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This is not the greatest country in the world. If you are born poor here, then it is one of the worst countries ever. You are expected to wage slave your entire life away. No hope of ever buying a house, getting married, and raising a family. It is just a poverty grind to barely stay alive in complete misery from the cradle to the grave.

Meanwhile the rich in America live off million dollar dividends checks every quarter and don't have to work at all.

This is not a great nation. This is a slave nation.

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Then leave... Go somewhere since its so bad and you hate it here.

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lol people actually think like this

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>hurr durr like it 'er leave it

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Tell me about it, either they're idiots or just fucking retarded.

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Typical cuck answer. Too lazy to address the domestic issues at hand so of course the only viable solution is to leave the country.

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Seriously though, if you guys hate it so much and there are better countries out there, what they hell are you doing here still? Tickets are the cheapest ever and you can renounce you US citizenship as another fuck you to USA.

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What issues are you talking about? Anon above gave the steps on how to fix issues if there were any.

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Get out of my country lazy niggers.

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Being poor sucks everywhere you fucking retard. Maybe save some of your unemployment checks and travel for some perspective. We all figured out the country is fucked when we were like 14. Either do your best or shut the fuck up. Crybaby Monday jfc

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Thank you, These commie fucks need to go to china or something and see if they like and if they do stay.

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>If you are born poor here, then it is one of the worst countries ever. You are expected to wage slave your entire life away. No hope of ever buying a house, getting married, and raising a family. It is just a poverty grind to barely stay alive in complete misery from the cradle to the grave.
its like this in every country you fucking RETARD. USA has the highest upwards mobility potential if anything.

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No one said they hate it here, the fuck you talkin about?

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>Seriously though, if you guys hate it so much and there are better countries out there
>better countries
Haha, yeah right. I think America is a shitshow but other countries aren't any better, and most of them are worse in ways that we take for granted.

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> You are expected to wage slave your entire life away.
Are there countries where this isn't the case?

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>If you are born poor here, then it is one of the worst countries ever. You are expected to wage slave your entire life away
This is true I've been saying forever that poor people shouldn't have so many children but the fact is the government pays them thousands a year to do it so you can't be surprised when the streets are filled with uneducated complaining burger flippers and negros

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this is the typical answer of someone who doesnt know or want to fight for what they want.

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I don’t know.

Being poor in the UK, or any of the Nordic counties seems to be a shit ton better than the states.

If you’re parents have funded your life in the states, you probably have an unrealistic view in life and see yourself living the ‘American dream’

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You’ve got to be the biggest naive faggot ever if you believe any of that shit will make a difference.

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This basically. America is one giant capitalist experiment. Not that that's a bad thing, just something to keep in mind.

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america is a shithole full of faggots who are too busy sucking nigger dick to see what a joke their republic has become. they’ve coped for years about muh freedoms but chink aids has really exposed them for the delusional retards they are.

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>if you are born retarded here
ftfy. usa still has more upward mobility than nearly anywhere on earth but not if you’re a lazy retarded nigger with no discernible skills. people like you need communism to survive because you’re a useless leach on society. but it’s ok anon I can help. send me a couple linkies and I’ll send you some rope.

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>Seriously though, if you guys hate it so much and there are better countries out there, what they hell are you doing here still? Tickets are the cheapest ever and you can renounce you US citizenship as another fuck you to USA.
the answer to this is pretty simple, isnt it? people stay where they grow up because of their family, friends and maybe community. you can move to another country but you cant take all that with you. in another country - even tho the country might be better - you will be lonely and an outsider. and for a SOCIAL ANIMAL that is one of the worst things that can happen in relation to living in a country.

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I was being sarcastic numb nuts. There are countries that are better and by better I mean more wealthy, Qatar, Sweden, Dubai. I love America even though I think there should be some reform like there should be strict term limits for house the house and senate. Also lobbying to be abolished and illegal. Finally, Media has to be public not private.

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yeah... USA and JAPAN work the most out of the world - there are like 196 countries or something like that

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If your a postmodernist and adopt the shit show that is the far left and thats what you fight for you're an idiot.

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If we just sent the poor kids to the army or got rid of them somehow there wouldn't be all this fighting to get the $20 an hour jobs or whatever they're trying to do.
Hopefully more people will see the need for a solution as automation takes over for the poor and the unskilled, with automated truck driving and kiosks at fast food places and the like, and the nation can come up with a way to get rid of all these impoverished masses

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>mmuhh liiibbeerrraallllss
fucking idiot

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I know this, but so what if "you're" so tough and radical for change jump ship pussy. My parents did it.

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t. 3rd world shitter. Opinion not needed
What a huge cope. We live in a time where you can call, text, and see anyone you want anywhere in the world. People in the 1900s and before emigrated to america no problem their family understood.
>Muhmuh community family.
If you weak faggots hate it here so much, it's so simple. Get out. We do not want you here. Go to venezuela and earn $1.50 an hour

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ad hominem bitch

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>If we just sent the poor kids to the army or got rid of them somehow there wouldn't be all this fighting to get the $20 an hour jobs
this is the typical american. no empathy. only whats good for you. thats why america sucks. because no one cares about anymore than what you can help them with

inb4 other countries too

no... american individualism (tho nice for self expression) is cancer. infact - that is what cancer is -

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I used to think this, but a lot of it was just my shit attitude. There are many ways to pull out of poverty the US of you commit to clean living, getting the best skilled/paying job/business you can young as possible, living frugally, staying out of consumer debt, and investing a significant portion of your income that you can afford to lose. It’s not automatic l, but it’s really no harder than choosing to be a black pilled faggot. Don’t do drugs or be a digital dopamine addict. Invest in yourself.

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Dude these homos are either trolling or fucking retarded.

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Are you stupid? Do you even realise how hard is being poor in a third world shithole? You have the key to success and yet prefer to come here and complain. You absolute dipshit

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>call, text, and see anyone
HOLY SHIT DUDE. do you not know what human affection is? do you not know that humans relate to each other thru body AND language? seeing pixels on a fucking screen isnt the same as hugging your mom you fucking robot

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You're such an absolutist. No two Americans are alike you pajeet.

