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I told you fags to prepare for Monday.

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>tfw when only holding 17k xrp
should i just kill myself?

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rocket pilot reporting

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Premined garbage

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could be worse. Only have 4805...

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Bought other shitcoins, had enough for 200xrp... atleast I can buy pizza with it.

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In the time it took you to sput FUD, you could have made 500 Shitakes on any multiple of invested dollar.

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What a fucking moron

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How is it fud that almost 70% is held by the devs?

Oh right, you're a shill.

Hope you're not doing it
>for free

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And what is the incentive for the company to crash their own market, wipe out all of the longs and permanently sabotage their reputation and trust?

Frankly, I'm much more concerned about the failing network aspects of Bitcoin and the monopoly on influence that the miners hold, effectively, making Bitcoin a centralized currency.

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I'll dump before the announcements the 22nd.

It looks very promising. I think it can reach 5 cents per coin.

You guys should get on this before this week.

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Who cares nigga shit is mooning!

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Gestalt on wtf is going on with Ripple?
Why speculation its going to pump?

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Did you miss the last 4 days of news announcing that major Korean exchanges were listing the currency?

What you're seeing is a fresh injection of liquidity from Korea and a lot of activity in anticipation of it.


It's already 23 cents US per XRP... Did you mean 50 cents?

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This also JP morgan is doing a ripple demo on Tuesday.


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Sorry, i was under the xby rock. Much appreciated.

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Man it hurts looking at that market history

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ooooohohohohohoh. Money money money. I suppose I'll hold awhile then.

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Big sell wall at 13200, will keep the price suppressed for the next few hours.

These are the algorithms and sell orders used by institutions. People like to limit their gains. Pshh.


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how are you all expecting it to rise?

could it ever get to $10? If so when would that realistically happen

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Not anytime in the near or immediate future.

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1 dollar would be alot maybe in a year.

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Skirting parity with the USD towards the end of the year. There will be a few major sell-offs (what lightweights call crashes).

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Suggest pulling your head out of your ass and critically analyzing this coin properly instead of just regurgitating the same memes from the start of the year and you might get somewhere.

This is a coin that started out this year with ONE THIRD the market cap of ETH, and has now pulled a significant distance ahead to be the ALL TIME BIGGEST alt by cap. It doesn't stand as the 2nd biggest bet in crypto with a 9 BILLION cap because nobody is fucking aware of how much is held by the devs.

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The price flux we're seeing now are the markets attempting to price out a totally new and unknown financial asset.

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It has risen 32x since the start of the year, $10 would require it to continue to push at a similar rate. That also requires a cap something like 5x the size of the ENTIRE crypto market which is asking a lot, note that as a whole the market doubled in size in about a month though.

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i have 300 and im feeling good

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sell when??

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at 20k

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I have $5000 ready to invest. Should I pour it all into XRP? Is that my ticket to lamboland or to suicideland?

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Good upside potential for both short- and long-term gains.

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Has anyone moved their ripple from polo to another exchange? How long did it take? I'm sick of this shit website but don't want to have my transaction stuck for days either.

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Are you fucking kidding me nigger?
It's going up as we speak, and going down wouldn't make sense (it was stuck on 0.2 for days) and the supply is locked.

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except the market cap is a false stat because ripple owns the majority of it, and can issue more to itself at any time

there's no real use for xrp
>Ripple Inc controls the supply of it, and doles it out to the participating banks to use to make transactions. The actual value being transferred by the banks is not XRP at all though. And if you buy some XRP, you cannot use it like you would a normal coin, and you cannot even connect to the Ripple network since you are not a trusted participant.

the company behind ripple has value, but all of the holders have nothing but short lived gains

you can make money buying xrp and selling it to idiots who think they're buying the second most valuable crypto, but holding xrp is a flawed strategy

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hammer dropped at 13.4 k... thrusters engage!

we hitting 14k

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Fucking Koreans.

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Boo hoo bitch cry more on the ground while I look at you out the widow of the rocket.

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W-w-will it c-come down to 20 cents a-again? I wanna b-be part of the m-m-moonlanding...

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BTW, any of you fine fellas know if any exchange out there is running margin trading in the XRP/BTC pair?

My native Kraken does not appear to support margin trading on XRP. Bummer, it was an easy bet.

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Nope, but there is still time to get it before it get's to 50 cents.

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>tfw I only have 1348 XRP
fuggg it's going up so fast

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XRP is so ridiculously overpriced. Enjoy the forthcoming crash. Polo is definitely involved in this. Doesn't surprise me that weebs on this board can't do the math

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in the long term I dont care. Im momentum trading this into tomorrow. The only long term coins Im holding are BTC and ETH

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this and litecoin give me the worst vibes in altcoins rn

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Can't ripple the ripple, fag.

