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take a seat gentlemen and enjoy the ride

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Holy fuck those digits yes I believe

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checked and we bull now

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When link hits $7, the sound of hundreds of nooses snapping around necks will echo in world.
Swingers swing from rope.

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Not quite trips but still bretty epic

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Checked and based.


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that's a big checked from my dawg

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Pullback to 2.77 confirmed. Unlucky

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You mean 22.77

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BTC is going to pump and crash alts. We have been trained for the BTC dump long enough that a new game will start.

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Oh man that would be pretty epic

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Be wull now

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We are all going to make it.
>tfw both my brothers, my mother and one of my friends bought LINK under $2 when I shilled it to them
>tfw get to share my excitement with them and we will make it together

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Checked based anons perfect timing

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witnessed , we're all really gonna make it bros

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Many times seven is important as a symbol rather than as an actual number. Whenever you read seven, it does not always literally mean seven things or seven occurrences. It is symbolic of the whole or the completion or the ideal situation or the perfect picture of things. Seven constitutes a complete cycle. I have witnessed these digits in reference to LINK more than once today.

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The start of the rest of my life.

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lets go boys

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Based major life lessons anon

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Can someone explain chainlink to me?

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P&D and it's dumping right now.

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I'm a poorfag NEET and just bought €100 worth of Link. Is it even worth such a small investment? It gave me like 11 link.

I also bought 20 worth of BAT for shits and giggles

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Sorry it gave me 17 link

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how does 11 million sound?

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So avoid?

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Back down we go, y'all held for too long time for the consequences

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>held for too long time for the consequences
But what do more like want?

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If this thing hits 8 bucks, I'm DEFINITELY buying next time it's at 3

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If this shit hits $8 we will never see sub $5 again

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$922.77 EOY

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Sorry, I bought some so now it has to go down. That’s the rules of my life. Sorry everybody

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Believe in the Sergey who believes in you !

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>first I will eat the apple, and if it's not poisoned then I will eat the apple

This is your brain right now.

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What fiendishly develish schemes have various "people" tried in order to get their claws into YOUR stinkies anon?

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>He thinks the universe is poised against him when really its just him being a dumb trader and dopamine addict.

Why did you wait til now to buy? Stop being dumb. AAL is cheap as fuck. AMC is cheap as fuck. It wont get you a dopamine hit you fucking junkie but there, I just made you a fortune if you can HODL for 3 yrs and not panic sell like I know your faggot ass will inevitably do.

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Checked. I'm a no-Linker but I want to say congrats to you guys. Its finally happening for you guys and your patience and loyalty are being rewarded. I hope you all get rich. God bless.

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>tfw never fell for the redditor FUD
Feel good brehs. We're all gonna make it

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How much link needs to get bought to get it to $100? There's 350million coins how much are still available?

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The three biggest red flags of Chainlink:
>Fake partnership with Google, still pinned on their Twitter account
>They claim to have an up and coming partnership with Oracle, but only one man engages with Link tweets and he's a BRAZILIAN who just writes blog posts for Oracle (which means that the Link team paid him to do this to create fake hype)
>Go type in $LINK on Twitter and watch the text book crypto pump and dump cult
You have been warned.

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I dont know jack shit about shit and I'm fucking buying!
I dont even know what a wallet is and I just dl'd coinbase last night.
I'm gonna winnnnnn
Oh wait you guys say cum. Amirite

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like 35 million mcap

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Is this the reddit pasta

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also that is a 16x from here

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No this is the result of my 7 hour research.

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We're gonna crush

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07/08/20(Wed)08:09:07 No.20192277

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You had fucking years faggot.. years. Hahahaha

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Could I politely ask chainlink marines to hopefully throw a few beautiful LINKS my way? I’m a poor third worlder stuck in Quebec.... please anon..


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fuck you nigger

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I made money on legit projects and recently came back to watch how this board is doing. All of you are newfags who missed the 17 bullrun and cannot spot and actual scam. You will seethe and off yourself when this dumps.

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Based n checked
Based briggs posting
Many years confirmed + checked

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I sold when it went to $2 in March. I fucking hate myself so much, I will kill myself if it goes to $10 now.

