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Enjoying all those """"gains"""" in the stock market??? lmaoooo

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This is retarded. There is so much positive news out right now concerning this stock. Why isn't $NAK mooning right now? Should I buy the dip???

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jesus christ on the fucking cross tesla go DOWN

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>What the fuck is a broker

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First for don’t sell your fucking NAK you autistic retards

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Get in on the meme, goes down immediately. K

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First for DFFN
And cunny appreciation

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Bobo, surely this wasnt it, right?

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>Why isn't $NAK mooning right now?
We have a very long road ahead of us. However if we just hold, we're going to get at least 100% gains.

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Schwab took too long to process my deposit and I missed the big SPAQ dip REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Why didn't you get Intel at sub 50?

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>bought in before the biggest drop in the entire bullrun
yes, this sounds essentially like my luck

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There is a biblical battle going on between 1500 call and put buyers for TSLA.
And TQQQ seems to be tracking it LOL

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Do NOT take the Lord's name in vain.

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This was the top

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Ackman can pull the rug now. I'm ready.

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Always hold at least 20% cash

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to hell with jannies
to hell with niggers
to hell with paying renbts

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kys spamming nigger

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Isn't bernie going to shut that shit down once he wins? Then all money would be gone?

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this where are the gals

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Mother fucking Dillard’s

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Is this a big brain big dick move, or is it a virgin brainlet move?

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Fuck intel

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I hold 0.7% cash

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Calling the Rat Prophet.


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Buy NAK on the dip?

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>Wake up
>Portfolio down another 2%
Waking up was a mistake.

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You DID buy TSM sub $50 right?

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any suggestions

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Bought $200k INTEL calls.
This drop is a retarded over reaction.
Going to retire once people realize it's way too cheap.

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CLSK CHADS RISE UP! Do you guys think there is momentum left after today? I have a feeling $5 might be the new resistance but I’ve made enough profit to be satisfied pulling out.

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I placed a buy order for mid 40s
Tbh 52w low is 39 so it might still happen

>> No.20649296

-_- bros I got a 90 day violation

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What's the harm in it?

>> No.20649301

He was actually admitting on CNBC that he sold too early and underestimated tech valuations. And it was right before the first NASDAQ rug pull. Kek. Fucking kikes

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Buy intel dip? Whats the opinion guys?

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Take profit at 15% and get the fuck out, don't hold over the weekend.. especially against Google.

Sell AAL $13/12.5 call spreads for 7/31.

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lmao, just find a new broker.

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>The proposed road is a change from the original plan submitted by the Pebble Limited Partnership. The company wanted to access the mine using icebreakers to cross Alaska’s largest lake, but the Corps determined a road skirting the north side of the lake was environmentally preferable.

>Native organizations that own land along the route have vowed to prevent Pebble from using it, which could tie the project up in legal wrangling.

This is why it's not moving, the project can still get fucked and even if not the legal proceedings could delay it for years

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Just woke up, I approve

Me and Rhonda eating well tonight

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I bought below the means when it happened. Which was a rare occurrence. I am not disappointed.

>> No.20649344

see >>20649281
Intel still has a fuckload of options and basically owns every market still.

>> No.20649346

Buy intel!?!

>> No.20649350

You retard, get a different broker

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You rang?

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My gambling payed off

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Don't feel bad. I got on the meme last night down 8%+ right now. Should i kms?

>> No.20649357

I dont like it when you can buy good companies on a.less.dip

>> No.20649362

No, I'm holding through earnings. Fauci and Trump fucked up the entire economy.

>> No.20649363

It's an SEC regulation T retard.

>> No.20649373

imagine create new gold mines that fuck up the environment when we have bitcoin. bunch of clowns

>> No.20649375

Is it too late to get in on SILJ?

