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>no job
>no gf
>no friends
>spend all of my time alone shitposting on /biz/
>750k net worth

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You don't deserve those digits

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You blessed, checked, and based man

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and keked

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>we all gonna make it

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You don't need a job with that money. GF is a meme, very few people experience true love so it's a waste of time for an autist to even try. And shitposting on /biz/ is based.

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Hello, pents checked

Could you consider saving me from a now decade of abuse by shit parents and financial cuckery due to med debt from a connective tissue disorder?

Would only be like $25k to save my life and I'll play all the video games w/u you want if you're into that bazoo friend

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Checked we're going to make it lads

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the king of /biz/

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living the dream
also checked

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what does your portfolio look like op?

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But how?

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Having relationships isn't about romantic love it's about having children.

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is that after taxes?

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this is unironically what this board will mostly consist of in a few months

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How many times are you going to post this thread you attention whore?

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based as fuck

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Based. Age? and what do you plan to do with your money? Keep investing? build up a small fortune and then open an instagram account like dan bilzarian

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Relax fren life is short and you only have one

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based. May the gains be upon this board.

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Dude it's been like this since the Bear massacre a few months ago

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blessed digits

>no freinds

you always have frens in biz, fren. never forget

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yeah, this is a based thread

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You have to go back

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have a >>20477777

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dare I say based

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so true

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What do you mean anon

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Blessed thread

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Blessed thread with blessed frens.

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Disgusting, wtf is this. Have some fucking self respect.

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And yet you're a worthless wojak poster, how surprising.

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>Muh children muh legacy
Just donate your sperm to a sperm bank. You're going to help the white race with none of the drawbacks.

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There are plenty of 'trades' you can do that can get you huge sums of money (more than what your company will ever pay you) but it requires you to have insane risk appetite. SO for that alone, OP deserves it

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Buy a few rental properties. Research adjudicated property sales, you can get full houses for the price of the previous owner's tax debt. Get about 5-10 of these under your belt and enjoy passive income and not having to work the rest of your life.

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I don't understand why you're being meanie. I can guarantee I've been on chan longer than you and into crypto longer than you.

Why don't you go over on GoFundMe and comment this on every cancer page or something, see how that works for you

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Because you're not only asking for money, but selling your "friendship" to a turbo autist

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Wasn't an attempt of selling friendship you little biztard. You should work on your English comprehension skills.

You sound like a really cool person tho, bet you're real fun dude IRL

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Begging for money is okay if you really need to, but selling dignity like that is fucking disgusting.
You're probably not even abused, it's just that your parents ask you to wash the dishes because you've been NEETing off of them for 30 years

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>If you pay me 25k I'll play Vidya with you and be your friend
Sure you weren't whore

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quit ruinin a good thread you two

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You make this thread every day. Cash out that 750k buy a decommisined sherman tank and shoot yourself in the head with it

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I'd make a bet with you if I knew you weren't a noCoiner. Have no shame in posting medical records here lmao.

Also, I'm 22. Your assumptions are pretty hilarious. Have to assume it's coming from years of a personality based on projection.

You're literally green texting and modifying what I actually said lmao. And you wanna call me cringe.

I bet you're a Qanon cuck

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>NO BEGGING: Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden

See you in three days faggot

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I dunno dude. This little shit is pretty intent on being a faggot over the internet.

Can't let that happen fren

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Thanks man I am a fun dude. Why cant more people see that.

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Not begging or asking for free money, comprehension skills lacking fAgGot

Don't tell me three days anything when you've only been on chan since >2015

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It's the FUPA bro

Gotta work on that

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we are your frens, op

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You're literally begging for money you pathetic sack of shit. Absolutely disgusting. Never in my life can i imagine begging anyone for money. I would rather rob someone and steal their shit before i beg someone for anything.

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0.002410 ETH, sad.

But, I might toss you some coin, if you make it worth my while ;^)

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Post medical records

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Post your wrist with timestamp


Give me a real reason to and I gladly will

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>imagine being this triggered by someone having no shame on fucking 4chin

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Some people legit only have one life outlet. Unfortunate for the prosperity of humanity, but so are a lot of things.

It's w/e keklmao, but glad to know his sperg is giving others a laugh

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Why the fuck would i post my wrist you fucking weirdo?

I express my disgust freely and without inhibition.

