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hey, janjan why u dont ban this schizo.
hshs btc and eth pumping, where is ur gaylink schizo?

kisd my butt 42

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42 is a schizo tranny janjan. he deletes shitposts about his shitcoin.

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Hottest one yet.

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linklets BTFO

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I can't wait to have a daughter.

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don’t be fooled

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I want to marry her

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Hes right you know.

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dont fuck ur daughter retard>>20715958
thats 42

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This is the type of woman that will ruin your life. You can always tell.

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I can't imagine the pain of raising a stupid daughter, all that time, money and effort and she just ends up making stupid twerking vids.

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it's even worse than that, look in the opposite corner.

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>Tells you to hodl ETH
>Ruins your life

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she has a very disgusting body

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her father was a deadbeat alcoholic (that molested her) and her mother a prostitute, she admitted it in past threads.
she also eats her own feces.

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eww wtf is that nigga

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Now I am acutely aware of the fact that every girl that I've fapped to is someone's daughter or sister. Feels uneasy, man.

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u jealous schizo 42>>20716149

schizo 42 is not right>>20715997

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>those gums
wew lads

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thats a frontal shot of the polish trashbag
typical for drug addicts, I guess its meth but she didnt confirm

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Where is schizo 42. I know that nasty schizo tranny linker is here somewhere. Why did you get the other thread deleted you nasty stinker?

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where do I find this video?

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feces = actual cake
surely you know this ? you've seen the uncropped pic ? right ?

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here is her mediocre porn that earns less then a hygiene technician cleaning the porcelain in McDonalds
you dressed your shit up as "cake", fucking disgusting

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dont pay attention it my ex tipper which tip fat cow and rage

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ahah truth hurts? eww ugly men cant find a gf .ur parents alcholics, mom gets fuck bbc
what i can say ure a loser kys

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Hey babe. Move to the US and be my housewife. You should be barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen.

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Poopy monster

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in psychology we call this projecting and you are doing that and everytime you give me a bit more details about you.
now you confirmed that your mother was an alcoholic too, (explains the FAS)
and you also confirmed that your mother had sexual relations with nonwhites.

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sure lol will find this fag which hates me i know where he lives

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Take the bbc swamp

>> No.20717629

Will you eat more shitcake with your cunt if I tip u 5 bux in BTC?

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btfo retard

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Take the bbc you nasty schizo tranny linker. You were made for it.

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go away
eat some poop

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Fulfill your destiny and take the bbc. You were made for it.

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Arinka jak masz na imię? Ile potrzebuję ETH żeby się z tobą spotkać?

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1000 , u got it?

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Mam więcej, ale nie wiem czy jesteś ich warta. Jak masz na imię?

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i will marry with german. he will teach black magic, fuck off

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A to dlatego żresz gówno, żeby się niemcom przypodobać.

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thats a cake, more trust coomer from cb shich tip on fat cow

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