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What's the most immoral thing you've done for money?

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Stock a sharpie in my pooper and posted a photo here with a timestamp.

Assholes promised me 50$ but only 1 anon sent 0.01 ETH FFS :(

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U can use that money to buy 2 sharpies, rinse & repeat

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Sold my labor to an employer who owns the means to produce for society at an hourly rate which is merely a fraction of what my labor is actually worth according to society because the employer not only owns the means to produce for our society but they have a personal army (i.e. the police state) there to enforce their social status as the absolute, therefore allowing their coercion of non owners of massive capital to continue uninterrupted.

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Shut up commie

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league of legends boosting

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When I was 10 I collected for a charity but kept the money and told the charity I couldn't do the collection
Made $35

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Had sex with op’s mom

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Sex for money

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Some guy at a Home Depot dropped a $20 without noticing and I picked it up

didn't give it back to him and spent it on playdough and milkshakes (was 11 at t he time)

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Wrote a 65 page fud report and took out a short worth millions all on my company’s dime... worst part is that it didnt even work out...

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i was 18 at the time and kinda cute

craigslist erotic services was still around then so i posted ads offering to have my cock sucked

$100 and it was mostly middle aged men (40+)

they offered me more for sex but i never did it

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Greentext about whoring yourself out plz

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Greentext nao

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I would do this now and I'm 26.

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Shot seven people, three died, only one was the target

Still got paid

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>I don't understand how anything works
>but I sure do want more money
>capitalists are the greedy ones!

lmao commies never get old

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>rambling wall of text
>humourless sense of entitlement
Yep. It's Marxism time!

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Lol. The left can’t meme

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Sold link

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Anytime I go to a wholesale or a home depot type place with self checkout if I need a box of something I scan the barcode of a single item but leave with the box. If I get caught I say sorry and play dumb cause it's rarely the only thing I'm buying and I'm an unmarried white guy so people just assume I'm incompetent.

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And thank God he did. If he didn't have a way to apply your labor, it would be completely fuckin worthless.

>Dig hole with hands=worthless
>Dig hole for customer that boss found and will give money to using boss's shovel=worth something

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I wish Marxists would understand that a wagie's paycheck is in fact a 100% fair and accurate appraisal of the value they provide to others, multiplied by a coefficient of the difficulty of replacing them. There's maybe a small percentage of slippage there that's dependent on your ability to negotiate.

If you want more money, just provide more value and be harder to replace. This insane idea that labor is the only overhead a business has will never ever get old



>dig hole out in the middle of a desert
>put in 15 hour days, shovel until your hands are blistered and bleeding

Total wage you can expect: Nothing, because nobody wanted or needed a hole dug in the middle of nowhere. There was tons of work but no value provided.

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I’ve fucked for food

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That's nothing. Women will pretend to like you for a free meal.

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I actively shilled and dumped a crypto project to fund my meth addiction.

Forgive me iexecies

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Sold an old high school acquaintance an eighth of weed for100 dollars. We both knew he was getting ripped off. But I’m happy to say that’s probably the shittiest thing I’ve done for money

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Wait. The men pay to blow you? What do you get out of sucking some else’s dick?

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>What do you get out of sucking some else’s dick?

Most girls absolutely love giving head, stands to reason most homosexual gentlemen would feel the same way

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Infinite money/sharpies

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>Sold my labor to an employer who owns the means to produce for society at an hourly rate which is merely a fraction of what my labor is actually worth according to society because the employer not only owns the means to produce for our society but they have a personal army (i.e. the police state) there to enforce their social status as the absolute, therefore allowing their coercion of non owners of massive capital to continue uninterrupted.

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>Looks at spacing
>The bad 4chan darkweb hitmen fantasy
Reddit larps are a strong bullish sign

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Green txt now

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The labor theory of value is complete horseshit. Bohm Bawerk and Menger refuted it.
I can't believe coping losers like yourself believe in it.
Taking over the means of production will not actually benefit the workers because they ALREADY receive virtually all of the end product of production in terms of consumer goods and services. You cannot get more than what currently exists, brainlet.

