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It'll correct at least 50% now in Sats (not sure in USD, depends on what BTC does) and they'll sell their 117 Link stacks and chase the next pump shitcoin of the week.

They wont buy it near the bottom, and will fomo back in again like they did this year on the next pump towards $20 in many months.
I've held Link for it's entire existence, and these pumps and corrects have very similar themes and indicators now. you start to see the patterns.

I'm not selling, I have 15K link, but i'll buy more when it crashes.

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Nice Fud

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I remember a bunch of threads like these on /g/ saying the same exact thing when btc was at 30.

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It’s already corrected. It’ll just pump again. Stop pulling these facts out your clit and just wait or be just’d

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It's not FUD. how the fuck cant you see this pattern? it happens like this literally every fucking time. this board always looks the same.
Dont sell, but buy more on the corrections swingies get the rope.

Usualy it peaks after Youtube crypto niggers talk about it, and when more than usual Twatter normies talk about it. It usually means peak happens within 2 weeks, if not already.
They never really understand LINK. they sell (thats why it corrects so hard because normies have glass hands and the pump they provide goes as quickly, then they chase the next fotm shitcoin, and never buy back into LINK till it is FOTM again.

I could see one more pump to 105k sats maybe but its prety much peak range already.

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nigger im not talking about long term. I'm talking about the micro. This happens EVERY year to Link. in 2018 it happened on the Sept-Nov pump
in 2019 it happened on the mainnet/google pump
and now again this year.

How fucking new are you faggots not to notice these obvious patterns?
Link will be 1000$ sooner than you think but its due to corect according to the general pattern. Dont sell though because the singularity could be this year. Just buy more when it corrects

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I agree OP and actually sold my LINK so I'll probably get JUSTed, but one thing that does concern me is it might pump ONE more time or maybe even crab at $8.50 for the next month, it's done that before after all around $3.50 or so

If I remember right two large pumps in CL history have resulted in a month or two of crabbing without a price dip, but if we go vertical again tonight that would actually be very bearish IMO, probably hit another double top like when it was listed on coinbase for the first time. I'm retarded though so I wouldn't listen to me, I sure don't

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Who cares about this. Just hold and DCA. Give it some time.

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I also am eager to see all the new normies shaken out, but idk. I guess if they are excited about their 200 LINK stacks maybe leave them alone.

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I am excited about my 200 link stack.
I will hold until at least 2024

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the ultimate crash is coming and it will take crypto with it, you will see link sub 1$ before the year ends

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>It's not FUD
Lol retard. Yes it is

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This post will end in 51.

1 LINK will be $51 EOY

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Did you even read the well-researched Zeus capital document on the project? The cats out of the bag now. Your Russian scam is on the way down.

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this man has seen the future
and i am with him

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will you pull all your funds into fiat? How to hedge a massive global crash

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Where are their offices, again?

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If you were sure wouldn’t you sell and buy back or are you chatting shit?

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i swear everytime some faggot comes spouting this shit with confidence, they never have the nuts to back it up
shut the fuck up

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>I have 15K link,
sell it. move on to something else.

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It's a good point. but like i said. the singularity can happen at any time. Thats why swingies get the rope. all it takes is for a few NDAs to expire or some anouncements.

However, I have enough link (15K) so i dont even need to risk it. I'll buy more on the correction. The conditions mirror every correction we ever saw though.

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God I wish that would happen

Please crash please crash please crash

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I just want my mortgage to go away. If link hits $500 I can lose 25% of my stack and be happy.
But on the flip side, gonna ride those other 3000 units to the fucking moon

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That would be great, imaging buying linkerinos for less than 1 dollarino again, that's the dream

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As on date not much people understand how cryptocurrency works. The people invested are also not very sure about it.

For a currency to be valid, it needs sovereignty of a country. However in cryptocurrency its not there. It will hold good only till someday someone chooses to refuse it.

There are instances when cryptocurrency has been or can be used for payments.

To me it looks like either biggest ponzi scheme of the century or technological advancement of the century which will reduce all boundries (of countries) when it will come to payments.

Assume i have 1000 bitcoins, and almost all the vendors accept it, i dont need any other currency, irrespective of which country i am travelling to.

At the same time, assume the guy who has deep pockets, he is the one driving the price of it, that person can increase the price by hoarding any amount at any price or he can sell any amount of it. Either or the scenarios are not ideal.