>> No.20649378

Don't fucking sell in the bear trap. I swear you tards actually follow the Buy High Sell Low mantra

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This stock is unreliable as fuck

>> No.20649384

>Intel 1million years failing to produce a 10nm desktop shit
>Yeah guys not this year either maybe end of 2021
>AMD chips cheaper, faster, efficient and secure

>> No.20649385

I did too on RH. Just simply moved money to webull. Problem is its going to take over a week to move the money unless you want to just reimburse yourself when it clears

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Intel basically just got unlucky reporting ER on a scary red day

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Hello fellow smart investor

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Yes I bought the PLUG dip this morning how could you tell?

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Fucking NATIVES!

>I have a huge thing for native girls even though they're all fucking nuts

>pic related

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Tfw bought DFFN at 1.39

Hold me bros

>> No.20649423

Only retarded zoomers care about the difference between 3nm 5nm 10nm, the 2 billion people in India and China are still going to use 10nm shitty laptops. Stay delusional in your American bubble. Think outside the box.

>> No.20649427

>this decade

>> No.20649434

SPY is at 321

>> No.20649437

I doubled down already. Got my average down to 3.383. Still down just shy of 10%. Kms is still on the table

>> No.20649442

Intel will go back to above 50, but this is a bad week to be buying it. AMD will correct down after earnings, and Intel will correct up because it still owns the server and data center space. What should worry holders of both is Apple ditching them both for ARM.

The market really does run on simple reasons. Sabre rattling about China is surely putting downward pressure on some things, as are the possibility of tech hearings. But the primary reason not to buy right now is about what isn't happening today. Another day without stimulus as congress fights among themselves. I don't see overall markets pushing higher again until there is better certainty of a agreement in place for the 2nd round of stimulus.

>> No.20649444

How many time did we have to tell you to buy gold/silver stock? How many dubs did we have to get for you to believe?

>> No.20649445

why do you post shit like this?

>> No.20649447

>long term options

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>> No.20649453



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shit. I used a day trade to sell already qt 8 39 to double down and lose is all in NAK.

How do i do this?

>> No.20649467

Google the ticker and dividend

>> No.20649468

the upper half of her face looks 20 an the lower half looks 45

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>> No.20649475

I bought 20 shares and 10 calls on this dip but you're fucking delusional.

>> No.20649476

How many of you smoothbrains got shook off this morning? Be honest.

>> No.20649477

What is happening to tesla

>> No.20649479

Now behold my dubs to super confirm this

>> No.20649482

It was so fucking dumb. Just trading in "unsettled funds" now my bank makes me wait 2 days between big plays? What the fuck

>> No.20649484

what are you buying with? or just go to nasdaq.com and click dividend history

intel has a 2.16 dividend btw

>> No.20649486

Lul, nice emotion based decision making there. Seethe

>> No.20649487

it has been caught in the claws of the crab

>> No.20649495

>just bought into $NAK at $2.15
>immediately starts tanking

Just fuck my shit up.

>> No.20649499

What's the best book I can read for investments? I know that online resources are 'quicker,' I just like reading. Maybe something not written in the1950s

>> No.20649501

La goblina

>> No.20649503

You invested $2000 because you wanted dividends? You actually fell for the boomer meme?

>> No.20649505

Red pill me on NAK

>> No.20649506

Well she's 31 so I guess that makes sense, their lips are just like that

>> No.20649507

I sold NAK at opening and made 55 bucks

>> No.20649513

Which stock?

>> No.20649525

dumb people bought it, and smart people who waited for it to go up sold it for short term cash.

>> No.20649532

INTC paying 0.33 with ex-div date of august 6

>> No.20649535

thats weird. I never had an issue with that.

>> No.20649538

Took tsm profits at 76.15

When to get back in... Put it for 70 on a limit. But I dunno.

>> No.20649539

>intel has a 2.16 dividend btw

does this mean I get $2.16 a month for every stock I own?

>> No.20649543

how is a native a mutt?

>> No.20649545

lots of loser anons who cant think for themselves like to spam bad feel memes

>> No.20649547

>All these delusional zoomers crying over 3nm and 5nm and 7nm
Boomers run the market and they don't give a single fuck about your 0.532 nanometer dick 3 FPS comparisons. If you're so sure about Intel's downfall, show me your short positions. Oh you can't because it's not going to drop like a rock since it already did overnight! See you guys in October when these calls are up 500%.

