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Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.
>Baron Rothchild

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.
>Warren Buffet

Where have all the pre 2017 crypto bros gone, they've had stronger hands.

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still holding my bag through all this, 1$ and above is imminent

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Same here, I keep on adding to what I've got.

A lot of people think that if they would have bought Link back in 2017/18, they would have held on and not sold. But when the road ahead isn't clear then 90%+ of them would have dumped Link by now.

It's easy to say that you wouldn't have ever dumped Link now because you can see into the past. Yet it's a completely different story when you don't know what sort of a bumpy ride is ahead of you.

It takes 1,000 days & 1,000 nights to make it in crypto.

So shutout to all my OG Link bros and everyone who's currently holding $MRDN

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all altcoins seem to be taking a hit, just ride this out and accumulate if you can take the risk

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1k days and nights of suffering & rollercoaster rides*

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Time to laugh at Meridiots

single page
>"lite paper"
A road map to sept and 2 Dapps, wow !. Now lets think about this. If you were to go to a bank to get funding for a business venture, do you think they'd be happy with a 4 month business plan to secure a loan ?

The "Updated website soon moooon" bois might well be retarded. They should have had an acceptable website from day one.

>anon team
I saw 3 people get banned from the telegram last night 2 of them for questioning the anon team. Not a good look. Also consider this, who the fuck is going to "partner" with a faceless anon team. I don't want a ban as I enjoy watching these retards but try it out. Ask about liquidity being locked, team credentials or even what country the project is based in and watch them REEEE. Admins couldn't be scammier Indians if they tried.

I've now seen them say uniswap liquidity isn't locked and that it is locked, quantum ETH who would of thought such magic would come out of India.

If you're up get out. Almost all of the pro MRDN posters have come to shill in /biz/ from the telegram. Don't get dumped on by the street shitters and sociopathic anons who don't want you to make it.

>Check the telegram whenever you see a MRDN thread, it's being AstroTurfed

>t. someone who cares

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First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you. (Current stage)
Then they fight you.
Then you win.

Same story for Link.

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the comparison to LINK is a good point anon
it too has been fudded to the core of the earth just to, in the end, moon

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you are not getting my bags

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>the comparison to LINK
white paper
solid and needed use case
Team addresses questions instead of banning people asking them
Dank and organic memes
Clearly stated goals and milestones


Street shitters
astro turfed threads
no questions answered on Telegram all dissenters banned
no clear direction

I could carry on ad infinitum this shit pile isn't worth my time though. It's your money anons stay safe, don't get dumped on by these cunts.

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Cute fud, seems that you've missed the bottom.

I love how you're so keen on helping us, you seem like such a cool guy, thanks for spending so much time trying to fud it oh I mean help. Should we all just listen to your expert advice on what to invest on? My wallet doesn't need your financial advice.

All the points that you've made about about MRDN are literally invalid and have been debunked. Look through the archives. Anyone who knows anything around here or at least has half a brain & isn't a newfag can see straight through your bs and knows that it's just another buy signal.

Thanks for stopping by.
Not selling.

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MERIDIANS will be rewarded !

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Time to laugh at fudding crybabies who should be reaching to their mommies breastmilk. Funny you can smell a pussy from their 4chan post.

>lite paper
Go invest in a bank if you need a 1 year business plan. Crypto is not for you anon.

>anon team
* Lead developer is public. DYOR
* Company is getting audited by a top tier audit firm in the next few days. Why would they bother putting in that investment if they are so called "scammier indians" bit racist.
* there's been exit scams where they use fake profiles to make it seem legit

Thanks for your financial advice though fren "who cares"

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Makes sense to accumulate, im dried up of eths so cant buy those dips unfortunately. Their recent announcements looks really positive as well we should reach new ath.

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be honest anon, you've never seen a pussy in your life, not since you dropped out of your mums voluminous cunt and were dumped inna wood in a plastic bag anyway. If only you didn't have brain damage from all the nigger dick she got whilst pregnant. I pity you anon.

