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some fucking clown just posted his seed phrase onto biz, somehow the thread archived instantly and he got no replies, i actually left the wallet open for like 2 hrs and didnt touch it until i clicked it again and it reloaded and showed me the goods. THANKS FOR THE FREE TOKENS HAHAHA HOLY FUCK IM SO CONFUSED BUT SO HAPPY

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>admitting to wire fraud, a crime that will land you in ass fucking federal prison, online In order to show off to Your autistic internet friends

Lmao. I reported this to the IRS and FBI crime tip website. Hope you enjoy your phone call from the alphabet agencies OP

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imagine being so poor you'd steal from someone else who is also poor
unironically ngmi

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he literally posted his seed phrase and password on /biz/, what the fuck was i supposed to do

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im gonna fucking kill myself this was me

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You got $3 dollars ! awesome kiddo !

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>what was i supposed to do
idk maybe not steal it? lol
karma's real man
expect some fucked up shit to happen to you

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im not kidding op i will do anything if you send me even half back cunt its all i had literally the past year of grind
im such a fucking retard cunt i was excited to post about some cool shit and FUCKING POSTED MY SEED AAAAAHHHHH

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This anon has like $4k of crypto, he's probably poor as shit and this is his last ticket.

You've basically guaranteed his suicide, essentially murdering him. If you can live with that for the next 50 or so years then go right ahead

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I refuse to believe some could be that retarded

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send it back

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>someone dropped their credit card out in the open your honor, therefore I am not legally liable to draining their bank account
Literally (you) you massive retard.
I hope the 5k USD is worth the up to 20 years of ass rape you’re going to receive for your federal crime

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send the man back his link at the very least
it's one thing to take it but a whole other to come here and brag about it like a moron

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I just sent this address to be blacklisted to the EEA


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It's a doggy dog world out here.

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Bad larp, kill yourself

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ebin larp

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You stole from a poor fren, that's nigger tier shit.
I hope you enjoy your slow painful death from anal cancer nigger.

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please cunt im not kidding this is me, pass was Bella2***! can post seed phrase

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bro unless its from a big corporation then $4k isnt worth stealing from some poor anon, stop being a fag and return it

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post a timestamp and i will send back your crypto

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They can't even do anything to Simeon and you guys think they'll get this guy for $5k, lol.

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how the fuck does this even happen?

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Why were you stupid enough to post it on /biz/ then? Literally what did you try to do?

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It's crypto you pajeetard

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holy fuck man you wanna give us your SSN too?

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Good they fucking deserve it

If this is real nice find op

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>stealing a man's stinky linkies
what is this world coming to

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prrof its me, photo of my laptop of me being a fucking absolute retard and trying to send it to another metamask with same seed phrase
imm going to actually kill myself fuck hahaha i am what you gusy meme about

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What a nice guy

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Op is a fag pajeet. I hope your whole family dies

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This should serve as a reminder as to whom you’re taking financial advice from

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Eurochad here what can you actually do with somebody ssn

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where is the wallet in question? i dont see

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Wow thats neat

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Lol if you get your shit back, use this as a HUGE LESSON

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holy shit it's real ahah
don't be a faggot op
send back the link

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fucking thief. kill yourself.

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You really fucked up posting here about it, so giving it back would not only be based as fuck but also spare you a lot of trouble. Do it anon, not worth it to risk jail for 4k. If it was 4m it would be a different story.

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If he sends it back (like 85% of it) it should be to a different wallet now that your seed is out in the open.

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Yeah draining a millionaire's account would be different and pretty funny desu
This is just fucked up

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ok buddy make a new wallet, cause this one's private keys are already on warosu, and i'll send you back your linkies

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The FBI literally has a section to report wire fraud for Crypto. Try not to cry too hard when you're getting fucked by Tyrone 6 months from now
Report the crime here:https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx

Along with your wallet information and OP will get assfucked by tyrone in half a year.

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this. there's a special place in hell for literal niggers like you, OP.

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wallet ended in d5a0
time stamp is around 14:26

new wallet 0x2F1CC29162bA692Ea14388194E5b67fAA850B5de

op please im not larping i am just a fucking retard, even send me back just the lp bro i fucking have worked so hard and through it away being so careless

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Nothing. I can generate every possible SSN with my computer.

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Yes, this before someone else drains the damn thing again LOL

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how the fuck did you post your seed onto biz?

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I hope OP sends yours back. But in what context were you posting your seed and pass on /biz/? Just why?