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>these uncertain times
>these crazy times
>wear a mask
>george floyd
>unprecedented era
>I'm wearing my mask at home because it's so comfortable!


>> No.20649550

They don't want poor people to make it. Imagine, you suddenly made your yearly income swing trading during high volatility and the next day you go into work and tell mr. nosenberg to shove it, you're quitting.

>> No.20649554

I'll see you on Tuesday.

>> No.20649560

The implied volatility tells you everything

>> No.20649562

But I’m already in September and August SLV and SILJ calls anon

>> No.20649563

almost. i sold but bought back when it went a little lower. im made tree fitty off that escapade. gonna go buy me a couple packs of gum with that win.

>> No.20649567

No, you also need to look up how often they pay out

>> No.20649568

no he means the dividend yield is 2.16%

>> No.20649570

Why is GME mooning

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>people who bought SQQQ
Fucking retards.

>> No.20649582

Already in like 4 of them familia....

>> No.20649592

They aren’t mutts but they are the goblin genes for sure

>> No.20649599

The smaller size is huge for.performand AND power usage. Its not

>> No.20649602

is that a man?

>> No.20649608


try using google it is a very helpful tool

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option flow for TQQQ has turned from BULLISH to BEARISH

>> No.20649625

I made like 9% on SQQQ. Then I sold it

>> No.20649634


>> No.20649637

They should just have Meg in a bikini giving stock tips all day

>> No.20649647

I just dont really understand the violation honestly. Like I can only trade with settled funds, but they execute the trades so.... they already know the money is good. Why would it even take 2 days to settle? And that means now I just cant fucking swing trade anymore? Do I require margin what's the deal. Sorry apparently I'm new enough not to understand the nuances but not so new that I'm not crushing indexes 5x over

>> No.20649652
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SQQQ option flow

>> No.20649664

Nvda market cap

>> No.20649665

Ahahah you fucking retard.
Youre prepared to spend 2000 dollars but you cant find a Jewtube video to explain to you how dividends work?

>> No.20649670

Why didn't you buy TQQQ at 102?

>> No.20649674

you are trying to reason with a cultist

>> No.20649679

You must have a cash account. Shits fucked.

>> No.20649680

NAK is about to make a comeback, last chance to buy.

>> No.20649682

Made me look you fucker

>> No.20649690

What website is this?

>> No.20649693

I would never pull out of her and entangle our lives forever by impregnating her thus opening the door to suggesting pregnant sex when she hornmonal

>> No.20649709

because my money was already all in for 118, that's how I roll

>> No.20649713

Amd is great. They have a long way to go before fucking with nvda's dinner.

>> No.20649723

Just bought 5 with what crumbs lefr in my zoomerhood account.

>> No.20649724

welcome to zoomers

>> No.20649730

Fuck amd, after giving them 2 chances on their gpu and shit cpu back before ryzen I vowed to never buy from them. Just because they made decent cpu this time does justify their shit gpu. Regret buying their shit ever.

>> No.20649732

I do. I just figured it out, its called free riding and I guess it only counts if it's a day trade cause I buy shit with unsettled funds all the god damn time

>> No.20649742

I am interested in the performance of their new high end video cards coming out. Hopefully it will actually compete with nvidia.

>> No.20649750

You precious metals guys were right SLV is for losers. Gonna take the gains on these calls and buy silj and gdjx instead

>> No.20649751
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I have said this before and I will say it again, the people who sell NAK for a paltry 10% profit are like those who bought Amazon in 2007 and sold it in 2008. You don't day-trade with a mining stock.

>> No.20649759

She look like a crazy fuck

>> No.20649769

Because NASDAQ hasn’t established any solid support yet. It can rise and kiss $110 before violently swinging back down again. I’m sitting out for the day. Things are too volatile and uncertain.

