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First for America

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anime is trash

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buy US only

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I like the stonkler threads more. They are comfier than anime threads honestly.

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>open account
>check tech test portfolio of 100k invested
>115k after just one month
mentally ill dividend fags are seething

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who will win the vaccine race?

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Are coffee related stocks good investments?

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>not stonkler
>gif OP
Someone make a new thread

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Based burger girl

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60% TSLA
20% TQQQ
20% TMF

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Feeding the horses some grass until they win the USPS contract in full.

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Do not post lolicon

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Oil and gas. Gold hasn't been as bad.

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they need to fucking hurry up

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>Posts anime
>forgets most important educational link

Do the opposite of what this poster says

This is unironically based

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>dude you don't know shit just throw your money into a bluechip until you know what you're doing!
>me, throwing my money at the meme moon of the day for the last week
>started at $14k, up to $43k
When does the bad part come in? Why would I inch up with MSFT or Cisco and make when I just made in a week, over the next 3 years? It's literally as easy as watching for vaccine news and tradingview's tech tracker.

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Just did.
Better thread

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>started at $14k, up to $43k
>When does the bad part come in?

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The bad part comes when you buy KTOV and have to post "last chance to buy before $0.90!" for 5 years

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>oh god I have to pay 22% instead of 15% time to overthrow the government

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Are there any indications yet if monday is going to get a pump again or if t's going to be more selloffs by (((smart money)))?

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Why do you throw your money away on cruises, airlines, and other nonsense, when you could be buying gold mining stocks? FVL, for example, up 37x in the last few months. I don't even recommend buying this stock now, because it has already run so far, but I barely see gold stocks mentioned here at all.

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Never trade biomemes for anything other than a day trade on moon news. Even I'm not that stupid.

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Red until the megacaps start doing their earnings calls
Then either green momentum or red momentum

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Once I get rid of corona im gonna work at Amazon and do slave labor

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Are coffee related stocks good investments?
starbuck says yes. The stock rose 1500% from 2009 low to current, 2300% at July 2019 peak. However, it crabbed for the better part of three years between 2015 and 2018.

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Not based

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>either red or green
So it's going to crab instead.

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SPY looks like it will be green next week.

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>1 reply

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>leveraged ETFs are bad
Imagine being this naive and childlike.

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Make your own decisions!

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The jews are asking investors for a raise, probably planning on dropping a big ol PR bomb right before their meeting so investors high on their gains say yes.

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china is a powder keg

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Is Marathon Medical the health sector version of Marathon Petroleum? Shorting them right now.

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or a firework

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Look at this TQQQ decay. People should have stayed away from it on March 23rd. It's basic math. All leveraged ETFs are garbage and go to 0.


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you are retarded

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>Cherry picking examples instead of looking through the actual database
LARP more, you probably don't even have 100 shares of TQQQ.

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>you are retarded
>LARP more

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Well this is clown world so I'm sure voting to dilute shares will somehow make line go up.

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Tell me IVR is going to get better

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I sold my IVR bags at a 20% loss. Rate my current bag

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I'm financially ruined

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>doesn't reply to "you probably don't even have 100 shares of TQQQ"
Poorfag alert

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this post is perfect for my threadly reminder.

Tomorrow if the rumor is true AZN will be posting a report on their vaccine with oxford university. THe rumor says the results are promissing. This will be extremely bullish i'm planning to buy AZN as fast as i can. Regarding the race in second place i'm going to put MRNA however their CEO,CFO, and another higherup have sold their shares so that is worrying.

For my second threadly reminder i would like everyone to keep a look out for a potential IPO of ARM. They're a company that created the ARM architecture of CPUs and their ownser soft bank are planning to sell them or make them go public. They provided CPUs for Amazon and are working with Apple for their Arm CPUs to be integrated in their computers in the coming years.

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All ETFs suffer from volatility decay including unleveraged ones. By your logic you shouldn't buy unleveraged ETFs because 0.5x would "decay" less but then 0.25x would be even better and so on. This is obviously absurd taken to it's conclusion but that is the simpleton tier logic you are advocating.
What you are missing is there is nothing magical about 1x leverage. As a matter of fact, historically in most market environments worldwide 2x daily leveraged is about the sweet spot. The only glaring exception is Japan where 0.5x would bizarrely have been appropriate.
You would know all this if you actually read the literature or God forbid thought for yourself instead of regurgitating r*ddit dogma

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when thing go up more leverage good
when thing go down more leverage bad

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Anyone in any VXX calls? Thinking of going into some since I'm expecting big moves in either direction this upcoming week.

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when thing go up stock bad
when thing go down bond good
me good at arithmetic

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How much CLSK should I be accumulating between now and the next 60 seconds?

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You'll be fine.

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i'm holding some rn i don't see anymore new news on it right now

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Big if true. Looking into AZN right now. Thanks for the tip.

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I regret only buying 10 shares of AZN premarket Friday instead of 100. I should have doubled up with some calls mid day too because it kept going up. It could easily hit 80 EOW next week. Might just buy some MVIS shares since that's showing huge moon potential, and maybe some long VXRT calls.

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buy enough for controlling interest in the company

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My dad was an early exec at AMZN, sold his stock options he got for $40 at $800 but looking now My grandchildren and their grandchildren could be neeting. He gets hammered and rambles about it everyday

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reminder singular event earnings season begins this week. This is it. Another once in a lifetime opportunity that no one has any experience at.

>> No.20481621

for 4 mil you have some really garbage stocks

>> No.20481629

Wouldnt AZN already be priced in if the report was known to come out on Monday and "promising". be careful anons, might be pnd

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>singular event earnings season
not sure what you're trying to refer to there, anon.

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What did you reccomend then, friend?

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Bag S&P companies hit hard by our virus friend. Reap gains out the ass when the rebound begins. Sit on your ass and worry not a bit. Laugh like mad as your worth piles up over the next decades as you count down to your retirement date.

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There won't be a viable vaccine

>> No.20481906

Even if there was it wont be till sometime in 2021. If they rush it, well, whichever company makes it, you'd make a nice wad on options when the stock tanks after the side effects come out.

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I recommended Viszla Resources, a silver junior miner, to /biz/ on the 22nd of June. It has since gone up sixfold.

