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even though i already have 1.5M
am i going to make it?
think i need to get to 2M

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That's a man

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every time I see this picture I coom but not because of your shitcoin
sophie is so FUCKING hot

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It's a man

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hurrr durrr it's a man
I'm starting to think this really is tranny subversion. That is a woman faggot

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im at 2.8MM and I feel the same way. I think its just because we bought a lot of rsr for cheap 1mm+ just doesn't feel big

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What did you buy it at

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you got fomo because that number on the screen isnt real until you cash out

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I was a little late to the party but got in at 0.004 I had the chance to buy some at 0.002 but didn't kinda pissed about it, I want 5mm before 0.05 otherwise I'm priced out

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I have 2 mil. Wish I had 5mil.

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I have 400k. I wish I had 1 mil

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stop bragging with your huge bags, morons

this is how you discourage people to buy small amounts

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>he doesn't know
you fucking retard

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actually these postings help people to load up big bags of RSR.
i am thankful for all those big dick linkies posting about their 10K-50K stacks when i was only around 1K, felt insecure with my linklet stack so i kept buying and buying, and now i have 21K stinky linky

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Where do you guys buy this stuff? I remember first being interested around late 2019 but never bought in because I was busy with graduation and it seemed like a hassle.

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i had my eyes on RSR when it was around 21 sat but they weren't on any exchanges i could easily get to, once it got on MXC was when i started buying
i think i started buying around .0035 and then the next day it started to ramp up
i kept buying all the way up to .007

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use MXC exchange
pretty easy registration, no kyc
that's my goto exchange for new DeFi coins

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staff sergeant reporting in

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Sophie Mudd is not a man

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yeah, helped me from 250k to 320k RSR. I'm outpriced already though

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Is MXC any good? I've never heard of it. Where else can we buy it easily? I don't like Uniswap.

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out priced for 100x?

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hopefully you have money to buy the fucking dip
so many catalysts
still not on Binance
still not on Coinbase
No mainnet yet
and then there's the gorillas in the room, i mean, Peter Thiel and other investors
are they going to use their connections for the good of RSR and their investment? hmm...they're not billionaires for being stupid

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Where do I buy fucker

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Uniswap v2 .. that’s how I went about it

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Corporal reporting. Will I make it?

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go to MXC exchange
it's easy

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ready to buy the dip if it doesnt dip ath not gonna do it

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If you live in Mumbai maybe

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Is it garbage? Can you buy it with btc there?

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Dont do this.

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Depends on how long you want to wait... Its not too late to make sergeant

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No, but for the 1m I wanted or even the 500k

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It's currently around 30% of my portfolio (yes I'm a poorfag)

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