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send it back, OP
also how did you even post your seed??? what?????

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i know what being in the shit is like, so i'll send back your linkies and digital oil :) im gonna fucking beat the shit out of you if you do this again though

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Give it back bruv, imagine being this retarded and poor. He doesn't deserve to get it stolen

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if OP sends some of it back hes not a thief, if he sends all of it he might not be a faggot.

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today OP was not a faggot, respect.

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have a heaps of screen caps of text on desktop, quickly trying to post a hectic find and then when i realised i literally couldnt figure out how to delete the post for like 10mins im legit

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hoping for a happy ending here

how the fuck do you post your entire seed on /biz/ thought holy shit what are you doing

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You will pay

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that is hilarious

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let it be known on this day OP was not a faggot
never fuck up like this again fool

>> No.20759562

Looking at your trades, do you just buy what /biz/ shills?


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First we need an explanation from this retard for why he posted this shit.
Then you do the right thing.

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Send it back to this poor kid nigger

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I mean, you have to click "submit" in order to post. Did you literally not even check what was in the text box?

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this thread was a rollercoaster. destroyed then restored my faith in humanity in the span of 15 minutes

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This is no different than seeing an old lady drop her money walking out of a casino in a nigger infested area. Whether it turns out to be theft or a good deed depends on what happens next.

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This reminds me of 2017. I know that's been said a lot recently but this right here actually feels the same. Not the theft - that's some fucking scumbag fucked in the head shit. But everyone else being bros. Everything here now is all obvious PnDs and tribal bickering. We used to be a family chasing dreams together. Oldfag rant over

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Redemption for OP

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C’mon man give it back. You’re better than this. We’ve all fucked up before. Let this be a lesson to those of you who havent purchased a ledger yet.

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Toasting in epic bread

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Today I am proud of /biz/ and reminded that most of the edgy hateful garbage is a show.

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Nice have a (you)

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>he doesn't want his digital oil back

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This went from based to not based to based real fast

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samefagging shill

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based boomer

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If I was the victim, I'd let OP keep like 10-15% retard tax.

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thank you so much bro im fucking retarded and will fucking write my shit down form now on

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agreed its the only way to learn a lesson

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epic bread! glad it all worked out in the end

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did you get the stinky linkies back you dumbass

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bro i do my emotions i fucked rn

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inb4 OP sends nothing

>> No.20759643

posting in fake thread
>anon who had his linkies supposedly stolen responds less than 10 minutes after op thread created

>> No.20759648

This thread made me forget how much I hate all of you for 10 min

>> No.20759651

he still hasn't received it yet. Maybe op was baiting for (YOU)s without actually giving it back

>> No.20759654

op is sent nothing

please just send even the LP and Link back bro i actually am fucking ruined fuck

>> No.20759664

fuck you, dicklick.

>> No.20759665

balance still 0...suspenseful

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Don't pull this kinda shit again fren.

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holy shit same
first time i've felt something besides anger while on this board in days haha

>> No.20759669


Is it really fake? I'm gullbile as fuck. Was about to offer a few free Link dice.

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Here you go. I'm giving you 100% of the link but I'm keeping $5 of rlc for the fucking gas prices

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Based OP. You did good today.

You have been blessed by the Sergey of crypto gainz. You’re going to make it but only if you post “no thouchie stinky linky” in this thread.

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if you can send me the original thread where you leak your shit. I will send you $50 in eth if he send nothing back

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op please cunt im fucking ruined

>> No.20759694

kek what is even funnier is that this is such a garbage fucking portfolio that unless OP actually sells it for some DAI, this idiot will hodl it down to 0
honestly though, crypto is not for you dumb fren. you should just keep it all on coinbase

>> No.20759696

.... op might still be a faggot?
It might take a few minutes for the transfer

>> No.20759697

You’d better give it back. At least the Link. Imagine stealing from a poor person. I hope you get raped by a pack of niggers with AIDS

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Good on ya, op.

>> No.20759707

Is OP a faggot or not?

>> No.20759709

Bless you anon, you did a good thing today fren.

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faith in humanity restored

>> No.20759716

please the LP seriously thats what i need
thanks for anything but please man i am just trying to make it

>> No.20759717

honestly even if he kept the RLC it's a small price to pay for that big of a fuckup

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Seriously. I feel better about the world. OP you are a good man.

You. You are a legit retard and you’re lucky OP wasn’t a scumbag.