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>be 18
>not gay
>be horny all the time
>dick always hard
>need money
>gay prostitutes make 20k/mo
>not gay
>don't want to do gay shit
>try to be as least gay as possible while getting paid
>browse craigslist
>man offering $100 to suck on "some young dick"
>reluctantly text
>he responds
>asks if i can host
>i live at home
>asks to come over
>i tell him it's my first time and i don't want to do sex or even kissing, just blowjob
>he says don't worry is nice area
>it's in gaycity
>$100 is $100
>take the bus
>go to address
>is nice building
>buzzes me up
>go into elevator
>start to sweat
>knock on door
>he opens
>mid 50s
>looks like pedo
>offers drink
>i don't drink
>he grabs my hand and puts $100 in the other
>gets on his knees
>starts to undo belt
>i close my eyes and think of my favorite girl on girl scene
>he pets my dick gently through my underwear
>pants fall
>he peels my cock and puts it in his mouth
>it doesn't feel too bad
>he takes cock out of mouth to talk inbetween strokes
>"what a nice young cock you have"
>stroke stroke
>"mm yeah this is what daddy likes"
>stroke stroke
>i try not to look the whole time
>he's quite good at it
>he asks to look him in the eye
>my heart sinks i look at this disgusting old guy on my cock
>cum in his mouth
>he swallows while smacking his lips
>"mmm that tasted so sweet"
>pull pants up
>head spinning in elevator
>feel dirty
>puke in alley
>get home
>mom asks me how my day was
>cry myself to sleep
>repeat with different man through summer

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Stole hundreds of yugioh cards worth $1500+ as a kid. Sold some of the rare cards. I got caught once when I went behind the counter at a toy store while the cashier was in the back. The employee clearly thought I was stealing, but I just played dumb and said I was looking at the products. I'm pretty sure one of the large bookstore chains in my city was onto me. After stealing a bunch of packs in one of their bookstores in a shopping mall officer was following me around inside the mall at a distance (at least I thought he was). I quickly turned a corner and ran away. I quit stealing after that.

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You are gay

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How much did you make, total?

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This. My last ex would literally beg me to let her suck my dick. Women enjoy being submissive/ being "used" for pleasure my men they're attracted to.

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I used to steal people’s mail in the early 2000’s and look for cheque’s, money in birthday cards, etc.

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Why not just rinse the first sharpie and repeat?

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I'm also young and poor as fuck, would you recommend me to do the same?

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Stole hundreds of yugioh packs worth $1500+ over a few weeks as a kid. Sold some of the rare cards. I got caught once when I went behind the counter at a toy store while the cashier was in the back. The cashier clearly thought I was stealing, but I just played dumb and said I was looking at the products. I'm pretty sure one of the large bookstore chains in my city was onto me. After stealing a bunch of packs in one of their bookstores in a shopping a mall officer was following me around inside the mall (at least I thought he was). I quickly turned a corner and ran away. I quit stealing after that.

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sold my collection of nintendo for 5k probably worth 20 now

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why would a commie come to /biz/? we're trying to make money here, not give it away

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if you can handle it mentally

i felt like a used and worthless every time i did it so i had to stop
they were offering more money for more things but i don't think i could live with myself if i did

many asked for sex with no protection and a few offered as high as 1,000

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also this was back in the day where it was more dangerous

maybe you could be a sugar baby for a gay sugar daddy, or do like onlyfans stuff, idk

but it's not that easy. it's emotional work too

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>being gay for $6000

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I guess playing poker? Haven really done anything immoral tbqh

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Played cards and won money off people who sucked at playing cards

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Wait I know...

Participating in fudding link leading up to sibos so that I can sell off chunks after the event...lol e

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>60 gay blowjobs at least

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>be me in High School
>little brother has heart condition due to being born when my mother was 40
>he just turned 5, just had third surgery to try and let him live to 12
>Make a wish is at school
>Write down that I want him to get 1k so I can buy him a ton of presents after his last surgery and for his bday
>I wanted the cash to finish building a PC
>Get call from friend in student gov who I know
>Says that my wish will be done but has to be 100 due to school being broke and that it'll be at the main make a wish rally
>100 is 100
>5year old brother comes up in crowd during school meeting girls all go awwwww, sing him happy birthday
>he gets a present instead of card cash
I'm very much glad he got a toy instead of me being a jew looking back at it. I feel like a piece of shit now that he is gone and that I tried to use him for getting a few thousand/hundred dollars. I miss the kid a lot.

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>be me
>riding the train to school through the countryside
>train reaches one of the stops
>doors open
>a cute foreign brown lady (who was already in the train) approaches me
>"excuse me, is this x stop"
>reply "yes" without thinking and kept daydreaming
>she exits the train
>door closes
>i watch her through the window while the train is in motion
>she's literally doing the travolta thing because it was the wrong stop and now she's literally in the middle of nowhere
>realize i fucked up

i hope she didn't get raped while hitch-hiking from there

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Working for the most hated and known video games copy protection company.
It is cool to play games wayyyyyyy before release, but shit to be hated by everyone on the internet.

