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/biz be honest.... I read this article and I am shaking.. are you accumulating?


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PlutusDeFi to integrate Aave Protocol to expand multi-currencies and enable Aave Protocol
PlutusDeFi is collaborating with Aave Protocol to increase multi-currency support and integrate Aave Money Markets into PlutusDeFi, as Aave Protocol continues to see record growth. The next version of PlutusDeFi’s aggregation platform will welcome Aave, an established DeFi company based in London and are the leading money market protocol based in the United Kingdom.

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It's literally a front-end UI for existing protocols. It's token is entirely a rent-seeking middleman with 0 value-add, but you are stupid as fuck so you believe what ever they tell you.

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not accumulating, VCs got at $0.022 (after toll fee reduction) and still over 14x, already 40% VCs dumped, and others will also keep dumping within days

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100% scam

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Cardano is BES~T smart contract language PLUTUS

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it's a glorified defi dashboard
token. not. needed.

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