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Why not buy back in?

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When? Now? I can't, I have a personal rule of never buying any pumps. I bought BTC when it was $15,000 and watched it collapse to $2000. I'm not losing all my money again.

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Most of us have been in LINK since 2017, which indeed made us miss the bullrun. No problem though, since we got ours and didn't have to go through the 2018 bearmarket. Good job on the 7 hour research! I assume it has been very insightful.

>t. first buy pre-SIBOS 2017 @ $0.35

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I didn't go through any bear market cause I know when to sell, unlike you, who still thinks this is a legit project that will go to unrealistic numbers like $100. I researched it because back then I knew it was a meme and wanted to see if that changed. It didn't. This will have the same fate as Ark.

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Any time now the conference will reveal to the world the stuttering potheads that is the 2 man Chainlink team. Any time now.

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Imagine thinking legitimacy and authority mean anything in clown world. 4IR is here and you'd best be invested or prepare to live a meaningless life in a communist style apartment trapped thanks to ubi. Those that make it will have freedom but those that don't will live a life of pettiness

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Same boat, first time doing this shit with 150€. I will be happy if i make 20€ kek

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I've never touched cripple. You guys can do whatever you want. I'm not here to change your mind. I'm just telling you not to get married to an altcoin, scam or not, but for me, it is.
See >>20193823

>> No.20194675

Bearing reversal in the chart clearly. Need to touch $5 before we can go any higher.

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Does anyone know what portion of the top ETH wallets made it when ETH got big? For example, my LINK wallet is top 3500. Did only the top 1000 ETH wallets make it, did the top 10,000 make it?
You can see your wallet rank here, it has every single LINK wallet that exists by order of # held.

>> No.20194695

Also this is still on YouTube


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All the beggars and newfags starting to trickle over here today... just like early 2017, before we know it stinky poopers full of sharpies will flood the board desperate for 1 or 2 link.

>> No.20194727

Stfu about your retarded memelines

>> No.20194730

Fuck I hate linkies. I missed out your going back to 4.77

>> No.20194734

>I'm not losing all my money again.
By selling at $2, you already did.

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Sifting through 2015/2016 archives and finding the exact same shit being said about ETH is so damn comfy, thanks anon. Just make sure not to turn into a salty r/buttcoin-like nigger when LINK breaches 2 digits

>> No.20194768

Ch.. checked?

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That's a kid from fiverr, my friend. It caused quite the ruckus when it was first posted here back in the day. Good times.

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>nervous swingie larping as """oldfag""" who made it in 2017 with """legit""" projects

kekkk glow harder nigger

>> No.20194883

Man, this was posted in 2017 or something wasn't it.

>> No.20194994

its dumping and you are crying, swingies win again.

>> No.20195017

But ETH was never a scam, and LINK is another ERC chuck e cheese token. You keep ignoring the red flags, just like deluded Arkies who never saw how shit the project was.
Cope bro. I get nothing from >"fudding" link since 1. I would never touch it and 2. 4chan isn't capable of affecting the price since your entire buy power combined is 0.62 BTC.

>> No.20195065

>7 posts by this seething copelet

>> No.20195088

>still trying to fud
>claims not to fud

you sure seem to care a lot about my investments for some reason kekkk

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"Arkies" aren't partnered with google, microsoft, swift, every defi product out there at the moment, every "chainlink killer," multiple exchanges like binance and huobi, oracle, salesforce, docusign, the chinese government etc etc. The list goes on and on

>> No.20195168

We need flags on /biz/ cause of pajeets like >>20195065

>partnered with google, microsoft, swift
My sides.

>> No.20195295

I sold at $4.80 two days ago thinking I made out like a thief knowing full I'd buy the upcoming dip.
Why the FUCK is it approaching $7?

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>But ETH was never a scam
Enough people thought it was, seeking out "red flags" to confirm their suspicions. That's just how the human mind works. Currently you're experiencing severe cognitive dissonance trying to assure yourself that your assumption of LINK being a scam is true. The writing is on the wall but your ego won't let you see it: Literally 95% of crypto projects are using or will be using Chainlink.