If you mean "do," not "did," buy GDX/GDXJ, SIL/SILJ if you want to be safe; or, if you want some highly speculative and dangerous stocks, I still stand by every other stock on my list (on average, they are up 80% since I posted them).
To give a specific stock, Spanish Mountain Gold is soaring right now, and may do what Viszla Resources did, but it also might crash down, so proceed with caution. Never invest more than 1% of your net-worth in a speculative stock.

>> No.20481955

Is ZJG a good alternative to GDXJ for Canadians?

>> No.20481983

That's on my speculative list too.
Do you not like exk?

>> No.20481997


I never knew about it before, but, having looked at the holdings, it appears extremely similar. For the most part, it has all the same companies as the GDXJ, simply in different proportions. It is definitely going to do well.

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Endeavour Silver is an excellent company. The only reason why I don't own it is that it is not quite small cap enough for me at this point. I will probably buy it eventually.

>> No.20482085

based fren, I'll move 10% of my TFSA into ZJG on Monday

>> No.20482101

What are your top 3 favorite small caps?

I have a small position in LRTNF yet would like to acquire 1 or 2 more holdings.

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This is retarded. How would a 1x index ETF have volatility decay?

>> No.20482278

Nigger, you retarded? Start at $100, subtract 10% then add 10%. What does that leave you with? Not 100. Congratulations. Volatility decay

>> No.20482285

So i have a big question, when one company announces that their vaccine is successful will all the other vax companies plummet?

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It's hard to choose only three, because, of the dozens which I own, I don't think that any are much more likely to succeed than the others; all have a fair chance of success, but there is a great deal of luck involved. If I had to give three and only three, then, for ultra-high danger, ultra-high risk, and ultra-high reward: Precipitate Gold, Spanish Mountain Gold, and Newrange Gold. The first of these could go 10x if it finds something, which is not unlikely; the second is soaring right now after Eric Sprott got involved, and could become the next FVL; and the third is about to announce drill results imminently. If you are going to buy Spanish Mountain Gold or Newrange Gold, do so as quickly as possible; on Monday preferably.

For longer-term value holds, Euro Sun Mining, Discovery Metals, and McEwen Mining are extremely cheap. The first has the second-largest gold deposit in Europe, the second has some of the best silver deposits in the world, and the third is run by one of the most respected figures in the mining industry, and has a weak share price only because of some temporary setbacks.

>> No.20482334

Most likely. Cause that company will have that vaccine under patant lock. No one else can make it but them. They can charge whatever amount they want for it and people would be forced to fork it out.

>> No.20482348

Like holding the codes to a nuke in your hand. Pay up or else.

>> No.20482366

Got any guesses for whos gonna take the win?

>> No.20482368

honestly those are probably good long holds
I may start selling cash covered puts on MU, then switch into covered calls.

>> No.20482397

>Newrange Gold
this guy again...

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So is everyone buying AZN on Monday? I’m kinda scared seems like there’s a lot of hype, what about getting in cruise lines or airlines and hope that the vaccine news pumps these stocks? Is it a good idea? I need a win boys

>> No.20482426

might sell some call credit spreads after it peaks

>> No.20482443


This is the first time that I have even mentioned the name Newrange Gold on 4chan. Can only find one thread on 19 June 2020 which mentions it. I can prove that that wasn't myself, because it isn't in my list from the 22nd of June. >>20481907

>> No.20482449

I sat on 3 month calls and got burned on AT&T. Growth stocks > div stocks.

>> No.20482455

Being honest Id avoid Moderna. A bunch of their top execs sold heavy stacks right before their announcment. I dont trust that shit. Not to mention the company has zero FDA approved drugs.

PFE seems interesting but unlike Moderna they haven't rised at all throughout this so I have no real bets. I might put some in PFE just so if they do win the race I dont lose out.

>> No.20482457

Not a clue. Although you may want to remember it. Soon as any cases of side effects come out, well the stock will take a dump.

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what this mean?

I magically managed to get out of SMICY before that blow-off top and plunge! I'm worried SMIC has further to fall, but I'm eying CHIK, CQQQ, and KWEB.

kek nah that was when he came back, he was here a year ago or so too
But I'm curious about your miners and what you know about their management and lodes.

I've got a decent amount of Barrick but I have no smallcaps or silver miners, and I'm interested.

>> No.20482484

I realize there's some subtlety there so imagine you put half your account in cash and half your account in a 1x, i.e. unleveraged ETF. You are effectively 0.5x "leveraged". Now if the underlying drops 10%, your account only drops 5%. When the underlying goes back up 10% as in the previous example, you will have lost less to volatility decay versus being all in the unleveraged ETF. The effect is a continuous function negative and positive and 1x as I stated previously is not magical in any way

>> No.20482508

Reminder that markets are crashing on Monday.

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nah man but for real fuck anime

>> No.20482554

They are just going to throw out some more "promising" vaccine news and there will be a huge rally.

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This is the post. You can tell that I'm not the same person, because he uses words like "frens" and phrases like "we're all gonna make it." I write in formal English whether I am on 4chan or off it. I am suggesting Newrange purely as a gamble on the imminent drill results, which is a circumstance I only learned of yesterday. It might turn out excellently, or it might be an absolute disaster.

If you want to look into the details why I invested in a number of my stocks, I recommend Don Durrett's excellent articles on the top junior silver miners for 2020:



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cool thanks

>> No.20482621

taxation is theft

>> No.20482647


It's me just being silly, but I think we can open a good discussion here.
>corona crisis is likely to keep going for several months
>Low employment
>High volatility
>economic war
are we having a bounce back after all of this and we just dodged the market crash bullet? or is it going to happen at any moment now?

>> No.20482684

Any natural gas anons still alive here? Whats your picks? OKE, AM, AR, RRC, EQT?

>> No.20482705

Short BOIL

>> No.20482719

Kek, just for grins I looked it up. I've spent only $106 on gas for my car this year. I use Quicken to keep track of my spending and stuff. Makes life easier. I can see my net worth at a glance and chart the growth over the years. It's calming, seeing that value go up as the years pass.

>> No.20482772

>I've spent only $106 on gas for my car this year.
total loser, ngmi regardless how much you’re worth

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20 minutes to movie night! Tonight's feature is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), which is not a summery movie (it's actually set during the winter) but it came out during the summer so it'll do

>> No.20482788


Are you the anon who took the time to share their economic thesis on here back in June? I recognize your posting style.

