price rises, say, $1.00 per share, the contracts are immediately sold

Best I can tell, Robinhood allows you to place a limit sell order on contracts after you buy them, but no stop loss, let alone trailing stop. I understand that options prices get a little more ambiguous with bids and asks but generally unless the stock becomes insanely volatile as it crosses your stop loss threshold, you can get a sell order filled.

>> No.20901492

Sorry, misread your post. I think super reliable blue chips are a fine way to do it. Those dont blow up often, and in the long term they recover. Getting like 5 or 6 of them will help mitigate that too. Also, mutual finds have a DRIP option but it is called something else, distributions I think

>> No.20901493
File: 259 KB, 599x599, 1595965802928.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. ALWAYS get rid of debt first, starting with whatever has the highest interest.
2. Then save up for a few months of living expenses (food, transport, utilities, shelter)
3. Next a health savings account (or just extra money for healthcare)
4. Max out retirement, both a personal IRA and the maximum company match if it has one
5. Now you can buy ETFs and indexed stocks, and sell covered calls if you have enough.
6. Don't take margin, buy options, or buy random unknown companies
7. You made it!

>> No.20901497

Possibly. That is what I did actually. 12k at once, but only 6k for each year.

>> No.20901514
File: 505 KB, 833x1000, __admiral_yahagi_t_head_admiral_and_noshiro_kantai_collection_drawn_by_atsuagi__5715d1973ab4caf6d56d04c70fd6d5f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is there any realistic way to compound beyond ETFs? Individual stocks can blow up in your face out of nowhere, see Intel, Boeing, Wells Fargo, etc. You pay in for years and then once bad CEO kills you.
this is why you can't just buy and hold individual companies, you have to research them regularly and stay up to date on their earnings and sector and such. And you don't let one individual company make up a large portion of your portfolio (you can make that gamble while you're young though I guess, if you're okay with the real possibility of it blowing up your portfolio).

Then do it with your Roth IRA, double that 6k in 5 years, and then take out your original 6k to play around with.

I'm not sure what you think you can do that you can't do inside a Roth IRA.

>> No.20901541

You a computer guy? I wish someone told me to get into cybersecurity when I was younger. If you are, look into it. Very high demand, good pay no matter what your focus is. One certification brought me from 40k to 70k.

>> No.20901546

right, all im saying is the compounding effect of DRIP + growth is significant over 10 years

>> No.20901547
File: 140 KB, 48x60, 1592688492816.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First, withdraw all your money from RH.
Second close your RH account forever.
Then you can consider trading stocks.

>> No.20901563

Kind of pointless anyway. The Democrats are going to have the House, Senate, and Presidency for the foreseeable future once Trump is out. There will be a much bigger safety net by the time you retire. That’s assuming we don’t have a socialist revolution in the next 30 years. Most millennials and younger are socialist, so it’s somewhat likely.

>> No.20901577
File: 19 KB, 506x336, 1591645227655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buy WKHS calls

>> No.20901584

Most people never get 'the lucky break' in stocks because A) most people never put enough into a risky venture to see the return B) most people don't hold long enough C) people never take profit and the stock implodes.
What you're honestly better off doing is just figuring how to make a good income. Then not fucking up all that income by buying shit you don't need. Fuck with some stocks, but just vanilla shit then take your moonshot on an actual business deal.
That's what I did and then I took $100k of paper assets (stocks) + $50k of short term debt and bought an equity position in a recreational marijuana company.
You make the real money in the real deals not this manipulated market shit, which isn't to say you can't make money there too just don't count on it until you've already established yourself.
Go figure out how to make $50k a year then go figure out how to add another 5-10k to your salary every year or two.
Or go put it all on black even if you double it up you only have $12k big fucking whoop.

>> No.20901589

Most young people are always far left, been that way every generation. Then they grow up

>> No.20901601

>Double that 6k in 5 years
There's the problem man. Roth IRA is for super long forward thinking folk - and that's healthy and all. But for me (personally) I'm not as risk-averse, and believe there are faster and bigger gains to be had in this volatile environment. Volatility is a gift, and uncertainty is a gift. In a slow and steady economy, sure the Roth is cool. In this environment? No thanks. These chances don't come very often.

>> No.20901632
File: 1.53 MB, 750x1334, C3ECD98B-9AAD-4C1A-A538-6604EA36538A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>university reddit pages discussing investing

I’m cashing out Monday

>> No.20901657

No, this is when you take advantage of retard retail investors. Think like them, and predict what they'll rush into next, then cash out.

