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Do you guys know something that we don't? Their marketing kinda sucks.

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Yeah we know that after the adoption phase starts all of those PhD's will put their massive brains behind marketing.

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At this point, it really is just:
>MUH TECH GIANT PARTNERSHIP!! (Dev confirmed it was the Google "participation" thing last week)
>MUH WORKING PRODUCT (hello world? Kek)
>MUH LINK WHALES ACCUMULATING!! (Only partly true, but to the extent that was earlier claimed has been debunked as a RLCtard linking binance market wallets as the "whale" LMAO)
(clever buzzword shill tactic to trick the newfags this year into falling for this yearly PnD)
It really is over, gilles.

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Imagine caring about partnerships in 2020

Nice hello world fud that was updated and he showed it working

Enjoy your shitcoin bags when RLC inevitably moons and takes all your value

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>imagine caring about partnerships
That was all the shills have been going on about this whole time, MUH TECH GIANT PARTNERSHIPS!! lol nice try
>nice hello word fud that was updated
Yes it worked the second time, but not the first. Again, nice try
>enjoy your shitcoin bags
Eth and btc are shitcoins are they?
Look keep your rlc bags faggot, just don't say we didn't warn you.

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Why listen to the shills instead of the guys talking about the tech lol

It was being updated for the NFT integration for v5.

ETH is definitely a shitcoin. Promised to be the world computer and soon realized they couldn't scale. iExec fixes that.

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>the street shitters even tried to make a catchphrase by copying DR;NS

beyond pathetic

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Because in a sea of pajeet-tier shilling, its hard to take the tech aspect of it that seriously, especially when next to nobody uses the tech, they deliberately mislead people with that tech giant announcement and gilles and his french faggot brigade are so behind on the adoption phase of this project that they might've left it too late at this point.

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It's working with Google on a project not big? Seems it

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I bought a lil bit of this as a meme. Is it dumped forever and totally a scam? or can I look to break even in the future?

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How are they working on a project with Google?

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Go read the Google medium post man you fuckers are low iq

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