>> No.20649780

I’m kind of retarded and don’t understand it too much. With a 2.16% DV, each time that they payout is it 2.16% of the stocks that you own? I know there’s videos, but sometimes they don’t give simple answers.

>> No.20649782
File: 1.23 MB, 1051x681, Screenshot_8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based Fed saves the day again!
I'm going to get one of these bad boys to celebrate.

>> No.20649784

>I don't see overall markets pushing higher again until there is better certainty of a agreement in place for the 2nd round of stimulus.
That’s why you buy NOW before the agreement is in place. If you wait until it is announced you’ll miss the pump.

>> No.20649794

Most women high on meth and drunk on mouthwash are.

>> No.20649796

I did too on rh. I got popped because I knowingly and willingly used a last and final day trade on the idex scandal and it turns out it recovered the next day so I locked my account for no reason lol. Fuck it. I work at 5 and up at 4. I hated watching my money go up and down for 5 hours waiting until 9 anyway

>> No.20649801

again try using google

What Is Dividend Yield?
The dividend yield, expressed as a percentage, is a financial ratio (dividend/price) that shows how much a company pays out in dividends each year relative to its stock price.

>> No.20649803

How do I know I'm not buying the top on NAK?

>> No.20649805

> buy NAK

Fucking hate you losers

>> No.20649816

The shit just got approved, but with the current climate we can expect some extensive native american protests shortly

>> No.20649818

It was 3.75 last week

>> No.20649822

realistically how long are we talking here. I have little patience and I also don't have a big account so when I'm in a few if I sit too long I get bored because I don't have more to gamble

>> No.20649829

2.16% yearly. Whether thats bi-anual, quarterly or monthly is declared by the company on their financial sheet.

>> No.20649831
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My people say, don't fall for bear traps

>> No.20649834

Cuz it’s a lame ass boomer stock headed to the likes of ford and att. Money will stagnant for decades but boomers will cry b-b-but muh dividends

>> No.20649836

>listening to tripfags ever
that was the red flag for me

>> No.20649847

I've been buying. I did fuck myself and not sell before the drop with the ones I had. So I guess Ill hold

>> No.20649849
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Already up 20% and it's just gonna keep going up even more while you guys are moonchasing random shit like NAK


>> No.20649853

So is it still a big brain move to invest in SILJ or is that shit gonna tank?

>> No.20649855

>you don't day trade "x"
Watch me.

>> No.20649856

>INTC actually pumping my portfolio
well shit thanks to the anon who said to grab those calls

>> No.20649857


It's better just to get into GDXJ and SILJ if you don't have patience. MUX or LIO if you want a good small-cap. NAK is dangerously speculative, and should only have 1-3% of your portfolio at any rate.

>> No.20649860

NAK would of been back to 1 after these red days but it stayed at the 2 support line. Kind of solid if you ask me.

>> No.20649861

>native american
You and I both know who the protesters will actually be compromised of.

>> No.20649862


>> No.20649864

guys tech is recovering fast and hard

>> No.20649865

To all who own WKHS I just wanna show you this:

In a best-case scenario, Schrader (Workhorse CFO) said Workhorse has a massive opportunity in the next two years with both vans and drones.

“In two years, best case, we get the Post Office contract, we also have a lot more orders and we’re producing to the tune of maybe 2,000 to 3,000 new vehicles per year in the C-Series,” he said.

>in two years

Your USPS contract wont be a thing until 2 years from now

>> No.20649867
File: 1.07 MB, 2048x2573, yui yokoyama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay well you didnt buy under 50 and you didnt buy under 51

its literally your last chance to buy under 52

>> No.20649868

of course they are buying FAANG the absolute bastards

>> No.20649876

I bought msft today

>> No.20649883
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>market tanks on no news
>market rallies on no news
>market crabs on huge news

>> No.20649884
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sold my sqqq for 100 profit. what now?

>> No.20649885
File: 33 KB, 604x604, BFDD857B-7E9E-4D39-9255-60E821FA8559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the tech cheapies

>> No.20649887

So I guess I just gotta sign up for margin?

