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Old /biz/ screen caps

Relive the era when Eth was sub $10

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Whoa the post before the famous post. Nice anon

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there will be threads like this is a few years about link, we really are living in the best time line


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This is literally a graveyard of largely poor decision making. Let this be a warning to anyone holding LINK. This was 3 years ago. That is nothing.

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Were going to do the same thing to all of the XRP fudders in a couple of months when it’s at $30.

Screenshot this

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Are those people still alive?

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so the quintessence is to never sell? Like... never ever?

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XRP couldn't even reach $4 last bullrun.

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XRP price 06/17 = $0.26

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I was here during that time. Mining 10 Eth per day with my rigs, converting it to USD, and sending it to my bank account because I was being "smart". Then it mooned to almost $1500 during the bullrun. I'm back in with 50k waiting for the next bullrun. No more mining, ICO's, or bitconnect type bullshit. I'm just holding and sitting on my hands.

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this is gold.

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Bull run, summer 2017 looks a lot like bull run 2020

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wait how much eth are you holding?

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This desu. You future No Linkers reading this, fuck you. Put me in the screencap

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Now? A little over 100. I have a couple BTC, and a small stack of LINK.

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>thank me in July

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funny thing about posts like this is they still would have gotten rekt by selling too early.

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06/2017 portfolio
Now worth $800

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i've never felt more comfy

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That guy so wise..

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These 2017 portfolios lmfao

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Post chad replies

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>700eth = $1 000 000 at ATH
I’m never ever selling my LINK after reading that, holy shit!!!! kek

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>nigga wouldn’t pay 1 dollar for 200 BTC

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Remind me of the LINK $1000 EOY talk.
Feels comfy.

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all of that anons fud is and was 100% valid but the average person is retarded as fuck and made ethereum a household name

ethereum really is subpar trash from a software development perspective

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selling and swinging will haunt you forever

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Great fuckin thread anon. Stay blessed

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The price of alt coins in August, before the golden bull... in 2017 looks very familiar

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Has anyone the cap that starts with bitcoin at $5, won’t break $11, then caps through the years after? Many pixels tall

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the difference being BTC started off at a $1000 marketcap and you could get literal hundreds of thousands for pennies
LINK started off at $.09 at ICO which put it at $90m mcap right off
LINK is never reaching $20, screencap this

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I'll put this in the folder with the $0.60 stable coin never gonna hit $1 screenshots

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The most unbelievable thing about all this is there was a time when people didn't mind sharing the love a little... And I was there for it!

Now I wouldn't want to send any of you dirty scammers a cent. There is no brotherhood here anymore

t. Boomer oldfag

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I sent a random anon $150 during the last bullrun as a random act of kindness.
Unfortunately it was in ICX so if he actually held he got nothing.

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A recent one

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Not even pretending when i say i think i might be the OP to that original post

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Lol y’all remember Coinye?

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You missed the thread where anon sold all his linkies for his dying cat. Then other anons sent him linkies to refill his link stash.

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Holy fuck, just came across this post

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>>973473 anon was right down to the dollar

kek. I had some reddcoin around that time too

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who else here still bagholding factom

they were supposed to be working with citibank

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Making me feel bad for buying at only $78

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we'll be having this thread in 3 years about LINK and XSN

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except it went to 1400

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the good times, before the pajeet scammers and paid link pajeets came

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ETH and BTC are nothing like LINK. 65% of the tokens held by devs, worthless corporate coin (yeah bro, googles going to log on to binance and buy your token)

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>15,000 stinkies
>now worth over $100k
Gj Anon

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We will have these for sub .75 EURO FUND

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Best thread on biz in a long while and it’s just old biz thread caps. Fucking absolute state.

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>buy or stay poor forever
This place has changed so much, yet it has hardly changed at all LMAO

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Isnt this just a life lesson you need to learn...hodl everything crypto, stocks, for long term? Take a little profit out here and there but keep majority of the stack in case it goes apeshit? I bought 10 Tesla for fun at 25 dollars, sold at 80. Month later it was 250.

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Congrats on being a literal retard.

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I love xrp bagholders. You're more delusional than trannies.

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I sent a literal indian 150$ a month ago because he put a sharpie in his ass, don’t tell me brotherhood is dead. Be the change you want to see!

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This post is making rethink my life. I wish I could talk to this autist and get his input on what he thinks the next BTC will be. Jesus.

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Absolute visionary

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>Let this be a warning to anyone holding LINK. This was 3 years ago. That is nothing.
Would you mind elaborating anon?

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>Absolute visionary
get on my level. solomined bitcoin on my alienware computer.

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tbf it's an ok sell, just like mtgox hack it was an understandable thing to do without hindsight shit

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Have at it

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fucking based pirate
hope he made it 1000x over

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I want to die

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Bitcoin is an absolute peice of shit and anyone who missed making money shouldn't feel too bad. Same with all these flavour of the week shit coins

If you miss link though...

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It's 2020 anon.....we have sold link and moved into RSR to repeat the cycle. Thx for holding our bags tho

>> No.20895448

This. Before it seemed like everyone wanted to help everyone else here make it. Now all they want is for you to buy their latest coordinated discord PnD.

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Summoning assblaster to this thread

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Screencap this loser

>> No.20895565

Real life chads dont need crypto or even know what 4chan is

>> No.20895570

Lol at people wishing they were in crypto back then.

You don't realize how lucky you are that you are in right now.........Bitcoin, Link, Ethereum, etc will all 50x at least from current prices. You just need to sit on your ass and wait and be patient and watch nocoiners continue to get fucked up the ass by the federal reserve, while we prosper.

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I hope so

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i miss him so much bros

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What coins should one buy at the moment, anons?

>> No.20896705

eth, link, btc

>> No.20896982

46 eth BUY

>> No.20897297

was PND that chink scamcoin pandacoin? I kinda remember that kek

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If you are a no coiner I would do do:

40% Bitcoin
30% Ethereum
30% Chainlink

Owning Bitcoin reduces your risk, but in all likelihood Chainlink outperforms both Bitcoin and Ethereum but own all three. Im sure people will disagree about percentages but I think everyone would agree to get ahold of those 3 before buying shitcoins.

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link,btc,eth in that order

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these are from /pol/, but i post them because one the the canadians trash talking link back then was me

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Ripple BTFO

>> No.20898553

If I make it, and Tooth Anon, doesn’t - I’m paying for his procedure

>> No.20898728

Ya sent that kid 15$ or so. Worth every penny lmfao

>> No.20898835

It was me.

>> No.20898907

Never selling my LINK. We're already starting to see threads like this for it.

>> No.20898936

Just do it.

>> No.20899123


I think I was the one that wrote g8 b8 m8 lmaooo

>> No.20899334

Did you make it?

>> No.20899391

Some drunk guy was sending me 10k fantom last month (when it was $70 worth). Joke's on him I was more drunk and missed it

>> No.20899423

Mediate and try to catch the vibes off each coin. Don't listen to anyone else. Trust the Vishnu within you. Good vibes = buy

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>mfw I'm the anon who posted vitalik in this thread
>mfw I believed in vitalik

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were makin it frens

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