>by a top tier audit firm

>"scammier indians" bit racist.
thanks for proving just how new you are.

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A lot of biztards invested in MRDN just because they thought that we were gonna go on creating all time highs without a single pullback. We did that for two weeks straight, now it's time for a good pullback, better late than never so that we can keep on pushing forward again.

It's always been like this on biz, buy high sell low with an attention span of less than a day before dumping and moving onto a different pump if an ath has not been achieved in hopes of getting one there. Same old story Anon.

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Yup, learned my lesson, bought at ATH but refuse to sell. .39 is nothing compared to the scope of this project.

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I pity you, your ignorance, and the bad place you're coming from sir keyboard warrior. All the best in life with your racial slurs.

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Get back to your baby milk and stop dreaming about "nigger dicks".

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What's new that's being offered? Deflationary? Staking? What's on offer that a million other projects aren't already doing? Volume on Hotbit is a joke, why didn't the team address it? This was a biz pump and nothing more.

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This is kinda what I've meant when I was talking about /biz, see pic related

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I've worked as an auditor for the #1 firm in the world (Biggest of the Big4) and I cringe at that 'Audited by a top firm' statement. Nobody needs to keep an auditor anonymous, it's public knowledge.

You retards will never learn

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Read the litepaper.

> Highest APR ever seen
> Token is scarce
> DEFI Ecosystem & next gen DAO Balancer pool
> Imminent beta launch ahead of schedule

Hotbit listed MRDN without consulting the team, as they have done with other projects in the past.

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Literally, these faggots are so brainwashed it’s unbelievable. The MRDN team are floating around fluffy words with no hard facts other than a shitty one page HTML website. There’s no need to keep auditors secret, for credibility you’d actually name who the auditors are, but they won’t do it because it’s not happening

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They listed STA and a bunch of other shit coins the same day looooooool

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>bit racist
Lmao. Are you telling me you cant associate different races and ethnicities with different character traits? Are you retarded anon?

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How convenient, what are the odds? And I used to be a Goldman Sachs CEO.

The team has delivered on everything so far. What would be the point in revealing them now? They don't want it to be a pump and dump, there's always a set time for everything, we've had a lot of major news this week as it is and they've over delivered leading to a massive pump after launch.

If anything I'd rather they do all these reveals etc over a gradual duration of time which is what they'll be doing now instead of bombarding us the entire week with constant reveals which lead to a massive pump. Next up, further exchanges, CMC, promotion etc. Read up on it instead of spreading bs Rajeet.

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You just need a CPA degree to be an auditor, lmao. It's not such a big deal. What makes you think I wasn't? Let me guess, you have never left your mom's basement, so you don't know. Deloitte is the name cunt.

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The type of people who are fuding it now are the same type of people who will never stop fuding it even when the price grows and the positive news and reveals come to life. Also, you're not having my bags.

Keep seething & stay salty. Still up x5 despite the badly needed correction lol

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One word you fag.


Suck a dick & enjoy whatever shit job you've got going.

PS: How convenient that you've accidentally stumbled across this thread on /biz discussing a niche topic that's just to do with your area of work (also turns out that you've worked for one of the top 4 players, so you're an expert!) just so that you can start spreading fud because it "also" turns out you've known about mrdn the entire time and you're "already" strongly against it so you start "wasting your time spreading fud". Huh how interesting.

I don't blieve in coincidences but I guess now I do, what are the odds?


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fundamentally comfy because of what's to come

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Had 20k at one point but sold most between 10-20 cents, gains are gains but damn if only I sold it all at the top of 40 cents... oh well. I unironically might sell my last 3k tonight into AMPL, I think this pump is done here for now and smart money is going there

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How can you sell your "last stack" if you don't own any? Nice effort at trying to low key shill your shitcoin, no ones buying your "smart money bags".

