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This is an XRP board now.

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Fuck off paid astroturfers. You are literal losers shilling a token for billionaires and getting pennies. XRP is a dogshit scam.

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Based and blessed poster, it is clear that even without his own knowledge he is a willing subservient of the true crypto the ark that will guide us all the ark that will complete as the ark that will float above the title shifting waters of the approaching and crushing financial agewe will rise up brothers and sisters but it will be the ark and only the ark that brings us to salvation and us alone who bored it in ark's name Amen

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No its not. You fuckers need to go

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Based thread. We are going to $2k EOY

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Based. XRP x1000 tomorrow

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Xrp to $1000 in t-minus 25 hours and 56 minutes

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did something important happen?

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It just number goes up. Go XRP!

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Short answer is no. A lawsuit was allegedly dropped but that is hardly enough news to spur investment. What is really going on is that a bunch of YouTube "content creators" are digging up a bunch of conspiracy level material trying to convince their viewers that there's this grand financial conspiracy going on. And according to their 2012 Mayan calendar like predictions they've decided that now or in a couple days or so " big things are supposed to happen " it's kind of ridiculous and like most predictions when it doesn't happen they'll just conveniently forget that they made them and they won't admit they were ever wrong in the first place.

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Both Bank of Brazil and Bank of Canada are about to go live on Ripple blockchain using XRP for international settlements. Entire fucking countries. Japan by the end of this year. Saudis are getting ready. India is on the list for early 2021. Singapore is there, too. An that's just a few 100% confirmed ones. There are literally dozens of countries that are "speculative", so I won't discuss those yet.

No joke, and no shilling, this shit is a lot bigger than the average brainlet can even begin to comprehend.

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This piece of shit won't stop going up wtf is happening

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Did anyone get this trying to buy it tonight?

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