>> No.20649889

You can't even get change anymore. All currency is being hoarded. Think about it.

>> No.20649896

Unironically a big brain move. If buying options tho, buy them out to end of August/beginning of September.

>> No.20649901

>boomer detected

Keep using your fax machine grandpa! Lmao

>> No.20649905

now TQQQ

>> No.20649915

I hope the market crashes and you lose your home, stop gloating

>> No.20649917

Why is it FAANG instead of FAAM(icrosoft)G

>> No.20649920

People saw a solid bottom and want into tech.

>> No.20649921
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Gee, that's a surprise.

>> No.20649926

I would put it all on NAK

>> No.20649928
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>They thought TQQQ would go below 100
>He sold his TQQQ

>> No.20649929

>Tech is pumping again
Praise the lord.

>> No.20649930

Tesla puts.

>> No.20649932
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SILJ is going at least 10x higher. See >>20649751. Gold is going 3x higher to reach its $1900 high in real terms, silver must go 5x to keep up with the gold-silver-ratio, and GDXJ and SILJ go up 2.5x-3x faster than the underlying metals. People who bought SILJ yesterday were panicking that it went down, and I told them that it was so obviously a dip, and that they should buy more. It always will be a dip until this PM bull market is over--in 2, 5, or 10 years.

>> No.20649933

Tech is going to keep deflating until it levels out. I’d be careful

>> No.20649939

that's what your mom said last night

>> No.20649948
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I KNOW I am not wrong

I literally refuse to be wrong.

>> No.20649951
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>Betting against America
Thats what you get for being dumb. See you in church, fags.

>> No.20649954

bought it for more today, but bc it didn't die I have faith and I will put a bit more into it

>> No.20649957


>> No.20649958

microsoft went absolutely nowhere for ages and ages so they never got the hype of the post 2000 blockbusters until recently

>> No.20649959

Nigga why do you guys think intel will stay below 50? All those amd fags will see their shit cpu/gpu stock go back to 5 in the next 2 years once intel comes out with those 7mm. Intel will be 100+ few years from now only a matter of time.

>> No.20649963

What should I buy? I have about $77,000 saved, but only $16,000 of it is invested. Right now I’m mostly invested in AYX, CARR, RTX, and VOO.

>> No.20649966

Is TSM going to dump, or should you just buy now if you plan to hold long term couple years?

>> No.20649972

well should I wait to get in at a lower price?

>> No.20649975

are you implying that elizabeth warren is not a woman of color and that she fraudelently acquired a job at an ivy league university and built her entire political career off a lie, and that the DNC doesn't care about any of that?

>> No.20649976
File: 950 KB, 707x1000, 1562714275880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope SPCE gets back up to 25 or maybe even 26 today.

>> No.20649981

meg in a sweater is hot enough damn

>> No.20649985

>scuffed elbows

>> No.20649996

Hold long fucking idiot

>> No.20649997

What target?

>> No.20650004
File: 605 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200724-110536_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea but I dont think thats the problem unless you clicked the option for a cash account. But if i remember right it tella you that you cannot reverse it once its done.

Check this screen on yours

>> No.20650013

how do I get one of these

>> No.20650014

Phone in your broker and ask him

>> No.20650031
File: 72 KB, 720x400, goldpullback.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No. Buy and buy quickly. Look at what happened to silver a few days ago. This bull market could charge forward at breakneck speed at any moment. Don't be like the people who lost 400% gains by waiting for a dip since April. Simply get in and hold your position.

>> No.20650032

>bought INTC at 50
holy shit easiest buy of my life i didn't even think twice

>> No.20650039

QQQ and probably LMT in case a war breaks out

>> No.20650041

you probably have no yield in your savings account. throw the money in ICSH (short term bonds) while you figure out where to deploy the money. personally i invest boring so split VOO/ICSH and rebalance when you want

>> No.20650044

I hope all you fsggots get raped by a pack of feral niggers.

>> No.20650050

Sell RTX, buy GD.
Buy T.

And buy SILJ.