Just wanted to express my appreciation for your posts then

>> No.20482856

This doesn't sound like anything unique to an ETF, that would be the same for TSLA or anything else.

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Long term hold but I feel a div cut is coming.

>> No.20482881


Yes. Thank you for your kind words. Admittedly what I am talking about now is a lot more speculative than simply recommending gold and speaking about the inevitable demise of the economy, but I would rather people gamble on junior miners than absolute nonsense like Carnival or Tesla.

>> No.20482893

Do you see a period when longing it is going to be viable?

>> No.20482911

would you mind sharing again? Very interested and looking for a good read.

>> No.20482923

ignore it there are some truly retarded posters here tonight

>> No.20482925

You got a card for my portfolio?

>> No.20482938

What are thoughts on UAVS?
Think they are getting amazon partner?

>> No.20482964



>> No.20482980

It means don’t be stupid. Don’t bet against America fren

>> No.20482990

It isn't unique to ETFs at all. Matter of fact it's one of the most banal and universal effects in trading and it's sad that any special attention had to be paid to it at all since it is so obvious yet it keeps coming up when people try to use it as an argument against leveraged ETFs as if it's some silver bullet argument. It isn't, not even close since as I've articulated, the argument works against unleveraged ETFs equally and implies one should reduce leverage asymptotically toward zero to avoid it since 1x is in no way the magical sweet spot.
It is unfortunate to have to painstakingly explain simple arithmetic concepts to adults yet here we are
Technically, probably around 20

>> No.20482993
File: 30 KB, 439x363, F4701C3A-2C8C-4173-AA2A-43A9190F4449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk but I have 100 shares. Think it will go up Monday? I’m eyeing MVIS and AQB.

>> No.20483009
File: 15 KB, 261x146, 66ca02a8b72c12316198b6961f42c17bd9e40d21e7407e3ec151cb8774b83dcc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy EVRI. Price is being suppressed until the flood gates open. Time is running out

>> No.20483013
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it sounds like it means the opposite, that the people who don't invest in china are idiots

>> No.20483027

Well I’m not smart lol. I know it’s not that clear now that you mention it

>> No.20483029

you're like a few months late on this uavs pump and dump
and why would amazon partner with anything inferior they can and most likely already have created themselves

>> No.20483031

There was a lot of info circulating about them getting partner with amazon and both having new buildings next to each other or some shit. Could be a big win.

>> No.20483034

Based musk pumping doge today.

>> No.20483038

None of your posts make any sense in context of what anybody else is saying on the subject. What even is your position?

>> No.20483071

Well, let me point this out. Amazon could buy them now for 3.30 per share. Or they could've bought them earlier for only 0.19 per. If you wanted to buy a company you'd do it when it would cost you less not more. The fact Amazon didn't says lots. Yeah I know 3.30 is nothing for Amazon. But still why pay more if you don't got to?

>> No.20483082

we're probs due to another uptick in covid cause of chuds. once that happens no one is going to want to do business with us and will close borders case in point europe. That will move everything to china imo

>> No.20483083

I'm eying MVIS too, I think it's got long term potential. I think the run up right now though might be over.

EVRI is a race between more vaccine news vs Nevada having more corona issues. I think it might have a chance since AZN news is soon and Nevada won't change anything for at least a week or two.

>> No.20483099

Also am i to late to buy AZN some people are tellin me its to late don't get burned by fomo what are ur thoughts

>> No.20483107 [DELETED] 
File: 473 KB, 849x1200, 80649271_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see.

Well I'm unironically considering it.
The decoupling from the US is going to force china to invest in its own tech and shit, and I'm not sure how much trump's dickwagging is going to effect them. And the chinese web stocks should benefit bigly.

I probably need to just start buying and holding some ARKK and chink ETF's.

>Yeah I know 3.30 is nothing for Amazon
christ on a cracker are you still valuing companies based on share price alone, irrespective of market cap? you shills are the worst.

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Movie night movie night! Get in here for some summer fun!

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I bought puts on NIO. I'm gonna make it

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>buy single shares of thousands of pennystocks
>request all documentation and voting records in paper
>sell the paper for recycling

>> No.20483241

where can you sell paper for recycling at? Everywhere I know of you have to pay people to take it

>> No.20483279

Put LLNW on your watchlist. They handle streaming bandwidth. Their earnings come out Monday after hours, might buy 100 shares and gamble that I can squeeze a little cash out of it

>> No.20483283

look at that chart dog youre just begging to buy the top

>> No.20483293

There won't be one at all. You can't make an efficacious vaccine for a flu virus.

>> No.20483299

however if the news is good tomorrow is it really top?

>> No.20483350

If premarket skyrockets up it will probably keep running up. If there's a pullback premarket then I'd expect it to plateau throughout the day.

>> No.20483362

This is an earnings season like never before and likely will never repeat. It's literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

>> No.20483374

When will my TME bags moon bros

>> No.20483392

PFE retard

>> No.20483402

What plays are you making?

>> No.20483482

I'm debating on picking up some Calix/CALX on Monday. I believe their earnings are on Tuesday, and I am confident that will far exceed estimates. I'm hoping that the insane demand for internet service during COVID will cause this to rise.

>> No.20483531

Telecom Argentina (TEO) suffering massive hack, many systems encrypted and hackers asking 7.5M USD for the key (double after some deadline).

>> No.20483554

I have 100 shares of tsm on margin should i sell them...

>> No.20483558
File: 1.26 MB, 600x600, 1585281982826.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Corona-chan isn't an influenza virus, retard. It also doesn't matter if the vaccine works as sars2 is a nothingburger (see: Sweden)

>> No.20483579

Dump the boomer oil ans airline trash. You're basically hedging against WKHS, except your hedges aren't even good hedges.

Why are you redditors so intent on wasting money on boomer blue chips and dead industries? Oil and airlines are never coming back to their highs. Never. They will be dead, nationalized, or forever niche players.

Once again, if you want safe/blue chip-esque, just buy FAGGOTMANN


That's it, all you need to make it.

>> No.20483616
File: 37 KB, 862x746, tqqq qqq spy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these retards won't even beat spy. so many retards here with their dividend garbage and oil stocks.
reminder to just buy tqqq, it will require a total collapse of the market for it to go down

>> No.20483655
File: 20 KB, 683x344, tqqq qqq spy 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alternatively if you only put in 100k and forgot about it for 10 years

>> No.20483659
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>> No.20483670 [DELETED] 

Is suicide for cowards if ur a sex offender?