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Hey Champ,Time to back away from the keyboard and go outside and get some fresh air

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>If you weak faggots hate it here so much, it's so simple
you can say that about the american revolution, cant you?
BRITISH: well if you dont like it on our colony then you CAN GET THE FUCK OUT
AMERICANS: ok i guess ill leave


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>its like this in every country you fucking RETARD.
>USA has the highest upwards mobility potential if anything.
and redpilled.

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It's called going outside to your friends/families house. You think we live in a cubicle society where we're stuck in a box and can't go outside and see people you dumb fucking nigger

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>this is the typical american
Go back to your street shitting pajeet, let the grown ups talk

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why are you comparing an individual to a collective? im talking about the collective numbnuts. your prob an anon who doesnt get AMPL KEK

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>Being poor in the UK seems to be a shit ton better than the states.
LOL imagine knowing so little about the world that you actually believe this

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A lot of amuricans are very similar big kek tho

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yeah dude lets just go outside to meet your family WHILE YOUR IN ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY

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>Go back to your street shitting pajeet, let the grown ups talk
you got me there anon. very good. ouch my heart! im just gonna go lay down there in the corner while you "grown ups" talk

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You make no sense and again you keep making assumptions. You're literally an idiot go jackoff you dirty ass smelling shit skin tainted sub hominid.

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>the most economic mobility of any other nation
America is not the greatest country if you have a losers/victim mentality. But, if you dont have the mindset of a cuck, you can make a decent life for yourself.
If you dont want to work hard/smart enough to make a decent life for yourself and would rather have government subsidize a mediocre but stable lifestyle then go ahead and move, we wont miss you

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>the most economic mobility of any other nation

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>this country sucks
>typical republitard answer

Holy shit you guys are unimaginably weak. You have three choices, fight, flight, or be a bitch for the rest of your life.

I see what you've chosen.

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read op title nigger

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>economic mobility
>graded by your parents income vs your income

Wanna know how I can tell you're underage?

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At least I’m going to get treatment on the nhs

>> No.20526622

People dont work in other countries?

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These same fuckers are driving the west into the ground..
Yes let's fight for communism and lazy people that only complain and "hate" it here because it's horrible, right? Gibs for no reason. The American way. You're honestly trying to compare 2 totally different scenarios and making them out to be in any way similar. Revolutionaries fought against colonialism and for the original way of life in the colonies. Not to be lazy niggers.
Yes you're weak. Emigrating has been done for thousands of years. And granted your utopia wherever it is, is as good as it sounds surely your family loves you enough to move there too right? Maybe with the help of your new big bucks they'll be paying you.

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real countries don't just let you in. cuckmerica does because it's shit and needs more wage slaves.

>> No.20526660

>makes claim about economic mobility
>now posting "equality" statistics

Stop listening to el chapo trap house it's literally rotting your brain.

>> No.20526663

hint: get neetbux

>> No.20526679

LOL do you have any idea how hard it is to immigrate to the US?

>> No.20526682

this kills the americuck

>> No.20526715

extremely easy compared to european countries. and blumpf is making it easier by advocating for H1Bs. kys, cuck

>> No.20526721

Born poor, studied hard, took student loan to get into undergraduate, got my masters and PHD at an Ivy league that was fully paid through the school.

Not a wage slave.

>> No.20526734

federal reserve is a-ok, right? Dumb nigger.

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No, its cuz Democrats use them for their vote you ill-informed dog shit of a person.

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This is literally what my parents told me when I told them that we work just as hard as Japan

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Drumblf completely suspended the H1B program and even at its peak only 100k Indians got it per year and it's not even an immigration visa

>> No.20526821

Democrats at fault again numb nuts. To get their illegal immigrant vote

>> No.20526859


imagine thinking anybody can actually leave even if they wanted to. leaving is a meme. you can't cash out

>> No.20526867

imagine addressing your nations issues with
>just leave

>> No.20526868

Looks like it's time to move to China boys!

>> No.20526879

You cant just renounce your us citizenship. Its a process that costs $10,000 and cant be for tax reasons. The kikes have made it very hard for goyim cattle to leave the farm

>> No.20526882

You could just walk across the southern border, we have plenty of sanctuary cities where you can get a driver's license and vote and work in any field you want and nobody will ever question it

>> No.20526889

What issues?

>> No.20526933

you cant fly rn to other countries you fucking retard. no one wants americans cause we cant even handle a virus.

>> No.20526966

>i love slaving

>> No.20526979

Does that work if you're a white european?

>> No.20527000

It's just as bad here in the UK. There's gotta be something better than this..

>> No.20527012

>I love having dangerously low iq
You deserve you slavery.

>> No.20527023

You should've done your own research first

>> No.20527034


Did you see that their covid cases are 9 a month now!?

What's China doing right???? We need communism.

>> No.20527045

It's $2,350 you poor fuck.https://1040abroad.com/faq/renouncing-u-s-citizenship/#:~:text=The%20fee%20to%20renounce%20U.S.%20citizenship%20is%20%242%2C350.

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You're an idiot for believing stereotypes

>> No.20527075

the problem is if you want to live a normal life you cant >>20526196
>where you can call, text, and see anyone you want anywhere in the world
imagine thinking this is socializing lmfffao

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>$10k is a lot
Imagine being this poor

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Yes, but you should learn Spanish first

>> No.20527097

Trust me bro, I know. That's why I make them flinch IRL

>> No.20527115

its not 1960 anymore boomer faggot

>> No.20527136

yes, we get that you are a cuck in denial.

>> No.20527169


it is for most americans. the majority don't have $500 for an emergency. 10k is life changing money.

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He's right, America is a slave nation.

Americans work more for less. Anyone who has been to Europe, lived in Europe, and lived in America knows this to be 100% factually true. I would say the one European nation that slaves away just as hard as America is Germany.

Think about it for a minute. First of all, Americans have very little in the way of holidays and time off. American PTO on average is 20. And we have less national holidays due to "muh diversity", which leads to LESS holidays since we have no fucking culture. Only a culture of consumerism.

The next thing you have to take into consideration is American work culture. If anything hours are underreported. The average American works 45+ hours a week. Who works straight 9 to 5? No one, because everyone who has a job gets up in the morning and pretty much heads straight to work.

it's technically more like a 50 hour work week when you take into consideration overtime that alot of people take. Americans only have the weekends off, and some of them take weekends too.

