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Are you autists telling me link can go x50 from current price? Are you completely retarded?

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No only the people who bought in 2018 will be getting that kind of return

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but locals said 1000 eyo?

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$1000 by 2021/22, yes

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nah, x153 retard

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Why not? They just got to $5, anything is possible. Heck im even longing them on Phemex now with 20x leverage

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it was 20 cents 3 years ago, it already 50x and it will happen again
the simple reason is bcoz its a fixed supply, there will only be 1 bil tokens
only 350 mil is available to the public
top 100 wallets own more than 80% of the supply already
top 1000 wallets own more than 90%
there are 150k wallets now
meaning the entire world population has access to only 100 mil tokens and this number is only going lower as there will be more incentive to hold and not sell bcoz of passive income from staking
350 mil tokens / 7 billion people = 0.05 link per person
there are 14 million millionaires in the world now
350 mil / 14 million = 25 link per millionaire

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there is simply not enough link to go around
that is why $1000 more likely than you think

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Save for a global financial catastrophy it will go x1000 (at least)

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It can go 14x

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finally this is how early we actually are
do some research on this project - especially on the swift connection and its application on the derivatives market

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Dude, we’re just getting started. This shit is going to take over the world.

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correct. With worldwide adoption 1 billion total supply is vanishingly small to service all the transactions the network will be requested for. We'll be doing fractional links for sure once the network is mature. This is why the premine fud is so fucking stupid.

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I'm unironically not selling until the isda connections bear fruit and link finally gobbles up the derivitives market. When that pump happens and I feel its oversold relative to the rediculous amount of value flowing through the network I may sell but only enough to buy a big mac. The rest I'll just stake forever.

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Yes. No.

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I’m already at 30x haha. I spent a shot ton of time researching tho and I believe in link. We’ll prob dump but something is up

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god damn it just dawned on me that even buying in full linkys is a blessing. image when cucks will be begging for .01 links

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People are already talking about their unironic 33 link stacks
I think I've still got 33 links lying around in random chink scam exchanges from 2017

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Why are you so dismissive of it? If chainlink is as big /biz/ says it is, 33 link is going to be a nice stack one day.
And if it's not, then link will fail and people with 10k+ will suffer a lot.

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Because my perspective is so fucking warped after these 3 years you can never understand

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I bought my first linkerinos for 0.16 a pop

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Not smellin it
But checked

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Didn't bought a lot, at the time it didn't seems as certain as right now, and even today I'm not sure we're not at the top.

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>only people who bought in 2018 will see a 100x from here

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>even today I'm not sure we're not at the top.

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Unjustified certainty is what makes people poor, I'm just being objective about what I know and what I don't

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Why yes I am. And I’m going to be filthy rich.

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No risk no reward. Go buy Vanguard ETF if you think link is a risky play lmfao

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What about justified certainty

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Where did I complained about risk?

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>what I don't
that is a long list

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Can't have that about link, I don't have the technical background to understand how it is supposed to work, I just knew some smart people said it was revolutionary if it worked and after listening to Sergey talk and judging his character I decided chainlink was a good investment as far as speculation goes.

But even today I'm not certain it will make us rich, if you are that's great but me I have no mean to have any certainty.

Still never selling tho

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Well of course it is, if your list is short you're just being delusional

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>only 350 mil is available to the public

381.5 million after all the BIG SERG dumps.

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I saw a picture recently comparing twitter followers of top 20 cryptos, do you have it by chance?

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It would have to hit a cap that XRP and ETH managed for a brief period. This is not completely retarded in a repeat of Dec 2018 - Jan 2019. In today's market, it'd be retarded.

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This guy is gonna make it.

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Hey sooo why is link dipping a bit? Haha I-it’s almost $5 agin bros what gives

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Check that out OP.

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We already literally 40x, just need to do it one more time. That's kind of a lowball estimate too, in my opinion. Chainlink is fucking huge and the biggest sleeper in all of investing. When people realize you'll be lucky to get it under $10k.

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