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Should I sell all my shares at 29 cents, then buy all the ripple back and more when it crashes to 20 cents again?

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I'll sell before Consensus.

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>XRP is so ridiculously overpriced

Interesting, what sort of metrics did you use to establish the "value" for this market and its overvaluation?

You realize that Tesla is a real world company that consistently loses money yet defies ALL market metrics and its stock valuation remains phenomenally high.

Yeah, nah. You don't know what you're talking about. Go sit in the corner.

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Praise kek

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All you need it rule of proportion and look at the image lmfao. It's nigger math. But I'm not going to discuss this with a teenage weeb gambler who will stubbornly defend his crypto because he fully bought into it.

>Yeah, nah. You don't know what you're talking about.
I seriously do. The numbers don't make sense.. When did all these gambling niggers (literal niggers) come on this board?

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we just breached 14k with three white soldiers.

this thing is still mooning

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We're going higher than 15k at this rate desu!

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Very cute.

While you ass-mad baggies were here conducting your little semen shooting contest, XRP just blew through 2,000 SATs.

On the few Bitcoins I've deployed tonight, that's a profit of $16,000 USD since 5 PM EST.

But please, tell me more about the overvaluation.

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>Ripple dumping
>Polo still working
What the fuck is this?

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Oooh nice. This predictable volatility is delicious.

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whales are dumping

>> No.2079938


Aaaand we're back up.

That was a momentary profit taking.

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nope. After a climb and fall that big, a bounce always always happens. This is going back past 14 in the next couple minutes

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Man, how long is this supposed to last? What's a good jumping off point?

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Really dont like the wide ass spread this has. 100 satoshi

>> No.2079956

I sold 30% at 14k, looking for a dip, I missed that last 13.5k drop.

>> No.2079966


That usually results in upward spurts. Sellers are greedy and withholding. This compels the buyers to press on higher.

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Watching actions like this is incredibly damaging. I sold many coins during events like this. And ends up missing the real moon when I panic sold during a thread just like this.

You watch your fave coin moon and when it tanks, fudders yell sell and you sold.

I did that a few times with BTC ETH even XRP when they are all dirt cheap and I regret it tremendously.

Listen to me, keep your BTC ETH XRP, even if they "crashed" 30%. Look at BTC after Mt. Gox, went down to $180 from hight of nearly $800. And look at it now.

Steady hands, watch the fudders spread panic, and laugh.

Keep your BTC XRP ETH and you will be free of daily wageslaving humilation the rest of your life.

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When eth btc xrp drop i just buy more famalam.

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Is getting back to 14 realistic at this point?

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Me too, it is hard to see which to buy though. Plus I got like 10 other alt coins I am holding as lottery tix.

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noobie here. where do i buy XRP?

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10,000 is a good entry point.

>> No.2080018


But is it too late?

>> No.2080019

Are you serious dude? It's almost back at 14k already..

>> No.2080020

bouncing back already senpai. I think we could see 15

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stop shitposting

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Which ever one tanks the hardest I buy. Also looking into ICO's like BAT, going to keep buying monthly and hodl all these for a year.

>> No.2080038

I'm at work on phone and can't see half the shit on polo. I'm having a hard time gauging the action. Honestly not trying to shit post

>> No.2080047

Wary of ICO, look at Gno, astronomical pump.

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wew that fucking wall

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where THE FUCK do you guys store your XRP?

literally 0 wallets take them

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good fucking god man LOL

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Was very predictable, these bitter faggots talking about "muh scamcoin" are just pissed that XRP is going to take the crown sometime next year as top crypto.

>> No.2080197

fuck my life for not owning any of this

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sold my 27K ripple at 10500. im down over 1BTC atm, fuck my life

>> No.2080220

Are you guys holding or selling?

>> No.2080233

Buying the dips and holding

>> No.2080240

I'm surprised you didn't cuss like you always do, paid ripple pumping faggot

>> No.2080245

>Ripple on top

I'm feeling the ripples of ripple.

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500 XRP here.
This is prob going to buy me lunch tomorrow

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you're a moron if you are buying/not selling your ripple
this is the biggest pump and dump scam of 2017

>> No.2080257


Sad that so much money went into pumping one coin when it could have pumped so many others

That said I'm shorting the shit out of it with a goal holding of zero

>> No.2080259

Says increasingly man for the thousandth time.