>> No.20901668

One more time :)
about 95% of traders I follow on Twitter are shorting HTB/NTB stocks. Is this a major BS or are there ways?
in before I am believing all they say. Just wandering. Taking all with a pinch of salt

>> No.20901685

Get off that zoomer shit and get on boomer ThinkorSwim

>> No.20901687

I don't think you understand at all what an IRA is, other than that they are used for retirement, and it seems like you've made up your mind that you have to trade in a certain way in them. Unfortunate for you.

>> No.20901693

Another option is a 401k but only good if your employer has some kind of matching contribution and there is not the 6k limit. You will have to pay taxes on the withdrawals though. A ROTH is good as a backup but you can only contribute if you are wage slaving and you’re limited to the 6k amount. If your goal is not to retire early and live off of dividends and investment income then stick with the ROTH or 401k and kiss ass at work for promotions and advancement.

>> No.20901694

>Twitter traders
You mean like Dave Portnoy?

>> No.20901700

You can't have 2 order for the same thing, so no you can't do that on any broker. Just keep the trailing stop loss and then add an alert if it hits the price target and change to a sell order.
Also, uninstall RH

>> No.20901705

>Most millennials and younger are socialist

Younger millenials and zoomers are the most consumerist, materialistic, capitalistic people I've seen in my life. They've been inculcated in a world where brands and companies have consolidated to the point of complete cultural domination and ubiquity. That world is all they know. It might be cool to call yourself a socialist in some circles but what they want is free shit, not social ownership of the means of production. I doubt most self-identified socialists even know the definition.

>> No.20901718

Can you not trade in a roth ira?

>> No.20901742

don't know the guy.
madaz, some others

>> No.20901755


I used Fidelity before this and it was an extremely mediocre product. There was literally no advantage to sticking with a "conventional" brokerage over Robinhood. I have no idea what posts like these are trying to accomplish.

>> No.20901757
File: 11 KB, 454x520, 1565007946642.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Younger millenials and zoomers are the most consumerist, materialistic, capitalistic people I've seen in my life. They've been inculcated in a world where brands and companies have consolidated to the point of complete cultural domination and ubiquity. That world is all they know. It might be cool to call yourself a socialist in some circles but what they want is free shit, not social ownership of the means of production. I doubt most self-identified socialists even know the definition.

>> No.20901765

You can trade on foreign exchanges, but you are not allowed to buy ETFs that aren't compliant with EU regulation as a EU citizen, which means pretty much all of the US ones. I don't use interactive brokers, but at my broker you can see those ETFs, but the only option is to sell (if you've bought them before the regulation passed).

>> No.20901805

2nd the don't blow money on shit you don't need thing. Or at least blow money on stuff that you know will last you a long time. Don't fall into the debt trap. Try to live from your monthly income. Loads of people just put all the bills and other shit on the credit card. Then when its time to pay it off, oops, lack of money to do it. Super easy to get in debt, hard as hell to get outta it. Cause who's to say next week your A.C just decides to die? Then the week after your water heater just blows. A triple whammy all in a month (A.C/Water heater/Credit bill). Most people would be fucked if that happened.

>> No.20901815

I love computers, probably my favorite thing, all facets of em. I don’t really have any education though. Did you get a certification online?? What did you do

>> No.20901822

I didn't buy apple a year ago because I don't really like their products and stuff
Bought Microsoft instead. Don't really regret it, I just don't like Apple

>> No.20901853

You don’t hear about it on /biz/ much but the other alternative is dividend investing. You can ladder stocks that pay dividends so you get “paid” every month.

>> No.20901855

Not really. By that logic, most millennials would be more conservative by now. Obviously that isn’t the case. Millennials have far less mobility compared to the older generations.

>> No.20901881

In other words the 1980s are back with a vengeance. That decade was all about more more more to. Thank god. I'll fit right in then during this decade.

>> No.20901883

Etrade tends to have shares. ib usually runs out earlier

>> No.20901890

That's true though, if you think that random thot dancing on tiktok with her brand new iphone cares about "muh socialist policies, eat the rich, ACAB", etc etc.. you're a fucking retard. It's just the new cool and social media enhances it extremely because it's easy for dumb people to band together over an issue

>> No.20901913


If you buy what you like, it doesn't hurt as much to see the stock price fall. It's when you buy something you don't understand or have never heard of, just because everybody else is doing it, that leaves you feeling left out after a drop.

