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he has given fair advance notice, youve had several years to prepare for whats coming in less than 4 hours, get in or be left behind.
Today will be remembered

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Who this?

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Who dis

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how will creg ever recover

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I still think BSV crashes with everything else first. Also, tomorrow is a meme date. It's too obvious

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It was over $1200 2 years ago. Its interest has since then passed and will inevitably plummet out of the top 100 cryptos in time. The fact that you're still shilling this trash leads me to believe you're either a paid shill or a pajeet; I'd wager you're the latter judging by your ID.

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hes an australian rapper
new mixtape drops in three, featuring the hit trax:
'Straight Outta Excuses'
'Unkel got my back'
'niggas hacked my shit (remix)'
'da proofs onna way (Instrumental, running time 5 years and counting)'

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cregposting in 2020

absolutely delusional

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Still posting about this scam.
In 2020.
Didn’t you burn enough anons savings already, Craig?

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He posted that in 2019 lmao

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Who cares about this irrelevant boomer queer?

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