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Just went all in ample. Dumped all of my RSR. Lets start making some real money

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I'm voting for Biden this year because I think he can heal the divide in this country.

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Did that yesterday good choice mate :)

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Welcome to the future millionaires group.

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I temporarily dumped all of mine a few days ago for AMPL as well, already up 2x. good luck fren, hope you make it

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You made the right choice.

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Welcome, new animal -
0.005% - WORTHY WOLF
0.00005% - AMPLE ANT

Your % = [Your AMPLs] / [Cicrculating Supply]

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man im so tempted to dump all my random alts into this. already have 1k. whats current circ supply?

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dont be scared on whales cashing out because they got a 2x or 3x, everyone who sold, I repeat, EVERYONE who sold lost profits, there's no stopping ampl until geyser is up

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im voting not-trump. cuz that fucker is obscene and just seeing his face stresses me the fuck out

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Reminder that geyser will continue after its initial project timeline is complete

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I sold $400k worth yesterday to buy more LINK and even I'm regretting it.

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lmao every post in here is a perfect example of why ampl is gonna keep rolling. the rebase fomo cannot be resisted.

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Exactly lol, ampl throws buy signals from all angles I love it... the fud is terrible

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16% tonight oh lawdy

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Imagine not voting for Trump. What a cuck.

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im rebasssinggggggg

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that was like a 15% rebase, holy fucking shiiiiiitttttt

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>up 60x in 30 days
> start

wew. is this the top?

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Where did you guys come from. Go back commie scum you stand out here. Brainlets

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16% actually

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So how much money do I get at a billy marketcap if I own 0.003%

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fuck trump. hes a fucking walking absurdity

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It's not to late for you anon. buy back in

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ooouuuuuu he said commie oh shit man. fucking destroyed! gg anon

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Isn't the rebase at 11pm EST?

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No, it just happened and we dropped from 2.92 to 2.52

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In case any brainlets are curious, we would have to drop to 2.44 for it to have been better to sell the top and buy the dump than to hold through the rebase

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im tryna cash out my ampl. I have 8500 worth but uniswap only wants to give me 7500 worth of ETH. What gives?

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0.00003*1e9 =$30k

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hold for 30 min

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You're clearly new to AMPL so I'll be nice and help you out. This happens immediately after every rebase. Once we get into the upper $2 range, it usually goes down to 2.40/2.50. Then it climbs back up throughout the following day and peaks near rebase time. Below $2 and it tends to be a 20 or 30 cent drop.

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ETH is about to crash, I'd hold it for a little longer if I were you

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Literally shaking rn

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Yes but why cant I get the amount of ETH my AMPL is worth? Is CMC and my delta incorrect?

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can you work this out beforehand or it is just luck?

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the global price aroudn this time is weird because some of the exchanges go offline during the rebase

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no its not

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thanks anons! first day

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Based fren

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You need to leave

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I'm new to ampl, or crypto in general, what would be a good strategy with ampl in terms of biggest gains? Hold? Would right now be a good time to drop money into it do you think?

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yo wtf i didnt get my rebase??? Is it because i'm holding in Myetherwallet?

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spread out a couple buys throughout the next 23 hours

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>Knock knock.
>Who's there?
>Agent cooper from the IRS
>We want to ask you some questions about some recent cryptocurrency sales on your Coinbase account
>Where did you get so much money?
>I held something called AMPL
>where did you get the money to buy it?
>I started with a small amount
>You cashed out a ton of ETH, where did you get it?
>I traded my AMPL for it.
>I see no records of you receiving additional payments of AMPL.
>Well they just rebase it and it kept growing like an airdrop
>So they give you new coins every few days because you already have some? sounds like a ponzi.. anyhow I don't see that here..
>Well officer, it's like a stock split you know?
>Sir, cryptocurrency is not a stock. It cannot be "split" anymore than dividend disbursements can be considered a "split".
>Additionally, the law New coins received through an airdrop are taxed as ordinary income.
>How would you like to pay your delinquent tax liability? We don't take internet tokens.

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if you want to confuse people on this site just reply "nice id".

nice id

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Volume seems to be drying up a bit my friend

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held through rebase, swung after rebase
yeah im thinking im based.

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I earned it from a gambling website, mr. office. And I held my earnings for well over a year, to see if they would increase on their own. In my private wallet of course :>)

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>cashing out

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I did the same yesterday. Smart choice anon. I still like rsr but their rate of development is so fucking slow.