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i used to make a fool of myself for pocket money at school, once i ate sheep shit for 5 bucks, let a girl kick me in the balls for 10, and another time i somehow ate a hairnet i found in the garden for nothing. i cared more about social currency and thinking people liked me than anything. now i cringe at the idea of caring what others think about me at all.

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No one is preventing you to buy a factory with your commie friends and carry the risk yourself, then give the capital gained to the workers.

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yall into some depraved shit.
My most immoral things for money

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Fuck that's sad. May his soul be in heaven.

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I wageslaved

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That's a good idea, curious how it hasn't been done yet

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Oooooh you little faggot

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lmao fuck i see that hair everywhere wtf is it from i s2g imm not new i just missed the meme at some point. is it that crying actor guy?

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Its been done with farming. Agricultural cooperatives.

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sharked people for tf2 hats. i feel bad now.

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Burglarised a store. Got 10k$.

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This one time in high school a teacher held a sandwich competition and everyone had to make a sandwich for her to taste test. She said the winner would get $100 and 2nd and 3rd place would get $50 and $25 respectively. So I went home and watched some Gordon Ramsey to get inspiration and made a sandwich. Thought it was pretty good. I ended up jizzing into it and wiping my dick all over it. I went to school and later that day she tastes it and, I kid you not, says to the whole class, “Wow anon! This is delicious!” I won the $100.

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noice! did'nt get caught did ya?

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ye after his whore wife succed him dry. rip brendan fraser

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Raped a St.Bernard puppy to death for a Ukranian snuff shop and facefucked five Ukranian children (3-7; A mix of 3 girls, 2 boys) in a live show for an American billionaire.
Knocked the teeth off a Okinawan 12 year old and had a dog knot in her throat 'till she died of suffocation for a Yakuza liason for rich pedophiles interested in children from that area.

Feel ashamed that the dog knot snuff was so arousing to me that I forced her eyelids close with the weight of my nut.

God will burn me forever in hell but I prefer a world with God than a world where people like me suffer no consequences for these things. Maybe Jesus will forgive a horrible child of God.

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And? How much money did you get?

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wtf me too

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Which are poor and inefficient.

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.. is that you Bill Clinton? When did you start posting here?

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took 20 bux for a bag of "weed", which was actually a chunk of catshit wrapped in paper.

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Voted against my heart on a Kleros court case

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Be a jannie for 2 years and lie constantly about shitcoin projects.

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I know it's larp but what kind of a moron would think that's a bad idea? If only I were cuter and could look like a girl, I would've willingly do the same.

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Work (tangentially) in advertising sometimes
Advertising is immoral so I do feel bad about it sometimes

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How the fuck did you end up with that fucked up "job" anon?

>> No.20763208

Sounds like you missed the second line
> not gay
he's obviously larping lol

>> No.20763332

Just fuck my shit up haircut.

>> No.20763369

>Is horrible
>Believes in god
>Wants punishment but doesn't KYS

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>this old demented guy keeps visiting every day
>sometimes he even forget his change
>often he pays with big bills
>sometimes doesn't give his change back as he never asks for it, probably remembered it only one time
>he's depressed because his wife of 60 years passed away a few months ago

I regret doing this desu.
I probably got no more than $50 out of him. Was this even worth it?

>> No.20763400

I also did the same to gypsies who wanted to exchange their pennies for bills, but fuck I have no regret for that

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Youll go to hell for that

>> No.20764130

I know
I'm redeeming myself now. I have given so much money to third worlders here so I believe I have done some virtuous atleast

>> No.20764143

Haha are you that Pajeet? I enjoyed that thread.

>> No.20764184

Older woman (60+) paid me for sex when I was 19.

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>> No.20764197

How much you get paid? Was it any good? Tell me about the good and bad parts anon.

>> No.20764207

Did you get a gumjob?

>> No.20764234

favela anon?

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>Older woman (60+) paid me for sex when I was 19

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because running a factory usually involves the rest of society. you have to order stuff, repair stuff. the narrative soon breaks down. meanwhile a commie farm can work in isolation.

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lol found the nigger

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Commies love to pretend they are the working class and they larp about “muh seizing the means of production”, but every commie I’ve known was a barista or a line cook.
I actually work in a factory and every one there is Far Right.

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Just go start your own factory then, or live from squirels in the woods

>> No.20764685

participate in society

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I took my friend's money to buy weed for him and skimmed off of those bags. We smoked together and he always thought I bought my own. I did this for well over few years. This was over 10 years ago and I don't see him anymore. We weren't really friends in that sense. We know each other for years but I could never relate to the guy because of his background or anything.