Sometimes, you have to leave your interests out of it. I held a few shares of Apple at around 320 earlier in the year (Jan/Feb), and sold literally after the crash and rally back because I saw it consolidating again around there and thought, "Fuck it, AAPL is already super expensive and nobody is buying higher than here." So I sold and in a couple weeks it mooned to 350, then 370, then 400. However I did buy in during the dips back to the 370s this week, because I finally decided I actually wanted to own the stock.

>> No.20901935

Robin Hood makes money by scamming people and has unreliable service and executions. Fidelty is literally the biggest independent investor brokerage in the world. Stop trying to "be fancy." My only complaint about Fidelity is their ridiculous margin fees, but most people shouldn't touch that anyway. The only reason people were using RH in the first place was commission free trading, but now everyone has that.

>> No.20901948

It was the "college experience" that changed me. My dorm mates were a South Korean and another was from Kuwait. We all hated the niggers on campus. Good company, they didn't even smoke pot. Was very lucky on that front.

>> No.20901957

have account on ToS - planning to move to IB

>> No.20901961

Im pretty right, amongst my friends. My generation is pretty shit when it comes to political views. It kinda sucks

>> No.20902013

No margin for the Roth. Go big or go home.

>> No.20902024
File: 275 KB, 1356x912, fwsb65d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>week of Aug. 10
It is happening

>> No.20902025

>Stop trying to "be fancy."

This is precisely the argument against using Fidelity, ToS, et al. I wanted to be able to buy and sell stocks, or buy and sell options. I want real-time price data, and I want an idiot proof user interface with minimal noise or clutter of any kind. I want a clean UI and nothing more than my account balance, holdings, and stocks of interest visible. Robinhood is perfect for me.

Yes, if you were trying to YOLO faggy D's or cut losses on puts during the dead cat rally you would have been fucked over, but I'm no longer using it for scalps or swing trades. It's just another brokerage to me.

>> No.20902036

>you can see those ETFs, but the only option is to sell
I see. It must be the same at Interactive Brokers then (I'm not a member yet, just scouting for cheap brokers).

>> No.20902053

Like a minimum investment of 5k and you make back a very tiny % every month?

>> No.20902059

you want to use margin but 6k per year is too much for you to leave in a Roth?

good luck

>> No.20902143

I'm glad I work for state govt. Job security. The ability to retire in full at age 50. (v.s age 65 in the private sector). Benefits. Lack of bullshit or stress or paperwork. Just 11-12 years away from pulling the pin. Thank god. I may not like my job sometimes but look at the alternative; working till I'm 65, no job security at all, stress and bullshit on a daily basis. Hell I'd go nuts in the private sector if I had to endure that hell.

>> No.20902176


O N T X anon in the house!

>> No.20902197

>O N T X

>> No.20902217

Private sector isn’t soo bad. We’re not tethered to a job we might end up despising for decades. We can just quit and get higher paying jobs or change professions outright. I think those attributes easily outweigh the benefits of the “security” a govt job gives you

>> No.20902248

Ok, I guess that works for you. Just don't trust RH. I do agree its odd Fidelity doesn't do real time, on the app or website though. There is active trader pro, but I just use trading view.

>> No.20902271

Everyone hates you, leech.

>> No.20902289
File: 42 KB, 734x749, Okay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I like my margin and it's done me good the past 4 months. If I put 6k into my Roth the past 3 years and traded without margin I wouldn't even be close to where I am today. And before you tell me, "but that's dangerous and you have to pay taxes on short term capital gains," yes you are correct and 99% of people are better off just putting 6k into the Roth and trading in multiple accounts but for people with high risk tolerances like me, a fucking zoomer, the potential rewards are greater.

My job isn't bad, but I certainly don't want to be working until I'm 40. I'm not a skydiving instructor, I'm a fucking EHS technician. Nobody wants to work a job they're not truly passionate about.

>> No.20902303


Webull is also pretty good. I actually use Webull desktop for charts/stock watching, but my account is now with Robinhood. As long as it's SIPC-insured I don't care.

>> No.20902393

I'm addicted to dividends, and I seriously don't even know if it's possible to see dividends on webull. That's like the most important thing for me, I just want to see them for my dopamine rush.

>> No.20902403

tos with webull design would be perfection to me

>> No.20902442

>retire in full at age 50
What? Is this true?

>> No.20902446
File: 272 KB, 1178x1156, Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 12.01.11 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Portfolio thought:

What am I missing?

Also weighing:

>pic unrelated, but makes me quite bullish

>> No.20902484

boomer portfolio

>> No.20902519

what do you do?

>> No.20902554

He embezzles money for politicians.

>> No.20902562

Basically yes. The dividend yields vary from different companies. It’s a longer game but I personally am up to $9500 dollars a year in dividends.