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Why us Anons
Why were we chosen again

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Its going to crash down to at least .008 in the next week or so. No point in bleeding unnecessary cash if you can keep it somewhere else

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I got it from giving foot massages in the park for 4 ampl a pop mr officer tax man.

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>>Well officer, it's like a stock split you know?
stop being a bitch and just tell him its the future of money with an elastic supply - fucking "stock split" get the fuck outta here

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Nice anon, you made $20!

How much did gas cost?

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we chose ourselves anon
we are all in this together

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this was on KuCoin, fees are accounted for in the pic. its not much but its honest work for an AMPLet like myself

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AMPL in sell cycle according to oldfag here. Watch and burn.

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All of you are going to be bankrupted or worse.

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If you actually were you would know the pump cycle only started a few days ago. The cycle lasts a week.

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Thanks anon. After those initial buys is waiting for pumps and dumping a good idea or should this be considered a "hold long term for long term benefits" sort of deal

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3 days ago correct sempai?

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>this was on KuCoin, fees are accounted for in the pic. its not much but its honest work for an AMPLet like myself
what time is the rebase and how do i do this?

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Real AMPLchads know the sell target is $1 (as that's also the price target of AMPL). Forget about the price and just get in and hold for a couple months (or longer, depending on how things play out).

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2-3 days ago yes
Whales will probably start selling in 3-4 days, then we crab at the bottom for a day until it picks up again. Rinse and repeat.

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probably close to one of the best entries you'll get before next rebase right now

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I sold my RSR too. Thinking of selling my BZRX and maybe a thousand Link too, would give me about 6500 AMPL. I figure this thing pumps for another 30-60 days before it slows. I hope that’s enough.

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>$2.11 on Uniswap
>$2.45 on KuCoin

What in the fuck is this shit

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i think we just had the highest volume 5 minute candle ever for ampl. one individual whale just cashed out on uni.

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2.5mil volume? Holy shit

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and 5 mins later eth hits a new local high

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He cashed out almost one mil and dropped the price 20 cents.

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Guys how much can I expect with 1500 ampl?

>> No.20721461

How 15k sounds

>> No.20721463

Already back up to almost 2.30 on Uniswap. I can only imagine they wanted to crash the price of AMPL and it didn't work out for them.

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I really hope so man

>> No.20721492

Over 2.30 right after I said that, lol.

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do you know what the average rebase per day comes out to? Has anyone averaged it out?

>> No.20721523

oof another 1m sell off to put us back at 2.05

>> No.20721571

Great time to buy in

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How does rebase work. Someone explain it.

>> No.20721647

Do your homework first

>> No.20721667

1. compound gains
2. build a compound with said gains
3. coom pounding chicks in said compound

>> No.20721685

like 10-15%

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a momentum based project like this blossoming right before a huge crypto bullrun is a gift from god

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Anyone not voting trump doesn't understand finance on even a basic level and should probably leave seeing as theres no way they are legally allowed to vote or post on this board,

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He loves ya

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>How does rebase work. Someone explain it.

Okay so imagine you lived in a totalitarian dictatorship, and the government at any time can add or subtract money from your bank account. You put in $1000. Tomorrow you might wake up to $1100, or the Almighty "Sound Economics" System will decide that you only get to have $800. If you cry about having $800, the totalitarian regime will say to you "Those $800 are actually worth the same as the $1000 you had before. And no, you're not getting your money back"

Imagine this...but Crypto. Simply epic put your entire life's savings into it!

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Thanks. How often does the geyser go off?

>> No.20721821

check on etherscan. load your wallet address. you will see your total AMPL reflected + rebase

>> No.20721827

sounds like shit lol but ill look into it more anyways.

>> No.20721877

idk i dont fuck with geyser, its for whales only

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bro anyone who is voting for trump is something i cant even understand. i dont even get the fucking angle. just look at his twitter - hes not fit. i mean jesus christ its clear as day. how the fuck can you be okay someone like this being president .. holy shit. i dont even have a word for you bro. he is a fucking propaganda machine while his buddies loot us behind the stage. he is like a theater actor that gets you to pay attention to him while the real power does everything for themselves. fucking reselling masks during a pandemic. removing the watch dog over 100s of biliions of relief aid and now you cant even know where that money has gone. they fucking stole money from a childrens cancer charity.... like dude.... i just dont... your not an idiot or retard - i dont know what you are.

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No this is not correct. I have 100 sheep that are worth 1 usd. It turns out sheep are now worth 2 usd. The price of sheep is too high. The price of sheep should be 1 dollar. So I wake up the next day with 120 sheep. There is an over saturation of sheep so the price should go to 1 usd again.