This is LITERALLY a 50 hour work week because most Americans DO NOT HAVE A SEISTA. In Europe like Italy and whatnot, workers take a "break" mid day, everyone does. In America there are no breaks. Plenty of people have lunch at their desk too. You are expected to work and to be on call 8 to 6, nonstop.

All in all you are looking at literally 5/7 days at work. That means that literally Americans work for ~70% of their lives.


>> No.20527206

What do you do if you need a social security number?

>> No.20527210

Typical lefty, never puts up an actual argument. That's why your "revolution" is shit and if you'd succeed the country would be destroyed cuz you faggots can't actually think things through.

>> No.20527229

faggot phone poster cant even spell right with his high IQ and shiny phone

>> No.20527250

Guess what. If you budget properly, invest and create a sound business plan you don't have to work. Read rich dad poor dad or the 4 hour work week you dumb cunt.

>> No.20527273

i'm not a lefty, and this country is already being destroyed. enjoy your denialism.

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keep lying to yourself

>> No.20527330

you probably bought a house for 15k in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and think everything is fine, loool. that's how all you america defending cucks are. just shut up, there's a reason why you live in the middle of nowhere: no one wants to hear from you.

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Federal law requires noncitizens who earn income in the U.S. to file tax returns. In order for a person who isn’t eligible for an SSN to do this, the Internal Revenue Service provides an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to facilitate the filing of tax returns. The number looks very similar to an SSN, having nine digits. Although that number does not authorize the number holder to work, undocumented workers use them to get jobs. More than 7.8 million ITINs were issued between 2005 and 2010. The Social Security Administration (SSA) itself is another major source of abused numbers. Between 1974 and 2003 the SSA issued 7 million “non-work” SSNs. The cards are clearly printed NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT and they do not authorize noncitizen number holders to work. Audits by the Social Security Inspector General have found these numbers are widely misused by illegal workers.

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100k too many

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>Budget properly
>Invest and create a sound business
>You dont have to work
>Read rich dad poor dad
Time for bedtime kiddo

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keep lying to yourself!

>> No.20527390

Hahaha i knew you were here to sell a book hahahaha nigger

>> No.20527445

>If you are born poor here, then it is one of the worst countries ever. You are expected to wage slave your entire life away.
What?? You can't be serious? If this is true, contact the UN asap

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File: 9 KB, 596x409, AE07D77B-3E1E-4068-ABF0-73541E819EB4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep lying to yourself lol

>> No.20527581

Jesus Christ, I have never seen a thread so full of people who are never going to make it. Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps isn't some rightwing meme, it is a successful way of life. You have no-one to blame for your bad decisions but yourself. Nobody needs to lean on their parents wealth to be successful in the U.S.

I am willing to bet some of you faggots never bothered to memorize your multiplication tables in 2nd grade, and you've been coping about why your behind the curve ever since. The system works for people who will work it.

>> No.20527619

>since we have no fucking culture.
Please tell me this is bait. You can't be this retarded anon, please. Everything else you just posted, is generally what happens when you have an absolutely massive population of people that dwarfs eu countries. Many can fit in states. Theres also millions of immigrants constantly moving in many, willing to work doing actually anything. Legally or illegally skewing this chart further, and to top it off the fact that we have a high number of jobs compared to most other places in the world. Your logic is flawed. Get some skills, get a better job. It's called work
Dangerously low iq. I heard china was a great place to live, you should check it out

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Why'd you choose charts that end at 35 fucking years ago?

>> No.20527666

Is this a prayer you wrote to jesus? Its not gonna wrk caue u spel dum and didnt say amen

>> No.20527736

can you use your high iq to finder a more recent one?

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File: 44 KB, 598x711, 1595261321140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why so angry anon? Seethe harder. Because I tell the truth. We have no culture, its just a culture of faggot consumerism. Capitalism gone wild. Everything is up for the highest bid, including your life you faggot.
>absolutely massive population of people that dwarfs eu countries.
No, its what happens when you open your borders to non-white 3rd worlders. It's what happens when you let women vote so now the Elite class have a bigger workforce, so the average wage goes down and more people are taxed. You fucking dumb shit.
>Legally or illegally skewing this chart further,
Due to our retarded open borders and sanctuary cities. Fuck off you dumb nigger.
>we have a high number of jobs compared to most other places
Job count is MEANINGLESS
>Get a better job
My job is better than yours, you must clean toilets with this logic. COPE, stay mad.

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File: 53 KB, 596x400, 5C884B2C-936F-476B-94DF-6558370CDE12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep lying to yourself, youre almost there!

>> No.20527841

Just save money and buy some stocks LMAO retards

>> No.20527883


The unseen truth is that this is a game and very much like a matrix in that there is a system. We're supposed to play by the rules and find arbitrage to move our cause forward. We're supposed to exahuast these approaches to change. It is upon the exhaustion of these options that the people audit their government.

Even then, the people are divided.

This is the greatest country in that we have had access to a lot of free knowledge through our lifetimes so far and we anime boards to post anime feet.


>> No.20527899

Thanks anon, maybe europoors have a chance

>> No.20527903

couldn't agree more. this place sucks. the boomers sold out the entire country and it shows, can't wait for them to die alone in the poverty they created.

I'm going to with my crypto gains. I'm moving to Russia and becoming the biggest anti-US spokesperson on the planet.

>> No.20527929

At least try.
Keep coping, you're already there! Keep it up

>> No.20527947

yep voting is surely going to make my life better. LMFAOOOO. writing to a rep will make it soooo much better. kekekekekek

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File: 578 KB, 888x894, smokin pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wish you could own a house for 15k in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

>> No.20527965

You are a retard. Amen.

>> No.20527986
File: 53 KB, 587x400, 5FD66CA9-EEE7-4B26-AAF9-C31E752616E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let me know if you need help reading charts

>> No.20527998
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>at least try

>> No.20528026

>says the phone poster

>> No.20528035

See, morons like you are the prolem, they don't read and mock articulated ideas.

but the posibility that you're Chiang, Ivan, or Horowitz is high and arguing online is stupid in itself. What a contradiction...