>> No.2080261

bullshit you larping fuck

>> No.2080268

shit I believe him, i picked up 100k at a cent, shit was going for penny like a month ago

>> No.2080271

ya man, would have 3.75BTC instead of 2.70 :/
tfw bought 5k back at 12800 & 12000

>> No.2080284

nocoiners/eth cucks be hating

sucks to be you, though

stay poor

>> No.2080446

oh ok I missunderstood you, thought you meant you panic sold it when it came back down but I guess you sold early, I did the same with ETH, bought at 11 sold at 25 and never got back on board like a faggot

>> No.2080742

Did it get locked? Havent been on the internet the whole weekend

>> No.2080754

anyone who wants to take the crypto game to the next level, add me on skype: CryptoAnna

>> No.2080760

Art thou of girly countenance?

>> No.2080850

We new ATH nao

>> No.2080924

Not yet. Soon though, maybe. I think right now we are in a slight dip.

>> No.2080939

It is too late to buy Ripple? I only have around 500$ that i can spend (poor russian student). Is it worth?

>> No.2080943

Ripex Desktop Wallet

>> No.2080970


>> No.2080998

today looks to be the day when we see good ripple news,

hope y'all bought, .40 today seems reasonable

>> No.2081045

No man, just save that for potatoes, vodka and the ocasional meat day.

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>Tfw didn't buy a million back in January

FUCK you hindsight!

>> No.2081066


It's worth it because we're still in the deca-cent range, and no one in the mainstream has even heard of Ripple yet.

Imagine what happens when the normies take scent.

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>ETHcucks (defacto nocoiners)

>Learning, ever

>> No.2081094

Didn't check the results properly apparently - Olga Polozova

>> No.2081141

Dude u coulda had 250k u dweeb

>> No.2081161

The fuck is up with that spread on bittrex?

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>mfw 25.5k ripple.

>> No.2081241

>it went up x1000 over the last few months and it is at ATH
>let's buy some hoping that i will get a million out of my 1000$

>> No.2081244

Rip in a freefall, better sell now kids... You can always buy back

>> No.2081258

i know that feels anon. im only holding 17k. please kill me

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I just got in 550 of it to try and squeeze in

>> No.2081479

>shit that never happened for 500 Alex
or maybe you are a poloretard and you fell victim from another shit scam

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We've got some profit taking now, and the twitch dayfags are having spastic convulsions and getting BTFO.

Steady hands waiting for the morrow when XRP gets tested out live in front of Morgan Stanley.

>> No.2081639

It's Monday where are my x20 gains?

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>tfw only 4444 XRP

Should've gone all in instead of splitting halfway with LTC

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>tfw when you will never fuck an authentic Indian woman from a wealthy family dressed like this on a cold cobble stone of a sandy mansion on a warm sweaty day

>> No.2081841

tfw only 1k ripple...

>> No.2081862

>tfw 500 xrps

Who here /stupidrich/

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How high can ripple go?
20 B market cap? BTC is at 28B.

>> No.2081907

>tfw 376 ripples

>> No.2081944

Only 300 XRP, maybe I was too cautious going into cryptos.

>> No.2081951

>tfw we definitely new ATH NAO
non-ripplings BTFO

>> No.2081964

I hear you brother. Let's exploit these /biz/tards

>> No.2081984

oh shit should i buy more or wait for the dip?

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Why should i continue living?

>> No.2082045

This is gona be $10+ by the end of the year at this rate

>> No.2082054

Is a market correction coming or is it just gonna say "FUCK YOU" and keep going? Thinking of gambling my entire portfolio into XRP

>> No.2082055

don't gamble your whole portfolio on ANYTHING

the market will always correct

>> No.2082069

Jesus christ it just keeps rising

>> No.2082073

This shit issss going to the moon...

I'm sorry if I didn't listen before, will you shills forgive me?

>> No.2082076

god dam I don't want it to moon yet still getting my account fucken verified YAMEROOOOOOOO

>> No.2082122

>not buying the rocket tickets early
What's wrong with you

>> No.2082125

Selling here enjoy the bag kiddos

>> No.2082129


the jewcoin continues to rise

never bet against the jews

>> No.2082130

>typical day on biz.jpg

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I'm a NUcoiner whose learned his lesson
>tfw could've bought eth for a couple of cents

>> No.2082152

So yesterday I made anither post it will hit0.30 and then $1.

Congrats on those who got in.

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Sorry /biz/bro. The Korean exchange went live on Saturday I believe. This thing isn't going down anymore. Not with the fintech consensus also coming up on the 23rd. Ripple has hinted at some big news

>> No.2082164

fuck it ill buy some more right now then

>> No.2082192

Can someone tell me where if there's anything, something on bittrex to let me see what my profit and loss and past history of buying is?

>> No.2082199

No but use Blockfolio, if you input your trades correctly you should have a good estimate of how much you've lost/won

>> No.2082207

cheers senpai will do

>> No.2082215

Should I sell my house and car and put all my savings into ripple?

>> No.2082220
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How much should I be going in and where should I be buying?

Credit card transfer from Coinbase and swallow the fee then buy a shitload at Bittrex?