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Good job anon. Its not gay if you receive anyway right guys?! Ha-ha

>> No.20764923

alright listen up smooht brain cuckface
working class means you are working for a boss
Working class can be one of dem newfangled hipster cityfolk jobs or it can be in a coalmine.
Chances are that barista's are paid even worse than factory workers and are probably paying for a higher standard of living.

>> No.20764964

Fuck you asshole. Denuvo is shit.

>> No.20765001

>Chances are that barista's are paid even worse than factory workers and are probably paying for a higher standard of living.

Kek this is the case for my country most often. Trendy jobs or easy "white collar" jobs actually net far less than rough construction work with good union benefits. Most shit paying white collar jobs aren't really ones either, just humanist degrees or sociologist degrees where you specialize in kindergarten tier shit you could learn in 6 months training from the job itself. Seriously.

>> No.20765026

Anal with a 64 year old woman

>> No.20765075

>be 15
>need some money
>find out about ewhoring
>I get a picture and video pack of a single girl that has 100's of amatuer pictures of her
>set up a bot on omegle text chat that just spams something about giving nudes
>the bot linked a kik account which i managed through an android emulator
>100's of people would message this kik a day
>I would then pretend to be a college girl in desperate need of money, and offer to accept donations or sell my nudes
>before making sales i would be very nice and try to act genuine
>then they would have to buy me an amazon giftcard and give me the code (thats how i got the money)
>most people wanted to be friends, even if i made the bot say directly selling nudes
>in 1 week i made around $700
>had to stop because pretending to be a girl for hours every day was mentally draining

Biggest simp record goes to a brit who I straight up scammed. He sent me 200 pounds, i didnt even send him a vid.

Damn, this was almost 10 years ago now.

>> No.20765101

Sold a lot of drugs for nearly x10.
Buying xtacy pills for 60 cent reselling to retarded zoomers for 10 euros.

>> No.20765103

i use to work at a dollar store for minimum wage, after about 2 years of working there i was promoted to assistant manager and then i got the code to the alarm system and safe combination etc. i would open the store alone in the morning. i'd usally arrive about an hour early before the store actually opened and i would take my time stealing whatever i wanted. food. drinks. whatever. i would steal razor blades and sell them on the street. contrary to what people may think you don't want to hit the safe. the safe only had about 3 - 5k in it at any given time. much more profitable over the long term to rip the store off in small amounts.

i did this for about 4 years until one day some nosey employee caught me eating a bag of chips i hadn't paid for. then the district manager accused me of stealing and terminated me. i thought it was funny myself. out of all the things i stole all they managed to catch me stealing was a 25 cent pack of potato chips. they didnt even bother to call the police because the amount was so tiny the cops would have laughed in their faces.

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>> No.20765125

Importing Heroin inside my body through Asian customs (Laos Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand).
Sneaking a boat accross the Meekong river full of Meth.
Breaking into a Church and stealing all their money every weekend for months on and off when i was 11.
Pouring Mercury from broken thermometers into the school teachers water fountain spout when i was in grade 5... Was not for money but fkem eh.
Pretending I worked at a public hospital as a doctor and eating all the nurses lunches from the fridges and stealing the nitrous oxide bottles and selling them.
Its a long list.... I can keep going....

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I wrote a paper for $40. It was for this super hot waittress named Kristina I wanted to bang at a restaurant I worked at in college. Pale, blonde, skinny, HUGE tits. I took the money upfront (duh) and then figured I'd come up with some scheme like "Ya I'm gonna use it to take you out." I had NO idea what the subject was so I rambled on incoherently for like 4 pages. She got an F. We never banged.

>> No.20765299

holy based

>> No.20765309

Good. Fucking Simps deserve to lose ever penny they earn

>> No.20765352

exactly this
but hey, money is money
1 year+ early access to games is 1 year+ early access to games :^)

>> No.20765510

When I was a kid I used to "provide" luck to classmates while playing with marbles or pokemon pogs in exchange for more marbles and pogs.

>> No.20765616

I wonder how much there is of "it" and what you actually did. kys fagget

>> No.20765858

The point of a farming coop isn't to be rich, it's to be self-sustaining and isolated.

>> No.20765931

kek please be true

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I got married.

>> No.20766018

>eating all the nurses lunches from the fridges and stealing the nitrous oxide bottles
top kek

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I bought and sold BYFC. The guy I sold it to is probably still bagholding and posting on this board

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