>> No.20759724

anyone who thinks this is real is legit retarded

>> No.20759728

You could be right. OP got scared and decided to samefag to make it look like he gave it back

>> No.20759737

He sent the link. There's some CAP and PILLAR besides the RLC that I'm unsure what happened to it.

>> No.20759740


you are a legend

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Dammit, I wanted to offer you free Link dice, but after seeing how you write the date I don't want to pay $15 for the fucking shipping lmao...

Anyways, you are based OP.

You are going to have a good life.

>> No.20759746

nice dude

>> No.20759747

Never thought about this.

I'm sure the FBI will do a proper investigation and figure it out though. :^)

>> No.20759749

Maybe, I liked the fanfic though p. good read 7/10 would read again.

>> No.20759750

Youre a fucking retard, why did you have a fucking screenshot of your private key anyway? It was only a matter of time before you lost them/got hacked. You literally deserve this

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>> No.20759758

biz the most greedy board turns out to be the warm hearted.

>> No.20759761

I see the 460 link in there. Based.

>> No.20759774

no thouchie stinky linky

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nice thread if not larp

>> No.20759778

you literally restored my faith in 4chan

>> No.20759780

christ. good job, op. I know you could have walked away with more money, but it was the right thing to do

>> No.20759797

this is the dumbest thread ive ever seen on /biz/>>20759682

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>> No.20759807

Thank you anon. You did well, I love this world.

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>> No.20759811

OP please send back my LP
you kept 0.88 link

~10-12k right now
please bro that is all i fucking have ive been working towards that for months

>> No.20759813

I guess I'm pretty retarded :C

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Put me in screencap. There is humanity left.

>> No.20759833

wtf is LP

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>post info on /biz/
>delete thread
>transfer crap-folio to friend
>friend posts saying he stole it
>original anon cries and pleads for it back
>main goal of yous
>secondary goal, pity donations
>make a few hundred
>call to share some with friend
>no answer

4D ultra Alpharius double scam!

but seriously, you all making me feel poor.

>> No.20759836

this is fucking real and this cunt still has $10,000 of mine and i will report to whatever the fuck is linked in this thread, fuck this im a retard but this dog still keeping $10,000 usd i worked my fucking ass off for this past year fuck this shit

>> No.20759844

I likely wouldn't have done the same. Good man.

>> No.20759846


>> No.20759847

This was a all test from Sergey and Gilles. They wanted to see if Biz, as their main token holders, deserve to get rich. We passed.

>> No.20759862

>OP is keeping $10,000 of the shit he stole

what a twist!

>> No.20759867


>> No.20759868 [DELETED] 

Ok now Im positive this is larp.

>> No.20759869

Give OP a few minutes before you chimp out. Transfers take time.

>> No.20759871

wow this thread is beautiful

>> No.20759879

OP keeps the LP
holy FUCK what a rollercoaster this is

>> No.20759880

now you are being a real retard.

>> No.20759881

Your LP is still on the original wallet, you are so stupid that you make me angry, literally fuck off back to plebbit you might the the most retarded faggot I met on here.

>> No.20759884


Stop calling a dude that has done more than half of the Pajeets on biz would do already a cunt and maybe he will you dumb shit.

Send him 50 Link back as a BIG FUCKING THANK YOU for saving your ass.

>> No.20759885

Wait but is it possible that OP returned everything he got but someone else got to the wallet first & kept their loot? It was up on Warosu and everything.

>> No.20759886

Are you fucking retarded? OP didn't even need to give you back your shitcoins but you're still complaining about some memecoin

>> No.20759899

Use the previous FBI link I posted here:

Fill out your name/address etc to receive followups from the FBI. If it's 10K+ it's a pretty serious federal crime and OP will get buttfucked with insane fines and likely have to spend a few years getting facefucked by tyrone in the showers.

>> No.20759902

jesus christ you're retarded
linkpool isn't a fucking token that he took. look at the transactions

>> No.20759909

lol this honestly the retard he stole it from sounds like a faggot, he probably wouldn't give anything back as a thankyou

>> No.20759913
File: 3.36 MB, 963x1289, download (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no thouchie stinky linky
and here's your RLC, i hope you learnt something today my little retard fren
i cant for the life of me find the thread in my history, if i do find it i'll post

>> No.20759917

aight, that's a orchestrated larp, fuck you niggers

>> No.20759923

you’re lucky you got anything back kid.

>> No.20759928

I am so fucking sorry man I just this may be tough


>> No.20759932

yeah I don't see any LP either

>> No.20759933

I look at the transaction history. I don't see any LP. Shame on you if this is some fake larp. I am emotionally invested in this

>> No.20759938

stealing from a fren is a shit thing to do.