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////// This is an Insula thread now //////////////////////////

Fuck your shitcoin it's trash buy Insula (ISLA).
Superior tech + $100 EOY. You cannot complete.

This is not financial advice DYOR it.


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Well done. RSR was dead anyway

>> No.20721957

What happens to your sheep when Ampleforth's market cap dumps to sub $1 million? Do you just got a 1 strand of sheep wool in your hands?

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so basically my ampl will have sex when they’re worth too much money and they will kill each other when they get poor

based blockchain niggers

>> No.20721962

If you think that money goes to sick children you're a moron
Rebase is better unless you have a fuckload of ampl, in which case the geyser will give better returns

>> No.20722009

Instant pump and dump scam when the shilling hits other coin threads

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can anyone explain the huge price discrepancy between kukoin and ftx? it seems like they would be more similar than they are

>> No.20722056

Bought 5 days ago but wanted to buy a week previous to that but Coinbase apparently holds your funds a week before letting you trade..

Only 575 Ampl here frens. Will I make it? Averaging 12.62% rebase since I bought in.

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>If you think that money goes to sick children you're a moron
deflection. do whatever you do man. im an ant. i cant control anyone, i cant change your mind - i know that. but -- i -- just fucking seriously --- i -- i just fucking cant believe people like you exist. blind to the most obvious thing right in front of you but your more focused on the shadows that you cant make out.

the only way i understand it is, that its emotional. trump is what you want to be like. brash, brute, has power, does what he wants, etc. etc. you are trump and trump is you. he can literally come into your house and rape your mom and you will still get on your knees for him. you want his power, you want his control. because you, like me, know you are powerless - whereas i can accept that (or atleast trying to) you cant - maybe your even afraid of it. which makes sense. we are only human anon.

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>> No.20722131

you need to go back

>> No.20722148

do the math of your current value in usd. Multiply that by 1.12 and keep doing that until you make it. The amount of times is the amount of days until you make it.

>> No.20722169

>Not fit so dementia joe is good?
they are both fucking old. like trump is some 20 something. its the same old faggots running this country ... but trump is something else entirely. he is a magician - who misdirects you (the country) while fucking you over. his propaganda and his ability to manipulate the news is really fucking good. and plus i just fucking hate his face - he has cheap taste.

>> No.20722178

Ampleforth really is a crypto black hole. Wait until institutional money comes.

>> No.20722184

swung from 1198 AMPL to 1268 AMPL after the rebase
feels good bros, feels good.

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>> No.20722226

I've been swinging my 1000 AMPL stack for 3 days, first cycle I increased it to 1050, then 1150, this time 1200.

I buy right after rebase and then sell when it goes up to 2.8 EASIEST FUCKING MONEY EVER


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>> No.20722283

>I've been swinging my 1000 AMPL stack for 3 days, first cycle I increased it to 1050, then 1150, this time 1200.
KEK thats a 5% return. rebase was like 15%

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based. you boys deserve it for being smart and getting in on this crazy new tech

>> No.20722310

Do the math, i made 20 precent in 3 days, thats better then anyone else holding

>> No.20722313

Why do you type like that bruh ive lurked for 2 months yet I dont type like im afraid im gonna banned for dead naming just or some other plebbit faggery shit. Just say fuck trump he doesnt actually do what he says. Stop typing like your not trying to offend someone this is a didgeridoo enthusiast forum no one cares. Also fuck kikes.

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>> No.20722358

I like this one

>> No.20722377

i know your trolling. but on the first day - your 1k ampls would be around 1100 - 1150 ample - next day 1210 - 1332 and next day 1331 - 1520

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>> No.20722389

>trump's propaganda is really good.

you mean the american public's ability to think critically and recognise the obvious bullshit is inexistent.

>> No.20722393

Is this sarcasm? I 4x’d my money in less than a week just collecting the rebases. Imagine swinging while the geyser flows

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>> No.20722415

why would i just get extra amples without traing them lol

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>> No.20722443

So how do you guys handle AMPL with portfolio trackers?
Update amount every day manually?

>> No.20722445

>Stop typing like your not trying to offend someone
are you upset cuz i said fuck too many times?

>> No.20722473


I'm new here but I know how to spot...