>> No.20483697

I think you people are wrong. The market is saturated with vaccine news. The biggest thing driving Friday's market and why the volume is so low is congress. Market isn't sure if congress is extending the $600 unemployment. Now all signs point to no and this is bad for the market.

>> No.20483745
File: 24 KB, 640x480, 1594238847842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is an earnings season like never before
If you're trying to say something about corona chan with this, the last quarterly earnings for most companies included numbers from deep in the quarantine period. Analyst expectations for this quarter are based on models using that data to extrapolate. The big one earnings season was LAST quarter for that reason, not this one. EPS targets for this quarter are much better informed.

>> No.20483756

you have chosen to ask this question on new caledonian gecko breeding community thread?

>> No.20483793
File: 251 KB, 950x515, 282CCFB5-E703-4CEC-81F5-159BBC7AD2A8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck. I almost forgot about earnings. Look how many. This can't be good.

>> No.20483799

Redpill me on MVIS. Is it a buy? They make laser stuff?

>> No.20483805


>> No.20483827


Most of the world was operating normally throughout Q1 aside from maybe the last week of March

>> No.20483836

welcome back from your cryo sleep, it has been two months since. you might want to catch up and re-orientate yourself

>> No.20483875

lol im trying

>> No.20483881

Why would you buy TSM on margin? Also, when?

>> No.20483937

I had a $66 call that expired in the money friday
I'm kinda thinking about depositing some money so that it won't be on margin. I think it should only cost me about $1 per day in the meanwhile. It's one of my favorites to hold so I kinda like seeing the 100 shares there and I don't wanna sell them... but it will take some effort to get $6600 into my account so soon

>> No.20484002
File: 142 KB, 1024x986, 1593726558217m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hes not 95%+ cash


>> No.20484032

everything pointing to next few months being big line go up moment

>> No.20484036

America will keep growing for sure but it will be #2. There's no way around it. The growth it exhibited in the past 4 years is completely based on debt.

>> No.20484071


Why not just buy TCEHY?

>> No.20484077
File: 367 KB, 850x1214, 09f642b367be.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he didn't use a percentage of his cash to do a position in shiny rocks

>> No.20484177
File: 37 KB, 600x600, 495ECE8A-EBD3-4E77-974C-C5072A3356DF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still has some legs on it. I think you could squeeze 20% out of it this week if not a bit more.

>> No.20484192

I hope monday is red.

>> No.20484197

>bored as fuck
>check stocktwits for a stock
>some guy registered 5 days ago and has 1500 posts on a single stocks page shitting on it
i thought i had issues visiting this shitty general too much

>> No.20484213
File: 150 KB, 1920x1080, dtw_job_numbers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the best bets for mass unemployment and social unrest? Security companies? Funeral services?

>> No.20484225
File: 25 KB, 474x493, OIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sad to say, I don't see any stock worth putting money into.

All come with HIGH risk, and what? 10% profits at best?

I'm doing the Buffett and hoarding cash, waiting for a correction. -5 or -10% will get me back in ;).

BOBO Mode Back on BOYZZZ!!!!

>> No.20484233
File: 810 KB, 1366x768, 563888ef-70e2812781.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20484242

I hope you eat a bad grilled cheese samwich

>> No.20484251

more guns. Probably the gig economy.

>> No.20484281

>more guns. Probably the gig economy.
Good ideas. Maybe temp hiring agencies?

>> No.20484314
File: 104 KB, 750x876, 1594349135743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have been telling you for months. If you haven't connected the dots yet, you can't make it.

>> No.20484437

YES sell the news dude unless the news is better then what could be expected

>> No.20484446


>> No.20484510

The only 2 scenario's I see where the FED could not print it's way out of trouble is:

1) Inflation

2) Virus mutates and turns immune systems against host (like 1918 flu).

If by mid-October, there's no huge uptick in death's, we can count our blessings.

If inflation occurs, GTFO of markets, hoard gold and bullets.

>> No.20484536

Fuck you. I buy whatever i want. 40% HUYA masterrace.

>> No.20484537

>If inflation occurs, GTFO of markets, hoard gold and bullets.
This is literally the point of Fed's euphemistically named QE. To outprint deflation with inflation. They are already laying the groundwork to basically keep interest rates at 0% forever.

>> No.20484540

>If inflation occurs, GTFO of markets
that's really wrong

inflation -> get out of cash
stocks are fine, REITs are fine

>> No.20484559

Fellow lrtnf bro, at the very least we will 2x within a year after they become a 100k ounces a year miner and who knows what else as they dig deeper and acquire more

>> No.20484562

it would be an epic prank if someone had an earthquake machine and used it on the three gorges dam and drown 300 million people as a funny joke, their stock market would probably still be up haha lol

>> No.20484577

ohh your right welp damn guess i'll wait for the dump and buy in

>> No.20484584
File: 163 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200718-222414.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fed was already printing before Covid Fren. See that line? It was going down until it became apparent the markets were going to follow it. We are stuck on eternal print, and worse still, that'll be the new normal. The only tricks left are negative rates and yield cap controls. When will those happen? Don't know, could be this Month or August depending on how the market handles earnings, mortgage defaults, and a second shutdown.... But it will happen, just a matter of time.

>> No.20484596

the stock market was bullish during WW2 and many other human disasters, it's far more resilient than people think

>> No.20484602
File: 92 KB, 600x776, a4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If it's 3%, that's optimal. We're all good.

If it's something nuts, like 12, 15%.

Say goodbye to the FED doing any QE.

Say Hello to rising interest rates and stock market crash.

YOu're right, we have 0.1% inflation RN, which is REALLY LOW; however if it spikes, PINK WOJACKS GALORE

>> No.20484614

Inflation means that stock prices are inflated too. Asset values don't change, only cash's value does. Just get money into non-deprecating assets.

>> No.20484620

should be about time for that meme to wrap itself up and for the schizos to move onto the next one right?

>> No.20484649

yeah man haha WW2 and shit, and resilence, man I sure do like thinking about how things are one way but actually the other
edit: thanks for the gold stranger

>> No.20484682
File: 38 KB, 599x298, fat guwop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are the chances that the FED's gambling on the Yuan going to absolute dogshit causing a deflationary dollar crisis in order to offset the printing?