>> No.20759942

how much LP did you have man?

>> No.20759943


>> No.20759944

look at my address on etherscan

>> No.20759982

If only you knew how retarded this board really is...

>> No.20759983

No it's not
Apparently stinkies can't even program an erc20 properly so there's no event log, but it didn't revert

>> No.20759990
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mfw OP wasn't a faggot but the kid he stole from is a legit retard
it just keeps getting better

>> No.20760010

You should keep 10% of his link for being a fucking fuckup screwball

>> No.20760013
File: 2.91 MB, 309x313, 1595821801512.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you guys figure out the original wallet? OPs pic and >>20759417 have sends to different addresses4

>> No.20760014


>> No.20760021

Someone else other than OP probably took it.

>> No.20760025

the kid made a new wallet. the seed phrases are archived

>> No.20760041

i found this retard's original thread
i cannot fucking believe he is complaining to me after i just gave him back 100% of his link and 99% of his RLC. how retarded can you get?

>> No.20760052
File: 6 KB, 196x257, chadpepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Proper gentleman
put me in the cap

>> No.20760054

>We used to be a family chasing dreams together.
This. Now everyone is trying to outright scam and dump their bags on everyone else. What the fuck happened to us.

>> No.20760060
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>linkies are retarded

Never saw that coming

>> No.20760066
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Double digit IQ, I changed my mind, this faggot needs to be taught a lesson

>> No.20760071

Fuck. kek you should've swapped it out for ETH and converted it to XMR.

Kids a fucking idiot.

>> No.20760072

No I was wrong, retard sent lp to another address on the same seed,but OP didn't see it. It's still on his second address. It's probably getting stolen as I write this, fuck

>> No.20760074

What even was this thread supposed to be and why would anyone keep that information in a fucking photo, next to other photos you plan on putting on the internet LOL

>> No.20760075

Sorry i meant how did you find the original wallet address. The wallets that in OPs and the dumbasses pic that recieved money have different addresses

>> No.20760078

honestly, you should have fucking sent it all to the 0 address and burnt his tokens
win/win for everynoe

>> No.20760089

What the fuck, it's larp right? There's no way someone really does some shit like this.

>> No.20760096

That was cool AF of you to give him back his coins. Him complaining about is the most biz thing I've seen in awhile.

>> No.20760102

>another address on the same seed
am i retarded? what does this mean? you can create 2 different wallets with the same seed phrase?

>> No.20760105

wow is like blockchain not traceable at all!

>> No.20760110
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Imagine stealing 500 linkies

It's like watching a kike desperately grab at the quarters in a fountain

>> No.20760118

its all good, once again i am a fucking retard, sorry op your are a fucking legend

sorted the LP and sent from old metamask to new metamask
i love you op

>> No.20760122
File: 46 KB, 1242x795, 1595677915609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear to god, hand on my bible, that this is not a larp. I just thought somebody had decided to commit seppuku this morning and gave away their seed.... for some reason this retard was just a retard so i decided to give him back his coins.

>> No.20760126


>> No.20760128

100% real pretty sure we're all taking turns changing the password right now KEK

>> No.20760133

Nigger metamask has ... Between the first characters and last I'm not a mindreader

>> No.20760142


>> No.20760148

Someone post the address with this guy’s supposed LP

OP sent back the link and rlc from this address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5d41805350bcd0eb643d766ba89e13cf20daca89#tokentxns

>> No.20760152

lmao ur gonna make it

>> No.20760153

i see you retards moving ETH into the wallet.. what the fuck

>> No.20760161
File: 59 KB, 1024x913, 3B668E0C-7DFE-476F-B07F-F03B555032EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a man of honor

>> No.20760162

i was here

>> No.20760165
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you're unbelievably lucky. you really don't deserve it all back. be glad OP is actually a decent person.
>this thread simultaneously destroyed my hope in humanity (how is someone this retarded) and gave me it back.

>> No.20760169

so TLDR: OP stole some crypto from a literal retard, but gave most of it back

the literal retard complained that OP was still keeping $10,000 worth of LP (linkpool?) that he had stolen

however, OP hadn't stolen that LP, and now that OP posted the original thread with the literal retard's original post, someone other than OP has probably stolen it by now

am I getting all of this right?