>> No.20722487

>you mean the american public's ability to think critically and recognise the obvious bullshit is inexistent.
eehh our media environment is just overload - so much information - i can understand why they might be like that. trump designs his propaganda to be shocking so it cuts thru the information overload and just hits you - and exhausts you overtime - im exhausted

>> No.20722553

suit yourself. it's going to be a hard four and a half years if you misunderstand so badly, you dumb nigger

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File: 2.91 MB, 309x313, 1588303547592.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20722586

that chart does not take into account the monthly investor payouts coming up, will definitely best case fuck with the rhythm and worst case fuck everyone

>> No.20722600

based as fuck

>> No.20722677

trump manipulating the news but the guy who cant speak a coherent interview is "up in polls". would love to see a trump biden debate just so people realize how incapable biden is. he wouldn't even be president, his masters would, and i doubt he honestly even wanted to run in the first place.

>> No.20722721


>> No.20722754

its called Arbitrage go make some easy money noob

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Please go back this is /biz/ it's not for you

>> No.20724149


Your percentages are either off by a a factor of 100 or your equation is wrong.

To calculate percentage, its the ratio x 100, not simply the ratio. For example,
1 / 2 = 0.5
0.5 * 100 = 50%

So you would need to multiply by 100 the ratio of AMPL to circulating supply.

>> No.20725036

where buying?

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good to know. I just went from an ant to an orca

>> No.20725793

you mean a wolf.

>> No.20726225

Yeah. Equation of rebase is.... 1+((Price of AMPL -1)/10)..for price go to ampl dashboard and check the Oracle rate a couple hours before rebase.

>> No.20726235

Elaborate RSR FUD

>> No.20726258

But ampl. Market cap is growing high for the next 60 days. Don't swing trade it. Don't sell after the rebase. And don't freak out when the price drops Evey day seconds after the rebase. Just focus on your growing stack of AMPL

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File: 167 KB, 750x402, 1534014790597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Elaborate RSR FUD
there aren't liquidity mining incentives for rsr right now like there are with ampl. and rsr doesn't have the rebase mechanic. I don't think it's so much as rsr being bad as ampl is just better to own than anything else right now.

>> No.20726310

So like you'd rather make no money, than make some money and pay taxes??? Stay broke

>> No.20726352

I use zapper.fi it reads my eth address and updates for me

>> No.20726378

this ponzi will crash for good soon enuff

>> No.20726395

Ampl will eat everything

>> No.20726411

I'll post a screenshot when it all dive bombs and wipes us out. Look for the golden star

>> No.20726824

in less than 12 hours

>> No.20726842

care to elaborate?

>> No.20726879

he think investor tokens being unlocked will crash the price, it might who knows

>> No.20726921

Not possible. You went from ant to worthy wolf.

>> No.20726948


>> No.20726949


seriously, if it manages to survive that it might be unstoppable and go straight to 1 trillion market cap

might just as well trigger a race to the exit death spiral though. it's around 30 investor wallets, it will take you like 5 minutes to browse through them. at least 9 of them have a history of dumping absolutely everything they get their hands on and this time they get handed a x100 on a silver platter

>> No.20726983

anon i know its hard to believe but
>seriously, if it manages to survive that it might be unstoppable and go straight to 1 trillion market cap
this is gonna happen, you'd have to be braindead to not buy ampl under 1 dollar with this much volume behind it

>> No.20726992

yea but why on earth would they do it today when there is still so much energy left to drain from it

>> No.20727007

they will have made millions already, there is no reason to risk losing that

>> No.20727041

Yea but you say that like its set for tomorrow. GTFO. Theres still 74.7 days until they are going to dump their shit

>> No.20727042

as i said, spend the 5 minutes and open those 30 browser tabs and look at their selling behaviour even before the x100

there are lots of wallets that never sold anything until now, especially the bigger ones, but those problematic medium sized ones are already pretty massive. at least i'm not going to risk staying in through that, will fomo in the next day at a 30% loss if necessary

>> No.20727075

kek, see you at 1.50

>> No.20727103

I respect that. I'm gonna do some reasearch on it now. Thanks for looking out m8

>> No.20727331
File: 69 KB, 646x687, 1592607091401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sold the bottom
>bought the top
stay retarded biz

>> No.20727359

Could've had 1389 since the rebase was 16% LOL
Really based anon. How much did you make? 5 cents? As opposed to a 16% gain? Woah.

>> No.20727387

DR; back to plebbit

>> No.20727849

Your fud is not going to work, nor is the same retarded thread you made about this.

>> No.20727892

Have you looked at the addresses he sent?

>> No.20727908

funny because i was literally thinking about dumping ampl and buying rsr sub 1 cent

>> No.20727955

The pool he's talking about has literally been unlocking for months now (in small increments), yet somehow, in less than 12 hours, THEY'RE GONNA DUMP EVERYTHING AND IT'S GONNA BE A DEATH SPIRAL (SELL YOUR BAGS PLS). Please do not fall for this.