>save a spot for me, onii-chan

>> No.2082234

thats what i did. Fucken cap for me is $150 though which really triggered this niggy. Trying to move to coinjar at the moment

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what the shit guys, where can a europoor buy some of this like right fokken now?

>> No.2082238

you shouldn't buy now, it's just risen
too late boyos, wait for a dip

>> No.2082243

where do i buy when it dips? do i have to exchange € -> $?

>> No.2082258

No, but you need to exchange Yooros for bitcoins. Make an account on kraken and send a transfer, it'll be there in 2 days, maybe just in time for the next dip.

>> No.2082262

Isn't there an announcement in NYC in two days?

>> No.2082265
File: 130 KB, 1425x840, kraken-xrpbtc-May-15-2017-15-42-25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did they mean by this?

New support level or tenuous stand-off between greedy sellers and suspicious buyers?

>> No.2082275
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Live demo @Morgan Stanley in NYC tomorra. We have momentum for another good rally IMO.

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File: 322 KB, 300x300, 1419222224295.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It will slowly drain ALL of the liquidity from shitcoins like the worthless LTC which is now bleeding capital profusely, take a big chunk out of ETH and BTC in the short term, and assume dominance in the broader future.

Beyond that it will grow to unknown levels if any commercialization and e-commerce pick-up.

>> No.2082325

What exactly do the banks test with ripple?

Because as a centralized coin, without miners and adjustable numbers, it seems like a very vulnerable coin.

>> No.2082332


Payment protocol using XRP as the medium.

>> No.2082356
File: 140 KB, 1008x764, xrpwall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you think we'll break through this wall bros? Is this a concerted effort to keep the price low, or just someone taking profits? TA says it should go up to 0.00022.

You goys selling or holding?

>> No.2082370

When's the dip, senpai?

>> No.2082371


That's a sell wall from limit orders from an exchange, I'm willing to bet. A lot of fags want to cash out there.

Depends if the market has enough liquidity and hype to soak it up. But that will keep it suppressed for the next few hours.

>> No.2082383

Do you think it's worth the risk of holding or no?

>> No.2082449
File: 55 KB, 900x600, Jv3qGR8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Depends on your margin of safety.

If you got it early, or at a steep discount, so as to justify the level of risk, then yes.

If you got it at 13,000 or more, it's a speculation, not an investment.

>> No.2082514

pic is happening sooner than you think.

I set a stoploss at 0.00013, otherwise we're looking at a double top, imo

>> No.2082532

can u set a stoploss on kraken?

>> No.2082540

I am the Warren Buffet of the cryptocurrency market, I started 3 days ago with a 80£ investment and have made 30£ profit, this is just the beginning my fellow anons, I will be the world's first cryptoBillionaire. Screencap this lads.

>> No.2082547


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File: 196 KB, 662x675, apu hitlerstaja.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2082569

when's the dip going to bottom out? looking to drop 400 on it and wait for the climb.

>> No.2082580

It won't dip, you retard. It will keep increasing steadily until the 23th.

What happens after that, I don't know. It may flunk or it may moon, depending on the news.

But I guarantee you, that before the 23th, it will reach, at least, 50 cents.

>> No.2082592

whys that, familam?

>> No.2082600

the ripple consensus will drop on the 22nd, if you want to be rich like me you got to do the research

>> No.2082622

God, are you THAT new?

It's a pretty volatile currency. The price of all altcoins is almost based purely on hype.

For some reason BTC dipped after the reasomware hack news.

If a coin has enough hype, the price will increase. And I bet my ass that there will be a lot of people shilling the coin after a few days, just before Consensus.

>> No.2082628

same thing happened with LTC.

After the news about segwit, and the faggot who put a LTC sticker on a vending machine, the price increased. More people bought, because they though it was going to be big shit, but it has nothing else going for it.

>> No.2082650

poorfag's sell this shit before it drop's to the floor, i just sold all this shit coin with 50% profit.

relevant > Ripple releases 333 million more Tokens


He is comparing the coinmarket historial #s with current #s.

Ripple XRP $229,739,227 $0.006381 36,003,596,482

Ripple XRP $237,675,730 $0.006541 36,337,298,649

Here is the kicker, ripple was a 100 billion XRP Premine.

>> No.2082654

LTC go hosted on Coinbase - That is significant

The only other two currencies listed on Coinbase are legitimate Gold and Silver tier

It's pretty encouraging to see similar support for LTC. Now we just have to wait for the engines to fire up

>> No.2082655

Bitcoin's price dropped because it's too expensive.

>> No.2082697

where can I buy ripple? Kraken is taking 48 hours to verify my shit

>> No.2082732

if you buy right now you are a fucking idiot. Two days will be good enough for you to check if there's a dip and if we don't see a dip you were fucked anyways because you are already too late.