This spectrum of currency is not regulated.

To answer your question, no, I dont think it will be a wise investment if done.

Thanks & regards

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>lets be honest, its peaked.
>105 million ethereum addresses
>175k (less than 0.2%) have LINK on them
yup its time to bail

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The internet is the biggest country in the world anon.

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Fucc I didn't know that's some pretty juicy info.
Still we will dip sooner or later short term, look at the charts, the market is asking for the blood of the nulinkers

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Ahem, pic related
Getting rich kn crypto is like finding your future wife using tinder
The odds are against you. But then again you only need to win once

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How old is this pasta?

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How much link do you have? I too did buy at these prices but only for a few hundred bucks, link didn't seems like a "safe" investment at the time to me.

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Found it on Quora from 2017 lol

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Same sadly, only bought in because of the memes so sinking a 4 digit number into it, seemed retarded.
However I’m holding ever since and its my literal only hope

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the thing is chainlinks market cap is for every doller 1 billion, how much can it go up from here?

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it can go to 1K EOY.

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Why not buying more? My initial average was about 20 or 30 cents but I DCA into a bigger stack during the corona dump, my average buy price is higher but so is my stack.

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Staking is out at the end of august, institutional investing is just beginning and you're bitching. Weren't you waiting for this? Post your sell you cuck

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>Staking is out at the end of august
You don't know that, it might be for 2025 for all we know

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>BTC dumps --> Alts dump
>BTC moons --> Alts dump
>BTC crabs --> Alts moon
BTC crabs for two months and people forget these undeniable truths

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thats why i said dont sell.
If it follows the usual pattern, its peaked and its gonna correct.

You gotta remember normies buy the top fuel a big spike and their glass hands sell straight away and the hint of a red candle.

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Most alts are still crabbing

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Most alts are a heap of shit. LINK is pretty good. But that only matters until BTC does whatever it's going to do next...

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>Staking is out at the end of august
according to who, some LARPer on /biz/?

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Also been here since day 1. I 100% agree with him, I’ve swung 10% of my stack and happy to do it I’ll rebuy in the 5’s I have no doubt that’s where we’re headed

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Nice Fud

Nice Fud again

Nice Fud again

Another good piece of Fud

wow, you're good at this. the Fud, I mean

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I’ll give you an accurate prediction. It won’t go 50% the next retracement will be at $6.87 and the next bounce will be collosal.
Screenshot this. Next bounce after retrace will be $17+

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Why tho. That’s impossible to believe that it will just triple in value. You have no clue what you’re talking about just making shit up

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seething larping nolinker

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Imagine being this sure and not selling

Retarded thread made by a retard

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Man, the Fud is at an all time high right now. They're screaming at us to sell, huh?
SELL SELL SELL!!! Like they really care about our welfare lololol
Don;t ever take up psychology, guys, you're crap at it.
I ain't selling 1 link, so how about that?
And whoever paid to put that ridiculous Zeus report about gets Fud medal of the decade, but I still ain;t selling, right boys?

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it nexos dude they got fucking caught.

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Ouch! Why would they do this though? Time to accumulate Link for themselves?

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>Shit load of normies are in

We seem to have different definitions (and spellings) of "shitload". In my opinion,

A shitload of normies are in debt and live paycheck to paycheck.
A shitload of normies think they own cars but they actually lease them.
A shitload of normies have no savings/investments.

Very few normies own crypto, mostly BTC.
Exceptionally few normies understand the basic differences between ETH and BTC.
Even fewer normies own ERC-20 tokens.
Fewer still own LINK.

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Is it going to matter for link? Most volume is from usdt pairing, so why btc dumping would matter so much?

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Should have just said if dubs.

>> No.20477085

BTC dumping would be an opportunity to make some quick money buying BTC.

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a mortgage is literally the wageslave shackles

>> No.20477548

Yep. That's why it needs to go.

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understandable. i hope my gains can be used for buying me a dream home mortgage free one day

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And btc crashed like 40 times since then...

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If your so sure its going to dump before next pump why dont you sell your shit and make some extra linkies for next pump?

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mate if you think the FUD is high right now you must not have been holding more than a few months. fucking newfag

this is nothing compared to 2018

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When the only way to get link is to buy it, you have to manipulate the market.

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