>> No.20728000

Thats some high end fud

>> No.20728236

I'll admit, most people haven't seen the Medium article about this, so it's probably the best AMPL fud so far (which isn't saying much).

>> No.20728284

So its not going to be a 50million dump, probably like 2.5 million, if that? What an asshole, theres no guarantee there is even going to even be a sell. Nice job bears

>> No.20728878


Just use this.

>> No.20728921
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, 1559169330276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks fren

>> No.20728941

the bears are not here anon. they're circling eth and btc...

>> No.20729003

why the tokens don't appear on metamask after I trade them on uniswap?

>> No.20729547

Add the smart contract via metamask, custom token, paste this 0xd46ba6d942050d489dbd938a2c909a5d5039a161

>> No.20730302

these kind of milfs get me rock hard instantly, i dont know why , when i see one im straight up

>> No.20730364

which part of held through rebase and then swung after rebase did you not understand, anon

>> No.20730545

>sell the bottom
>buy the top

never change /biz/

>> No.20730775

I too am all in folks

>> No.20730799

You ain't black

>> No.20731053

It will always seek 1$ equilibrium, if top whales decide it's time to dump there won't be enough liquidity for them to get out without obliterating the price. Let's say they dump it to 0.5$ what are normie holders going to do? Sell asap. > Price drops even lower. Economic principles are very sound, it doesn't take into account human greed tho. What is the incentive to buy at 0.5 if it's bleeding even lower?

>> No.20731100

At least put some effort into your fud. Might as well just yell ponzi and save youself typing all these words that are just as retarded

>> No.20731162


I was myself skeptical about betting on AMPL as it could burn me hard.

But please, as said my dear colleague >>20731100
Try harder or don't

Why even bother?

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>> No.20731232

For real help me understand how it will behave in a whale dumping scenario, let's say I'm the biggest whale out there and I want to get out of AMPL to buy 20 yachts, I dump my bags and price crashes to 0.5, why would people buy in at 0.5 if it's crashing and rebasing lower?

>> No.20731237

Circulating supply increased more than total supply last night. Can anyone help me with this? Why it happened?

Not a FUD. Serious question. I own .004%

>> No.20731338

Been out of the crypto game for a while.

So this coin rebounds every single day to about 1 dollar right?

So when i buy at 2 dollar it rebounds back to 1 dollar and i double my stack right?

stupid question, it works this way on Kucoin too right?

>> No.20731341

he cashed ou a ton of ethereum. that’s how he could pay the taxes

>> No.20731392

probably geyser rewards and early investor releases

>> No.20731425

seriously? paying more taxes is FUD now?
I guess I shouldn't be a multi-millionaire because I have to pay more taxes. Its a good problem to have

>> No.20731697

% ownership of network is what matters and it stays the same even if some coins are deleted from your wallet. you would hold because if demand is constant the price of your smaller number of coins would theoretically go up.

>> No.20731812

For the rebasing, does it look at the price of that day or the day before?

>> No.20731829

You really think we’re growing for 60 days? Incredible

>> No.20732063

we are growing last 30 days, why not next 60?

>> No.20732201

Liquidity in uni is at ATH and growing, that’s my main indicator on if it’s still bullish

>> No.20732302

Liquidity in uni will stay high because of the geyser

I think liquidity dropping will be an effect of the market cap crashing not a cause

>> No.20732336

Makes sense, still Ampleforth hold more than 50% of the total supply, there's a risk that they might start dumping it themselves to found the project. Got some in Argent, I'm curious how it's gonna evolve.

>> No.20732360
File: 45 KB, 993x1023, 1688026844578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMPL dumping
its over bros...

>> No.20732446

40m investor tokens unlocked today. Kek.

>> No.20732610

Where is the best place to park ampl? Geyser seems like the place to leave it if you’re sitting on a large bag while smaller bags seem like they’d be better off in a wallet.

>> No.20732655
File: 8 KB, 236x190, retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Investing in shitcoins during bitcoin bullrun

>> No.20733201

>seeing his face stresses me the fuck out
Need a cookie little baby girl? Pathetic.

>> No.20733899

It would get scooped up so fast by large money on the sidelines, since you’d be able to acquire a large percentage of network ownership under 1$.

Don’t get fooled by people calling this a shitcoin - the fact it is sitting where it is at the moment, should tell you a lot. There hasn’t been a new primitive like BTC or ETH ever, so there are many interested whales out there, willing to hedge a bet that this can capture a decent amount of the market.

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