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>could have bought link at 20c and been a millionaire
>instead decided to be a (((trader))) and deposited my money onto bitmex and lost half of it
How do I cope with this?

>> No.20475813

stick your finger up your asshole while masturbating to thai ladyboys. that's how i cope

>> No.20475822

By realizing what’s done is done, learning from your massive fuck up, getting your life in order, and being ready when /biz/ finds the next moonshot

>> No.20475825

Learn from it and don't be a faggot in the future.

>> No.20475836

you can still buy pnk

>> No.20476108

You don't cope with it just sit and think about it for the rest of your life

>> No.20476134

you're richer for the experience. maybe don't fuck it up next time

>> No.20476164

What experience? The experience of missing out? There is nothing enriching about it.

>> No.20476181

except i long btc at 50-100x at 3k last year and managed to get a 16k linkie stack at $1

>> No.20476189

With that atttiude you are truly lost. Every victory I have made is the product of what I've learned from defeat. If you can't learn this skill there is no hope for you.

>> No.20476346

You cope by learning and moving on.
$OXT is the next alt that will moon.
Get in before it’s too late newfag.

>> No.20476437

its okay fren, you could have bought xrp in january 2018 and get sucked into reddit community full of schizos and never selling autists and be literally 90% down at this moment

>> No.20476441

Time spent regretting past opportunities is time spent missing present opportunities

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