>> No.20528064

How the fuck do people know when someone else is posting with a phone?

>> No.20528079

Let me know if you need cheap plane tickets. There are excellent deals right now if your coping has reached it's limits commie
Based and respectable

>> No.20528080
File: 34 KB, 512x420, 1582757063635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'll use charts that omits the last 3.5 decades, that'll show em

>> No.20528084

I moved to northern Europe 3 years ago but still have my place in the US.the standard of living is much higher in Scandinavia and there is drastically less shitskins. That being said there are good things about the US, but if your family was failures,it's very hard to get out of that cycle in the US.
there are worst countries though

>> No.20528101

How old are you and what's your net worth including your debts you lib major.

>> No.20528109

You better check my digits, foolish man

>> No.20528180

Lying about what?

>> No.20528198

So you can become a victim of its foreign policy lmao gl

>> No.20528219


The only problem is having hick neighbors that don't like niggers and jews and while that's cool to this place, these people actually are backwards and should be treated as backwards retarded non melanin having african congo nigger tier cattle that congregate and get coronavirus

>> No.20528242

Your statement is frivolous and indicative you sub 90 IQ

>> No.20528292

I'm of negro descent bitch.

>> No.20528302

Why so mad? Why making this personal? Seethe harder. I'm just telling you the truth. I lived in Europe. They work way less over there. Americans are debt slaves, truly.

The ONLY country truly comparable to America is Japan. The Japanese work culture is notorious for being borderline abusive. Just like America. The difference is that you dont hear about that shit here because of "muh capitalism". Whats so funny is that America isnt really capitalist anyway, we live in a very strict plutocracy.

>> No.20528303

It is a shithole. We dump on americucks in the morning. We repeat it day after day.

>> No.20528381

I didn't insult you dumbass

Frankly I don't think any major change for racial tensions in our home will be solved until you can hear the word nigger and not flip your shit. As true to that one saying about education being the measure in which you can hear almost anything and not flip your shit.

I draw the line at stompping kitties and non con harrassment.

>> No.20528396

Then why don't you leave this country and go somewhere else you ungrateful communist.

>> No.20528413

Stay strong soul brother

>> No.20528460

You might be the only one in this entire thread that's truly pissed. I couldnt imagine being as dumb as you are, struggling, on edge. Crying nonsense. Embarrassing.

>> No.20528488

I'm aware of that. We have a mixed economy you derp. Do you even know what capital is? Btw, I made suggestions as to how to circumvent the plutocrats like making the media public instead of privately owned, abolishing and making lobbying illegal and finally, strict and I mean strict term limits on senators and congressman and woman you dingus. Now, if you jabronees actually premised your faggot revolution with this i'd back you homos.

>> No.20528516
File: 39 KB, 600x443, 98D3DA4B-842A-4C0D-8A8E-1F47015B7B03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep lying to yourself lmao

>> No.20528528

Dingus, my point is that white hicks aren't all bad you stupid fuck ass nigger.

>> No.20528531

do you think it's gotten better in that time? LOL

>> No.20528537
File: 116 KB, 959x648, faf6a37e68f56c29450f6a70670088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Top kek. Americans are whining about bad life. Come to Russia, fuckers, I dare you

>> No.20528583

or Moldova, this lefties are the only ones that have been affected by the fluoride in the water and it shows.

>> No.20528586

>one shot at life
>born russian
fuck bros...

>> No.20528590

>thread that's truly pissed
This is what you call projection, rofl
>your faggot revolution
What are you talking about you nigger? All I see are scared cucks wearing masks, there is no revolution. Your ideas are nice but the ruling class would never allow it.

>> No.20528592

You seem to be all knowing, perhaps you should be running for president?

>> No.20528649

There isn't an actual "revolution" you nigger. I'm talking about the riots and the ideology backing it you dumb cunt.

>> No.20528709

>This is what you call projection, rofl
>Why so mad?
>Why so angry anon?
Pathetic. No country wants you. Kys shitflinging chimp

>> No.20528726

Hey effeminate boi, you have not once made a tactful statement. Take your own advice and get some fresh air.

>> No.20528778

32 posts by this id

>> No.20528814

33 pussy.

>> No.20528833

OP can't leave because no other country wants him so he wants his own country to accommodate his bullshit.

>> No.20528853

Not even china, with how hard he's dissenting the US.

>> No.20528903

666 spooked ya didnt i nigger, so when you running for prez? you got this shit man

>> No.20528932

Obviously not all dude, but man do I fear road tripping through the middle of America.

>> No.20528996


>> No.20529046

If you don't complain things don't get better. Just look at those places. We're turning into them with those who actually fight for things being silenced by those who are compromised.


>> No.20529308

All the bullshit that comes out of there involving their nigger and non-white, non-american name hating ways. This sort of hate is truly antiquated and I don't condone it.

I'm not with it nor do i want my money in their economy for it.

The best investment is ourselves and to push for change this idea need to be communicated to all the youth if we intend to have a solid future.

We're fucked if all we have are colored kids that are vegan witch, feminists, that are gender non binary and non conforming and a bunch of lean sipping niggas, and a military comprised of poor people and arm pit of america white racist military officers that lead them.

We wouldn't stand a chance against Ivan, much less an army of Jet Li mother mother fuckers

>> No.20529355
File: 115 KB, 800x450, 1546558272110078001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> That fucking orange man! They are paying us only 600/week!!! Gosh, it's not even enough to pay my 3% mortgage!!! That's outrageous! I need to fight the oppression! I hate America! REEEE

>> No.20530033
File: 103 KB, 326x314, tumblr_onuah2wbCS1w7964eo1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just kys already
just do the world a favor and end your life, nigger. Seethe harder

>> No.20530059

Well, I agree with you but, this race stuff involving riots only has been in the big democratic cities like Portland, Seattle and basically all of California (state) for a small example pool. Race to me is also an antiquated abstraction. I would categorize it in the same branch of pseudoscience as phrenology. The entire postmodernist movement that we're seeing is a complete waste of time and so backwards. If you really read between the lines and use tik tok you'd see its being egged on by the fucking chinks and I agree we would probably lose to those fucking ching chongs if we let these fagot lefties take over the culture but Niggers like me, non faggot crackers and spics won't let that shit happen either.