>> No.20760171

Holy shit it's real lmao

>> No.20760173

Hahahahaha I’m in the emergency room right now getting blood drawn and I’m belly laughing like crazy

>> No.20760175

I had 4000 link stolen from me back in 2017. Was worth about $1k, was the worst feeling. Have been reading over the thread and pretty fucked up. Op should send it back for good karma, but keep a decent tip. Because anon is a retard, more retarded then I was.

>> No.20760178



>> No.20760179

>Nick Szabo 1996 Smart Contracts: Building Blocks for digital markets. Link & PNK

With double digits too. If I was OP you'd cry little boy. KEK

>> No.20760181

I think the retard managed to move his LP back in time.

>> No.20760184

I just logged in with his mnemonic, there's still $1k in CAP
oh my god. get it while its hot boys

>> No.20760185

You niggers are literally pumping scam pump and dumps all day. /biz/ is a scamming board

>> No.20760187
File: 50 KB, 399x385, 1586808893933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao which one of you kikes drained his last little bit of ETH out of that wallet

>> No.20760191

read >>20760118

>> No.20760192
File: 31 KB, 394x453, babby11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sorted the LP and sent from old metamask to new metamask

oh nevermind, there it is. A happy ending.

what a thread LMAO

>> No.20760201
File: 26 KB, 400x400, 1595490214427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seriously how are you going to make it

>> No.20760207


>> No.20760210

that was me to take my linkpool

thankyou again you saved me

>> No.20760216

good job anon you have a good hearth karma will be kind to you

>> No.20760220

>sorry op your are a fucking legend
ah, well, while i feel a bit concerned about giving someone this mentally stunted several thousands of dollars, i do hope he makes it. godspeed retard fren

>> No.20760221

Fuck kikes for real, though.

>> No.20760225

i have an idea bros
what if we all send our HEX dust to that metamask wallet

>> No.20760228
File: 122 KB, 680x591, 1594934193302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a thread, folks.

>> No.20760229

take your CAP tokens you idiot

>> No.20760236

I just saw that. WTF

>> No.20760250

it's funny that the guy who got OP to send him the LINK etc. could have been LARPing this whole time, but you just know he's not because he proved via this thread he was sufficiently retarded to have posted his seed on /biz/

>> No.20760257

HAHAHA wait a god damn second your shitcoins you were crying about were still in the compromised wallet? HOLY fuck what a thread.

>> No.20760259
File: 41 KB, 750x458, 1594504422340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If i make it. I'm bringing you with me

>> No.20760268

Tip him you absolute retard. You are lucky he found it before the 1000 pajeets on /biz/ they woulda taken it and scammed you for more.

>> No.20760269

>karma's real man
Keep fucking coping with your delusions. Karma is not real, and nothing will happen to this anon.

>> No.20760270

OP honestly you deserve to lose whats left

>> No.20760271
File: 19 KB, 656x435, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey kid are you retarded?

>> No.20760275
File: 54 KB, 550x366, 1010CEE6-041D-40C0-A520-0B8E08BDC15C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20760290

keep your eyes closed retard, you don't have to see it if you don't want to

>> No.20760292
File: 11 KB, 480x458, 7049B354-6CE6-4454-86B5-7F65FB23EDA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why the fuck would you send it back before requesting timestamped picture with his hand to prove he is white?
you just sent the linkies to a fucking retard gorilla nigger, stupid pajeet. enjoy poverty

>> No.20760297

Mnyumnyumnyumm mmmm a tasty little shmeckle, for me? Oy vey!

>> No.20760303

I just seen that, this guy seriously needs to learn how to blockchain, Am I right guys....

>> No.20760304

i cannot fucking believe this is real, holy shit
he did post a timestamp retard scroll up

>> No.20760306

My GOD lmao. This is unbelievable scenes frens

>> No.20760313

one of the best threads ever, i have been in tears for the last hour

>> No.20760322

Actual epic thread

>> No.20760326

>sorted the LP and sent from old metamask to new metamask
good I powered my pc just to try to take that linkpool in time and my heart sank when I saw someone already took it

but by god are you fucking retarded

>> No.20760331

well if it's known who it belongs to they're basically fucked.
someone can steal your identity and make you go completely bankrupt and there is literally nothing you can do about it for the short term at the very least

>> No.20760332


>> No.20760339

Posting for posterity

>> No.20760353
File: 33 KB, 303x298, 1595903610474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

funny how this thread turns from us shaming OP, into shaming the retard, into a mad scramble to snag the rest of his crypto
I fucking love this board sometimes

>> No.20760354

i am laughing to the point where i am crying, i may have not made any money today, but in my heart im truly happy i made this thread. thanks guys, /biz/ will always be my home.

