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Is XSN fulfilling the regulation-proof, censorship-proof, immutable, instant and nearly feeless transactions cypherpunk values that Bitcoin was supposed to? Can XSN scale in a way that ETH can't seem to reach?

In my experience interacting with the devs are very focused, kind & helpful to anyone who asks questions. The priority on progress & functionality of their product is cream-of-the-crop-tier. Their community is hardcore.

Nearly all FUD on StakeNet is without any SOLID PROOF and is oft based upon attention manipulation, context-less claims, & buzzwords as there is not much valid criticism to use as FUDammo. Yet we see fudders use the same posts day in and day out. Their goal is to scare people so they can buy more XSN at a lower price. If there is ever anything brought up with any sort of valid criticism, devs actually listen & act swifty to make sure they understand the issue and take care of it ASAP so that they can reach their goals effectively. This keeps their ship tidy, well managed and in tip-top shape to sail the seas all the way to the top 10 which at this rate, WILL HAPPEN without a doubt. The tech behind StakeNet is VERY disruptive so in my eyes, FUD = BULLISH.

>The interfaces on cloud.stakenet.io and lightning DEX beta is friendly to tech-noobs.
>If you desire full /g/ mode, their user guides are SUPERBLY written. Following them is a smooth experience.
>XSN team decided to stay away from the scammy vibes ICO model
>Instead they refused to play the pay-2-win game of getting listed on big CEX's
>since one of their goals along the way was to develop a true DEX
>this true DEX would use CEX's to milk liquidity from using the aggregator they invented
>Raiden team speaks positively about working w/ XSN devs
>native Tor-Integration & XMR headed for lightning network mean privacy options available

Their true DEX is essentially the first major dAPP built on StakeNet. The moment a cynic uses the DEX themselves is the moment they become accumulators.

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And I didn't even talk about the future business of being StakeNet MasterNode owner.

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ur preaching to the choir bud im already stacked in money printing machines. never working again.

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Stakenet is literally the missing link in the evolution of crypto. its the stepping stone to get to the cyberpunk future that this technology promised and that we were all envisioning when we first invested

in an ocean of shitcoins, XSN is an opportunity to literally be a stakeholder in the decentralised infrastructure that will kickstart the DeFi revolution.

Think about it anons - where is crypto today? what does it actually enable? is the common man any closer being his own bank and cutting out the '''middle man'''? Stakenet is the future.

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this exactly. if you can't analyze the current state of things and find which piece is producing the "next step" on our current stairs. you'll have a harder time making it. Critical thought anons.

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i've always wondered how the blocknet DEX holds up in comparison, anyone know?

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fresh news in image from this morning, DEX is ready for launch!

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XSN is good at Pumping and Dumping

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good news, anon
im gonna buy in as much as possible between now and Christmas
last good accumulation phase, imo

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why is your graph different than CMC? I double checked and all I see is a pump to a new floor with no dump in sight lmfao

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I'm grinding out some money in a few side jawnskies I got going and using it all for more cheap XSN to stack with my MN block rewards and the staking rewards from staking my block rewards lmao. Got my sights on a 2nd node at least somewhat faster than it would take from just pure MN block rewards. I suppose DEX trading fees should speed up my accumulation as well. As long as I got 1 MN it's possible to build a stack of nodes.

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I don't think it will be possible in the future to buy MN through MN returns, if that's the case the MN price will shoot up like crazy, Anyways my life will be set if the coin stabilised around 3$. Only staking rewards will set me up for life.

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Do you think it is not possible because MN rewards will be come too watered down? I don't follow why it would not be possible...

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Checked. I'd like to get 2 more MNs by the end of the year if I could. Halfway to the first one so I gotta get another 22k or so.
We shall see anon

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im curious n wanna get a rough view of XSN /biz/raelis

>when did you start browsing /biz/ regularly

>when did you get into crypto

>when did you discover/buy XSN

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checked. you just stacking rewards or buying some as well? If you are buying, do you just wait for dips or what.