We've bounced off the bottom so you either fomo in now or you stay poor forever + end up buying the top once the fomo hits you in a few days from now.

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imagine selling before the LOCK

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OMG anon you too? What ARE the odds really? I used to be a Microsoft CTO and right hand of Satoshi.

This guy certainly must be some dev from as he says "BIG 4" but now he dedicated his life to look after anon's financial well being and where they are putting those few hundreds.

You won't get MRDN bags fucker, gtfo...

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You sell = you stay poor

They will never make it

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Nor will they ever learn

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nice same fagging Dalit

Check the new website, so professional!
still one page
>click coming soon
go to top of page
>click will there be other exchanges
>click what is the value of lock
>click disclaimer
go to top of page.

well at least we have some info on the team now.

both co-founders are seasoned business owners and consultants in various industries (e-commerce, SaaS, etc). The core team consists of Cryptopinions as lead solidity developer, Ragnar as UI designer, two part-time front-end developers, and Che, our recently hired community

Ebay seller
sold Microsoft licenses

and a new "community manager" e.g dissent crusher Che.

enjoy your x100 lol

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Are you illiterate? When did I say I didn't own any? I said I sold most, not all. And kek, bottom? Anon... this is not the bottom. This is still up majorly from even just a week ago. I bought the bottom and am still up 8x on this even after this huge dump, I got in the first day it was shilled here. Have fun holding my bags while I get a 20% rebase tonight from AMPL.

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You're obviously new here. Not illiterate, just not buying into your empty words, maybe smone who's more gullible will. Do you trust everything you heard online? Especially /biz?

So prove it then. What's your wallet address onether scan if you're not lying? As you said, you still have your "last 3k" sitting in there and to be x8 up you must have literally purchased a day after launch as we're currently at 14 cents.

If that's is to be true then well check it out on etherscan.

Otherwise you're just spreading false info trying to get people to sell so that you can dump your shitcoin bags on them once they buy into your ampl shill.

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coin dumping HARD

>> No.20249327

marketing and Vault launch next week
still comfy

>> No.20249441

bought the dip, sitting on a comfy 50k bag now. can't wait to get my lockies.

>> No.20249646

You're wasting your time m8. It's Indians from the telegram. It's funny the threads they don't know about tell a very different story.

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Yeah same here, super comfy

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I rebought at these prices. So much development next week

>> No.20249878

yeah, someone with 100k dumped
this redistribution is needed and I'm glad it's rather happening now than when MRDN/LOCK is at 1$ or above

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They removed the timer on the new website. Any insight on TG about when the token swap will occur?

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It's over

>> No.20250599

this coin is dead

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Kek, yeah I’ve still got a 3k bag of MRDN that cost like $500 in ETH, I’ve written it off, onwards and upwards. Scam coin and they’ve removed timer because LOCK won’t ever happen

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mY owN blooD in duh StreEEtz = bUy siGnaL



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>> No.20251148


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>22 posts by this ID

>> No.20251497

>nazis in telegram ban everyone

>> No.20251543

All i know is next week when they release the audit and lock the liquidity there’s gonna be a whole lot of crying in this board. Biz will never learn

>> No.20251588

Not to mention twitter and youtube marketing starting as well, so biz will be left in the dust.

>> No.20251728

>Fud incessantly
>Complain about getting banned
You have to expect it

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>> No.20251935

Reply from telegram admin: "The reason we removed the timer is because we have completed Vault development and are currently waiting for the audit to complete before we release it. This could happen any day now."

>> No.20251942

its happening on the weekend though lol

>> No.20251964

yeah fud niggers can make anything into a fud

>> No.20251982

>won't say who is auditing it so we can see the 3rd party results

>> No.20252021

Is this from today?

>> No.20252025

Yup, but you can definitely see their github and all the work they’ve been doing.

