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tfw only 3k LINK

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only 5.2k link idk if im gonna make it guys.

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A lot of people would kill for that.

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Linkless newfag here. Can anyone spare some rope?

>> No.20211855

Don't worry you'll be able to buy another 1k for $4000 this week

>> No.20211867

and i have 2k, together we can run a node. having less than 10k just means you gotta make a few frens to make it

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OP, I'm with you at 2.5k. Should I kms now? I am sick to my stomach that I never made it to 10k, and never will. I tried so hard... All I need is 100k and I would choose to live.

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I'm happy with 1k link

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I have 81 link and i'm happy as fuck right now

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I have 1 link and am happy that some day I'll have $1000 :^)

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>tfw only 3k eth
this is what you sound like

>> No.20212014

I have 25 link. I wish I was fucking joking.

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No begging, didnt you read the title of the sticky? Not even a rope you filthy no linker.

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It’s over for us

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