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Decentralized Exchange - /DEX/ General

Gas prices are insane right now, does anyone know of any DEX's that are not run on the ethereum chain that are also erc-20 compatible?

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sounds like an open niche in the market right now, doesn't it anon ^^

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loopring nigger
it's trustless and almost free, although withdrawing & depositing takes ~30 minutes

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why does it takes so long to withdraw? do they have custody over my funds at any point?

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Sounds like a scam

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fantom will hopefully be pushing an exchange soon, and there will be no slippage. Just gotta be patient for right now.

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loopring is using the zk snarks meme, their contract holds your coins but it can't do anything with them without your signed messages.
withdrawing takes a while because they batch a lot of withdrawals together.
If you remember stuff like etherdelta, the contract there held your coins, but you had to make a tx to trade, loopring is similar but instead of having you do a tx when you wanna trade, it asks you to sign a message with your private keys (this is free and instant), and then it does some sick math on its server and matches or puts your order instantly. And periodically it just writes a bit into the eth blockchain to set everyone's trades in stone.

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>off chain

Pick one

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