>when did you start browsing /biz/ regularly
>January 2016

>when did you get into crypto
>January 2016

>when did you discover/buy XSN
May 2019

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It's crashing now

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>infrequently visited /biz/ in 2016 for trad business ideas/fastlanes and hustles
>got mad at my state for raising cigarette taxes
>find latvian outlet selling them for very cheap
>discount in bitcoin
>figured bitcoin was dead, hadnt heard much about it since 2013
>look up the price and it was $1k again
>immediately open up coinbase account because thought i missed out at $20 (from $5), $250, and $1k
>start buying $1k BTC/$45 ETH and chasing random altcoin pumps like bitbean, pivx, xrp, reddcoin, bitbay, digibyte, etc etc
>buy some POSW april 2017
>POSW team gets in over their head and X9 takes over
>X9 builds it into XSN and exceeds all expectations
>dev team and coin routinely delivering on all their goals, building something good, dont seem to get any recognition from the industry and if anything the industry tries to keep them down
Pure luck I ended up in XSN at the swap in March 2018. I've been making XSN threads on /biz/ since late 2018. Haven't sold once.

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Did i miss something?

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Bitcoin is mooning. Excellent news for the industry.
Alts will bleed for a bit and then probably end up finding new ATHs into next year/2022.
As BTC picks up again, there will be a demand for Lightning and Stakenet's implementation will help BTC scale smoothly. With Tether now planning to migrate to LN by the end of the year, it's all very bullish for XSN.

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FUKING Checked.
Its on sale my nigga

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crossing my fingers for media headlines for this bitcoin mooning, these are potential seeds for another bullish era as long as media headlines make normys fomo into BTC gains thus generating more media headlines rinse and repeat. then it's what >>20740493 said from there.

we're gonna make it xsnchads.

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It's on one exchange, so all the price data is based on one sell wall. Total volume is only 800k XSN

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We're also heading into the US election. I can see BTC coming up in debates and politicians having no clue. It's only a matter of time before it breaks into the polarizing 24/7 media circuit

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>We're also heading into the US election. I can see BTC coming up in debates and politicians having no clue.
Nah, there's too much other shit going in the world at the moment for that to happen. Would be nice though.

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>Can XSN solve what BTC & ETH can't?
ETH 2.0. is out
so no because it is a shady project and you shill it o daily basis

Eth 2.0- is out

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Jesus the almighty fucker who the fuck is dumping on our comfy XSN. It is supposed to only dump upwards. I will personally slay the fucker who is taking this big fat bloody dumping on our beloved coin, the fucker. I promise you if I see you I will literally fuck at you, pooing in the loo, you fuxing little shit I will fucking fuck fuck you bloody, bitch.


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Yes anon but there is no real need to spoonfeed, they had plenty of time to read up

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How is it a shady project?

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It could still happen for the sake of adding more fuel to the chaos. Apparently Kanye has been talking it up. We shall see.
I still think a lot of normies will FOMO this time because everyone still remembers Bitcoin hitting $20k in 2017. If they see it go up again after the media trashed it for years, it might become one of those things 'that always goes back up".
>lecturing anyone else
I've been hearing about Casper for almost 4 years now.

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Nice fud

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I started browsing /biz/ at the fallout of the 2017 gains, so early 2018.
I bought BTC around the bottom of that dip and rode it up to about the height of its last pump, when it was like 12k or so.
I discovered XSN shortly after and bought a small bag. I then read more and more in the coming months and by the middle of 2019, I bought a little less than enough for my first MN and finished it off by the end of the year, slowly accumulating every once in a while.
I then bought a little more early this year and recently finished another MN.

I've also never even considered selling any amount of XSN (or the LINK I began buying early last year).

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Kek down 20%

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It's very exciting. I can't wait to buy more.

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>thread got enough replies for fudders to start posting their baseless claims, blanket statements and larping as uneducated pajeets.

feel free to ignore them and continue real discussion or you can bait their bait and bump the thread so more anons can learn about XSN. Either way fudders lose & xsn chads win. Come at me clowns you have NOTHING. btfo lmfao. never selling my XSN stack fudfags and you can't make me. you have no control and your pathetic attempts at influencing a cambodian basket-weaving forum for money will result in spreading my spoon-feeding OP to the rest of the catalog. stay ass blasted.

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ETH 2.0. is out...

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are you selling? if no, then who cares? just buy cheap xsn, stack those node rewards

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Is staking implemented? Because gas costs are higher than ever.

If this is eth 2.0, I'm fucking dropping all my eth holdings. I had to pay $5 per transaction to dump my shitcoins this morning on uniswap.

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>cheap xsn
load them bags son

gonna get my 7th MN after dropping my dether and bzrx holdings this morning

I'm 100% on xsn. will put node rewards toward more nodes until year end, dca in until DeX release, hoping I have at least 10 MNs by Christmas.

