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Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?

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Vapourware that was shilled too hard

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Nothing goes up forever. Its doing a lot better than 99% of the other shit shilled here.

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25% drop after 800% run.. it’s alright guys, it’s not done.

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What do you mean? Support is around 30 cents now. The token is up 275.5% in the past week, and 753.0% in the past two weeks. MRDN is literally a temporary token before the swap to LOCK in 7-10 days (when staking also comes out). This is the fucking calm before the storm.

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pulled out my initial investment, made 1th plus and still have 1.5k of it. I am comfy

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I just sold. Now that I sold it's gonna moon.

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Probably... I feel yha but I know it’s going up & I’ll be pissed when it does.

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Nothing - whales redistributing and weak hands getting shaked. Can’t have constant explosive growth, you’ll see meridian getting shilled a lot more over the next 2 weeks

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Also, analysing the recent transactions, whales are accumulating again, I expect $1 by beta

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Will our MRDN be converted to LOCK and should I stake?

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More buys starting again

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momentum ran out, now comes the ride back down

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I feel yha but there’s a big day coming.
People won’t forget..

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Just had a 26k block buy

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>what went wrong
The pump is over and everyone from the og discord has already dumped on all the newfags. We are onto Rain now.

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Top 40 wallets are still there. All same people still posting.

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>Top 40 wallets are still there. All same people still posting.
Meaningless. Same exact thing happened with statera. The top wallets just kept accumulating as the price kept dumping.

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Not meaningless. Whales don’t accumulate a high-risk asset that they feel doesn’t have high return potential. It’s weak hands consecutively dumping their insignificant amounts that are being swallowed by whales. Unique addresses also up again over 24H period

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Only average token with average team. There is many better defi projects with cheaper price. I sold 50% and bought ASKO and statera. Maybe buying back next month.

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>more unique addresses
>whales accumulating
This is word for word exactly what happened with statera as it continued to dump. Whales will continue to accumulate to show confidence and get the smaller fish to feed. What they don't realize is that they're trapping themselves in a burning house. The hype for this has clearly died for now, maybe it will pump again on the release but by then most people would have moved on to the next coin.

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nothing went wrong, bucko, that's just a more wobbly part of the ladder to 1$ and above

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just as likely to pump 50% tomorrow to piss off all the weak handed pussies

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probably a group just hopping around from one to the other.
at least they have enough to pump with, I think it would be hard to shill vaporware to where it is now, nevermind whatever it was at

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you not buying the dip is what's wrong here sport. opputunity of a lifetime

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OPPORTUNITY fuck quack

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You are a scam
Wow where did you get that from ?

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Starting to think it’s over now, dropped 50%. RIP. Guess I’ll forget about my sheckles and come back in a few months

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You guys are ridiculous lol, bunch of butthurt weak hands. Of course it was going to correct, but there's so much upside, the dapp isn't even launched yet, the swap hasn't started good lord lol

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All these fud is literally bullish af. Anyone with a handful of braincells could understand this shit is going $2 in a very short time.

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You fucking idiot
Welcome to crypto

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It's pretty crazy to see all the weak hands. Did they all just think this was immediately going to hit $1 or something? Of course most of it was small buyers who got in recently, but some of the whales didn't help either.

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I just loaded up at 0.2$, comfy af

>> No.20222319

Yeah me too, thanks to whoever sold I was able to almost double my stack

>> No.20222350

It's from the litepaper. The staking thing probably will be around for 2 months. After that there is the balancer pool thing.

>> No.20222366

just loaded up some more, thanks for the opportunity weak hands

>> No.20222618

Haha look at it pump again!

>> No.20222644

With all the things to come for this coin in 2 months, it would be very stupid to sell now. 5-7 usd EOY screencap this.

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