>> No.20530073

wena los cabros

>> No.20530103


Idiot. Shut the fuck up. You have no idea how rough working class Americans like me and OP have it. Can't wait until we start shooting you fucking pigs Mao style and raze your assets.

>> No.20530127

Okay and then what?

>> No.20530192

Youll be chillin with me in hell, thats what

>> No.20530208

Op isn't wrong he just doesn't understand how it got this way or that history is repeating itself over and over and this has all happened before to previous democracies.

Op will find out the hard way it's as bad or worse elsewhere, because virtually every country on earth is a dystopia run by the global oligarchy.
You can move from one dystopia to another and trade some things but that's about it. You can't escape it.

Also OP learn a fucking trade if you don't want to be a wage slave. Go to trade school some of them are free others have grants.

You still have to work your ass off but you get paid real money.

>> No.20530217

its so shit that the entire world wants to come here. somehow im not convinced

>> No.20530286


Redistribution of remaining assets and resources. The U.S. is a failed state because it's all about "me me me me me!"
A redistribution of wealth would transfer significant power back to the people who need it the most, that being the working class and the middle class. That's being kind though. Personally, social democracy only works insofar as the elite are kept in check vigilantly by the state and the left. The U.S. just shut down the social democratic candidate in favor of a senile old fool to take on an authoritarian right wing demagogue.

The corporate class needs to be destroyed. 45,000 people die annually in the united states because they can't afford a doctor or health insurance, so they avoid getting the care they desperately need. If you're okay with that, then you lack empathy, and there is something seriously wrong with you.

Burn this fucking bitch to the

>> No.20530379

lmaoo, stay impoverished spiritually and financially faggot.

>> No.20530417

Won't happen.

What will happen is a massive civil war.

Which, once it starts, you will immediately have intervention by foreign state actors via proxy namely China and Russia.

The end result will be a series of regional banana republics all controlled by other nations by proxy, all of which will have worse economic and social conditions than the predecessor once the dust settled.

This because none of the separatist movements in the US actually has a plan for how to deal with the situation beyond just starting a Boogaloo it is not enough to plan only up to the point of "Hurr on the DOTR we ride"

Basically it will end badly because the people here are fucking retarded. They are as dumb as Somalians at this point. Race doesn't enter into it its a collective stupidity brought on by decades of neglect and brainwashing. You can't undo this.

>> No.20530450

Come to south america and say that US is one of the worst countries, whiny little bitch.

>> No.20530497

The devil is real boy, no where for you to run, except for president so ya best get at it foolish man

>> No.20530520

LOL communism doesn't work you nigglet and you clearly said it yourself "insofar as the elite are kept in check" bitch if you think we can't do it now what makes you think communism is going to work. See, you're retarded. In our current society before this fuck ass chinese bio attack you could've easily become an elite if you were clever and worked hard enough. You commies don't know shit about those virtues or any others. postmodern shit bag.

>> No.20530630

you're literally a gay

>> No.20530831

Awe fuck come on mr. President is that all you got, gay? Fir fuck sakes im beginning to think youre not presidential material after all

>> No.20531100
File: 2.11 MB, 330x166, aristrocat disgust.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20531209

At least i got you to SHUT THE FUCK UP

>> No.20531285

You're literally a moron and clearly want my attention everyone else has ceased and this would've ended, but I am passionate for this topic so I won't stop till I fall asleep, can't type or die. Faggot.

>> No.20531310

>why so mad?
because he's a gnigger

>> No.20531340

so when are you running 4 prez???? How many times do i need to ask

>> No.20531349

>If you are born poor here, then it is one of the worst countries ever
My parents were born dirt poor, but are now filthy rich. Explain yourself.

>> No.20531355

i agree. it needs to change. and it will soon. because this system is displacing more people than it's helping. and once the number of disenfranchied reaches a tipping point it will be guillotine time again.

>> No.20531390

Really? Have you ever lived anywhere else?
The poor people in your country is the middle class of Brazil, so pls shut the fuck.

>> No.20531396

Of course it is not the greatest country in the world. Imagine going out of your house and seeing niggers on a daily basis. I'd want to kill myself for that reason alone if I was living in America.

>> No.20531440

Well stop asking because you're not getting an answer you degenerate piece of shit.

>> No.20531471

Oh yeah, who's being displaced?

>> No.20531477

>jUsT vOtE lMaO

>> No.20531586
File: 9 KB, 219x230, big money.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't even have to watch this video to figure this out.

>> No.20531642

No more questions, thats somthing a pres would say, so you are running but i cant ask cause im degenerate?, ok mr. President youre doing it, yeeeeaaaaa. Some other anon please ask when hes gonna run

>> No.20531758

lol keep seething

>> No.20531789
File: 139 KB, 960x720, barbie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This probably the most sane logical post I've read.
The replies are from neets who don't even work so their opinions are worth less than salt.

Yes you get "security" in the form of a cool cellphone, a new car you can take a loan out, you can eat out with your tinder date for $14.78 but all these "securities" comes at a huge cost of personal freedom.

Then you have retards screaming
>read the 4hour work week
What a crock of shit. CEO's work 80+ hours a fucking week managing a business and dealing with all the aforementioned stresses of the job.

America was built off the backs of slaves. Slavery never went away it simply evolved.

>> No.20531988

With all the name calling youre doing you better check yourself before you pull the seething card, im just trying to get you to run for prez because you have everything figured out, just think of what you could do with all your knowledge.

>> No.20532125
File: 88 KB, 960x720, image5 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I predict that in the coming years the united states will see a migration of individuals seeking to escape.

From baby boomers to well to well off individuals, the states will slowly dissolve into a much "tighter" work lifestyle like japan.

>Rising costs of consumer goods
>Rising debt levels on a consumer level
>Harder to get good paying jobs

I wouldn't be surprise to see suicide rates increase, and documentaries about Walmart workers really LOVING working at Walmart.

Folks with more money will just play the game roping up all types of assets further inflating the prices. The dollar losing its purchasing power soon forces companies like apple to release 2k phones.

It could get to the point where folks start taking loans out just to buy their favorite shoes.