>> No.20760363


Do I dare say, this thread got ... rebased?

>> No.20760377

Fucking Kek.. going going GONE!!

>> No.20760406

inb4 some billionaire wanted to help neets by posting it on biz and op sent it back kek

>> No.20760412
File: 11 KB, 831x169, 1567611493288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

op got his CAP back

>> No.20760423
File: 814 KB, 604x717, 1558214597417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was wrong about u OP, u aren't a kike but it seems he is just going to lose it all to pajeets anyway

I guess some people just aren't meant to make it, glad I opened this thread

>> No.20760432

not op, sorry op

>> No.20760437
File: 42 KB, 500x500, Sergey Nazarov..I mean Satoshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why I love /biz/. Thank you OP for being a good man today. In the end you gave the retarded anon an ultimate redpill. Kutoes to you friend. Satoshi Nakamoto approves of your kindess, and you shall go to linkie heaven.

>> No.20760442
File: 18 KB, 308x400, 1595568637682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20760456
File: 10 KB, 1094x135, 1575820794974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck
did some pajeet just steal 0.009125 ETH
or did he forgot about $211 in PILLAR?

>> No.20760462

u know he's just gonna lose it again

>> No.20760463

Theres still $211 of pillar
I'm half tempted to send it for him

>> No.20760464

keep on believing that something magically bad will happen to people who do bad things, you absolute fucking potato brain.

>> No.20760468


>> No.20760471

>can post seed phrase
Fuck me some people just aren't gona make it are they

>> No.20760473

no it's him sending money in there to pay for the txt fee to take his coin out.

>> No.20760480

I still don't understand why someone posted their private keys on biz it's like posting your nudes on facebook

>> No.20760481
File: 154 KB, 653x635, 0435 - Wot3ijc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that was a reddit ending nice of you but you should really keep 100 Link to teach him a lesson i mean who the fuck posts their seed phrase that is nigger tier IQ

>> No.20760485

lmao i was about to pull out whatever ETH you fucks sent there to get the CAP out
OP, just sell now. you'll probably lose it all in a pyramid scheme anyway

>> No.20760487

>pillar is such a shitcoin 100 people have decided against taking 240$ of it for free

This is quality FUD

>> No.20760488

I like how this is what you get stuck on in this thread
What a little bitch you are honestly
And when you die you just fade to black, no soul right?

>> No.20760499

He sent it to himself at the same address ffs

>> No.20760505

wouldn't be the first time, it's happened a few times in the past over the years

>> No.20760506

Ebin thread. Put me in the screencap.

>> No.20760509



>> No.20760516


>> No.20760520
File: 23 KB, 1051x375, kek2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been refreshing the page for 5 minutes to see who would take the last shitcoin..

>> No.20760522

I would advice to the retard who got lucky today, to get a hard wallet ffs. Because for what I can tell you will likely lose your crypto to a real hacker.

>> No.20760524
File: 60 KB, 592x492, 1579915323009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20760530
File: 23 KB, 1109x303, 1584997948157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no it's eth going out. the account now only has $0.51
it's a different address, I think somebody just stole $2.5 in eth and $211 in pillar

the retard is 2f
OP is 5d

>> No.20760531

get a nano ledger s

>> No.20760532
File: 1.74 MB, 250x188, 1469313354049.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20760534
File: 89 KB, 700x700, prepare a stew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


lol'd pretty hard

>> No.20760535

Why hasn't the fucking idiot transferred it out by now, what the actual fuck. Probably some boomer faggot.

>> No.20760536

Yes. I supposed in your small delusional brain you can have toast with god in heaven. I honestly seethe at the idea I share a world with people as dumb as you.

>> No.20760538
File: 57 KB, 1122x900, 988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pick up the phone fren
it's the based department
you've been promoted to CFO

>> No.20760540

OP you might be the dumbest motherfucker alive, which is saying a lot especially on this board

>> No.20760541

So you never got your linkies and RLC back?

>> No.20760546
File: 11 KB, 1252x145, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh my god ahahahahahahahahahahaha
can you not even fucking withdraw correctly

>> No.20760549

Keep his money. He deserves it for being a crypto currency cuckold.

>> No.20760553
File: 188 KB, 720x720, 1595878505362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're gonna make it.

