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>Full solar roof
>Can connect or disconnect to the grid with the flip of a single lever
>Generates enough electricity to sell back to the system at peak hours
>A full weeks worth of battery storage onboard in case you want to go off grid
>High R-value vacuum panel insulation greatly reduces cooling and heating bills
>Split heat pump puts the evaporator and condenser in separate places making the most efficient heating and cooling possible
>Atmospheric water generator eliminates the need for expensive water well drilling
>900 liters of water storage underneath the interior floors eliminates water freezing issues with storage tanks outside
>Heat recovery ventilation system allows fresh air to enter the home to regulate humidity while being 90% efficient at retaining heat
>Full led smart lighting all throughout the house turns on and off through voice command
>Energy star appliances sip energy reducing your electric bill
>AI smart thermostat is voice operated and learns your habits and automatically adjusts home temperature when you are at home or gone to work
>Light weight and mobile so that you have freedom to live life on your terms wherever you want
>Completely net zero meaning at the end of the year you have generated as much electricity as you have used, thus your energy bill is net zero cost
>Can be parked on undeveloped land that is far cheaper to rent
>Entire unit costs 50-55K
>With so much energy and rent savings opens up the possibility to invest much more in stocks and grow your fortune
Have you taken the ultra efficient tiny home pill yet biz?


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Made by jews and chinks to trick you out of your money.
You have to pay all kinds of dumbass nigger taxes so you are better off buying and actual trailer.

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>House on wheels

Literally no. You'll wake up one night only to realize someone is driving you and your house to their compound so they can harvest your organs.

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even crackhead bums would rather be out in the streets than live in their free tiny homes

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tiny house? yes. land is more valuable, and compound-style design with outdoor space is the most based way to live
on wheels? fuck that. just get a normal ass rv and slap some solar panels on it. that wood paneling won’t hold up if you get caught in a dust storm. that sliding glass door is a liability - you pass a semi that kicks up a rock, and now you’ve got glass all over the road. terrible design.

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>imagine living in a tiny house cuckshed instead of a proper house made out of brick and mortar with a nice garden and a garage for you cars and the bicycles of your two sons

what a discgraceful faggot you must be to even consider anything else

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All this consumer seething meanwhile they spend 99% of their time in 3 rooms

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>All that bullshit
>Not just buying a used mint condition $4000 travel trailer
>Use the $50k you just saved to buy a rehab duplex to fix up
>Park your trailer in the back and create the ultimate private campsite
>Wagies up front pay for your existence.

I literally do this

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house prices are crashing. go to zillow, choose a rural area, put the price max on 90k and see what pops up. i noticed a lot of "ZeStImAtEs" dropped by 20-30k recently and people's selling prices didn't move, makes me think they haven't noticed yet.

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No good paying jobs in rural areas anon.

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Absolute cope, you just don’t want to work

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The last two houses ive lived in are unironically smaller than op pic. Its not that great. For one thing the only women that will fuck in a tiny house have hairy pits and legs. Saved a shit ton of money though that I threw into investments and stopped working.

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Nice cuckshed

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>wood panels
OP is a faggot

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Where tf do you get a duplex for 50k. I'm in California

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The housing market in Las Vegas/Henderson got fucked because virtually no one had an essential job there. You can get a 4 bedroom house for less than 200k. If you're in tech and can work remotely then this is the place to invest

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>living somewhere where the nearest source of fresh water is hundreds of miles away
There are other reasons it’s cheap

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Commies have such a shit understanding of capitalism.

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Come up with a better expiation for how young people are being shilled tiny shacks while boomers rattle around in their 4000 square foot mcmansions Schlomo

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In small town Pennsreich. Doesn't even have to be rural, I'm well within the metro area of a major city, less than an hour to downtown.

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>calls me out on my disinformation campaign
Ha, you got me. The funny thing is there are still stupid people who would live there while under the impression that clown world won't collapse within the next couple decades.

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Being stationary makes you an easy target for the government Jew.
Once they start raising taxes to fill their Jewish-nigger wallets, then you move to a lower tax area.

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>Jewish-nigger wallets

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Imagine having a movable luxury compound. Fuck it would be so great, you get to set up a pirate base every time you move.

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Alternatively, don't be a poorfag and make enough money to purchase a house or two.

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Once all the lower tax areas are raised to max extortion rates where will you run western man?

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>what is a hitch lock

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>all the rural communities near my business are still in the 100k range
What the actual fuck is this bullshit

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Just wait some more. Inflation adjusted price will come down if economy stays shitty.

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