>> No.20195353

You’re a retard who trades on TA and not on the fundamentals of the project.

>> No.20195385

Yes, I absolutely am. I've been day trading LINK for about two years now.
I didn't see this fucking coming at all. I still very much made bank but I could have made way more if I held my stack literally two days longer.

>> No.20195431

>I didn't see this fucking coming at all.
You will need to find ways to cope within the coming days and months. I hope you have the strength to not kill yourself.

>> No.20195470

Hodlers literally warn you not to swing with LINK. But i Digress if we dumped you would have just made a thread saying “OH LINKIES LOOK AT MY SUCCESSFUL SWING”.

If it wasn’t going to happen now, it would have happened later.

>> No.20195527

is it significant that the person Sergey is speaking alongside in three hours and 22 minutes, Ron Resnick is being replaced in his EEA role to focus on the Interwork alliance?

>> No.20195551

imagine when you move 100 links and gets whallebot to tweet about it

>> No.20195562

Take your meds

>> No.20195575

Well, what do you think it's going to plateau at?

>> No.20195583

just imagine !! auchhhh

>> No.20195589

Do you really believe that Chainlink, a project by the guy who was responsible for NXT, are partnered with Google? Do you not realize that Google, or any other big company like Microsoft and the rest of the aforementioned here >>20195108 (excluding crypto related ones) are not capable of producing their own SUPERIOR product? These are the red flags I'm talking about. Nearly all pump and dump projects, long or short term, found ways to convince people that their shitcoin is partnered with big and legit companies. Chainlink is one of them. If it wasn't for the fact that they mention fake partnerships I would have had a bag.

All I can say is that I'm hope I'm wrong or there's something I have missed. Good luck.

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>> No.20195599

kek, I will spend all day moving 100 link around here and there

>> No.20195600

Imagine seething THIS hard.

>> No.20195603

$6.12 best i can do

>> No.20195642

What do you mean by make it?

>> No.20195643

Retard, link was approaching the top of a multiyear ascending triangle and it just broke it, even if he was trading TA, the TA is BULLISH AS FUCK

>> No.20195653

Digits and it dumps to 4 this week

>> No.20195668

Made at least 1 million USD but preferably 5+ million USD.

>> No.20195683

Week hasn’t ended, big conference today, my gut says $12-$20.

>> No.20195708

Yea sorry i don’t do TA, I just use gut instinct. Work so far when buying dips.

>> No.20195738

there a live stream for it?

>> No.20195750

digits and it dumps to $8 this week

>> No.20195760

i have 14,000 linkies but am absolutely raging i dont have 30K, which i was so close to buying in 2017 but decided i had enough

>> No.20195831

theres no reason to not be still accumulating. i have more linkies than you and im still putting most of my income into it each month. im not going to stop buying until its over $100 per linkie

>> No.20195865

we are going back to $5 right

>> No.20195911

When is it crashing bros? I don't want this shit to happen when I'm asleep.

>> No.20195935

I sent you some REQ

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You're just mad cause I called you out for being Indian. I can smell you from my phone, Prakeesh.

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>Do you really believe that Chainlink, a project by the guy who was responsible for NXT, are partnered with Google?
I believe Chainlink is connected to Google, yes. How deep that relationship goes is something I'm not privy to. It's also not important to me. I formed my opinion on LINK way before Google decided to directly mention LINK in a tweet and before Oracle kept namedropping LINK in presentations and on their website. How you can twist any of this into a negative is odd to me. Chainlink has always been low hype and only mentions companies that already mentioned them. You are acting like this is OMG tier skateboard partnership hustling, which frankly saying is delusional.

>capable of producing their own SUPERIOR product?
By the way you type I can tell that you're not retarded, but remarks like this show you're just not grasping a few things. Let me pose a counter question: Why would Google/Oracle/whatever create their own product? If someone creates a robust framework, builds a network from the ground up and charges a fair price, why would you go and reinvent the wheel? LINK aims to be a protocol layer powering a vast oracle network, akin to HTTPS. Would companies spend precious time, money and talent developing their own software to handle problems like this? Concepts like SaaS, BaaS, CRM, ERP, WMS and so forth wouldn't exist if it weren't for companies outsourcing that stuff instead of doing everything in house. Decentralized oracles are no exception.

