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Do you deserve to make it

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If you are a neet, then no.

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I hold link s so no

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Yes i put in the work to learn ta and now i will reap rhe benefits

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deserve has nothing to do with it

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I hold link from 2017, yeah I think so

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Anon, I have bad news for you

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yes and so do you

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I'd like to think so. I want to make a lot of money so my dad can stop working and so I can help homeless animals. Otherwise probably not.

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It works better for the stock market. Crypto is kind of a bust desu.

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I dont know... I feel like I just want to make it to gratify my ego. I want to kill my need for ego assurance though, I dont want to become so good at ego that I dont need to think about it. I've been good at picking crytpo, but I havent "made it" yet. I'm worried the only reason I want to "make it" is because the worst part of me is driving me to do so, for reasons that are ultimately shitty. Would be nice to have financial freedom tho

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No but I'm going to anyway

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>financial freedom
This, you could do or become anything without the constant preasure of failing.

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you deserve whatever you get

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I don’t feel like it, but I pray to god to make me worthy and do good with it should I make it.

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i think so, i'm a philosopher. i am smarter than most people, i conduct myself according to the highest morals, always observing the NAP. i am good looking. i am phenomenal in bed. it's time for me to make it.

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yea, but the part of me I want to beat would almost definitely use the privilege of that freedom for negative means. Like anytime I felt small, or hurt or angry or whatever, I feel like I'd resort to how successful I am or something like that to deal with it, and in doing so creating an artificial hierarchy of people and values where I'm at the "top" because of x or y in order to pacify myself, instead of going a little deeper in and living with the truth of it.

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No, but life isn't fair so I am still going to make it.

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deserve’s got nothing to do with it

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No I don't I deserve to make it. I was a heroin and meth addict for along time and during that time I did some evil shit. Now with 2 years clean I'm seeing how much bad karma I have coming my way. Im personally at my sobriety rock bottom, I'll I do is eat, work and stay online. I have no family because of my actions, have no friends because I got sober and have a past that haunts me. Im going to try to make it because if I do, maybe I can buy my soul back

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What is “making it”?

I don’t believe I could work with anything more than a few million. I simply desire to own some property in an area with a less dense population and work on my brewing.

I want to open a small brewery and live a simple life. I want capital to be able to do what I want to do, not to control the world.

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hey but look at you now. the most important thing is you're sober. have you tried apologizing in person to the people you've hurt? even if they dont want you back in their lives, you should apologize to them. i assume it helps you to heal and forgive yourself. and you need to forgive yourself, it's not selfish. i was a poly drug substance abuser...i ended up with some permanent damage to my body that im ashamed about that i suppress a lot. so i can kinda relate

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Yes, anyone that hates niggers as much as I do deserves to be a billionare.

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That was the question, though. It has everything to do with it.

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Larp. There is no one with above average intelligence here.

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if you can recognize this temdency in yourself, you've earned the privilege of coping through your favorite obscenely expensive luxury experience

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i suspect 4chan has a higher than average concentration of above-average intelligences. the problem is we're all lazy pricks who need to get laid.

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It would be nice anon... it would be nice

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I don't deserve anything but what God will provide for me

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Is 200k FUND enough though? I worked hard for it

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