>> No.20650051

same but it was like 3 months ago

>> No.20650054
File: 28 KB, 255x292, 1549491914199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I sell calls to hedge against this crash?

>> No.20650057

Yes, each share would pay 2.16% yearly. Frequently this is divided into quarters, so each time you receive a dividend it should be 0.54%.

>> No.20650059

>People saw a solid bottom and want into tech.
>ship sinking
>people found some buckets and started bailing out water
>hey guys look we're fine!

>> No.20650068
File: 1.42 MB, 258x193, 1411775788829.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>NKLAtards actually believe there's a factory being built and that the "event" wasn't a basic ass hype presentation

>> No.20650069

The contract award is by end of this year and that guarantees the company a large sum of revenue over many years and I don't even know why I'm bothering wasting my time replying to this shit

>> No.20650073

You buy an older, used model with a lot of mileage, then you make a new one with it and wait a couple of years depending on your state's laws.

>> No.20650074

>betting against tech
Why though? I get doing short term shorts to take advantage of momentum down but long-term tech is by far the best investment you could possibly make.
There is literally no other sector in the entire world economy growing at the rate tech is. And we're just in the beginning phases of a complete and utter upheavel to our way of life. I mean, they're even finally starting to work out the issues of self-driving vehicles, smart cities, personal connectivity...like holy shit, the world we're living in is going to look completely different just twenty years from now. Hell, it's completely different than what it was like when I was a kid twenty years ago.
I get not betting on a single individual company, there's no guarantee GOOG will survive for example, but betting against tech in general is the height of stupidity.

>> No.20650075

how much did you lose today?

>> No.20650076

its a fuckin travesty of a joke. those fuckin native niggers wouldnt have made anything of any natural resources in a million years.
only white man has the motivation. organization and intelligence to plan, engineer and build things. while native sit in there mud huts smoking grass.
and they weren't historically some special earth friendly "protectors" of the environment, they were and are a trash on the landscape since time immemorial.
these days they're just rising up like niggers playing victim role and demanding free gibs at any opportunity.
this victimhood culture is disgusting

>> No.20650077

Well I use my bank, so it is only a cash acct right now

>> No.20650080


Ya this guy called it, we used to get hammered together

>> No.20650081

Also check them. You goddamn fucks.

>> No.20650084

NOC is king of defense contractors

>> No.20650085

Buy more, intel is good at this price point. Fuck all those amd fags never actually bought their shit worthless chips or gpu.

>> No.20650088

Double whammy beatdown on delay news + -5% NASDAQ day? That's a buy. Zoomer fags think a 200B mcap company will randomly go bankrupt even though they post a hefty EPS every single quarter lmao

>> No.20650093

I feel like i should put 90 percent of my money in tsm for the long term and play pump and dumps with the rest.

>> No.20650097

Who the fuck is pumping Jewgle Class-A shares? Don't they fucking know?

>> No.20650103
File: 1.05 MB, 1666x1080, happy iroha oregairu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MSFT crabbing into the green

>> No.20650108

only the basic blonde models exist in my area though
there are also the brown variants but I'm not a fan of them

>> No.20650112

Work at NOC, ama

>> No.20650120
File: 37 KB, 450x405, 2F759733-6A11-43D5-A961-9CD7FFE4D1D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TQQQ green EOD

>> No.20650126

You're gonna be fine lol this shit will be $5 EOY

>> No.20650127

I dont completely doubt you, but looking at the MAX chart for SILJ the highest it's ever gone is $18 before crashing. Why is this time different?

>> No.20650131

Speaking of tech
>biodegradable credit card
Explain this meme that I saw on investing.com

>> No.20650133
File: 551 KB, 1034x781, 1584723749592.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

everything is crabbing
I wonder why
could it be... (?)

>> No.20650136


>> No.20650142

Pretty sure that was resolved.

>> No.20650143

>Fuck all those amd fags never actually bought their shit worthless chips or gpu.
consumer CPUs are a drop in the bucket. Don't look at those when you're comparing Intel and AMD.

