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I am getting so much FOMO right now.
The plan was always to hold 2-3 coins other than LINK, let them pump, and then consolidate gains into LINK.

But I am seriously getting dangerously close to selling every single other coin I have and putting it all into LINK.
I genuinely think we're in price discovery and these 10%+ days are going to keep happening until $25+

Somebody bring me back down to reality, tell me that altcoins are going to have higher % gains than LINK in the next month

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You should have been all in from the beginning anon. The entire space depends on either LINK or something exactly like it

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Buying any shitcoin besides link is a total gamble,
buying layer one coins too as we don't know who will win the race.
The only obvious thing is LINK $1000 as >>20290574 states perfectly

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Lol you stupid fucking retard you can hold almost 1k more link but you chose not to? ahhaahahah

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Do it

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a 100x from here for link is a 230bn market cap.

enough said.

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I would not liquidate your BNT. Once audit is done and V2 goes live, it could be moon time.

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>Fomoing into one coin

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I did the same 9 months ago. Sold every shitcoin apart from my 1 full BTC. I would do it, not sure about the timing though.

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alts can go through nasty bear markets after all that pumping, link is just now breaking out into it's bull season which can last weeks on end until it hits $42 dollars

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I’m sitting on 1.6k BNT. Once V2 is out, there’s also good chance of coinbase listing soon. BNT is on their consideration list. It’s at 100 million MC right now. So with the defi bill run, could be an easy 5-10x quickly.

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imagine owning link but also owning DMG, VIDT, and BNT.

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DMG and BNT aren't terrible holds, but VIDT should definitely be liquidated for more link

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Liquidate VIDT and DMG and go 50/50 LINK BNT. Thank me later.

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hurry up before we're at $8

>> No.20290827

Why haven’t you already

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link will get there in years
just a matter of time

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BNT. All the way in.

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fuck me anons, this plan was supposed to be fucking bulletproof
technically im already up enough % gains on all 3 of my alts that i was better off being in them than 100% in LINK since buy price
VIDT avg buy 10c
DMG avg buy 50c
BNT avg buy 60c

if i liquidated right now id still be net positive in LINK but i want more
gambling on meme alt coins is literally my ONLY chance to get a 10k LINK stack

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DMG is a better short term hold than LINK... will out perform LINK in the next month where it will most likely double or even triple in price

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lmao you have the worst alts, not even embarrassed ?

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BNT’s new tokenomics with super high staking rewards and Bancor V2’s new pool design integrated with Chainlink that mitigate impermanent loss will cause all DEFI liquidity to flow to Bancor's pools, creating a feedback loop of larger liquidity pools > super lower slippage > more trade volume > higher staking rewards and more demand for BNT. Because Bancor V2 with Chainlink oracles enables 100% single token exposure (staking of any supported token) Bancor liquidity pools will suck up even more assets & liquidity. This and an improved Bancor bonding curve with liquidity amplification will create super low slippage that rivals centralized exchanges. Liquidity aggregators like 1inch, DEX AG, Kyber and Paraswap will come to source the vast majority of their liquidity from Bancor V2 pools. BNT is taking a page out of the Synthetix playbook with a cookie cutter copy pasta of SNX that makes it so anyone who locks BNT in Bancor pools will earn insane inflationary rewards. This will generate massive FOMO into BNT to stake liquidity and create very strong liquidity pools that rank in the top of DefiPulse. Supply of BNT will shrink on all exchanges and will be very easy to pump. Pleb fomo begins after BNT Coinbase listing.

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Anon ive been on /biz/ since 2017, and i am turbo autistic about researching alts.
This isn't some gay thinly veiled thread to shill my alts, as all 3 have already been shilled plenty on /biz/. And as I stated earlier I will 100% sell every single altcoin I have and put it into LINK at some point.
I am quite confident these 3 alts have a good chance at 5xing in the next month

I am curious though, if you had to hold 3 alts that aren't the 3 that I hold, which would you choose?

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You are misleading an honest anon, as expected of a glownigger.
Take profits on your shitcoins OP. Buy yourself some stinkies and a big mac menu with extra large fries to celebrate.

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What are the best in your opinion?

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Truth be told, BNT is the alt I am most bullish on, specifically because DeFi is the big meme these days.
I realize this is counter-intuitive as it's my smallest alt-holding, but that is a result of my lower buy in prices for my other 2 alts.

Why am I such a greedy faggot? Why can't I just be happy with 6k LINK and I feel the need to gamble with ~6k USD for possible 5x gains to get a 10k LINK stack fulfilled

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yes i think it will. but 100x is nothing and not a lot of returns in the crypto world.

if link does a 100x - imagine how many smaller coins will do 1000x +

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bancor was 12 cents this year, its been mooning harder than link has.

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Your portfolio is fucking great. Don't let these fucks make you buy high on link

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Wait a week to sell dmg, next week might double its value.