>> No.2083488

OP here.

How'd you boys make out?

$9K USD profit here, just converted to USD on Kraken. Not bad for 4 hours of work last night.

>> No.2083507

Only have a measly 500 so will never sell and just hold till it goes to 0

>> No.2083513

Don't listen to this guy, he just wants to buy cheap ripple

>> No.2083525

nod really, I'm tellin it how it is, I'm still holding

>> No.2083561

Still holding 21k. Not sure but thinking of dumping half at or close to 15k.

>> No.2083644

started a 10 days ago without knowing what the fuck is an exchange or how many shitcoins are out there, made 400 bucks in the last 3 days with minimal effort.

>> No.2083660


wow! you're a natural :)

>> No.2083681

it isn't that hard if you read a bit around here or other forums. I would like to understand better when to go balls deep, missed a couple of trains this past two weeks. Those 400 are in part a bit of ETH and learning how to ride the wave and buy low sell high in small amounts in a few hours, did that with XBY, helped a lot I bough the first batch at 220.
As much as a lot of retards here shit on /biz/ there are actually helpful anons posting simple tips a noob like me can follow. Also I already want to kill any fucktard that comes with 50 dollaroos asking for a tip to be a millonaire.

>> No.2083691
File: 73 KB, 1503x1046, 1491417199773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2083695


I'm still holding my reserve of 20K in XRP. This was my seed investment which dates back to 2013 so it's literally worth a few dollars to me, and I can afford to hold long. I'm willing to let this run its course.

>> No.2083708
File: 386 KB, 604x604, 1490251962680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>went up meanwhile

you sure told me

>> No.2083712
File: 147 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LTC is a mistake.

>> No.2083732
File: 252 KB, 960x1280, crypto trader doggie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2083750

>broke 15000


>> No.2083757


Well fuck, that came with no warning..

Anyone got theories?

>> No.2083774

Am I waiting two days for the dip or am I fuckin buying when I get home?

>> No.2083778

If you wait 2 days, you will be buying at 20k sats
If you wait till the 22'nd you will be buying at 50k sats

>> No.2083789

Do i buy fucking now?? Or is it too late

>> No.2083800

do you seriously think that highly of /biz/ ?? Look at the trade volume, smartguy.

>> No.2083809


>Demo of XRP-PayChan, XRP-Escrow and Ethereum integrations


>> No.2083822


>> No.2083823

Ahh the eternal question
Same goes for when to sell

The third time you think about buying is too late, if this is your first, it's still time.

>> No.2083843

>the kicker
nigger everybody is aware of the total supply, we were aware of it at less than a cent and we are aware of it now. the real kicker is that a supply lock up is coming to those extra coins

>> No.2083880

And if I buy now?

>> No.2083882

15k sats

>> No.2083891

It moves 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards at a time (to shake off weak hands and margin gamblers)

>> No.2083898
File: 157 KB, 1080x720, 1489635309921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yep, but it's such a predictable pattern now.

Feel kind of dumb missing out on a free ride of 2,000 Shiitake.

>> No.2083899

Refresh my mind on sats. And a 15k to 50k jump on the 23rd means larger or lower profits?

>> No.2083908

>there are people on biz this dumb

>> No.2083925

>there are people on biz that have been here for a week trying to learn

What meanies

>> No.2083953
File: 129 KB, 1920x1080, GreenHallwayMirrorEdge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is info that is obvious to anyone with an iq above 80 and more than 30 minutes of research in crypto.

So please spend just a bit of time researching how trading works before asking really, really dumb questions.

Some advice, it's at an ATH, so it really doesn't have any known resistances. Get in right this second or just wait for a sell off.

>> No.2083959

In what world is a 15k to 50k jump (300%) a bad thing?

>> No.2083974

maybe he thinks we're playing golf

>> No.2083979

In the world of these digimon dollars.

Is there not word of a dip in the next two days? Would it just be a safe bet to buy now?

>> No.2083989

there is always a dip after a big gain

your job is to predict whether it's a bull trap and it's going to crash after or if it's just a dip leading into a greater upwards trend

>> No.2084028
File: 2.80 MB, 365x341, 1494886482690.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's still asking if it's time to buy

>> No.2084045

Selling here take care of this bag goys

>> No.2084083

Thanks for making the rocket lighter anon

>> No.2084092
File: 1.41 MB, 398x224, 1421620789965.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>16,600 AND GOING


>> No.2084102


>> No.2084109

LOL!!!! And poloniex is timing out again!!!! What a strange coinkidink!

>> No.2084112

resistance at 17k, who will win this round?