>> No.20650145

Its the.relative investment

Tech or ?

Tech is the best even at high pe just try to pick a bit the best tech to overweight then qqq or similar tech etf

>> No.20650160
File: 417 KB, 1920x1080, happy witch rezero.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im just waiting for the right moment to write my options for next week atm.
I think I will wait for monday desu senpai.

>> No.20650165
File: 152 KB, 310x416, 1593544370366 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope Intcel.

>> No.20650167

Northrop-Grumman makes dope planes. Im sure theyre balls deep in everything else like all defense contactors are.

>> No.20650168
File: 248 KB, 721x960, 1592013241608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder the market can never be red two days in a row

Jerome passed the law and Blackrock will enforce it

>> No.20650169

tell me about the RQ-180 & variants
how many have you sold etc.

>> No.20650174

I was thinking more along of who were the actual protesters when the leafs blocked their own rails earlier this year, but that works too.

>> No.20650175

Infinite Fed BRRRRRR is the difference. Open your eyes man, look at the bigger picture!

>> No.20650178
File: 80 KB, 717x713, IMG_20200723_171856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20650180

Look at the ex dividend date.

>> No.20650184

Just apply for a margin account but don't actually buy on margin. That way you can use your funds instantly.

>> No.20650188

I'm in tech and know for a fact that AMD is trending to outperform Intel (hardware-wise), but the latter has astronomical staying power and they only require a slight of competence to reclaim their edge

>> No.20650189

Are you on my conference call right now?

>> No.20650192
File: 90 KB, 675x675, 1595511381591.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is DFEN going to do lads?

>> No.20650198

It sold bcuz of fab delays again

>> No.20650201

Shorting 5,000 shares of NAK
Fuck you guys

>> No.20650212
File: 246 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200724-084852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just that easy

>> No.20650213

On what contracts?

>> No.20650220

c'mon now

>> No.20650221

That was a global meeting that ended 12 mins ago, now I'm on my /comfy/ small team meeting

>> No.20650230

I'm in NOC + KTOS for the drone action

sure you can send a billion dollars to send a dude up in an F-22 after giving him 10000000 hours of expensive training, but why? he can only take 9g anyway because of <human imitations>

that being said, I buy ITA and XAR for full-spectrum mission readiness in the defense contractor world (those are last decade's buzzwords, but W/e)

>> No.20650232
File: 43 KB, 1148x164, 478326194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

F in the chat for my DFFN bros

>> No.20650234

I.... sold.... at $62...

>> No.20650235

Exactly my point
I never argued that AMD has the upper edge, but Intel has brand and staying power that extends across the entire world
There will always be a consumer base that will still be using 10nm or less efficient chips because that's what they can afford

>> No.20650237
File: 85 KB, 1421x1004, fms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


SILJ ETF was only recently formed. Look at one of its biggest components, First Majestic Silver, for a better comparison. Bear in mind as you study this chart that silver was only $20 in 2016.

It might help you to trust my credibility if you read my posts in this thread: >>20597543. Everything which I have been saying here since May has come true.

>> No.20650239

>be me
>$600+ worth of NIO bought at @ $12.08
>1 SQQQ call expiry today for $6.50
/biz/bros is this the start of a market correction and should I sell my NIO for a loss to cover my call and buy the SQQQ?

>> No.20650247

how much does a plane wing cost

just the wing

>> No.20650252

Was already in gdxj and scooped some silj on the dip yesterday

But its being cancelled out by my FB shitting the bed

>> No.20650255

handful of space ones. don't work the drone side at all.

business is VERY good for the area I can speak for

>> No.20650270

Buy when it dips 15% over 2 days and sell when it rises 5%

>> No.20650273

I understand that, I'm just saying that AMD is currently postured to overtake Intel. Especially given Apple's move away from Intel.

>> No.20650277

Do I buy TSM at $74 right now?

>> No.20650278
File: 203 KB, 1213x921, 1584165820553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This dip is just another shake off, I hope you fags didn't sell your puts. See you next week when TSLA reaches gold's price.

