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chainlink is dumping, big mac betrayed you

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feet or gtfo

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if ure a tickle fashist, fuck no.
no feets fascists

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This, show feet or leave

also thank you for Ampleforth, I am getting so rich

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every time i see this ugly bitch posted, i wince in disgust

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Maaaaan, you are. har har har

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This thot is so ugly and cringe.

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not sure who this whore is but her face is absolutely fucking hideous

reminds me of pic related

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feet is the thinking mans fetish, your loss bitch.

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i dont hold ampleforth
look , how many stinkers rage ahahhaha

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>btc mooning
I'd say, btc barely moving

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That will do

>i dont hold ampleforth

That's too bad, I had a bunch of profit that I had decided to throw at a memecoin, and your recommendation sealed the deal

If this thing flips tether I'm gonna send you a finder's fee

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i dont have cash on shitcoins
im poor , right now.when fix my life then i will buy btc

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how come poor if you shill coins that pump? or do you come fr poor coutry?

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Well, keep posting here at least for the rest of the year cuz if I make it I'm cutting you in for a percent

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because cam whores after corona more and costumers less plus cam studios use bots their fat cow was in top

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That's a man

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love u. you are an amazing person and the world would be less without you. thank you for being born on this planet with us.

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if it's true that you're from PL then dzieki za podkrecenie ksiezycowych monet

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That's a man

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cute soles

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lmfaoo nice joke, daddy
thank u daddy coomer
ure welcome, kurwa

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Where are you from?

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You moved. Somewhere nicer I hope. - Nakamoto

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moved, long story, hows ur new shitcoin And fat gf?

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Dupa, thats the only Polish word I know.

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i want to fuck you

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fich dick meine Arsh
im tired whore, i dont use drugs keek

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she is addicted to hard drugs (meth) and drinks a lot of alcohol.
we also know that her father was an alcoholic deadbeat that molested her (her mother which was also a whore allowed this).
thats how she turned into a camwhore that has to eat her own shit for pocket change.

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Actually, start using a tripcode pls, if I'm gonna send you that percent, it'll be easier that way

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no you dont really want this

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>fich dick meine Arsh
Google translate: fich my ass thick

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fuck my ass

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which one?

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Well I have no link so my dick is big and thick, are you sure?

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sure, 20 cm is fine

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That's a man

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Gdy uda ci sie byc niezalezna finansowo (od tego co teraz robisz), np monety ktore masz wyjebie w kosmos i bedziesz gucci to co zrobisz? Rzucisz camwhoring w pieruny mac czy bedziesz kontynuowac?

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ohh baby girl i respect you so much i want to support you financially, without any demands you are a princess and i will take care of you baby

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Your a whore

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it's "fick meinen arsch"

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How many dicks can you fit in your ass?

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Any? One that's double hashed so some retard can't dictionary attack it in 10 seconds

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thank you daddy

but ure larping , meoow
yes, cam whore
are a german?

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Liar, I'll rape your boipucci you fucking whore

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>yes, cam whore
Whats the name? i need to see this butthole for research purposes

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covering up your broken teeth i see

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dildos only, stupid
how will in german. daddy fuck my tiny cunt

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search urself kek

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Not a bratwurster myself and my german is rusty but i think it's sth along the lines: "pappa, fick meine kleine fotze"

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danke shoon, sounds hot

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I want to marry you

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Is it too late to buy link at its current price?

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Found it! that is an impressive butthole

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you are so obsessed with her bro. Every thread she makes you spam it. Do you normally fap hard to these threads?

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No I dont fap to ugly drug addicts
I think of her as my own Chris Chan

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What is she eating in this one? Is that dirt?

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yes do it
cake, that fag in love with me

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Well you're still a whore desu.

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attention whore yes, whore internetreal life i dont do sex with random faggots

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dropped and saged

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>tfw you will never fill an attractive anti-linker with sperm

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its her own feces
>i dont do sex with random faggots
thats what all whores say, they think this raises their market value.

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worship on vitalik, he is biz god

and kiss my ass fag

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you literally shilled ampleforth 2 weeks ago

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and? i dont have it kek

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Poland is the centre of real crypto knowledge it seems
What do you have?

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When it comes to huge ecosystems like Chainlink, sustainability plays an important role! Continuous adoption, increasing utilization are core fundamentals behind sustainability. Tokoin.io ecosystem sets a good example of how sustainable ecosystems should be!

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eth and btc like true chad


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>holding deadweight while you could have got a 3x that you shilled to the rest of the board
holy fuck you're really as stupid as you look

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oh look it's the shit-eater coming back trolling for dick and begging for shekels and flashing her smelly puss around

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oh my frien, shizo backfuck janjan
no cash

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Its every girls dream to be spit roasted by Adam and Vitalik

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He are you that girl with the Pornhub account? I fapped once on you, you filthy succubus.

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The absolute state of nolinkers

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Fuck 42 also. Schizo janjans will not win.

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>shizo backfuck
that's right bitch
where's your younger and tighter sister?
no one cares for your leftovers

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i find this thread insane, the op is an ugly ass girl and yet there are 87 replies.

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>Schizo janjans
oh I'm here to clean up
but I'm no (((janitor)))

>Fuck 42 also

>i find this thread insane, the op is an ugly ass girl and yet there are 87 replies.
just report and move on

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You are a janjans. You report threads you don't like. Janjans will never win. Shitposting will prevail.

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>Shitposting will prevail.
literal shitposting in your case

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Yea schizo trannylinkers deserve to be shitposted on. You are made for it. You are too weak to stop it.

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