>> No.2084135
File: 18 KB, 320x240, poloshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if polo is lagging or whatever the fuck they do to fuck the retards there, get ready because it's going for a dip, that's what happened the last 4 times it got DDoS or lagged or they went with "lel we got technical difficulties.

>> No.2084184

What the actual fuck. This shit is approaching 0.30 USD a coin. Any anons have any insight on why this is happening? I've never made so much money with crypto before lads

>> No.2084199


There was a "leak" today.


>> No.2084215

so should I wait for a dip to buy more or just go balls to the wall now?

please be honest, anon. You are all I have in this world.

>> No.2084221


It's dipping atm. Good time to put in.

>> No.2084226

If you want an equally retarded sidekick I'm here for you, buddy.

>not getting my two verification transactions with coinbase
>the minutes are counting down before I miss the rocketship

>> No.2084234

I lucked the fuck out, bought 2000 two days ago

Saw the gains, sold 500, played with it, came back and bought more now sitting around 2500

Whats the target here? Sell now and run or keep watching for days?

>> No.2084235
File: 39 KB, 560x560, 1467502684308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw came home just in time to buy the dip

>> No.2084237

Boys, this is the only dip you're getting until a few days, get in now or get out.

>> No.2084238

$1 when

>> No.2084244

Every new high is a rallying point.

>> No.2084245


whats your sidekick name?

>> No.2084260



>> No.2084264

Anywhere I can buy in without ID and proof of residency?

>> No.2084266
File: 44 KB, 599x563, 1494586469308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guntworth the dumbass who deleted his card because the verification wasn't going through and now he has to wait 12 hours to TRY again after the rocket leaves me stranded with my poorfag dingus up my ass.

>> No.2084279

got a nickname?

>> No.2084284

Punished Gunt

But for real, there should be a general for retards that are aware enough to properly invest in the right things wrongly.

>inb4 that's called /biz/

>> No.2084289

Hey man, let me try to pull you off full tilt

I know how it gets, I made my first 2x wins because I read an ETH thread when it was 18 bucks and went full tilt and bought some. It took off and I'm lucky as fuck.

But it wasn't the last one. You're here for Ripple, if you don't get in you'll know what you need to know to catch the next one

These rockets won't be taking off forever, but there are always shitcoins pumping and moon rockets rising from the masses. If you have time to check and rebalance a wallet and look at charts, you're not gonna miss out on crypto.

>> No.2084317

guys dont trade this consider POSW, great price to buy now.
also XBY new website he he https://xtrabytes.tech/ yes buttons at top dont work but whitepaper is coming in 2019...big rocket ship you dont want to miss (i call it the challenger because it will be a challenging mission but the FUD will not win i hope)
hehehe get some POSW t shirts for your family ;^)

>> No.2084330
File: 169 KB, 1080x1080, thiscatismorefathanyoukys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2084332

>getting scammed by coinbase's massive fees and week-long wait time after buying coins

you're even more of a dumbass than you originally thought

>> No.2084333

Nice to hear the good words, friend, that's a hell of a rarity in this world.

I am admittedly happy that I am able to watch and learn, something I hope to replicate later down the line.

Thanks, buddy.

>> No.2084336

Other options besides localbitcoins, the fees here are huge.

>> No.2084343

dumped at 16k, what memecoin should i get next??

>> No.2084345


Jesus Pajeet, put some effort into it.

>> No.2084352

why would you do that, do you hate money?

>> No.2084354


Short it on polo like I'm doing

15k soon

>> No.2084357

Could I just buy Ripple on Bitstamp considering you can directly purchase both BTC and XRP?

The time wait between purchase and retrieval of the coins is similar to coinbase, correct?

>> No.2084366

how does one short crypto? i assume you cant do that on bittrex

>> No.2084371


Do you have access to an internet browser?

I had to close my short, still made profit but it broke the trend.

>> No.2084387
File: 10 KB, 429x410, b1310176554950.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doesn't really do anything special
>no censensus algorithm
>centralized network
>gigantic supply
>all pre-mined

>pumps endlessly


>> No.2084407


>> No.2084409

Meme magic

Check em

>> No.2084426


A plausible chance at commercial use, which BTC and ETH have no hopes of every attaining due to their architecture.

>> No.2084444

pilot here, not a bad fucken run this hey boys?

>> No.2084450
File: 45 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20170515-193333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My only question is... when to get out?

>> No.2084454


Are you not taking profits slowly? Are you insane?

Sell some at 17k

>> No.2084457

I'm holding for at least two years.

>> No.2084460

>his position closed

That's what you get for shorting a bull run you mongoloid

>> No.2084465

You don't.
Leave a stop loss at 15k sats for the night.
You wake up with either a pile of gold, or your shekels secured

>> No.2084472
File: 313 KB, 709x443, 1493501709094.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2084478

Bitcoin dominance below 50%. Has it ever been this low before?

