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Why are you not staking your link in link3D to earn passive link from Link3D games like Linkfomo?

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Doesn’t look like a scam at all

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Obvious scam

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where do i sign up

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just buy linkpool you retards

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my divs have been WAY better consistently than linkpool

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Stake my link on something other than my future neet node? I don't think so.

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real chads stake their link on link3d and get the highest %

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I miss when dApps posted here were cool.

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just send your tokens to the chainlink contract address to enroll

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so what? The site works fine.

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So Im gonna get this straight for the low IQ anons who think this is something they can enlarge their stack:

The Scam is actually pulled of by 4-5 people. 2 act as the Admins of the site link 3D and linkfomo - 1 is their community manager larping as a player and 1-2 more larp as normal players.

When the contract goes live the 2 admins put in a little premine, its actually not much in this case it was only 50 link, so the sheeps think it is OK coz it is not much.

Now the contract goes live and thus it should look like it is fair it starts with a countdown so everybody can buy in on the same time.

Now there is the other 2-3 players putting in large amounts of LINK and pay up to 0,5ETH for the transaction fee, therefore they are the first persons in the contract.
In the case of Linkfomo 58%!!! (let that sink in) of the link going in the contract goes to the key holders. Remember the premine from the admins? They receive 58% of the big amount their OWN TEAM PUT in.
Now they are together sitting on top of the pyramid with 1000 link in the pool and every other sheep who puts in link will instantly lose 58%
Within 5 minutes the scammer team made between 5 - 10k chainlink (Im too lazy to do the correct math - but anons you can look up everything on etherscan).

They made way more with their link 3D scam.

Both projects are literally dead now. Yes in theory those are 3d and can run forever but who will buy, nobody. Link 3d contract will be drained and fomolink just dies and the link got transfered to the scammer.

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shitty fud salty nolinker! you posted this last thread

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you smoked too much crack and went paranoid lol
its completely normal that at the beginning of those projects people fomo in with huge transaction fees its called gas war.

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The contract is transparent with a countdown you could join the gas war yourself and benefit from the fomo.

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Yeah and Ill post it again and again. So the Anons on this board can ask me whatever they want and get an unbiased and honest answer.

You got a bunch of sheeps coz they a new influx of them coming to the game but dont bet on getting more to your shit fucking scam.

This aint reddit yet theres a place in hell for you. Be happy with your "gains" as long as they last, we all pay for your missteps one day.

Now either refute my "fud" you fucking bastard or btfo.

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he probably is just trying to fud to buy into link3D since a few people sold out to buy into fomo

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you keep calling it a scam but you have no proof.

Can you provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt? If So I might listen to you and pull the 3000 link I put into the contract out, I am not a dev or part of the team. SO far the code is transparent and the devs are responsive every day.

If you provide evidence to your claims maybe Id listen. You sound like a guy who is just fudding because other projects have failed in the past but this team SOLVED the erc20 3D contract problem and that is very valuable.

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I know what a gas war is Im OG POW3D was invited by Ponzi bot himself so you aint tell me how the game is played.
If you do the work and look up some transaction from link3d and fomolink you will see that the first 5 persons on top of both are the same.

The point Im making is that 95% of the players will end up with a loss. Many here have no idea how those contracts work - go read the link3d TG its a laughingstock what kind of guys are in there. I really wonder where they recruit them.
Literally too stupid for a metamask transaction - let alone outsmarting the dev team in a countdown gas war.

I actually give a fuck about the people and I feel sad so see stuff like this. If you cant understand that anon our exchange is over here.

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are you the lil singerboi who got nuked from the server for calling this a scam

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Yeah a few people sold out.
When you guys started shilling this shit here you got 45k link in your contract with the upcoming mega-event fomolink around the corner.

Now you are sitting on 18k Link lmao.
Every anon who went into your little ponzi lost
>10% buying in
>40% coz other people dumping their bags
>15% if you want to pull out
But they make those sweet dividends while they own 0,0001% of the pool.

Every anon who put in 100Link should now have probably 30-35 link when he wants to pull out. Oh yes he received 0,6 Link dividends.

>but new money coming in

>its 3d people coming back

>link is on a run thats good for us

its over pack it up.

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>I am not a dev or part of the team
OK, doesnt make it better shilling this.

Its understandable that you shill it, you want to pump your bags desperately thats just human. Whats inhuman and you fail to realise is that you dont see anything wrong with it baiting anons into this shit now that the show is over already.
You know that they will never make their link back, yet you try to pull them in.