>> No.20484730

It's a huge company. It won't tank on bad news, but it also won't go to the moon on good news. Stage II/III trials will also show results soon. Hang on until 2021 for 50% gain or so. It is what I will do. You can also read and interpret https://clinicaltrials.gov/ to find out other potential candidates.

>> No.20484732

i want to see this exact chart this week

>> No.20484766

Easy being bullish during WWII....US was the Amazon back then, every country was going into heavy debt buying US goods....

Those golden days are far gone.

Inflation helps assets like real estate and equities. You're right about that. But it has to be healthy levels. We historically had 2-3% inflation. We could probably handle a little more; however if it reaches 20%, 40%, we're all fucked.

>> No.20484799

>inflation -> get out of cash
>stocks are fine, REITs are fine
Stocks will just follow inflation. That is what the 2009-2020 bull market was. It just seemed so much better because the money was locked up in the market and not in the actual economy to reduce its real gains. There will be no appreciation. REITs likewise will lag behind the actual real estate markets they are tracking.
Unironically the only thing mortals can do is become boomer landlords because you can raise rents in "real time" to outpace inflation. Also if you have a day job you'll want to keep looking for a new job every few years since companies typically match enticement packages to inflation better than internal promotion payscales.

>> No.20484821

probably could buy some cheap bonds tied to LIBOR/SOFR if you're worried.

>> No.20484836

Not at all, shit didn't start getting shut down in the states till second half of March

>> No.20484838

I want to see Tesla have bad earnings so badly.

The mount of pink wojacks and suicides on /wsb will be farther than the eye could see.

>> No.20484856

I'm not worried about inflation for awhile. We might see signs of it come a year or two out, depending on how many stimulus measures we pass.

>> No.20484876

if you think about it pharma controls the market just hope for bad pharma news

>> No.20484882

The UK had 20% inflation in the 70s. It's not a world-ending event.

>> No.20484894
File: 1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200718-224443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Become a Landlord
Unironically the worst piece of advice ATM. Sure maybe 10-20 years ago is was a lucrative Boomer way of making cash, but progressivism is coming home to roost in a city near you.

>> No.20484925

Depends on what type of land you’re lording.
What if you own land that a food company built their warehouses on?

(Like COLD americold REIT)

Also, you’re assuming the anti-rent movement has traction.

>> No.20484939
File: 219 KB, 995x640, COVIDVAXGAINERS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres some dd for ya

>> No.20484943

>Unironically the worst piece of advice ATM
always was. market always better

>> No.20485078

Then just become a vacation rental landlord. Don't overleverage it with multiple properties like a true dumb boomer.

>> No.20485079

US was around 12% around that time as well.

Situation is different. RN, everything is propped up by QE.

If Inflation starts going to 1980 levels of 13% RN....

Also, since the US dollar is the world currency, it'll have impacts across the world once the FED slows down dramatically or stops QE.

FED's #1 priority is to prevent Hyper-inflation. The US dollar must remain strong even at the expense of the stock market.

>> No.20485082

>doesn't list VXRT

>> No.20485118

ah yes, the anatomy of a pump and dump.

>> No.20485148

that already happened some months ago and was confirmed to not be true
why is it happening again lmao

>> No.20485157

Why are zoomers in capable of typing the words "right now"? Why do they all abbreviate it Registered Nurse?

>> No.20485164
File: 125 KB, 680x337, 17c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The US dollar must remain strong even at the expense of the stock market.

>> No.20485215

>FED's #1 priority is to prevent Hyper-inflation. The US dollar must remain strong even at the expense of the stock market.
>t. Dumb idiot

Central banks can deal with inflation. They can go full Volcker.

Deflation though...

>> No.20485219

I’m starting to doubt your rambles.

>> No.20485257

Healthcare professional detected

>> No.20485319

There's a company that uses a platform to collect money from investors. 70% of my investment is insured, the annual effective rate is 10%. I wanna invest 300 usd, is it a good business?

>> No.20485326

no idea but theres definitely a lot of bad advice and legitimate shilling going on on any forum such as this one.

>> No.20485341

is this an SAT question?

>> No.20485342
File: 393 KB, 680x680, 1557591154706.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking about going deep on MVIS on monday. A stock like this could fly to $20 easy

>> No.20485343

so you can make $30 a year? lol you would be better off spending it all on scratch off lottery tickets.

>> No.20485370

this is a scam jesus christ it's scary you aren't able to get that

>> No.20485383

So bored over the weekend, thinking of going into crypto so I can feed my gambling addiction during off trading hours, anyone here make any decent consistent returns with crypto post 2017?

>> No.20485390

what etf has the most ammount of pharmaceuticals working on a vaccine. so i don't have to guess on which is gonna make it

>> No.20485394

the MRNA selloffs were automatic. A lot of ceo's have this sort of thing built into their contracts, it's nothing to be concerned about.

The AZN rumor didn't start until AFTER market close on Friday, tmk. Wouldn't be priced in yet.

>> No.20485399

Sounds like a good way to take 30% off you

>> No.20485406

oh if thats the case maybe it's a buy but i'll have to let it dip for now but that thing is on the run i'm starting to fomo on AZN and MRNA

>> No.20485430

why do you assume they're gonna make it
how's that HIV vaccine going along? what would herpers, or dengue, etc.

>> No.20485431

If you take MVIS it's a super long hold IMO. The growth potential is there but I don't think it has a good reason to grow explosively in the short term. Might grab some long dated calls.

AZN's dip will be higher than Monday's open. It's the next MRNA runup except the execs aren't lining up releases with their stock selling schedule.

>> No.20485437

>I think you people are wrong
I think you're right

>> No.20485458

No, it's an actual question from someone who actually want to pour some money into this.
lol, it's true. But I need to grasp some knowledge before I start fending off for myself.
it's insured by the bvc (Colombia stock exchange), and this platform has had successful projects.

probably, the company work with metals extracted here in colombia. idk it seemed a good idea

>> No.20485471

Now there's a trustworthy country.

>> No.20485477
File: 9 KB, 252x200, 1591754678085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bobo: corona is deflationary, therefore stocks will fall!
>also bobo: the Fed won't print because they're worried about hyper-inflation!
Gay. Bear.

