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Frank Amato
> Executive Director J.P.Morgan March /7 years, 1 month/
> Managing Director Bear Stearns & co. /11months/
> Vice President J.P Morgan /10 years, 4months/

> Digital money
> Decentralized
> Trust-less proof of stake

> Masternodes
> 45% block rewards
> 90% Passive income from user fees
> Almost fee-less
> No kyc
> Instant transactions 24/7
> Infinite scalability
> Decentralized
> Lightning swaps
> Cross chain proof

Stakenet has been dormant for years, during these years stakenet has constantly been working towards their product. DEX is going to released this year. They have a legit professional team with a real product. You can try the beta version for yourself. I really think it's going to be huge, I can see myself and the majority of crypto-currency using the DEX on a daily basis, its really easy to use. The best part is that you can always get the cheapest price on whatever you're investing into.

Stakenet is the future of money.

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Good reads
>Quick rundown
>X9's contributions to LTC
>Exertive Proof of Stake
>Great write-up of Cross Chain Proof of Stake (i.e. stake XSN, receive BTC)
>The Cypherpunk Standard of Banking
>Most recent Dev Update

Further reads

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You're unironically going to make it, if you hold a masternode in this.

>Stakenet is the third coin (Right after BTC/LTC) to implement lightning swaps on mainnet.
>They also partnered up with the Litecoin Foundation to help with lightning tech.
>They are working on their OWN Hardware Wallet- VIPER (Competing with Ledger, Trezor, and Xeeda) Which is the first crypto project EVER to work on that.
>Stakenet is soon launching a multi currency wallet with inbuilt lightning and atomic swaps (HUGE)
>Stakenet will also soon launch the first masternode powered DEX. Which requires NO registration, NO KYC, no bullshit at all.

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>pink id
Buy pnk

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3 years and done nothing

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also reminder that the only way this dex gets liquidity is from having 'liquidity partners' which have accounts on Binance/Bitfiniex which buy and sell orders. You will not be able to trade any erc20 coin you want, like on 1inch/uniswap. Only the coins which the liquidity partners have in their CEX exchange wallets. Also take note that, that means if their account gets found out (ok unlikely) or the CEX goes down for whatever reason, you're not getting that liquidity anymore.

No one outside of /biz/ is touching this shady ass project with a 10ft pole. And they never will. Don't fall for the BS 'oh you're so early' anons. You're not early, there's a reason that this hasn't gotten anywhere.

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>3 years and nothing
What is TPoS, MNaaS, major DEX updates, 100% stable lightning swaps, 50% done raiden integration.

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>3 years and done nothing

sure thing blockcuck

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>also reminder that the only way this dex gets liquidity is from having 'liquidity partners' which have accounts on Binance/Bitfiniex which buy and sell orders.

NOPE. this is just one liquidity route, and an innovative one at that. i have already rebuked you one this several times and will not type the rest out, so i will just copy and paste from the whitepaper :

With important components such as Stakenet Wallet, Lightning Swaps and Tokenized Swaps in place, we are only a few steps away from creating
this solution. There are some decentralizedexchanges which are currently operating, but all of them have some vulnerabilities of centralization. Stakenet would be
the first to operate a completely decentralized solution which would be entirely run by Masternodes and not supported by a centralized entity.
The coins which the users hold in XSN Dex never leave them unless the transaction is completed, allowing for unlimited access. With these coins in their own wallets, users also benefit from all the utilities, features, and staking rewards
of the coin. Furthermore, the user remains anonymous as they do not have to provide any Know Your Customer (KYC) details to anyone, providing complete anonymity and freedom to trade without worry or fear. All transactions
are done on a peer to peer basis without the involvement of a central authority, making transactions more secure and less expensive as the fees are lower.

Another key point of the XSN Dex is its ability to aggregate other exchanges (decentralized or centralized) in it. By making use of its API and algorithms, we create a bridge between different exchanges order books, so XSN Dex captures
further value for the Stakenet interchain economy. In the end, all Stakenet users can trade with any other compatible exchange through one interface.

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This is false. The DEX has it's own orderbooks + the aggregator for bonus liquidity.

Once raiden is finished you will be able to trade any erc20 token you want.

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How can one post be so absolutely wrong in everything it says.

>what are aggregators
>how do they work on ever other exchange

People can trade whatever they want P2P they aren’t reliant on the aggregator, the aggregator is just their to fill gaps in liquidity during launch while orderbooks are thin. As more users use the DEX then people will be placing their own buy/sells and not need to aggregator

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Hello Cz. I see you still haven't figured out how aggregators work.