Enjoy yout gains if that makes you lucky there will be different times for you and maybe just maybe anon you will have used your luck for the wrong move.
If you cant be a better person than this I actually feel sad for you.
Call me out for whatever you you want now the truth is you are very small minded.

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its not over the admins are still active and developing future projects stop coping and telling wrong facts here

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>not dead

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you know what anon! Thanks! I think you are right. I am going to sell and take this small loss but it might end up being for the better. I will invest in better projects to recoup my losses. Anything you recommend?

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Im done with you faggots. You guys wont get anyone into your shit anyways from biz. Guess Ill destroy the youtube promoters too tonight its fun to see you guys suffer.

Scammer deserve the worst

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I admitted you are right. Sorry I doubted you. They are scammers! forgive me!!!

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Learning is a joy!

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Look this is why I do the effort of debatting with this dipshits here, just do safe an anon from further suffering. Many wont reply anyways out of shame but thats OK, just read what I write, make up your mind, remember there is nothing for free and educate yourself regarding the things you got into (in this case check the transactions from the both contracts).

I was scammed too 3 times in crypto I know the feel. Its not about the money its about the advantage somebody takes on you.

>Anything you recommend?
Well anon honestly I dont want to bait you into something but for these days its AMPL. I made a killing on it the last 14 days. Pic related is how I dumped my bags today. I made 125k$ in 14 days.
I want to get back in but I thought it would dip today before the rebase. Waiting on the sidelines for the moment with good new junk to throw in.
So if you are not in check ampl out. Beside that Im only in some biz moonshots like unit protocol, reloaded on pamp today and got a bag of BZRX.

Regarding your pic related: Dont really have an opinion on it didnt do any research. Man I was like awake for the last 10 days... Maybe this is why Im kinda ranting in here on those scammerfucks.

Anyways godspeed to your journey anon!

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Anon Im actually mindblown! I expected some harsh words and a dank meme for me but this...

And this on 4channel... on biz... wow... I got peepee in my eyes

Why the sudden change?

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And my retardation can be seen by anyone who knows my eth address, as ever, the three rules apply:
1.Don't be greedy.
2.Don't be stupid.
3.Don't be greedy and stupid.
At least I lost pocket money, folk are about to lose one whole fuckload more.
Honestly, I think the loss is the punishment I deserve for going in.
And I knew. I knew this would be the outcome, I may be legitimately retarded.

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And I'm curious about the wildly different numbers people had on their screenshots from the site.

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because you cared fren!

I still have my linkies now cuz of you! It could have been a lot worse. Looks like right when I sold the devs dumped.

I lost 400links but I maintained the rest.

Thanks fren.

I called the dev jaro out and he nuked my messages.

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Which are now droping like a sack of rocks.
Suspect this is more than just folk exchanging for fomo tokens.
This scam has reached its conclusion.

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thanks! I will go into Ampl and recoupe my linkies that way. Im not a poorfag So I can throw about 5k into ampl.

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Fuck dude
I'd give you some of the dinner I'm making right now if I could
We'll get through this shit and happy times will happen

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Im sorry to hear that friend really. I wasnt sure if your post was unironical but honestly it makes me proud that you are a honest soul!
Exactly thats the issue with those pyramids you need to get people on board you know they will most likely lose but thats the only way you can win.

It is a lesson for you, dont let yourself get distracted from your goals! BELIEVE and you will get ahead of the game. Play hard and dont give them a quarter but always be fair. Help your fellow anons and the things you give will come back eventually!

Now get back up on your feet! You are a good Anon and you deserve to make it fren.

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what you eating?

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Welcome to the ride. But it may dip... ahhhh please let it dip.
Godspeed to your journey anon

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Ive got plenty of cash Ill just hold these linkies in cold storage and move on. maybe buy more. Ampleforth looks great ill just buy that

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Stirfry with missing ingredients plus fries

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lmao not looking good

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Oh wow... when I started to "fud" in here link3d had 18,5k link in it and now its 8,3k link.

Honestly biz had a greater impact that I suspected.

If you scammers read this:
Be cursed by kek you fucking dipshits for taking advantage of biz. You know it was wrong now you have to live with this shame your whole fucking misserable days. And make no misstake when you are telling your make it story on the yachtparty many anons here will make it and they will not forget and not forgive.

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80% of the link has disappeared from the contract since u posted this

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TOP KEK! Scammers realized they were found out and bailed

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And some folk are seeing this as a great buying opportunity, lol.

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Can they double the amount of my LINK tokens?
Because Elon Musk and Barack Obuama told me they could double bitcoins.

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No sorry, they can only treble them
Very sad

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because niggers like Craig Grant are involved with link3d

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fuck off rajesh

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