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People selling to buy into btc, they’re only gonna get burned and come crawling back to xsn, same with every other alt coin that’s dumping as of , 20% off fill them bags bulls

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A politician and a bankster HAD a crypto. Now they have YOUR bitcoin

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>If this is eth 2.0, I'm fucking dropping all my eth holdings. I had to pay $5 per transaction to dump my shitcoins this morning on uniswap.
you already know it will get bette.. we lost bro.. XSN can't compete with the billions eth can use to pay DEVs..
I am not fudding.. genuinly scared to put any serious money into this now that eth 2.0. is out

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finshed the last mn at 2400 sats fuck

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ETH 2.0 is still slated for release by the end of 2020. Final Testnet starting August 4th.
I welcome it as XSN's ecosystem should allow someone staking ETH to receive rewards in BTC or a stablecoin via CCPoS. Stronger ETH means more to make interoperable. Bullish for XSN

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20% off sale is ending too soon, damn

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>I welcome it as XSN's ecosystem should allow someone staking ETH to receive rewards in BTC or a stablecoin via CCPoS. Stronger ETH means more to make interoperable. Bullish for XSN
The poblem with Eth scaling with Raiden is that it will allow a lot of exangers like UNiswap or Etherdelta already established... to do better and people will keep on use them instead of XSN
(With raiden and ETH 2.0. the experience on this exangers will be waaay better (((scaling))

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Buying now.

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>ETH 2.0 will bring a better framework for conducting intra-token tx
That's all good and well. Stakenet helps that potential framework communicate more effectively with Bitcoin and the LN ecosystem. XMR in play too.

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I didn't sell, but I made some on BTC - GUESS WHERE ITS GOING :D

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>>ETH 2.0 will bring a better framework for conducting intra-token tx

Don't you understand that Uniswap trading experience will be way better and there will be no need for XSN?

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When release date...

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If the team keeps holding out the release, they are going to get ran over. You can’t release a perfect product right out of the gate. For months it’s been “fixing the last bug” or “fixing typos”.

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XSN's ecosystem goes much further via Lightning and the collateral locked in code-agnostic MNs than Uniswap can running atop ETH. Better intra-ETH tx would be better for both.
XSN benefits from being independent of ETH and so does the interchain exchange economy.

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>and the collateral locked in code-agnostic MNs
don't know why you mention this when talking when talking about simple erc20 to erc20 transactions

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btw guys trading rewards from the DEX will only go to master nodes IF they get to phase 3 "HYDRA" and obviously this isn't in the devs interest, devs are incentivised to keep dex fees for themselves

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People still haven't gotten the memo; XSN will be the next Eth. The DEX is an _app_ on the Stakenet network.

>> No.20746414

The collateral in the MNs should provide liquidity for a very fast off-chain interop and allow any token for trade on Uniswap to interact many other coins that will never be available on it. Uniswap is quite basic by contrast.

>> No.20746619

What will be the other apps?

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I bet Hydra will be active before ETH 2.0.

>> No.20746964

devs are incentiviced to delay hydra just don't forget that the dex release won't actually benefit MN until hydra so rip

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>launch with no ICO and build a community from the ground up during the entire bear market
>spend 2-3 years getting hardening LN swaps and getting the process down to an instant one with a few button taps from overtly technical and time-consuming hard-swaps on Linux
>expand upon that hardened process by bringing it to multiple coin pairs all the while doing rigorous testing day in and day out for a year
>slowly begin to demonstrate the effects of their work and invite the wider crypto community to test the superiority of LN swaps for themselves
>begin collaborating with the Raiden devs
>lay out an ambitious post-launch roadmap
>then pull an exit scam after delivering for almost 3 years non-stop - causing the MN network to fall apart
That makes zero sense.

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Because you're a dirty pajeet liar

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Hello anons, I have a few questions.

1. About how much XSN a day are MN hosters currently making?

2. Anyone know how much % the XSN Cloud MN hosting service is/will take from your payout?

3. Are MN's capable of running on good CPUs? How strict is it about the 24/7 connection requirement?

I love you all

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This exactly

The fud keeps reaching new levels of retarded

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Making a good deal with 10 MNs, right into crypto cc for daily spendings

Not sure what % XSN MNaaS takes, think it's 1.5$ a month pr masternode in XSN, in my case i would have had 11 masternodes already had i used vultr or other stuff, will recommend this, like 5k xsn gone just to fees past year.. that will hurt later on

not sure, heard some rumor about MN being run on raspberry but you would have to check in disc

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Are you getting it?

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>Stakenet literally carrying the whole crypto space.
I-it's beautiful.

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