Problems begin with the educational system not preparing kids in high school. Like hey don't get a history degree maybe you should consider computer science or even a trade. In fact none of my teachers ever even talked about starting a business. 99% of the time it's "go to college and it'll work out alright"

Intellect is highly frowned upon.

Really it's sad to think about.

>> No.20532308

And you're still sniffing my ass good one.

>> No.20532374

Im here to contain you so others dont have to suffer, mr. President.

>> No.20532732

The president has spoken

>> No.20532784


>> No.20532853

You can thank AmErIcA for this:


>> No.20532860

USA has no upward mobility, you are actually out of your mind lol

>> No.20532999

central banking

>> No.20533015

Ahh yes mr. President can you comment on the bill of rights and what you can do to restore them? We can get to mars later

>> No.20533084
File: 35 KB, 500x501, 521709b90c03d1b3e693b932fa323476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats up Americabros. This is a demoralization thread. Do you feel sad and gay and tfw no gf its all hopeless yet? Daily reminder to kill CIA agents, kill jews, kill FBI agents, kill mossad officers, racism isn't real, covid19 is a hoax for bank stakeholders to existscam on their money printing scheme which crashed in March 2020.

America is great bros. I live in New Zealand which is partially fine and partially an authoritarian socialist hellscape of replacement immigration and hatespeech laws because its the guineapig nation for globalists. Although still not as bad as England lmao. Anyway, one thing that Americans do not understand, presumably because they never leave America, is that your tax laws work tremendously to your advantage, and not only that but your culture around how you pay your tax also grooms you into habits where you have more education about how to take advantage of them.

If you choose to be a wagie and never start a business, that's up to you, and that's you choice to be a slave, but if you choose to start a business, then understand that the USA is one of the best places to do this because of how your tax laws work. It's literally one of the best countries for allowing poor people to become rich by educating themselves and being entrepreneurial. In most Euro and Commonwealth countries by comparison, because of our laws and culture around tax, even in the places where similar tax breaks exist, the culture shrouds tax in mysticism and teaches paying tax good, doing your own tax bad, making it much more difficult for poors to climb out of poverty and deincentivizing them to start businesses. Don't worry goyim, $20 minimum wage, never try, never start a business, just be comfy and safe and take no risks and play your nintendo switch and eat mcdonalds and post about social justice on facebook. Well, because of your culture around taxation, you are shown the way out more easily.

USA is truly what you make of it. Enjoy it.

>> No.20533177

>I'm just telling you the truth. I lived in Europe. They work way less over there. Americans are debt slaves, truly.
Man who knew that people who live in unproductive countries are on the whole, unproductive?

>> No.20533235
File: 105 KB, 746x512, pepe hug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love you

>> No.20533267

Whos gay? Mr. President that whoooooo

>> No.20533336

palefaced and blackpilled

genki and whitepilled

>> No.20533373

Third worlder here

>> No.20533655

Dont worry, we are going to become american nationals of the united states of the americas once again and recind the 14th amendment that turned us into subject citizens after the civil war. We will reinstate the ratified law, which is the first 10 articles of the bill of rights, then we are going to take back all the wealth/resources that have been stolen from us, we will also set up american common law court systems backed by the bill of rights so we can prosecute all tyrants that have broken the Law.

>> No.20533779

>Redistribution of remaining assets and resources. The U.S. is a failed state because it's all about "me me me me me!"
>A redistribution of wealth would transfer significant power back to the people
yeah and once you do that they will all wane away because the people and mindset that you represent can do nothing but consume. You complain all about the upper class skimming surplus value but you could never have dreamed to create surplus value to begin with if it weren't for them. Get real.

>> No.20533781

To be honest I feel ya, but it is collective karma and fully deserved. Ignorance and freedom can never go together. I tried to wake them since the late 90's but it's of no use. What they don't realize is that ignorance has a price.

We are now seeing them pay that price.

>> No.20533840

U R veRy homosexual

>> No.20533914


And your non-argument was what exactly you conservatard faggot?

>> No.20533938

Yes the battle is going to take millions of us before we can snap out of the projection tube blues, but we will repeat history and wipeout the tyrants that be , it will be done because we the people are the Law ,always have been, we just got distracted.

>> No.20533975

You are going to be hanged

>> No.20534011
File: 79 KB, 800x534, Prime-Minister-Boris-Johnson-welcomes-Prime-Minister-Benjamin-Netanyahu-outside-10-Downing-Street-September-5-2019..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is not the greatest country in the world.

t. larping europoor or britbong


>> No.20534015


>> No.20534096

No they aren't? Dumb nigger

>> No.20534187

U r not getting any responses except from me, RULonely

>> No.20534264

The real joke is there are Americans who still actually believe America is the best country in the world. Hasn't been for around 10-20 years. Getting worse every year. Actually on track to be a 3rd world shithole within another 10-20. Can't really defend that. There are a lot of better places to live for the average person. If you're rich it's still a great place, but for most it's absolute shit tier.

>> No.20534304
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, 1542867636138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This would actually fix things.

>> No.20534529

It did once before, what do we got to lose?, grab your nuts and lets do what is allowed by ratified law, these motherfuckers in office nowdays just write down bullshit and call it authority\act\in effect\corporate poilcy, but you know why its not call a law? Because the 9th and 10th article of the bill of rights forbids them from calling it a ratified law of the people by the people, its our duty to uphold these rights and we have the motherfuckin law on our side to fuckin push their shit in.

>> No.20534548

Jesus Christ how can you be this simple

>> No.20534628

Unfortunately every fucking holiday I end up spending so much money on gifts or socialization that I am forced to work overtime for the next month

>> No.20534745
File: 30 KB, 557x305, 823558BD-2749-4045-A3FD-A79118917B37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You forgot
>cry on the internet

>> No.20534925

maybe if you quit eating so much xanax and learned how to manage you're money, you could save up enough for a downpayment you fucking commie

>> No.20534964
File: 79 KB, 596x608, A3D37A22-74A4-45DE-AF0A-677F420850F8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Poorfag cope. Anyone who’s poor as an adult is just unintelligent. If you’re even slightly competent opportunities just fall in your lap repeatedly. If you’re stuck in a situation where you cant exploit said opportunities, I guarantee with just a little bit of critical thinking you can look back and see exactly where (you) fucked up.

