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>tfw 4000 LINK

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tfw only 10k
god i feel like shit

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>tfw only 1 billion beans

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fuck me daddy i have only 37 link

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>only 5.2k link
not gonna make it bros..

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can anyone please give me some link?


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Why didn't you just buy more?

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Send me 1000 and I'll send 2000 back. I'm only doing this for 30 minutes because I'm feeling generous.

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Yes, i will send 100 link your way fren one moment.

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I would have 50000 LINK if I had 2 years

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>i would
No you wouldn't sweetie. 2 years ago it was not obvious that link would get this big, youre only a coping newfag.

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>Send me 1000 and I'll send 2000 back. I'm only doing this for 30 minutes because I'm feeling generous.

What's your wallet address, sir?

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Im doing the same thing, but only for the 3 first people that send some link to the adress

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I only came on biz a year ago retard and I have everything in LINK. I guarantee if I was here 2018 I'd have more than you lmfao fucking smug faggot.

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Keep seethibg you little newfag, do you even own LP?

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Imma send 1000, then when I get the 2000,imma send 2000, then when I get the 4000,imma send 4000, then when I get the 8000,imma send 8000, then when I get the 16000,imma send 16000, then when I get the 32000,imma send 32000, then when I get the 64000,imma send 64000, then when I get the 128000,imma stop, because imma not greedy

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How does $370 dollars sound?

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Sounds like FUD

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I'll still make it anyways :)

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Nah, make it stack is 10k

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Come on now, lying to yourself will only make things worse, but have fun coping.

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You will sell early kek its okay

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No i wont, i will sell 5k link when it moons and stake my other 20k with LP go back to plebbit.

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You will, don't lie to yourself.

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There is no reason for me to sell because i already made it with ETH, goodbye now you silly newfriend.

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>made it with ETH
>only has 25k LINK when it was 0.20
Okay buddy

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Is 300 link enough to make it

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It was not that obvious in that time you absolute newfag.
No make it stack is 10k

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How does 300 dollars sound?

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>buy low
>accumulate at least 100K
>sell high
>repeat until stack is 500k and liquidate

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>It was not that obvious in that time you absolute newfag.
Kek you must have been a blind retard.

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I was busy chilling and bought in just below 1$, have fun waging.

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Nice larp

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>tfw only 220k link

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Just sitting on the shore watching these ships set sail. I have no idea what I'm doing but crypto seems to be the way out of this system.


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Read the rules, begging for money is clearly not the way you disgusting poorfaf

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how does two hundred billion US Dollar sound to you ?

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it was obvious you retard link even had the 7777777777 get

>> No.20439653

Checked its fud

>> No.20439659

just fucking sell moron. all it takes is one retard to start unloading at market to drop it like a rock. you're literally playing prisoner's dilemma with fucking retard cultists. no one is buying this shit but McDick wagies and regretful FOMOing retarded reddit-tards.

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should I buy link?

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That all depends. If a future burger costs 100k dollars, it's not all that much.

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Someone said the same thing when link was 2,55

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holy based

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There are scripts for gets newfag

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Allrighty there, bucko.

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and I'm sure someone said it before the last major doomp too retard. this value is basically fake, no volume at all.

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What major dump faggot? Take a good look at that 'all' curve. A good look.

>> No.20440542

yeah some fag wasted the 20,000,000 get here

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Why should I care about you when you have no skin in the game? Inb4 im an ico buyer blah blah blah.

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