Also, link is ath, do you remember that buy high sell low thing?

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Thank you anon. You're the first person to make me feel somewhat comfortable right now. I realize the overwhelming majority of /biz/ would say I should all in LINK, but I am willing to risk missing out on 1k extra LINK to hit my dream 10k stack

I know anon, i know.. The dream scenario is that LINK dumps down to ~$6 and DMG gets listed on some big CEX, pumping it to $3-$5, and I can get out
>tfw $6 LINK is a buying opportunity

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link is safe bet at this point
pick a coin that will 1000x is just gamble

>> No.20291688

Wish you best luck senpai ur porfolio looks good

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I am doing the same, op.
I am 80% LINK, 10% BNT, 7% DMG, 3% AMPL.
Aim is to get link down to 50% in the shortrun by seeing the other coins perfo rm better, then putting profits in Link

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>Aim is to get link down to 50% in the shortrun by seeing the other coins perfo rm better, then putting profits in Link
Very ambitious goals, anon.

If at any point one of my alts goes 3-5x, I will sell it all and consolidate into LINK.
I get more nervous by the day, though.

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dude fucking relax. LINK will never explode like you are imaging. People are losing their shit over the current price, not realizing its only up 30% from last summer. So many coins have 20x'd since then. Fuck, even VIDT has 3x'd in the last month

t. pre-sale ICO link buyer

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comparing link to shitcoin...

>> No.20292094

and most smaller coins will go to shit

remember REQ? Mobius? Dentacoin? Tron?

All these shitcoins that got hyped years ago and have massively depreciated in value?

Nothing has changed. Most shitcoins will decline in value. Stick to LINK.

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Keep link and dmg, flush the other shit

>> No.20292317

You know link is going to pertinent outperform that 1btc right anon?

>> No.20292349

what the actual fuck is wrong with women

>> No.20292365

get a time machine and liquidate your whole stack for first token sale PNK

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I hear what you're saying anon, and while historically what you've said is accurate.. if LINK behaves in a way similar to ETH, then at one point there will be no looking back

I truly believe that LINK will have a disturbing period of gains where $10 is left in the dust, and if I miss swinging my alts into LINK before that happens I will be forever unhappy, no matter how much I make.
Good to see an ICO buyer here, I was a bitch about the pooled ICO format and god scared, thinking it was a weird /biz/ scam, because no other ICOs were like that

I got in shortly after on etherdelta for 15c though after reading the whitepaper, so i cant complain

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Id sell the VIDT first at some point, then the DMG, then keep the folio Link+BNT

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BNT and LINK are your best holds. The other 2 seem like actual shitcoins. Sergey signed off on BNT and there’s a close partnership between Chainlink and Bancor on the Bancor V2 model. That says all I need to know.


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should i move all my btc to link? i was hoping btc was gonna go back up to $13k (dont laught at me )

>> No.20292618

This. I’m all in on LINK/ADA/BNT. I hate trying to time shit coin pumps and I’m just not good at it. Feels comfier to just pick solid coins with good upward potential that aren’t going to shit the bed overnight.

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Yeah, BNT is the alt i am most bullish on like i said, because of V2
DMG has the sergey stamp of approval too, but I still want out. Hoping for a major exchange listing.
VIDT i agree is a meme coin, but its got actual revenue and a use-case live on mainnet and im hoping that can cause it to pump to $1 or something so i can get more LINK

I still don't have the balls to stake my entire LINK stack on Bancor V2 when it launches, because if it got hacked I'd actually kill myself.

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yea definitely don’t rush to stake a full link stack on a new defi product. wait it out. atleast you’re holding BNT so you have some skin in the game whatever happens.

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My alts Are just for speculation
Everything in link and small moon missions here and there
Recently 2x's

Now I have a ticket for rlc and a smaller ticket for stakenet
Bidao is an ongoing Ico defi om the binance blockchain, i bought a ticket there too

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You're an idiot for not already having done this sooner.

>> No.20293493

Link is a cult and this board is married to their bags. Stick with low cap alts. They will moon the hardest in the 2021 bull

>> No.20293553

A cult it is indeed, and it is growing like a cancer, get on board or get left behind

>> No.20293586

Just go all in you don’t want to miss the train

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You had a few years op

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>this is the year

>> No.20293740

Dude, just use Aave to get more linkies. How isn't everybody on here doing this, jfc.

>> No.20293783

ripple peaked at like 150bn

>> No.20294789

Well, I’m new to crypto. Finally setup a tax vehicle so that I can jump in. Was in Link at $4 before I started the paperwork, and it has jumped while it has been processing ugh.

Should I wait or just get back in now?

>> No.20295074

If you have 0 LINK right now, I think you should get back in now.
Assuming your intention is to:
A. Never sell, only stake
B. Not sell for at least 1 year

Either way, you are absolutely guaranteed to make money, even if it dumps back to $4 over the next month.

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