>> No.20760557

>again and it reloaded and showed me the goods. THANKS FOR THE FREE TOKENS HAHAHA HOLY FUCK IM SO CONFUSED BUT SO HAPPY

You're a piece of shit, you should die

>> No.20760559
File: 63 KB, 592x492, 1593708705303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20760562

Your existence doesn't bother me at all because I don't care what you believe. You can be a miserable cunt your entire life and I'd never know because you don't leave your mother's basement unless it's to pick up more tendies at the store.

>> No.20760563

How much was it?

>> No.20760565

HAHAHA wtffffffffffffffffffff sdjhgbsdcjhgsdfjh

>> No.20760569

It's officially gains season guys, all the retards are coming back, bullish

>> No.20760570

OP is based. He understands that we are truly all in this together.

>> No.20760573

would recommend giving it back youll literally go to hell and spend eternity with Christ rejecting pajeets

>> No.20760574

The retard is 7c?. What the fuck are you talking about??

>> No.20760580

What class of fucking penny pincher steals $2.5 dollars of ETH? It's not even worth the gas.

>> No.20760582

Oh my god

>> No.20760585

I’m fucking crying, this is you are taking financial advice from

>> No.20760586


>> No.20760587
File: 11 KB, 229x221, browser plugin token.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit i'm laughing hard

>> No.20760594

https://etherscan.io/address/0x8b76d332edde026281559c5d8e537311f787a2d8#tokentxns it's here now

>> No.20760597

Holy shit, fucking based. OP is actually a legend, he sent the funds back to the absolute brainlet. This is a historic thread and will actually unironically go down as one of the best for biz lmao. I’m saving this

>> No.20760602

looking at the time it was the thief who copypasted the wrong address out of excitement
7c is his address he revealed the seed to
2f is his new address
5d is op
somebody else snagged $2.5 in eth and pillar

>> No.20760603

Read the thread man it's a wild ride

>> No.20760605

holy fuck this just keeps getting better and better, this is probably the best thread i will ever make AAAHAHAH

>> No.20760606

it was like $6 worth, it might have been the actual owner using it to move the other tokens but i coudlnt' tell

>> No.20760612

absolute king

>> No.20760619

100k confirmed, i assume the true businessmen will be sticking around for the bear market too?

I know I will be

>> No.20760626

no eth in there right now right? need some for the gas

>> No.20760631

Lmao 2.50 in ETH probably cost more than that for the transaction

>> No.20760634

Karma is what you make of it. OPs good karma could have been finding this seed phrase with over $10k worth of crypto in the wallet. He decided not to collect his payment and give it back to a retard who had his bad karma served for...being a retard. He's lucky he got it back

>> No.20760640
File: 340 KB, 1600x2047, 1590453566120.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


1000% based

Don't fuck with another man's linkies

Unless you plan to kill him of course

>> No.20760641

Say what you want about crypto, but you couldn't have this fun of a thread without it
i am looking forward to the financial illiteracy of the next generation

>> No.20760648

yes, 8b https://etherscan.io/address/0x8b76d332edde026281559c5d8e537311f787a2d8#tokentxns

>> No.20760649

Screen cap me

>> No.20760652
File: 407 KB, 498x474, tenor (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20760659
File: 23 KB, 344x275, OP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy sending ETH to the wallet for gas but having the gas stolen by a pajeet. I feel for you man, tough life. LMAO

>> No.20760660

Lol reporting this post. Have fun thief

>> No.20760662
File: 8 KB, 608x170, 1589841862052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now the same thief stole $0.86 in eth. Like what the fuck.

what a wild ride.

>> No.20760664


>> No.20760666

I think this might just be regular illiteracy

>> No.20760674
File: 2 KB, 124x125, 1554947053214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

read the thread nigger

>> No.20760690

Fuck off retard

Op if you give this retard back his coins you should kys

Doesn't matter what coins you have you fucked up you'll never make it no matter what

>> No.20760692

so did the retard get his cap back?

>> No.20760702

Is the retard a plebbit? Or why is he just so fking dumb.
Based op, He'll probably lose his money again next week.
Bella2016 as password lmao just use password123 fag

>> No.20760705
File: 64 KB, 719x688, 1595840087171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20760710


>> No.20760718


>> No.20760741

the password is local only it doesn't matter
I just have qwertyuiop

>> No.20760756

Truly based, best of luck to you op.

>> No.20760785

Based aussie cunt madman

>> No.20760813

you are both idiots

>> No.20760823

>And on that day, frens, retard anon was immortalized in /biz folklore

>> No.20760828

This fucking retard is still begging for money lmao
Where are the jannies when you need them?