>> No.20485496


>> No.20485503

I think I found a new waifu

>> No.20485513

Astra Zeneca is a real company with many drugs, a storied history, and a promising oncology pipeline.
If modern gets its vaccine to market that would be their first product.

Comparing them like that... how new?


But is this vaccine only? Because Lilly has antibodies in the works. Treatments are more profitable and more likely to work...

>> No.20485516

mate, what you are describing is literally a scam lmao
just put your $300 in spy or qqq etf for more than 10% without any weird shit

>> No.20485543

she has no friends, but she has a big dick-sucking jaw she can use to bite my cock any time she wants

>> No.20485547
File: 565 KB, 645x362, 2scoops cashew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Colombian people are very caring and kind, I'd trust them with my life
nice @[email protected]

>> No.20485572

thank you, lad. I will read about them and see if I can do it from here.

>> No.20485573
File: 116 KB, 973x837, 1582451580138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Motherfucker I just need one ride on a vaccinememe stock and i'll be set for life just give me one god damn it.

>> No.20485627

Temps are no good. The problem is that there isn't enough jobs, not that people don't want to work. Any place that actually needs labor could get it below minimum wage at this point.

>> No.20485634

>she has no friends, but she has a big dick-sucking jaw she can use to bite my cock any time she wants
Yeah, mane, I can feel that feel, bro

>nice @[email protected]
I'm flattered and feel very validated by your acknowledgement, sir.

P.S. I'm high on an infused sativa. I can feel all the feels right now.
Fucking lay it on me, sirs.

>> No.20485686

You know she’s got dick on demand... just no personality to keep them around.

She’s not gonna gnaw on our nuts
If she’s single it’s because she can’t keep a Chad, not that she can’t fuck one whenever she wants.

>> No.20485704

I'm looking at Makara mining Corp
But those are also penny stocks
On the other hand I won't lose much if I lose and can cut my losses short
Plus I can diversify my stocks more

>> No.20485727

Thank you, lad. We are

In general, guys. What do you think of investment funds?

>> No.20485748

Yeah, i know. It's was just a weird way to say that I find that trait attractive

>> No.20485764

Oral cbt?

>> No.20485798

>25 cents of every dollar of the SP500 is FAGMAN
Index investing bubble is the next bubble in the market, by the way
Because its generally thought of as /PMG/'s territory but /PMG/ generally doesn't like them because its too far from the metal. My gold mining and royalty stock holdings are all running faster than the SP500 even from march lows. Hell, you don't even need to touch the usual penny stocks since all the well managed smaller companies are just soaring.
I am unironically going to sell a lot of these holdings when the zoomers try to get in after TSLA, airlines, cruise lines, etc. becomes boring for them.

>> No.20485813

are there any brokers where I can use Alex to make trades?

>> No.20485825

you read market watch too eh

>> No.20485828

Logitech to the moon

>> No.20485840

Idk what that is desu, but if it's oral submission, yeah it is a turn on for me.

>> No.20485874


>> No.20485912

Oral femdom/rough head

>> No.20485937

Logitech to the moon

>> No.20486000

Look at the chart it has only been going up no significant dip

>> No.20486011

Nice reading comprehension there.

>> No.20486026


i wish i had the guts to liquidate my meme stocks and go into something with moon potential but from the way it's looking my meme stocks are looking really good. most notably BLNK and CLSK literal meme stocks

>> No.20486068
File: 96 KB, 450x269, 19xz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20486074

As long as I'm the one dominating, yeah.

>> No.20486099

Capital One is getting fucking fucked on Tuesday.
Mark my words, faggots.
That oil contracts scandal seems like it didn't get enough attention.

Wells Fargo got the hard slaps recently and is actually currently in the process of planning a massive layoff.
Capital One also shit the bed on their previous EPS.
Capital One goes after the bottom tranche of credit card debt. At the very minimum, there earnings report will be interesting.

>> No.20486107
File: 182 KB, 1078x1060, hegelians astrology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fund you're talking about? I don't have much experience with something like that, I only trade US equities. 10% yearly is great, have they demonstrated that in the past? I've never heard of a fund insuring your money before, not sure how that works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Do you want to listen to music or what Mr. Scoops? I've been bumping this lately :o

>> No.20486190

>Do you want to listen to music or what Mr. Scoops? I've been bumping this lately :o
Pretty solid music, famalam. Thanks for sharing. 'Twas gud.
I'm still going to stand by my previously posted song:
The outro guitar solo = good shit.

>> No.20486235

I probably am going to have to research this more they might have a huge earnings beat due to the fact that they sell conference cameras.
So I am betting they sold I shit ton during the Mexican beer virus
I just got to make sure they got atleast some government contracts

>> No.20486245

Why this stock? Neither of the CEOs previous 2 miners really got anywheres.

>> No.20486276

ohhh shit you're right. would you say this is top. honestly by looking at the graph it is

>> No.20486326

You like Robert Zombie kekkies? Back when I had a show on college radio I played something off that album, it'd just come out. I don't think it was that song but one of them. What a good time, just smoking legal weed all day, playing vinyls of Uncle Acid, Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc that I found for 20 bucks at the used book store ^_^

>> No.20486341


Are you saying there is no difference between e.g. investing twice the amount and buying a 2x leveraged product?
Trivially, suppose you have the following sequence of daily returns: -10%, +10%, -10%, +10% and can either invest 2 dollars in the underlying or 1 dollar in the leveraged, which would you choose? The changes in values are 2*0.9*1.1*0.9*1.1-2 and 0.8*1.2*0.8*1.2-1.
These are not the same, buying twice the amount of the underlying performs better.
This is because the product is leveraging the DAILY returns, which gives different results to e.g. using margin to leverage up the amount of underlying you buy.
Basically it introduces path dependence to returns, you'll get different returns according to the path of daily returns.
If you don't understand the basic maths go look at the price of a 5x ETF before and after the recent crash, they haven't returned to anything like their pre-crash levels despite the markets doing so.
I made the same mistake and bought a 5x silver ETF and only just broke even desire a big rise in the silver price, only then did I realise that the leverage is daily, which makes a huge difference. If you want to leverage up either get margin with a proper broker or play spreads.