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>adjudicated property sales
Consider blowing your head off

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Imagine not getting the joke and sperging out about it even further

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>>Not knowing the definition of a word you use

You first for your crimes fren

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Youre spending your saturday posting in a bait thread, on a pajeet scam board, on an autistic incel NEET website. Get over yourself

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I am almost like you but:
>wage slave
>wizard, never had a gf
>spend all my time watching vtubers...
>1.3M net worth

But don't you feel a bit empty inside without a bigger goal in your life?

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I don't care about your joke, keep begging for change scum.

>posting in a thread for 30 min
>yOuRe hErE wAsTinG yoUr SATurDaY!
You're here with me retard

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Yes, he's here too, but he's not a raging downy

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Nothing you say will change the fact that you begged for money. Pathetic scumoid

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>You're here with me retard
Yea I fucking suck and so do you

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Also... it's not a joke for you to either get or care about. You really seem to have a lot of intellectual shortcomings

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Why wage slave when you have 1.3mm

>> No.20479165

>only been on chan since >2015

t. joined Dec 31st, 2014

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All I'm saying is post your burger wrists man. You win if you do that. K¿

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Nah, I've been here since '06. It's almost unfortunate, but only really the fact that I still come.

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holy fucking based

>> No.20479241

No, I am infinitely better than you.

You're the one who claimed there was a joke somewhere, not me. And I'm not posting my wrists for you to fap over.

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Because it's my last connection to the real world and I can't decide what I want to do with my life.
The work is interesting too and I only have to work a few hours each week now thanks to Corona-chan and working remotely.
I am planning to wait until my net worth reaches 10M before I even think or retiring.
This way I can keep my sanity by ignoring the crypto uncertainty and price movements.

I haven't seen yet an example of a successful millionaire who kept his sanity without some kind of activity and social life.
The closest thing here are NEETs on /jp/ but they seem to be worse off than wage slaves.

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Ah yes, my fellow /biz/inessman. Very well played, Anything you plan on buying with your riches?
Personally I'm going to be buying a yacht soon and naming it "The Larper"

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I could look after your money for you. Might make you happier bro?

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Checked and based.

Tell me you’re in LINK.

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You're sperging on fucking 4chan, you're definitely bottom of the barrel. Keep telling yourself your not though, wouldn't want to shatter that fragile little ego

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1.3 Million is nowhere near enough to retire in 2020. You need at LEAST 10 million.

>> No.20479338

Jesus fuck, that image got me for some reason.

>> No.20479389

you think these memes were made for fun?

>> No.20479404

You made it OP. Congrats :')

>> No.20479456

1.3mm is enough for me to retire on where I live

>> No.20479484

CHECKED and kekd

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No, I spent the last 2 years learning trading and money management...
This money makes no change on my happiness level at the moment but I may need it in the future.
The problem is I need a lot more for some of my bigger goals and for others it doesn't make a difference.
At the end money is only a tool which is limited by your own imagination.

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living a heavenly life

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You live in the USA? If not then i can see that being possible.

>> No.20479574

Joined to the top of England and across the sea from Ireland. Where am I?

>> No.20479612

Scotland I guess. I don't know what the cost of living there is like. I assumed you must be in eastern europe or south asia to live off of 1 mil.

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Well, I sometimes tell my friends about my investments, and I recently made a "ton" of money ( for the standards of the average 27yo guy ij my country) because I doubled down on my positions that crashed in March, and I sold some SPX put I had bought back in December as an hedge. Also one really solid stock pick.

One of my oldest friends has been pissing me off for years now. Looking back it was something that he occasionally did when we were 13. He would try to act patronising, and like if he was the cool guy and I was a sperg, trying to appear more dominant somehow.
This guy is a journalist because the easiest degree was communication sciences, and he was lazy, and now he makes minimum wage. Thing is, he still tries to act cool, but now whenever I mention investments he goes completely silent and then tries to switch topics to football or something equally idiotic. This group of friends is actually full of simpletons, to be honest, only one of them is a bit more interesting and he doesn't even hang out much with the rest, but unfortunately he has been unemployed since February.

Basically, most of your "friends" aren't really your friends and they will hate you if they find out you made money somehow. You learn to distinguish the true friends eventually, but chances are, they're probably not the ones you kept from your childhood. I think I have no friends at the moment, but I guess that's a bit by choice. I'd rather have money than those kinds of friends. I still cry a lot because nogf, though.