>> No.2084479

how do you guys feel about this


and the fact that ripple just took bitcoin down to sub-50% market dominance for the first time ever

>> No.2084482

I think it happened the first time ripple pumped like a week ago

>> No.2084485

No, it was still above 50% and Ripple did not pump this high then.

>> No.2084490

Ok wtf how long will it pump? Should I just forget about it for a while?

>> No.2084498


I made profit mongoloid, just closed a long position.

>> No.2084507
File: 55 KB, 432x286, 091011_launch2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2084512


I know, but it hit a volume wall so I closed. I'm learning, I've been right every trade tonight (these pumps are super easy) but close a bit too early on my longs.

>> No.2084515

Im scared to sell and miss out on bigger future profit.. am I becoming a jew?

>> No.2084523

look at the buy orders, I think we're in for a long night

>> No.2084527

Do you think this is mostly Asia?

>> No.2084528


Just made another $200 on that little ride, thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna set a limit buy at 16.8 and log off for the night.

>> No.2084530

1 more step back, preparing for another jump


>> No.2084534

16.8 might be too conservative
Stay awake until you can leave 1k sat behind confortably

>> No.2084548


The downward movement never exceeds 4% per 5 minute candle, you're probably right, 16.8 is a little too low, fuck it, 17.2 and let the Koreans work their magic overnight.

>> No.2084554


Back in long. Don't want to hold this overnight, but I got 3 more hours to milk this cow.

>> No.2084557 [DELETED] 

I said conservative, not liberal, but just realized you are dealing with dollars. Yuropoor here

>> No.2084567

Are you really going to sleep through it?
Godspeed anon

>> No.2084570


No of course not, I'll trade till it's bed time.

>> No.2084585

What did I say, we're at 18k right now

>> No.2084587
File: 23 KB, 475x373, 1411614051298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont be greedy


>> No.2084589
File: 1.02 MB, 1019x881, 1369897669812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, it's getting dangerously vertical

>> No.2084594


Yeah I just closed, I'll re open in low 18k. Easiest plays of my life lmao. This chart is so predictable, its beautiful.

>> No.2084597


>> No.2084598

I'm scared to do anything but drag my stop-loss behind the rocket.

>> No.2084607


That's fine man, I'm trading, not invested in this at all, if it moons that's ok for me. I wish you luck. I'm only so active because it could dump real soon. So I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve.

>> No.2084609

The thing is, there is actually a pretty simple explanation for the surge

>> No.2084617

I've been waiting for my deposit to GateHub it's been 3 fucking business days already in losing my shit cause it was at .16 at the time now it's at .30 fuck my life

>> No.2084618

yep. always sell into parabolic curves. even if it just dips a bit you can always buy back, or just do a partial sell

>> No.2084619

holy shit at this point we're reaching 1$ in a month

>> No.2084631

So I dumped 100 bucks into this for a 'come back in a year and buy a lambo" coin. But with all this talk.... Do i need to stay up all night and wait for a crash?

>> No.2084635
File: 9 KB, 185x152, 1493769538961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw my shitty bitbay shekels are stuck in the exchange as I frantically trade them for BTC so I can get back into Ripple
The worst part is that I sold when the dip just started because I thought Ripple was gonna crash again.

>> No.2084641

how the fuck could you think its going to crash when the charts look like they do??

>> No.2084647

I didn't sell it now obviously, I sold it right after the last peak

>> No.2084648

>bought 3000$ of ripple at 11 cents.
>sold at 20 cents.

is it too late for me bros?

>> No.2084654

Keep your initial 3k out and drop the profit half now half when you feel like it.

>> No.2084655

Nobody knows. Are you ready to take the plunge? That's what I did at 15.6k and so far it's playing out well.

>> No.2084661

Holy shit when will it end?

>> No.2084665

I have a lot in coins that are doing shit right now so I only just bought 0.38 BTC of it. I just started crypto trading a week and a half ago with $1200 and now I'm up to $6000, mostly thanks to XRP and BURST and BTC itself going up.

>> No.2084673

OK guys let's get real now, is the money coming from average joes or are big players in?

If it's the first, a crash is just a little bit of panic away

>> No.2084681

I think big players but I don't have proof of this beyond the obvious Japanese bank consortium link.

>> No.2084682
File: 321 KB, 1656x1656, 1482452199024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LMAOing at the fucking weak hands

>> No.2084686

definitely did. never hold on a vertical line my man.

Ill buy back after the dip.

