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XSN IS A SCAM. Price is down 1000sats already. They are looking for fresh meat to dump on. DO NOT BUY THIS, I AM WARNING YOU /BIZ/. THIS SCAM WILL NOT MAKE YOU RICH, IT'S A SCAM.

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Nigger stop trying to fud so you can accumulate

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XSN is a pump and dump SCAM do not but you WILL NOT 100x your money

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Literally less than 1m XSN is for sale. All bags are already full and nobody will sell. Price is irrelevant

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You can't even test the dex. There's a 'waiting list' apparently, not to mention the dex functionality didn't even work recently. They like to claim they have 'superior aggregator tech' but the fact is aggregators are old news. It's nothing special. They use 'masternodes' (centralised crap. 50% of them are hosted on stakenet cloud) which is old tech, it's just another scam coin bringing nothing new to the table. Worst to come is you can only buy this trash on livecoin, a scummy russian exchange. Has 'maintenance' nearly everyday.

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Checked. What makes matters worse is that is they have done this before. Their old project name was POSW (piece of shit wallet).

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Nah just kidding, Ive got 3 masternodes.

There's a waiting list for the DEX beta because there's already hundreds of people using it daily(including myself)

Kill yourself ranjesh. No one is selling cheaper for you

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If they're fudding, they're only trying to accumulate more.

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this nigger dipshit retard is still trying to buy low, what a fucking loser. FUCK YOU NIGGER. I'm benefiting off your bullshit fud and my 60 hours a work as a bezos slave. Fuck you I love your total bullshit. It will make me rich. hahahaha faggot.

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You can tell it's bad now because no new anons are fomo market buying masternodes. The shill campaign will die off soon. Shame, it's impossible for anons to have a discussion in their threads without being lambasted.

Look at the other thread. It's only 40 odd replies and it's already resorted to the 'cope' and the weird picture posting. I don't think they understand the audience here.

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No thats not true, literally people were refuting fud left and right with screengrabs. It's just that it became SO repetitive that people would rather just wait instead of waste their time replying to degenerates.

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Faggot, you just ask them and they insta ntly add you to the sex group. Ugh the fud is fucking weak and annoying these days, so easily disproven.

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its a little difficult to have a coherent discussion when you have one or several people working round the clock to shitpost and FUD in every single XSN thread that is posted.

look in the archives, this has been going on for months now.

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I misspelled dex as sex, looooooooool

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Smells like bullshit to me. Shill say
>Come test the DEX
>You can't test it lmao
Fuck off with your PnD cuck.

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It's because it's a scam project. There is no sustainable value in scamnet.

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>4 post by this ID
KYS scamming pajeet.

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ya i got scammed and i cant even liquidate
should have lurked more

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Should have stayed away. See what happens when you trust pajeets.

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Sell if you’re a weak hand, we dont want you here

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>the memes are stale
>the fud is stale
well at least you guys are keeping the price down for me to accumulate

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You should sell. No need to hold onto a scam coin.

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Somebody doesn’t have a masternode

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Begone kike.

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Do i buy or sell?

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you buy

are you seriously going to let these relentless fuders (check the catalog, theres like 3 anti xsn threads right now) cuck you out of financial independence?

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Wtf is going on with the price?

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Weak hands are being shaken by the relentless fudding. I mean, try to look at it objectively. There are upwards of 10 fud threads right now, not one of them giving any piece of relevant information which would have changed the fundamentals. In fact the fundamentals are stronger than ever. The people selling are getting shaken out and will kill themselves soon enough once they realize their short-sighted judgement has doomed them to a life of wage slavery.

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Fuck off pajeet scammer.

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Also, consider this. What does the price of one MN, or whatever you have invested, mean to you in a few years if you have a stable job? Hardly squat. Compare that with the unbelievable potential gain/fundamentals this coin has, and you realize that even a 90% short-term down means NOTHING in the long-term. I'm literally 10k into this and I feel absolutely nothing despite 30% down because I am capable of seeing through the absolute bullshit, because I've taken the time to actually research this shit while keeping myself up to date on the news, (pro-tip: it's bullish as hell).

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wouldnt trust these guys or buy a shitcoin again after this
once you go in there discord you realize why

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a)massive fud campaign
(see this very thread and the half dozen just like it on /biz/ right now)

b) people selling for BTC pump

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you make your own threads and bump them constantly just get off biz and go back to wherever you came from and noone will talk about this again

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they make and post all their reddit meme images in their discord and discuss how to refute fud a fud b its really cringe

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Cope, it's dumping because it's a scam.

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This is lterally the only coin I dont swing or sell.
Im done accumulating based on my goals, so price dumps arent really an opportunity for me, but Im happy for the chance that other anons have to buy at a discount.
Go fourth and prosper my frens.

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you literally can't swing or sell it even if you wanted to is the problem. once you're in this you cant get out

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