You little bitch

>> No.20252056

And they will announce the results, you will see them on the auditor website

Calm your tits Mary

>> No.20252242

shut yer fekin mouf

>> No.20252252

“Github (public and under audit) - check

Product (released within 1 week, second dapp coming in August ) - check

Legit website ( and getting updated tonight ) - check

Discord ( full of development updates ) - check

Admin team ( currently employing 7 people besides the core team ) - check

Twitter ( with constant updates ) - check

Medium ( with constant articles updating the community on progress ) - check

Litepaper ( a fucking awesome litepaper, not some 3 page bullshit like scams do ) - check

Audit ( being done by a top firm and released early next week ) - check

“Team dumping” ( lol this one’s a hoot, the team has an expenditure section on their litepaper and you can even see their wallets on etherscan)

“Muh scam cause team dont reveal themselves “ - go read their AMA from yesterday and, you have zero substantiated fud here.
And sure , also ignore the fact they hired one of the best solidity devs out there as their main dev, feel free to check “known solidity devs” discord if you wanna see how strong this guy is. And again, github is there for the taking so feel free to check it

First dapp coming out early next week. And Im still sure some idiot is gonna show up here with some retard comment and zero proof of what he’s saying.

This should be simple, we all just wanna make money. If you missed out just buy now and stfu, you wont be able to bring the price down when they have a community this ready to counter your bullshit claims”

>> No.20252392

>the team has an expenditure section on their litepaper and you can even see their wallets on etherscan
I'm not a fudder, but this one is my only real concern. Devs controlling 51% seems really high. Even if they say it is for advertising and development, there is nothing keeping them from dumping those coins on holders if they were so inclined.

>> No.20252453

Sergay from Link controls over 65%. Happy now? It's never good enough for fuders like you is it. Oh and how about Ripple? Just stop even trying man, go back to buying link, ripple or whatever other shitcoin you prefer.

You'll still be on here fuding MRDN for years to come & nothing can change your mind

>> No.20252479

You’ve really taken their word for it
> audited by a top-tier firm but won’t announce who

>> No.20252484

You are a fudder. Where did you get the 51% from? Did you even check their tokenomics on the website? This is getting ridiculous

>> No.20252502

I guess we will see within a week. Im willing to take the chance, if idiots invested in H3X who put up 5% of the effort meridian is putting I can damn well take a risk here

>> No.20252555

>I’m sooo cozy
>there’s still garbage feature X to look forward to on X date
>I’m still in the green, lost potential profits don’t matter
>stop fudding!
This thread reminds me of the Statera generals after the massive dump. The only people left here are coping bag holders.

>> No.20252616

It isn't fud, it is a valid concern. Devs control ~51% even if they say it is allocated for other things, they don't actually have to use it for those things.

>Sergay from Link controls over 65%
Doesn't he dump on everyone constantly? I'm not a linkie but I see "Another day, another betrayal" threads constantly

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It's never good enough for these retards on /biz. Just leave them to their shitcoins, you only ever get backlash and if you try n have your own thread, they start attacking you, no one is twisting their arm and making them buy it here. It's fud at its finest, we've gone over everything 100 times. You know who you are.

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By the way /biz used to actually be alright up to 2018, a lot of people left afterwards and all these cancerous retards flooded this space, now its a shithole full of nothing but braindead cucks who only like to attack other projects and push forward their scamcoins.

Protip: do the opposite of what biz says.

If they say that something is a scam then it probably isn't and if it's a "gem" then it's probably a scam etc etc.

>> No.20252870

I hold both hehe

Yeah there's memes going about that Sergay is slowly exit scamming but I doubt it's true lol

>> No.20253052

>Where have all the pre 2017 crypto bros gone, they've had stronger hands

Selling the top while you faggots dreamed about which color lambo to buy

>> No.20253165

But CNN told us that BTC was going to a million?

>> No.20254378

Man I've found the more someone tries to be "biz" the newer they usually are. Og's don't care about fitting in here. Suck one faggot.

>> No.20255104

proof of toilet Dalit

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