>> No.20650286
File: 187 KB, 1012x800, 1590618619799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not fagman

>> No.20650287

what do you do for them

>> No.20650289

do you work in space chips? I think we're having NOC guys come to my site at Chicago to shoot some protons this month...

>> No.20650295
File: 142 KB, 360x450, Billdip.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That one guy that sold his 3 million shares of MSFT before earnings completely fucked the market these past few days.

>> No.20650298

Not yet anon.
It has only been a year or two with Zen 2 EPYC. Intel has plenty of time to fight back.

>> No.20650301

Oh cool, any of that with international purchasers or all US?

>> No.20650306

>SPY up
>TQQQ up
>INTC going down
explain boomers I am confused

>> No.20650307

good luck fren, I'm going to keep buying until i own 100k shares.

>> No.20650312

>NAK in Robinhood's top 100 stocks

That's never a good sign.

>> No.20650318


>> No.20650321

RF design

Not currently but I know there's some chips we want to do some radiation testing in the short term

Nope, US only

>> No.20650322


>> No.20650325

No question that eventually a vast majority of aircraft will be unmanned.
Alot of the analysts that ive read, mostly because im a brainlet and cant do it on my own, say that GD has got 20%+ upside.

Plus I like GDs NGSW offering.

>> No.20650330


>> No.20650337

Hey, me too. Im just a baby t1 though

>> No.20650338

People doubt intc ability to compete going forward despite current positioning

>> No.20650339

Fugg I knew I forgot to do something yesterday.

>> No.20650363

Cute, pathways? t3 here

>> No.20650364


>> No.20650372

Remember chads
buy DFFN
buy the future

>> No.20650388


>> No.20650395

That seems to be the answer. How do I know the difference? Like how do I not trade on margin? Just stay within my cash amounts basically?

>> No.20650412

so I work at a medical particle accelerator facility and we are having some Northrop people come in August to do something with our protons

I have my own RF system too :p
it's a 106 Mhz copper tub, hooked up to an FM tetrode
I'm not an EE by schooling though

I'd be interested to hear about what RF stuff you do
is it just orbit to ground comms & etc.?
does NOC have a nice 401k matching policy?

>> No.20650413

I think we'll see this fucker dip and run.

>> No.20650415

So in the short term is going down? Or is it gonna recover?

>> No.20650419

What's selling to the DOD like? Curious what defence procurement is like over there, in my mind they're just totally unconstrained by budget and value etc.

>> No.20650420


>> No.20650423

Explain why I should buy GDXJ instead of GDX?

>> No.20650436

Yea, baltimore site

>> No.20650441


>> No.20650450

hop on hop off







>> No.20650452

based echidna poster

>> No.20650453

Most people ITT who are NAK-a-lacking are ngmi.

>> No.20650476

alright I have a limit order in for 67 SILJ @ 15.15, I refuse to buy near the daily top

>> No.20650487

Zen3 is coming out in September. And their already setting shit up with zen4 and 5nm. I think amd finally sees the opportunity presented here and is putting on the pressure to secure as much market share as possible before intel recovers.

>> No.20650529

Nothing is unconstrained by budget except DARPA and maybe CIA black funds coming from drugs

t. Sell cybersecurity to the feds

>> No.20650650


Higher upside potential.


That's all right; whatever price you buy at, simply hold it and let it run.

>> No.20650754
File: 169 KB, 400x416, 1512609370025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.20650802

> buy NAK
> NGMI if you dont buy NAK

Fuck you fucking Nakkers

>> No.20650838
File: 119 KB, 500x701, 1595553336748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enjoy breaking pandemic records? While rising kek as war is coming. I should buy lockgeed right?

>> No.20650921

Haha, NAK. Forgot to buy a memestack this morning

>> No.20650951

What'll today's low for TSM be?

I took profits in the 76s

>> No.20650969

guys, why does NAK keep falling further and further

>> No.20651435

What’s going on with GameStop?

>> No.20651517

Stop focusing on NAK. MU just went on sale before it rallies behind AMD

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