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No idea why anyone is buying anything else but xsn in the defi space.

Just heard they are integrating lighting network and raiden?

Fucking btc and eth invent the ultimate defi tools ln and raiden and all these other posers trying to defy the gods.

You don't buy xsn you're gonna get a hurt real bad

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Lightning swap have been 100% stable for a while now. Raiden has been at 50% completion for a week or two now. Also see pic related from yesterday.

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why do you think there are anons who are literally working full time to fud XSN? this is literally the next ETH, and every single day this stays below $1 is precious

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So with the hardware wallet coming that integrates into the dex, do I understand that I can exchange xsn for btc to pay Papafranku for a pizza at Papafranku's Romanian Pizza Parlour?

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$100 2021 confirmed.

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>only way
didn't read the white paper
aggregation is primarily a tool at launch to ensure liquidity because until people start actually using it, liquidity will be limited.
aggregation is used as a tool to support markets until p2p becomes viable, and to fill orders for coins with low volume.

regardless, aggregation only helps the platform in the short term. it also helps buyers by providing access to lowest possible price across multiple order books (a function that would have been impossible without a custom solution prior to stakenet).

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Maybe, I have no idea what the fuck you even said.

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You can just buy with XSN, since it's lightning compatible, and everyone will accept lightning payments in 2022

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The answer is yes anon

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hail hydra.

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Don't forget about me

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wait there are actually people browsing biz who don't have an XSN suicide stack?

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why would I buy this shit now?? I will maybe buy in 1 month when it costs half the sats HAHAHAHA

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>i will buy in a month from now when the product is public and the price has quintupled

excellent investment strategy

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Thanks for the bump

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haha remember that DEX won't generate fees till HYDRA nice try pajeet

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Itssss a meeeee Papafranku!

Here we goooo

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Cope, block rewards are better than anything i've seen so far. Considering the marketcap it only gets better.

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I think this will go to 10 cents before it moons, remember HYDRA is YEARS away still

>> No.20833611

>Hydra is years away
Hydra will be done in 1 year MAX.

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this, checked.

i seriously fucking hope you are atleast an XSN whale running a 24/7 fud campaign because im going to rub our gains in your face for years to come

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I'll buy it once it dips to sub 20cents, once your are in you can't sell DEX will be out earliest in 2 to 3 months and HYDRA is 1 year away, XSN will "moon" after this bull run is already over HAHA, don't you think there is still plenty of time to buy this cheap instead of buying into the daily shill pajjeets?
>inb4 dex is already functional and people beta test it

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They have already said it's like 6-12 months

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which means plenty of time and no reason to FOMO now into daily pajeet threads spamming biz

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Fool, you don't need hydra nodes for XSN to go up in price.

>> No.20833857

just correcting your fud

also: you're gonna fomo in when biz sees those BTC/LINK and BTC/ETH instant Lightning swap videos and the price will go nuts

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When are you going to realize STAKENET is the way of the future, NOT AMPL

I get it.
You guys want a compounding gainz inflationary coin.
I get it.
Value is tied to supply.
As the market grows, my ownership percentage stays the same.
There is a small little problem with that:

HOW will you be able sit there on your chair and look at this HOT BUNNY ASS and not want a little piece?
your cum covering her furry ass.
that the feeling you get when you grab that little ponytail and bury your member into her velvet muff, will be a feeling few will ever be able to experience in any lifetime.
that her man cant satisfy her, and that someone has to do it. Could it be you?
taking her to your new private island that you get with your new XSN profit.
the IMPLICATION involved with having a sweet sexy bunny princess slave thats all yours to use up like a good little slut.
that once you feel her buck teeth grinding down on your cock, you will forget ALL about your little rebases, and your meaningless compounding inflation.
that she cant escape.
SHE knows it.
YOU know it.
So why dont you come on down off of your high horse AMPL pedestal and come get this bushy bunny muff......
Who's with me?

If you KNOW, you KNOW.

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sure you can always pump and dump any shitcoin are you new?

>> No.20833887

*which will be in very short time

>> No.20833939

isn't this already known?

>> No.20833952

Let's a gooooo Papafranku

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>dex release
>xsn goes up
>xsn goes up
>bullrun slows down
>Phase 2 + 3
>xsn continues to go up

Do you fud because you are accumulating or you enjoy losing?

