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>dumps even more
What went wrong

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You could say its flying.. Downwards

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I thought we were going to $10 boys :(

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piece of shit

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Hype is all that matters in crypto, and DMG's hype sputtered out a long time ago.

Don't fight the trend guys. Highest volume coin right now is Ampleforth. Get in or get left in the dust.

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Its always been a fraudulent project, you got scammed. It will dump to .70 then deadcat to get you suckers back in once more then go to .2-.3.

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bunch of anons tried to force it as /ourcoin/

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If you stayed in after they lied about coinbase then you deserved to lose money

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DMG stands for damaged

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Do you mean linkies lied the us declaring it as the next link?
Who would have thought

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none of you know about aug 6. haha stupid goyims thats right dump it to 1$ let it crab aug 6 we will see 2$

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0.50$. We are all waiting for this price to go in. Act accordingly.

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i am financially DMGd

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