>> No.20486364
File: 403 KB, 856x900, __usada_pekora_hololive_drawn_by_abara_heiki__53b47209576d762e96f6ccabc5095650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is SPCE due for a slight correction or should I get rid of my 7/24 puts? I only did ATM puts so it's not like I expect it to drop a lot but $2-3 wouldn't be so bad

>> No.20486382
File: 59 KB, 702x600, F4E4E648-E50A-4990-B189-631B332027BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only played WHOTE ZOMBI on MY college radio show.

(Gripping the wheel his knuckles went white with desire
>The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45. True Death: 400 Horsepower of maximum performance piercing the night. This is Black Sunshine)

>> No.20486390

Idk I am going to research this more tomorrow though and you should to. The idea just popped in my head looking at the earnings calendar and seeing the stock not dipping at all
I am buying some calls Monday so I only loose the premium just in case I am wrong

>> No.20486398

5x ETF? I thought the max allowed was 3x

>> No.20486403

When's the next market crash anons? Anyone else trying to time it or am I just retarded?

>> No.20486417

you are retarded if you believe there is some magical way to time it, yeah

>> No.20486421

Their will be a dip in November, always is on an election year

>> No.20486432
File: 312 KB, 389x386, 1578983123893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy FUCK I want to fall asleep just within the first 20 seconds.. who the FUCK watches this shit? I am NOT clicking to watch the actual video on youtube I don't even want to know how many viewers it has because it would probably make me feel sick to my stomach.. jesus christ FUCK .. just imagining all the beta orbiter comments too oh my GOD kill me

>> No.20486438

>As long as I'm the one dominating, yeah.
Wow no wrong
Submissive women (dead fish) are everywhere. Every woman is “oh no dont fuck me so hard youre so big is it even going to fit you’re the biggest man I’ve ever been with don’t fuck me so hard.”

A woman who actually wants to take initiative is rare and to be treasured. But both can be fun.

>> No.20486439

>always is on an election year

>> No.20486458

I thought I was too late for AZN on friday when I could've gotten that instead of buying back into fucking workhorse like a fucking chump aaaaaaa

>> No.20486463

Maybe but I think there are some indicators that help. The deadlines for the various government relief programs are a good start.

>> No.20486501

TSLA is the prime example of everything wrong with this market

>> No.20486503

Possibly that's the case in the US, but plenty of 5x in Europe e.g. SG50 (Although this one is being discontinued - probably because the decay is too obvious if you look at the price history now)

>> No.20486508

Is the fed speaking this week Powell really needs to be more involved here

>> No.20486513
File: 131 KB, 1200x630, wife-cheat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slut gf cope posting

>> No.20486517
File: 65 KB, 1200x514, 1590444385363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not NKLA
stupid idiot

>> No.20486542

what about the free market

>> No.20486546


>> No.20486572

The free market will win out, the only way to make it go up indefinitely is to go full Venezuela and kill the dollar.

>> No.20486574
File: 3.16 MB, 1600x2000, 6349F58A-9A4D-4B8E-8406-5B020D4969DC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least he was banging that when it was prime teen pussy. She’s fucking stunning. Like. Goddamn.

Also, what?
A girl who’s willing to get on top and ride is fucking excellent. You’re a dumb.

>> No.20486575

>the free market
Extinct since 1990s.
>not Zoom, Wayfair, or Moderna
EVs are just this generations tulips

>> No.20486585
File: 73 KB, 720x674, 1568681720768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They already are:
>that rise at the end
That's when they saw the constant retractions last week.

>> No.20486604

That was his wife, she did porn videos and cheated on him when he was out fighting.

>> No.20486608

>comparing zoom to Nkla
Your a black gay Downie.

>Weimar Venezuela
You are also a crack baby

>> No.20486616

>You like Robert Zombie kekkies?
Hell, yes.
I like the song "Ride" a fuckload.
"Lords of Salem" was what I set my alarm clock to during my freshman year of college.
I can't believe my roommates never said anything about it.
>Back when I had a show on college radio I played something off that album, it'd just come out. I don't think it was that song but one of them. What a good time, just smoking legal weed all day, playing vinyls of Uncle Acid, Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc that I found for 20 bucks at the used book store ^_^
>just smoking legal weed all day
I've been smoking a lot lately.
Smoking all day sounds awful. I can't do more than a couple joints or 2 bowls without starting to cough a lot.
I recently tried edibles and may switch over since my tolerance seems to be getting higher.
That was surprisingly good. Thank you! I bookmarked that song

>> No.20486619

yeah, not seeing it.

>> No.20486620

So far, I only see profit taking corrections like the one around June 12. Otherwise, the next crash depends on the severity of the second wave. The elections don't really matter to the markets. Maybe a 5% drop @ best, Fed still going to be around no matter what.

>> No.20486621

I have never experienced a free market in my adult life

>> No.20486625

It’s the “free market*”

*terms and conditions apply.

>> No.20486630

>that was his wife
Oh fucking shit I thought it was just a gf.
Jesus Christ I bet she gets to keep some of his benefits too.

Anyhow, if you werent banging hot teen poon when you were a teen, you don’t even know.

>> No.20486641

The FED will not kill the dollar, simple as that, if they do that’s the end of the US as we know it.

>> No.20486657

Money > America
This is the modern Globalist mindset.

>> No.20486661

Cheating on a military member that is overseas teeters on treason.

>> No.20486684

>(Gripping the wheel his knuckles went white with desire
>>The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45. True Death: 400 Horsepower of maximum performance piercing the night. This is Black Sunshine)
Shit. I recognize this. What song is this from.

>holy FUCK I want to fall asleep just within the first 20 seconds.. who the FUCK watches this shit?
I watched the whole thing. It was good.
It's fulfilling to hear roasties feeling alienation and outcasted.

>> No.20486715

I have a letter from the IRS and I'm too much of a pussy to open it.
I filed my 2019 taxes on Tuesday during lunch, but I never filed for 2018.

>> No.20486728

You know that nearly every country holds US dollar debt/treasuries, not to mention that oil and all trade is done in dollars, not to mention the short-term domestic economic impacts.

>> No.20486744

I don’t normally say this, but fuck you tripnigger this isn’t your blog it’s probably just confirmation or a goddamn refund check shut the fuck up.

He probably does not. Anyone who is comparing the USD to Nigerian bucks or reichsmarks and not british pounds or Dutch gilders should be short for their ignorance.

