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My boss tells me I should not clock overtime more than 10 hours a week. However the amount of work that he assigns me takes more time than 50 hrs a week. So he is implying I should work off the clock. Is this legal?

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quit your job senpai

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lol you know the answer stupid fuck you just cant come to grips with it.

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you shouldn't be working any more than 30 hours a week (+ 10 hours of "working" to fill out the week), get the fuck out of there

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document it and sue.

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seriously, talk to a labor lawyer with a good track record. they'll tell you exactly what evidence you need to get a good case.

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That's wage theft.
I straight up beat one of my old bosses with a pipe wrench, when he told me I only get paid for 40 hours a week, but I had worked 60 in 4 days.

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No you didnt

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Were you salaried?

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Nope 17.50 hourly I was a pipe breaker at a refinery.

That mother fucker laughed right up until I knocked his kneecap backwards like a fucking chicken leg.

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Talk to lawyers, your best bet is to sue. That's how most people get rich in the USA according to J Jonah Jameson.

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How was jail?

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Kek. what a larp

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It was two weeks of boring and 6 months of pissing in cups for my PO.

But fine otherwise, plus I heard that guy never tried that with any of the other breakers, so I call it a win. It's almost like college boys ain't used to getting their shit kicked in when they act like assholes.

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Oh I'm sorry I didn't know I had a 4chan secret squirrel soldier following me around Baytown watching my every move. Do you watch when I jack off too faggot?

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>So he is implying I should work off the clock.
He is implying you should ditch the work and fuck off when you get to 50 hours

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You stop getting paid you stop working. If your boss doesn't like it then work for his competitor. Be your own boss don't get pushed around OP.

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Just explain that to him so he understands you're productivity goes down as the hours go down. The way I see it your doing 20% less work but he's saving more than 20% each paycheck by accepting the decreased productivity. Perhaps a change in workflow can help identify some inefficiencies, or he could hire another person to assist you.

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Leave the job.

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If you aren't getting paid for it then don't work.

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You don't have to finish everything he asigns you. Work up to 50 if you want and stop.

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Ask him to define "week" and "hour."

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Ignore him and continue getting overtime. Tell him you don't work for free.

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Fuck that nigger op. You are producing value for the organization through your efforts. You deserve what they offer to give you for each hour of work you perform for them.
T. Libertarian fascist
Inb4 fascism is slavery
No nigger. Fascism is economically based on how efficiently a person can move from task to task.

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Consider this a red flag.
Ready your move out of this position.
You aren't obligated to an employer.
If you let him walk all over you, you're voting for more of it.
Fire your employer.

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>the amount of work he assigns me takes more than 50 hrs
Sounds like you don't have enough time to finish your work, anon. Let your boss feel this

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Its hard being a wagecuck

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was it worth it

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Lost weight you fucken fat fuck and yes that is illegal tell him pay up or lawyer up.

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Yeah I got another job at a different plant. Pay is better, so are benefits. I don't really regret any of it if that's what you're asking.

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Quit. Buy AAVE. Retire early.

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