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What if you take the orders...and just not send the products to the customers?

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Are you the same dude from the other day? Dropshipping is the biggest waste of time unless you have nothing else to do. Not to mention almost any payment processor you use will rape you with fees and shut you down after a handful of complaints. This isn't 2001

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my wife had that happen twice last month

so she calls up the credit card company and disputes the charge. The credit card company goes to the drop shipper and charges them back and then threatens to sue them. The drop shipper than promptly ships my wife whatever crap she ordered.

credit cards are pretty mean about fraud and stuff because it's coming out of their pocket, not the customers'

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I still don't understand what dropshipping is

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Ahaha legit, I tried this 2 years ago and made like 6k in a few weeks and it was frankly far more trouble than it was worth

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If you get a chargeback usually the payment processor you're using will charge you for it, you also risk to have your payment processor account terminated if they deem you high risk and then there's the law related side of things..

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Yeah credit cards are based for online purchasing, if someone cannot use a credit card without overspending I honestly doubt they can be considered human

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Also always give a tracking number and signature on arrival, many people will larp that you didn’t send their product and Jew you hard

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What if I order a bunch of the stuff from China, and then sell it myself? I'm just cutting out the middleman, and you can charge more since you're getting free shipping from China, and people are suckers for "Arriving in 3 or 4 days tops".

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I know a nigger who scammed 50 people for $10,000 in exchange for teaching them how to dropship. He ended up taking their money and didn't teach them shit. Now he has a class action lawsuit.

Look up Josh King Madrid. This nigger: https://youtu.be/FGb3zeQEiTo

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If someone does a chargeback it is almost 99% guaranteed the bank will side with them, regardless if you used a tracking number with signature or not. The banks don't care, they have the capabilities and use them to their advantage.

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Just buy LINK stop wasting threads.

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Just do Amazon FBA. It's basically a form of investing. Put money into whatever product(s) you think will sell well then Amazon will handle the logistics of it all

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You really think it's that simple? You haven't tried.

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you're like 10-15 years late

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Why are you trying to discourage him?

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drop shipping is so degrading. imagine being a little pack rat faggot sending nobodys their shitty products and making pennies for doing so

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