>> No.20902565

This is literally half my country (Greece).
Full of worthless faggots like you ""working"" for the gov't, leeching off society with someone else's hard-earned money, then retire in their early 50's. You produce fuck-all, just shuffle around some papers and stamp documents.
You are a vermin

>> No.20902576


Nobody knows, he always waltzes in, delivers these stream of consciousness monologues, and then disappears.

>> No.20902616

>but I personally am up to $9500 dollars a year in dividends

You literally have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested to see dividend returns at this level. Anybody who has hundreds of Gs to throw into a brokerage basically doesn't need the dividends in the first place. Dividends are the investment equivalent of a smart espresso machine you can control with an app on your phone.

>> No.20902617
File: 272 KB, 1339x2048, Screenshot_20200801-131209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Look at the Nasdaq between 2000 and 2013
>catastrophic loss
$10k initial, $100/m addition

>> No.20902638

>Its remaining facilities include two semiconductor manufacturing sites in Suzhou and Xi’an.
the only things that matter are still in China though
TSM would go to $100 instantly if for some reason Samsung gave up on semiconductors though.

>> No.20902657

No aapl? Or are you waiting to snag some shares during the split?

>> No.20902666

You guys would've probably already had a nice and proper guillotine revolution against degenerate politicians, if degenerate central european countries weren't so intent on stealing our northern money and giving it to your and Italy's governments.

>> No.20902671
File: 143 KB, 900x743, EeSMRg1XkAUPPwt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20902682

You can probably make $9800/year on dividends with only $180,000.

>> No.20902690


Just for reference, you can see past survey results here: https://www.aaii.com/sentimentsurvey/sent_results

Bearish sentiment has been in the 40s and 50s literally since April, although I will say that bullish sentiment has declined steadily and neutral has increased.

>> No.20902735

The pastas are a net contributor anon.

>> No.20902753

More like $18000/year when div yields are still hovering close to 10%. Though of course compounding is weaker as div yields start to become more like 5% after they all go back to normal (but at that time, your dividend stocks would have acted like growth stocks for a couple years)
my portfolio right now is 50% "corona-proof" tech, and the other half is in shitty value picks (battered dividend stocks *not at risk of bankruptcy at least*) just because i don't feel comfortable exposing myself to tech too much.

>> No.20902770

Too late to fomo into Apple Monday?

>> No.20902784
File: 40 KB, 665x552, HBM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>16,000 dollars in Hudbay minerals stock at a cost basis of 3.69
>Waiting until the price hits 2.65 to buy in with 8,000 dollars
>Then going to hold until it's $5-7 and then sell
>Think it'll be here by November

Do you guys think this plan will work?
Would you say there's a better path to walk than only having eyes for this single stock?

>> No.20902787


Wait for a dip. We'll get one.

>> No.20902815


Why exactly do you have eyes for this stock? What about it appeals to you? What leads you to believe it will increase to $5-7?

>> No.20902872


>> No.20902900

If I had 180k I don’t think I’d be worried about nearly a 20th of that, at that point

>> No.20902916

I've got a firm conviction that it will. They've been alive for 93 years and they're still not in any sort of trouble.

It's history repeating itself.

>> No.20902950

And the bulk of analysts agree it'll rise to $5 a share at the minimum.

>> No.20902988

I'd say the most appealing thing about HBM is that it's a stable stock that isn't going to die that I can count on to rise.

I don't have to live in fear of a mass selling sucking the value out of it forever.

That's why it's my first real stock I place my life savings into.

>> No.20903018

Dividend yields are not actually 10%. You have to actually check if they are still paying dividends and they can cut or suspend them at any time. If you want GUARANTEED "dividends" then buy bonds. If you buy a bond with a coup of 6% for only $800 thats 7.5% guaranteed, plus $200 if you hold to maturity.

Thats because you are young, poor, and dumb, but you'll learn one way or another.

>> No.20903120

>You have to actually check if they are still paying dividends and they can cut or suspend them at any time.
it is reasonable to expect that dividends are guaranteed when the company didn't cut them during 2008-2009 either. Unless you think the artificial lockdowns is somehow worse than the recession. My pick is still giving out ~9% div annual yields every month without fail. Plenty of liquidity in their balance sheet too, and shit is finally reopening so Q3 will be decent.
hint, look at the actual number of companies that went bankrupt and compare it to the recession. We are not even close.

>> No.20903180

>hint, look at the actual number of companies that went bankrupt and compare it to the recession. We are not even close.
Thats like saying there weren't that many bankruptcies in 2007.
We haven't even started the depression.

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