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Your fud is bad.

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it just isn't a good investment right now, why would I lock my capital for 2 months till dex comes out when I make 5x gains with defi each month. I will rather 10x my shit and buy XSN at half the price in a few months XSN doesn't get fundamental value from dex release till hydra which devs are incentivized to delay in order to collect fees try again retard

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>A btc/eth interloped DEX doesn't have fundamental value.

>> No.20834230

I thought there were only shills in these threads

>> No.20834245

reading comprehension?
ofc that has value but not for XSN holders till hydra you fucking pajeet

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you can't get all of what StakeNet offers, anywhere else. Disruptive AF.

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ok pajeet say thanks to me for bumping your PND thread

>> No.20834495

>10 posts by this ID
>blood pressure: HIGH

>> No.20834653

sometimes anons just like to fuck with the poos around here Ranjeet

>> No.20834782

and that value will make it moon, so buying now ensures a few poorfags can still afford a node. Later on when it's 1$+ per coin not a lot of ppl will have 15k+$ for crypto

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Again a pajeet looking in the mirror and calling out pajeet.
The Dex will generate fees in both stage 1+2+3.
Only difference is that it's in stage 3 where it's ready to be let lose on our MN network so they can get a share for their service.
So you were wrong again retard.
But how could anyone expect a retard to know anything at all.

>> No.20835793

I guess I have to spell it out for you retard to get my point. I hope you are deliberately acting in bad faith.
>also admits all fees in stage 1 and 2 go to devs which will never make stage 3 happen

>> No.20836599

First they ignore you. Then they attack you. Then they join you. Xsn gogogo

>> No.20836649

Hilarious how all these morons buy link and ampl which are actual pnd and don't comprehend the magnitude of xsn.

They will regret it. Mark my words lads

>> No.20836769

Link rank 1
Xsn rank 2

>> No.20836770

>Panpoot is fuming

dude it's literally all shills what the fuck are they going to do, answer truthfully? you're pointing out a gigantic flaw in their ponzi

first they annoy you. then they attack you.
then they dump. xsn shillshillshill

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Guy hating on livecoin with no kyc as he gave all kyc information to CZ so I can hack and dox him.

>> No.20837023

Pray tell.

What is the gigantic flaw that reveals XSN is a ponzi?

There is no hyper inflation like AMPL.

There is off chain lightning and raiden integration to ensure proper defi unlike link and uniswap which are on chain and useless.

Further, you can test the working product right now if you join the discord and ask nicely.

Fucking guys don't even market to entice you pajeets.

How the Fuck is this a ponzi? Don't you dare take the name of Papafranku in vein

>> No.20837160

when can i use my ledger to run my mns. not creating my mns till then.

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you know, Binance has 100BTC withdrawal limit without KYC... nice try pajeet but HOLY look at that orderbook on livecoin.

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Regardless, all fees go toward market-buying XSN. It doesn't matter who receives the XSN, price will be largely driven by volume on the exchange minus selling pressure.

Even if node owners don't see direct income from trading fees until phase 3, they will see price appreciation in the form of XSN market buys from trading in phases 1 & 2 as well.

In all honesty, as a node operator phases 1 & 2 might be more profitable in terms of ROI due to price appreciation - in HYDRA, node operators will be competing for trading volume in an open market, which will actually drive down trading fees and likely benefit whales more than anything.

If you're a small node operator in HYDRA, you're probably better off cashing out and looking for your next venture because your income will be somewhat limited based on your incremental maintenance costs.

Alternatively, you could throw your coin toward TPoS and potentially be rewarded by pooling those smaller investors into a single entity that can gain economies of scale, thereby providing better commission rates on people contributing to TPoS.

At any rate, the buy pressure for this coin ramps up AS SOON AS THE DEX GOES LIVE, because all rewards (internal or external) are distributed in the form of market-bought XSN.

>> No.20837316

>What is the gigantic flaw that reveals XSN is a ponzi?
He missed the pump, simple as that, and that's why he's repeating the "I will buy back at price X, no reason to buy now!! No fees hydra scam!!". Literally spends day and night in these threads. You can pick him up after a while. Idiot has been caught multiple times quoting himself, when he forgot to change his IP. XSN is staying >2000 sats, and it's absolutely killing him, kek.