>t. born poor, not poor anymore

I guess you either have the spark or you dont. Some people are just meant to serve.

>> No.20535172

What would you say about an adult thats a poorfag but was injured young and not able to exploit oppertunites that fall into lap during the prime years of their lives and were not able to get out from being poorfaggot now just oldpoorfag

>> No.20535232

america is legit a garbage dump country especially when factor in cost of living

>> No.20535305

nah its actually incredibly easy to go either way
ive met oxbridge graduate/millionaires on the street but i would agree theres lots of opportunity to escape it literally anyone who can get 10k liquid can escape poverty in a matter of months

>> No.20535445

Care to tell more about this 10k liquid way to escape poverty?

>> No.20535558
File: 434 KB, 1328x1488, dark-wojak-light-grey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delete this

>> No.20535593

>born poor
>put in slightly above average effort
>$100k/job starting
Maybe the problem is you?

>> No.20535796

go kill yourself OP is a faggot ccp shill get the fuck out of here

>> No.20536169

itt: seething ameritards

>> No.20536419

America WAS the greatest country in the world. These days there are better options but on this side of the world America's only a close second to Canada now. But if you're born poor in the Caribbean or any South American country... Here we talking about real poverty and almost 3rd world conditions in many places. You'd be lucky if you were at least born in some semi-decent country like Chile, Argentina or Uruguay but most other places are like half a step from being another Haiti.

>> No.20536462

god you’re so retarded it hurts

>> No.20536648
File: 36 KB, 764x512, 1595290290919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

China abandoned communism some 40 years ago.
It sucks being a commie nowadays.

>> No.20537421

No. The home of the free, and the land of the brave. Do you even realize how much pathetic that sound?

>> No.20537786

All Trumpy does is ad hominem, do you support him?

>> No.20537819

smell you later fag

>> No.20537829

US is a shitty country stop pretending its good. 80%+ live paycheck to paycheck. Millenial wealth is abysmal

>> No.20537867

>Millenial wealth is abysmal
good, fuck my generation

>> No.20537873
File: 100 KB, 976x549, _107147958_gettyimages-517198274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a wage slave is an infinitely better situation than being a slave in a communist country where it is literally illegal to accumulate wealth.

reminder you can't even own land in china and your government kills you if you protest

>> No.20537983

Good post goy dont forget to pay your taxes.

>> No.20537989

That is their own fault, because they are enslaved by limiting belief systems, because they chose to engage heavily in consumption of media, which is designed explicitly to fence thought by suggestion and repetition of unquestioned language conventions, and also cultivate habitual further consumption of the media. That is how media businesses make their money, by getting people on the hook, you watch one show, you watch another, you play one game, you play another. It becomes a habitual part of your life. And in your habit of consuming their product, you consume their narratives.

So these people are A) addicted by design, and B) brainwashed.

If they turn that shit off forever, the games, social media, porn, streaming services, etc, and pick up books, they will all dramatically increase their wealth within 10 years or less.

>> No.20538015

You cant own land in america either. Only lease it from the state

>> No.20538023

once you get all that money which would magically solve your problems you would spend it on products that the smart people create (and/or heroin), therefore making them rich once again and putting right back where you deserve to be, at the bottom of the fucking stack you brainlet consoomtard

>> No.20538051

communism is 100% tax. you own nothing
your retards have no arguments every point you make is worse for you than it is for us

imagine believing this

>> No.20538081

you are a slave. you own nothing, you cannot accumulate wealth your life is dictated by a corrupt institute that tells you to your face you will never have any freedom

>> No.20538112

But wage slave is infinitley better yea we got ya there goyim anything else you wanna tell us about

>> No.20538174

“top 10 things that aren’t happening”

>> No.20538199

>possibility of freedom is worse than impossibility of freedom
You are a a slave that defends his own enslavement. you're not gonna make it

>> No.20538223

fuck communists
fuck the world economic forum
fuck the chinese communist party
fuck technocrats
fuck pedos
fuck satanists


>> No.20538295

Go look at my post from earlier about restoring the bill of rights, you fucking dinks dont even know what youre talking about, do you have a better plan? Please tell you us or fuck off, prove me wrong that the bill of rights isnt the law of this land you fuckin pimps.

>> No.20538311


>> No.20538352

quit projecting your pessimistic existence onto me you fucking loser

>> No.20538422

wage slaving is infinitely better than actual slavery. >>20538199

Who do you think astroturfs jewish conspiracy you fucking moron? In whos interest is it to attack the USs biggest alliance in the middle east?
I have no doubt israel would throw the us alliance under the bus for there own sovereignty but that is the same for any alliance. You have no understanding of the situation

>> No.20538450

What your plan then cheese dick

>> No.20538537

you can't return to a constitutional economy until there aren't foreign expansionist autocrats.

If you have two nations and one will increase the productive capacity of their nation via debasement, taxes and government control of property and then use that increase to attack the nation that allows their citizens freedom and self determination the free country will be overwhelmed by the tyrannical country

>> No.20538538

Its the only happening that ever happened, you just dont know history

>> No.20538607

>Who do you think astroturfs jewish conspiracy you fucking moron?
nobody astroturfs jewish conspiracy, it is only posted about in hushed tones and slid off the board by paid teams of social engineering officers

>> No.20538636

Thats why we establish american common law court systems backed by the bill of rights and give these tyrants the due process they have earned. Remember that The billof rights is ratified law by the people, so whats your plan pimp?

>> No.20538655

>jewish conspiracy is slid of the board on 4chan
what percentage of people will believe that one ahura

>> No.20538657

Actually written by a tranny btw

>> No.20538692

you have no jurisdiction over china without winning WW3 or there is a political revolution in china supported by the US and its allies

>> No.20538737

This isnt a plan it sound like political policy, youre such the pimp tell us more!!!

>> No.20538777
File: 241 KB, 1272x1023, 1569964403752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are likely going to be executed.

>> No.20538823

We will give this pimp his due procces just like the rest of em

>> No.20538860

you're the one claiming to have a plan you retard not me.
>JIDF is against antisemitism
no shit
who do you think is astroturfing the antisemitism? maybe the intelligence agencies of nations that would greatly benefit by the decimation of domestic support in the US for it's us israel alliance?
then you'd have a much better chance at breaking the petro dollar

>> No.20538885

so you think the US should break its alliance with israel?