>> No.2084699
File: 30 KB, 381x280, I+ror+d+ror_da30bb_4188864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the dip

>> No.2084702


biz hold me

>> No.2084704

UPDATE: Got my buttbays traded for cripples, let's hope this doesn't fuck up

>> No.2084705

It's getting violent again. 500 sat swings in seconds, wish I had a fucking bot this is free money

>> No.2084717

you're about to lose a shit ton, friend... never buy the ath

>> No.2084723


You could have said this pretty much every day for the past week and you'd have been wrong every single time.

This is completely uncharted territory in the Crypto world.

>> No.2084731

Still in time bud, my stop-loss is at 17k sats to confort you.

>> No.2084732

I've bought at ATH twice with ETH and have yet to lose money there. If I bought at Ripple's previous ATH, I would've made money now. While it's very risky to invest at ATH, it's not necessarily a bad idea every single time.

>> No.2084745

>I've bought at ATH twice with ETH and have yet to lose money there.

same. ETH has been great.

>> No.2084749

>tfw traded most of my ETH for XRP
Gatehub has been behaving super nice lately, trading is fast as hell.

>> No.2084750

May 19th, my dude
Are you ready?

>> No.2084764

I guess your not wrong. but you are certainly playing it loose and wild.
its a very real possibility that you will lose money

I invested in ripple when it was only .006 cents so I made a shit ton by selling tonight at 31 cents... if it dips i have an order in to buy at 24 cents. So I'm not mad. Just dont want people to think dips are never going to happen again.

>> No.2084778

And here's the dip...

>> No.2084781

Holding through this, we've seen what happens to weak handed faggots

>> No.2084791


>> No.2084797

This can't be happening
I'm in charge here!!!!!!!!

>> No.2084799


Ditto. XRP would have to crash ~50% before I'd even start losing money.

>> No.2084800

Buying more right now

>> No.2084801


>> No.2084804
File: 36 KB, 800x600, 1487482635763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking this

>> No.2084810

sweet sweet justification.

waiting for a bit more of a bit and then grabbing some more.

>> No.2084811
File: 44 KB, 750x376, IMG_0584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw bought at 6k

>> No.2084823

There we go niggers

>> No.2084824

That was it lmao

>> No.2084836


>> No.2084871


>> No.2084872

... except its still dipping.

>> No.2084876

it's still getting bought up...

>> No.2084879

whats happening?

>> No.2084883

yeah, I guess they are going to scam all the poor fuckers trading there

>> No.2084885

fuck all, leveling off

>> No.2084887


>> No.2084889

volume's getting thin. it could tip either way really

>> No.2084892

Just sold it'll hopefully dip soon

>> No.2084894

I would watch this over the year, target for me is $1 about mid September. Just keep getting more, everytime it goes down, just get more.

>> No.2084898

What everyones buy in price what we hit another dip?

>> No.2084904

new EEA members will be announced. Depending on who the new members are, the price will either go up by a little or by a LOT

>> No.2084910

likely to reel back in a little then either take another run or settle off somewhere, over a little longer term i think we're solid though

>> No.2084915

So I've been seeing bits and pieces suggesting ripple could be working with ETH? could ripple itself be announced as an EEA member?

>> No.2084917


>> No.2084921

1700 sats buy back in. sold at 1825

just got myself a solid 1000 extra ripple from that dip.

>> No.2084930

you sold too late possibly friend. But I would just go to bed and stop watching. it will make your nerves go crazy and it is probably going to go back down.

>> No.2084943
File: 171 KB, 960x960, 16402287_1254429291316227_509326978_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would go back to bed but i woke up 1 hour ago and its 2:28pm.
>tfw considering getting another job to spend solely on crypto

>> No.2084956

sell your ripple and pick up steem while you can

>> No.2084985

i..is this it?

>> No.2085011

This is it, buy right now

>> No.2085024
File: 12 KB, 200x189, 1444356216092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im having a fucken heart attack please go down a bit more

>> No.2085082
File: 53 KB, 1633x797, refuses to die.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2085125

Ripple is getting added to coinbase, and it just went into a korean exchange today

Soon the chinese will learn about it, after that this rocketship is going faster than light

>> No.2085130

When is it going on coin base?

>> No.2085137

Just a rumor at this point though its probably a safe bet to happen sooner or later.

>> No.2085140

as soon as LTC is out

>> No.2085145
File: 41 KB, 657x527, 1488743040283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck this, can't take it. Going to bed. lets hope it doesn't crash.

>> No.2085180

I've resisted it for years, but I'm with this guy now.

>> No.2085328

Is there reason to believe xrp could be a part of eea?

>> No.2085360

No, it's just that they have been working on inter operation via interledger (ripple), whether this warrants a spot on the EEA i have no fucking idea.

>> No.2085884

fuck me lads when is this shit gonna dip. Been watching all day and the lowest its got is 27c

>> No.2085973

It's quite the fucking ride laddie

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