>> No.20486763

Spoiler alert:


Didn't file local income taxes myself for 3 years when I was 18 (didn't know my city had one).....didn't receive a notice until that 3rd year. Dinged me for taxes owed with interest. Sucked balls and not in a good way.

>> No.20486774
File: 503 KB, 1536x2048, 5E717C10-C4D3-4BF5-A7A9-CAC78EA04907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I watch an anime movie like 5cm per second or your name or some fucking shit?

I think I’m too drunk to listen to more Dalio.

Dalio is my nigger though. Peepeepoopoo.

>> No.20486813

No, the fund is with my bank or any other certified institution. The one with 10% is like a crowdfunding company. You basically lend money to a company and they pay you back, if they don't do it, then you get 70% back from the insurance and the case goes to agressive collection (?)

>> No.20486838

>I don’t normally say this, but fuck you tripnigger this isn’t your blog it’s probably just confirmation or a goddamn refund check shut the fuck up.
I trusted you and opened it.
It was a bunch of angry government noises, including "You must file your 2018 tax return" in bold.
Imma smoke another joint.

>Spoiler alert:
>Sucked balls and not in a good way.
Why? Just more money owed?
Or am I going to get fucking audited and dragged to court?
>Didn't file local income taxes myself for 3 years when I was 18 (didn't know my city had one).....
My issue is that I left a company on shit terms in 2018 and have no fucking idea how to get the W-2, so I just didn't

>> No.20486848
File: 557 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200709-235238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can be crashed anytime.
>reserve currency
Has its limits. America will have to go to War to stop the chaos it'll inflict if it prints every other country into poverty... But do you really think Trump could go to War? With everything else happening in your cities?

The perfect storm is here. A unpopular President whose self proclaimed fame is being the "Nationalist Bussinessman" now has to contend with market chaos from a Chinese Virus, while the Marxist ideology and demographic change of the United States has created a parasitic welfare class destroying infrastructure in demand of more "gibs".

Things are Fucked and if you can't see that and take appropriate measures, then you deserve the conquences.

>> No.20486858

It is always tripfags that get drunk or high and start blogging on the general

>> No.20486884

It's primarily me lately.
I used to be a good boy and not partake in the degeneracy.

>> No.20486899


I still think its gonna be bigger than that. The fed can keep printing and buying bonds all they want but that won't help if nobody is spending. Once the gibs stop I suspect that businesses will take a huge hit to their revenue. They're overpriced on the market already so that cant be good. This is not even factoring in things like the student loan payments being unfrozen while a chuck of the population is unemployed.

>> No.20486902

At first I thought she was an INTJ, then when she seemed like she carded what others thought about her it made it clear that she wants friends but nobody wants to be friends with her. I have a feeling there is something wrong with her if you were to meet her and talk to her irl. When I was like 4 or 5 I used to play with this girl I went to school with since our parents knew each other, I really only had a few guy friends, when I was around 6I told my friends about her they would always sing “anon and Monica sitting in a tree...” and at that age it was pretty embarrassing. Similar thing when I was like 8, and a girl put a note in my desk that she had a crush on me, and I felt embarrassed as well and crumbled/threw it away. I dated a qt 3.14 redhead girl in 7th grade(until she moved for HS) and that was the only girlfriend I had. After that I didn’t care to have a girlfriend or anything and after sophomore year, I stopped hanging out with my friends and just keeping to myself. Probably something wrong with me imo, could care less about socializing though, besides if there is some inherit benefit.

>> No.20486903

>Should I watch an anime movie like 5cm per second or your name or some fucking shit?
Akira and Red Line are the absolute shit if you haven't watched one of them yet.
Or Konosuba legend of crimson, which I STILL haven't watched :'(
>Dalio is my nigger though. Peepeepoopoo.

>> No.20486937

Newfag here: I think I fundamentally misunderstand the purpose of puts. I've been investing for like two weeks and I made some money off of a VBIV call and I'm interested in doing puts cause that would mean betting against stocks but I don't get them, really. Since a call is a contract to buy a 100 shares at a certain price, it makes sense that people would want them if the stock goes up so that they can get a discount. But then, what are puts for? Who wants to buy a contract that lets them buy shares at a higher price than they are at after a stock's value has gone down? This obviously doesn't make sense, so I guess I'm being retarded about puts. Can someone explain this shit to me?

>> No.20486967

Following up. This seemed like a good idea to me because:
>the company must demonstrate that their income is over several billions COP.
> they must prove the company is not in liquidation or about to get seize

And some others requirements that made me think it was prolly a good idea.

>> No.20486968

Where is the fucking IBM shill

Really liking that stock now. Will buy on monday probably. What about earnings tho. Should i wait until after? Line up or down after earnings? What’s priced in

>> No.20486987

buy with half first
buy the dip later if it dips or go in with more

>> No.20486996

puts are a form of insurance
I can explain the other thread

>> No.20487015

>I have a feeling there is something wrong with her if you were to meet her and talk to her irl.
I agree.
It looks like she posted another vid about having social anxiety, which would make sense since she was too much of a pussy to reach out to people.
>Probably something wrong with me imo
I can't get over that fucking asexual chick. It's very convincing that she's legit.
There's not a single photo of her at prom or with any kind of "male owner" figure in her life.
It's like pulling teeth to get words out of her too, unfortunately. She's endlessly fascinating to my mind tho, so I try for it anyways

>> No.20487036


>> No.20487068

>I've been investing for like two weeks
>I'm interested in doing puts
Omg bro, what makes you think you're ready for options?
I didn't touch that shit until I was at least 3-6 months in. I haven't touched them in at least a year as well since I've decided to stop using them.

>> No.20487075


>> No.20487180

>could care less about socializing though
the expression "cope" is used as an unfair insult all too often, but those of use who claim not to care about friends or gfs are mostly coping. True sociopaths are rare. And I believe social anxiety with an impenetrable AT field or something of that nature plays a role in the autism spectrum.

>> No.20487182

You'll have to cheer for a weak stimulus plan without that 600 a week unemployment and THEN you have to wait for a weak jobs report and retail spending has to go down.....a lot to hope for.

If you want a crash, you have to wait for something big and unexpecting.... (insert pervert reference)

>> No.20487500

Both of those movies are excellent. Makoto Shinkai is a genius. If you haven't seen it, also check out The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

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