>> No.20760977

i love what you did and i want to donate you some $PLT (PlutusDeFi) whats your address buddy? you restore my faith in humanity, this is what crypto is about. Good job!

>> No.20760987

Atheist reddit faggot detected. No one is giving you fake internet points for being a cunt about people's beliefs here. Kindly fuck off.

>> No.20761005

this is the address he sent from to retard anon

>> No.20761007

sound suspicious but sure why not

>> No.20761016

That might be a good idea. What’s the downside of moving it out?

>> No.20761021

Especially link marines jfc what the hell happened to those guys their all joo trickster scammers now

>> No.20761155

sent, i hope within 2 years this will be a x100 return for what you did today, its abit but its something. good job man!

>> No.20761159

2-3 years of waiting will embitter a lot of people

>> No.20761176

recieved, dont know what it does but thanks man lol

>> No.20761179

You laugh but Sergey did things like that on here a couple of years ago. Most recently he did not like the results and now you guys get dumped on

>> No.20761218
File: 23 KB, 420x420, 1595474973461.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP good job for returning the idiots lunch money back. Virgin, take this as a lesson not to be retarded and use some god damn common sense. Everyone has already told you how lucky you are but I think you really need to realize this.

Also >using 1 wallet

>> No.20761374

Wasn’t always. That’s why we need flags every scam project pays Indians to post here and promote

>> No.20761492

>OP makes post ridiculing retard who he stole from
>Calls him a clown, showing that although OP later claims he thought the retard was somebody who was gonna commit sudoku, he didn't, but just correctly presumed he's a retard who made a huge mistake
>People tell OP he's gonna get fucked by the FBI and IRS for fraud
>OP gets scared shitless, puts on a mantra of being the good guy and return everything
>This is all to save his ass, otherwise no reason to lie about thinking "it was some guy who would commit sudoku"( >>20760122 )
>retards on biz actually think he's a good guy
>OP is just a malicious nigger who can only be kept in check by external fears of suppression

Yep, sounds like biz alright. Only degenerates and retards go here.

>> No.20761527

So what was the reasoning behind posting the seed phrase

>> No.20761530

Absolutely seething

>> No.20761541

He’s retarded and probably black or Arab

>> No.20761562

yea ok faggot

>> No.20761565
File: 81 KB, 419x480, 1516825319812(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I cant fucking breathe this is insane

>> No.20761582


>> No.20761626

Even if this is likely what was the case, it has a happy ending. So we all got what we wanted to see, retard gets scared shitless to not do stupid shit anymore, and OP acts like a bro and gives shit back instead of a nigger. Even if the orginal intent was stupid who cares, OP decided not to be a fag, and the retard has learned his lesson.

>> No.20761633

yea and i bet you're fun as fuck to hang out with

>> No.20761637

i was here hhahahahahaha

>> No.20761647

yeah because the FBI are totally going to investigate me on the other side of the world, over $4000 dollars during the greatest economic recession since 1929... okay.

>> No.20761653

Kek, I was thinking this too. OP just got scared like a bitch, and paid $4k in exchange for anonymous internet points

>> No.20761655

If a person decides not to steal because they're afraid of muh police, then they're just as scummy as some nigger who does manage to steal. The only difference is one thought he could get away and the other thought he couldn't. This is not what we should aspire to be, my bizraelis.

>> No.20761673

>uhhh yeah everything ended well and OP behaved admirably but he's still a piece of shit and so is everyone else!
You sound like a woman.

>> No.20761677

Most people will do scummy shit till they see the person they're doing it to. I've done similar, and learned from it too, just like OP. I see no issue as long as its done at the end of the day.

>> No.20761680

Yet your language betrays you Mr. Goldberg. If you didn't though, I wish you the very best in life and really hope I'm mistaken. I doubt I am though.

>> No.20761681

Suck your own moral boner faggot nobody asked you to speak for what they aspire to be

>> No.20761696

Go watch my little pony faggot kek, or better yet, have sex.

>> No.20761706

>have sex
Yep. 100% female response

>> No.20761712

how is it even possible to be this fucking stupid wtf

>> No.20761736

Yes. Even online us females mock you. I like how you wrote this joke yourself holy shit incel

>> No.20761766

No one is interested in your putrid cunt Rebecca

>> No.20761776
File: 157 KB, 528x321, 1535412847691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bro, we're having friendly /biz/ bro moments now that everything is set right, go to /pol/ if you wanna get a bunch of angry faggots.

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