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Stop whatever it is that you're doing and buy year.finance thank me later

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0.5 YFI = Suicide stack
10 YFI = Make it stack

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It’s already mooned from nothing to top 100. It’s a yield farming coin. The good news is that there is one other yield farming coin besides YFI.

INSULA (ISLA) is still under the radar but people are finally picking up on it.


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I have $350 sitting in a uniswap YFI/ETH liquidity pool. Rn

Plus $200 in a Link/eth pool.

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ISLA sounds to much like islam. Normies will avoid that shit desu.

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What's a good stack on this one

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should i buy this?

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Isla is a piece of shit shill and you know it. Why do you have to spam that shit on every thread in hopes of keeping Isla afloat. It's a low level pajeet coin. Seeing people like you constantly spamming it on every thread just confirms my suspicions. Some anon already exposed your shill groups earlier on today, with links and everything. Fucking die Rameesh and take Isla with you.

YFI isn't in the top 100 its 240th on CMC and it mooned because there was 0 volume to start off with so it's literally only just starting out you low IQ pajeet. Good on you for dumping your bags on upcoming retards who end up buying into it because they're too retarded to realise but just stop shit posting it on every thread

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Yeah go all in on Isla, just make sure you're the first to exit once the dump starts. Biz will get burnt so hard on it, hopefully that will put an end to all the "gem" shill PnD relays on here

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Isla is great just follow the biztard crowd and you're deemed to make it 100%

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1k stack should be plenty

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Exposed? Lol wat the fuck are you talking about? Tin foil degenerate fuck.

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Rameesh I can't wait to laugh at all these biztards behind the screen once you initiate the Isla discord dumps, they will get what they "deserve", keep up the great work

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>Tin foil degenerate fuck

ooooh I'm sorry did I hurt your little feelings LMAO

It's in the archive, and you know exactly what I'm about, if you actually weren't a part of a those shill groups you'd ask me for a link instead of attacking and defending yourself lol - got him

Get back to making curry powder rameesh

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gtfo pajeet

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I’ll let the price of Insula do the talking , Anon. You can drown in your conspiracies if you’d like. I dont even know what you’re trying to get at.

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Cap dot finance. Next yfi

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This type of technology is clearly over your head, Anon. It’s ok. Have fun with your internet monies.

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I don't give a fuck about you nor Isla nor about the gullible retards who buy into it. I congratulate you on the pump and the upcoming dump and I mean it. Just stop spamming your Isla posts in every thread, you always start off by fuding other projects followed by an Isla shill like you did here.

I hope these morons who do buy into it get hit so hard that they won't be able to recover because this place has become infested with them these days. Biz back in 2016-18 has more intellect around.

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Next YFI? so no tokens earmarked for early investors or team members?

people thinking YFI going to dump like typical small caps shilled on biz. Problem is there are no large early investors to dump. Largest wallet is less than 4%. Some of these other projects have 50%+ tokens set aside for VC and early investors to dump on you as soon as it starts to moon

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DYOR so you don't sound like a retard projecting.

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There’s still plenty of time to get in before the pump Anon. No one knew about this last week and now there’s a lot of people finding out about it. You’re delusional if you think it’s dumping under $2 for long. And dip has instantly been bought up for almost 2 days now. The influencers are keeping quite about it because they want in. Everyone wants in.

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Based. Like YFI but a million times better

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I've looked at the website and YFI looks like it's doing the same thing 100 other shitcoins on uniswap are doing. Can someone explain to me what the difference is?

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I'm not a retard like the majority of Anons on here... I don't buy the top. Stop hijacking threads I don't want anything to do with your shitcoin.

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>the top
Not even close to the top yet, pohnrahj

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no one gives a fuck about your pajeetcoin

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Nice try abjeeta

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I'm waiting for DIA. It's clearly going to sell out at $6 with all this FOMO. For for an entry under $2. MuhOracles.

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Fuck off this was never an Isla thread to start off with you absolute cancer. I don't give a shit about your "tech" or anything to do with it. You've started these arguments by spamming this thread.

Huge red flag by the way to all the newfags on here.

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What I don't get about cap is that it seems to be synthetic stocks with no actual asset behind it? Synthetix too.

Why do people put money in those things? Is it just a shared delusion gambling market?

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Key rule of biz. The shit that gits the least shills on here and most fud usually ends up being the most successful. Aka, Link (back in 2016-17), Tellor, YFI

These discord groups will rince everyone with their Isla pump and other shit that's being pushed super hard this week. I wonder what's on the list for next week? Take it for what you will.

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The real big brain play is to buy into Fantom, which is at a fraction of YFI's market cap despite being the main platform it will be running on.

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Andre is still working with Fantom.
Haven't researched FTM? Its just the first DAG based smart contract platform with instant confirmations and near zero fees.
It also uses the same address format as ETH so your ETH address is also your Fantom address at the same time, which makes it really easy to deploy any existing Ethereum based dApps on Fantom.

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Fuck me the amount of pajeets shilling their shitcoins inside other threads today is on a whole new never before seen level.

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bought 135k just the other day...

shit is still a penny, its not too late.

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It's probably a good sign when people are trying to piggyback off of the excitement they perceive in something you're invested in.

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