>> No.20538901

Which Ivy tho? Don't say Cornell.

>> No.20538903

Well thats one thing youve gotten right

>> No.20538922

The zionest state yes i do, how about you pimp?

>> No.20538926

Constitutionally there is no better country than America. It's the federal government that's the problem.

>> No.20538939

You should watch a documentary on the iPhone factories they have on China and then get back to me on your definition of, "slave." Also check out coffin/box apartments. Those are fun. Just more first world problems you are complaining about. You could have done better in school and possibly gotten a scholarship, but you're probably retarded or didn't care and now you're dealing with the cards you've been dealt.

>> No.20538960
File: 55 KB, 500x500, Akame_ga_Kill_09_Esdeath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>born poor
>go to the poorest school in my city, only white person in all my classes
>get fast food job freshman in high school
>use money to buy pc, programming books, domain name, web hosting
>make $30k/yr senior year of high school
>go to college one year, drop out
>buy a house, work from home, $140k in my best year so far
>hire some friends
>buy 3 more houses to rent out
>thankful im born in the US where this is possible
Though sometimes I want to leave the US because of all the criminals and complainers.

>> No.20538977

no because the US will lose massive strategic advantage.
the entire world has been about control of the middle east since the 60s but you are a psyoped useful idiot with no understanding of the situation

>> No.20539015

>maybe the intelligence agencies of nations that would greatly benefit by the decimation of domestic support in the US for it's us israel alliance?
I know you filthy kikes have a disproportionate amount of genetic schizophrenia and paranoia, as well you should, but you and your CIAnigger bedmates are going to have to do a lot better than this to fool anyone.

>> No.20539070

>no arguments

>> No.20539101

Are you headed over there to help? If we lose that advantage, its goona be your fault for not taking what you just typed seriously.

>> No.20539127
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>> No.20539151

>CaPiTaLiSm SuCkS
It just suck not knowing how to play the game. It's the smart man's game. Only niggers are too dumb to comprehend why this nation is great

>> No.20539203

Hey are you the anon from eariler that said he could get out of poverty in months if you can get 10k liquid?

>> No.20539264

yeah that's no good
but your solution is to break the us israel alliance?

then you have the 1970s all over again only this time with 50 more years of debasement and china probably establishing a petro yuan extinguishing the concept of freedom from the world

>> No.20539337

keep arguing that the possibility of accumulating wealth is worse than the impossibility of accumulating wealth you shill

>> No.20539359

So what youre really trying to say is that we should have never been involved with anyone in the mid east and isreal would be no ones problem anymore, but youre to weak to say it even know we are all thinking it.

>> No.20539366


You're the exception though. You clearly know what you're doing: the rest of the plebs don't. Their lives were over from day 1.

Ramanujan just picked up maths despite being a povo in some Indian village: but not every Indian peasant can become a world class mathematician.

>> No.20539387

Wasnt asking u pimp

>> No.20539398

Fuck off. Nobody has sympathy for you.

>> No.20539523

no I'm not saying that.
Foreign autocrats nazis, ussr now china combined with the inelastic nature of energy (oil) necessitated the timeline we had or alternatively a new post ww1 ottoman empire that would have embargoed the world for other justifications.

I don't deny the possibility that the entire world is corrupt and is being lead towards global autocracy but it's still undeniable the only power left with a constitution really promoting freedom is the US, so there's no option but support for the US. Autocracy is slavery death is preferable.

>> No.20539537

Wow, almost made it then decided to be a land lord, whats next? How about politics?

>> No.20539549

don't need sympathy just need you to answer the question; do you think the us should break its israel alliance

>> No.20539594
File: 183 KB, 771x804, aaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your solution is to break the us israel alliance?

>> No.20539598

So persistent

>> No.20539630

You think those flimys ass motherfucker can fuck with me? From way over there on the othe side of the world? You filthy pimp i challenge you to a dual, pistol or dagger your choice.

>> No.20539640

Yes. It's not because I don't understand the situation. It's because I do.

>> No.20539700

Buy Suterusu and move to Japan after it 100x's.

>> No.20539729

fuckin a bro i forgot to quote this sonofabitch

>> No.20539766

you're like a little kid so naive. Decades of work creating a place of strength for the us in the middle east and they should throw it away
Iran backed by china and russia moves in allowing china to establish the antithesis of the us petro dollar meaning the end of freedom in the world
if you manage to survive that you now live under a dictatorship thats only goal is to extract every ounce of wealth and energy from you. No property rights, endless work, social credit point systems, forced eugenics etc etc 1984 brave new world

>> No.20539786

I challenged him to a dual but the turd will probably balk

>> No.20539802

our country has been turned into a multi-cultural goy workforce for global kikery
what the fuck do you expect

>> No.20539833

The US is a literal third world country in disguise. You couldn't pay me to live in that shithole of a country.

>> No.20539847

This is a nice piece of marketing, you should be proud of your work pimp, now how about that dual?

>> No.20539849

you are psyoped retard or a shill.
the debasement of the US is caused by foreign autocrats >>20538537

>> No.20539893

Youre right we wouldnt pay you shit but our dual citizen politicans have plenty of ways to get you on the dole

>> No.20539939

>45 posts of utter bullshit
why do you shills think being incoherent helps you?

>> No.20539995

Not shilling i want to fuck your shit up in dual so what do ya say, noife, or pistola?

>> No.20540017

>That is their own fault
>social media literally engineered to get people hooked up on them
Not everyone is as good as you anon

>> No.20540072

>people are degenerating because of the debasement caused by foreign autocrats
yeah we should just take away everyone's property rights and enact global autocracy

>> No.20540078

And by the way, youll get your due process too, so theres gonna be alot of us american nationals cutting down lots of trees so we can build enough gallows to do the neck streching that needs to be done

>> No.20540085

you're a retard grow up and maybe grow a brain too

>> No.20540093

what crime did I commit?

>> No.20540243

Acquiescence to tyranny to start, would you like more?

>> No.20540254


>> No.20540287

Not responding to a dual

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