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Correct. Not as expensive as you might think. London and south coast of England are probably the places in the UK that have the highest cost of living. My house is /comfy/ and only cost me £60k for example.. if you lifted it up and took it down there it would be worth £400k

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There are guys out there with less than 25k per year doing shittier things than play vidya and be a therapy bro

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It's really hard in our current times to keep your wealth.
5M should be enough to live comfortably if you have good knowledge of the economic and banking system, but you can lose most of it quickly if the new world government decides to do some kind of "reset" or green tax.

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a true based biz bro

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>> No.20479921

Absolutely based

>> No.20479946

Craig Sanjay Satoj here, post sharpie in poopie and I send you real bitcoin (SV) from genesis wallet.

>> No.20479992

Having no friends is a big issue for me too.
I knew I would end up alone after some time, but it happened a lot faster than I thought.

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holy checked!

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Trying to understand why this happens is driving me nuts...

>> No.20480095

I just don't understand the concey of friends as of today.

In the times of our grandparents, some friends would be people you would only see once a year, but you would still consider then your friends and trust in them wholeheartedly.

Nowadays, it's like you need to have a constant relationship, as if it was your romantic partner. You're supposed to attend and/or organize all the get-togethers, you need to answer all the the WhatsApp group messages and reply to all messages. That is too suffocating, I just want to have friends that understand that I am an introvert, but people assume you are breaking today's format of the social contract if you're not in constant communication.

Also, I don't tend to find anyone so interesting like that, such that it makes me want to be with them.so regularly. Unless it's a girl I am in love with, but biology puts a curse on your mind in those situations. A good curse, I mean.

>> No.20480110

It’s fate, anon.

>> No.20480128

Or a janitor with access to the back end of 4chan or an AI...

>> No.20480147

certain religions believe if you kill yourself you get to start over

>> No.20480213


Nothing cool about cults fren. Have you considered getting pozzed tho?

>> No.20480218

Re:Zero is not a religion.

>> No.20480251

Seriously who fucking cares about your networth faggot.

>> No.20480268

Was it really like that in the past?
I also see a similar issue, that I don't want to spend time on social apps and need more freedom.
Unfortunately my friends who are supposed to be gifted behave like NPCs...

It didn't help that I spend a lot of my free time after work on a basket weaving forum learning of scams and taking a trading course while they prefer to play repetitive games.

In the close future I hope some of us manage to make some new friends from a /biz/ background after the next bull run makes a new batch of retired millionaires.

>> No.20480341

From the way I interpret it, people would have friends from other towns and villages, and they had no way of being with them regularly. A lot of people made friends during their business enterprises, just generally striking mutually beneficial deals, or doing some work in you area of expert in the next town over. There was no internet, no phone and no cars. Your friends would likely be people you would have limited contact with, but you would still write them a letter from time to time.

>> No.20480598

you might as well teach the rest of us in the same sort of situation, minus the fat stacks

>> No.20480619

Living the life I tell you

>> No.20480852

That feels more like acquaintances, but they may have made a bigger effort to socialize.
I think people like us were extremely unhappy in those times without internet as most of them never had the opportunity in their life to meet someone similar.

Looking at my grandfather's life he tried to stop thinking and lower himself to the NPC level by drinking a lot of alcohol.
The rest of his time he was building and repairing things around his house.

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Why is this demented version of Pepe so goddamn cute. I love him.

>> No.20481578

Fucking hell I refresh this board 100x I day I need to take a break. OP is based as fuck, I miss my wagecuck/shitpost/MMO/shit/sleep life from 10 years ago

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come and have some fun playing first crypto mega millions our first week up and runnig

Hello we are community members not devs from Statera

We made Statera wiki

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Unofficial Statera Wiki is commencing a Weekly Prize Pool.

The weekly winner gets Ethereum and Balancer Tokens from pooled bets from the prize pool.

.009 Ethereum entry fee $2.
A maximum of 10 entries per wallet .09 ETH max per entry

If we get enough entries the pooling aspect of this should put a good amount back into the competition weekly


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Having children with a high net worth is dangerous because 99.99% of women are leeches.

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Witnessed. Based and contentment pilled

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>would only be like

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Now go get an ecosystem you enjoy :)

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