>> No.20837455

>1BNB has been deposited to your account

>> No.20837458

>Regardless, all fees go toward market-buying XSN
wrong, only 10% of the fees will be used to market buy XSN and burn it (are you deliberately lying or do I know more about this project than the pajeets shilling it?
>It doesn't matter who receives the XSN
>phases 1 & 2 might be more profitable in terms of ROI due to price appreciation
wrong because now all the fees are split it HYDRA is still much more profitable for MN than phase 1 or 2
nice try pajeet

>> No.20837465

Someone who knows his way around the XSN wallet here?

>> No.20837503

whether I buy this pajeet PND depends on other investments which are mooning as we speak
nice try pajeet

>> No.20837538

What do you need?

>> No.20837623

I have a few masternodes, using mnaas and I want to sell one. do I just deactive one in the wallet and I can send it or is there anything else I need to consider?

>> No.20837657

Some ill-informed info in this post. You are wrong on a few things, and I'm sure the raging bear will point them out.

>> No.20837692

I've never sold a MN, but I would deactivate it in the wallet and then on the cloud before trying to move the 15k. Ask someone on the discord to be sure

>> No.20837741

So you don't think it's a complete ponzi, but would like to see it go lower, or at least value it lower? It's basically what I was saying then, we just disagree on the current valuation.

>> No.20837800

Can anyone post the chart?

>> No.20837925

yes thats right, after dex launch or in a few months I might give this another look and buy a few MN I do like the ROI and also trading fees would be nice but rn I'm in other 10x projects that are guranteed in the next 2 months to moon. buying XSN rn feels like missing the golden bull

>> No.20838051

Risky business. I have a comfortable % in XSN, since I don't want to miss inevitable release movement. If i had concrete info, that the release *announcement* won't happen in the next 2 month, I'd play the stack differently, as that will probably be the new bottom. Why do you think it will be more than 2 months?

>> No.20838095

good luck with your $100 investment

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File: 39 KB, 860x159, XSN Distro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...no, you're wrong. trading fees are all used to buy XSN, burn occurs on 10% of that before distribution.

Right now distribution goes to the XSN treasury, in the future it will be split between node operators and the treasury. However, all of this distribution occurs in XSN.

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File: 75 KB, 856x702, fee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

>> No.20838429

And this is what people aren't grasping here. Stakenet extends the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem massively while one wont have to have a single XSN for using these superior services, but every service will cause market buying of XSN, immediately and continuously

>> No.20838487
File: 17 KB, 410x526, mns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have ~115k XSN, so a bit more than $100, at least for now :^)

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File: 418 KB, 1343x1062, 1594768928133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20839069

nice. right there with you brother

you test the dex yet? I bought my last couple thousand there this past week - was pretty slick.

>> No.20839476

Honestly, ive looked at every other defi project and they aren't actually defi

You aren't defi if you don't use lightning and raiden. Which xsn is the only project.

If you're in some scam defi that isn't using lightning and raiden get in and out quick. You're going to get dumped on like ampl yesterday.

>> No.20839871

buy high sell low
it is the way of /biz/

>> No.20839887

I just pointed out how stupid you are.
Too dumb to try and explain exactly what you ment.
Typical retard syndrome.

So now that I corrected your error, go ahead a make some more FUD and try stick to facts this time.
Otherwise I'm gonna spank you sorry little ass once more.

>> No.20840292

They want to larp about defi for money and pretend XSN doesn't exist

>> No.20840403

>coin volume is $1M
>uniswap dex is ~$100M
imagine the buy pressure if the daily "buy & burn" is even 10% of uniswap's.

10% of $10MM trade volume is $1M daily buy pressure, all trading on XSN. That's 90 BTC in buy depth.

Sell depth right now is only 67 BTC. That's ALL of sell depth.

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Coingecko has a new DeFi tab
XSN, of course, isn't listed there. The tokens that shamelessly ripped off XSN? Yeah, they made the list.

>> No.20840804

why is this shilled so relentlessly? I don't think it is because the people here are friendly and want to share some wealth. So is this going back to 5 million market cap soon?

>> No.20840909

2 threads up
I'm gonna buy today

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>> No.20841815

Why does Coca-Cola have adds and TV commercials?
Why does any brand/product have it?
Would anyone be driving cars if the inventor of the first car dug a hole and hid his invention from anyone to ever see?
Are you serious this lame or just 13yo which would be a good excuse actually??

>> No.20841966

its 0.025% or 10% of the 0.25% fee

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