>If it wasn't for the fact that they mention fake partnerships I would have had a bag.
Your loss I guess. I won't try to convince you to buy a bag now at $6, but I would urge you to look more into Chainlink and what it aims to achieve. I'm not memeing when I say Chainlink has a good chance of becoming the 3rd and final building piece (next to BTC and ETH) that will elevate and legitimize the crypto space as a whole, bringing real world application.

>> No.20196379

It’s crashing and correcting to 5

>> No.20196473

god damn

>> No.20196522

>If it wasn't for the fact that they mention fake partnerships I would have had a bag.
How are the partnerships fake when it’s always the others announcing first and not Chainlink.

>> No.20196656

They get word so and so is working on project X with Y company so they just announce that they doing same only sooner.

These guys all go to the same conferences and hear all the same shit so aping a competitor is easy.

>> No.20196716


>> No.20196797

What the fuck are you babbling about.

It’s always the other side formally announcing the partnership/collaboration/integration with Chainlink.
Chainlink never announces first.

So how are any of Chainlink’s partnerships/collaborations/integrations fake?

>> No.20197126

anyone else in this thread last night?
wtf was that?

>> No.20197201

The eth wallet in position 1000 has 10,701 Eth. That's making it I'd say.

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Put me in the screen cap!

>> No.20197261

almost did the same. feel sorry for you brother

>> No.20197363

the market moves to fuck the most amount of people. it seems too many linklets thought they could swing the pattern of resistance at $4.8-$5

TLDR ; Swingies get the rope

>> No.20197379

Well bros after a terrible move months ago im back in the game. I wasnt strong and didnt hodl like a good marine. My stack fell from 32k now to a small 8k stack but damnit im back.

>> No.20197439


>> No.20197441

based brick nermon

>> No.20197455


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I just want to say thanks to assblaster and all my fellow Marine frens. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.20197538


A cautionary tail for all marines. Back when we hit $3.75 i sold it back to bitcoin on binance. Dont know why i didnt sell back to USD. Since that time Bitcoin went down so the dollar value i had to buy back in was crap. I still doubled my initial investment but i could of easily 4x'd if id had just been smarter. Thats what i get though and it wont happen again.

>> No.20197685

so many oldfags getting rekt below $6...i am more confident then ever in my measley stack.

>> No.20197747

Wow kek

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It was serg.

>> No.20198472
File: 197 KB, 360x360, 6543456543257845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checked and dangerously bullish

>> No.20198520

>patrick bateman
wrong image buddy

>> No.20198575

Yeah there will be chain link stories similar to 10000btc pizza

>> No.20198746

Best part about all this price action is the dollar amount doesn’t matter just the network effects each day link grows stronger and each day that fact makes me more committed to never selling.

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>Fake partnership with Google, still pinned on their Twitter account
>They claim to have an up and coming partnership with Oracle, but only one man engages with Link tweets and he's a BRAZILIAN who just writes blog posts for Oracle (which means that the Link team paid him to do this to create fake hype)

Is this true? I was thinking about buying $1000 worth of LINK but if it's another shitcoin scam I'm not doing it, I've fell for those too many times already.

>> No.20199207


>> No.20199266

Yes anon, the entire thing is a fraud. So far they've managed to fool MIT, Forbes, SWIFT, the World Economic Forum and IBM.

I hope you don't get suckered into this scam because they are going to be building this obviously massive ponzi all the way to $1000 per token. It's going to be a catastrophe.

>> No.20199273

Bitcoin could just as easily have risen against the dollar

>> No.20199312


>> No.20199353

Finally got a suicide stack. What are your EOY predictions??

>> No.20199354

Please be real with me anons, I don't post here a lot, I'm from /pol/. Should I spend 1k on LINK?

>> No.20199421

It's pumping a lot rn. There's a possibility that it could continue pumping up to $10 and beyond but it may also dump a bit down to support before then.

>> No.20199424

Very true. It just didnt work out that time for me.

>> No.20199431

Yes. Couldn't tell you if it's a good idea to wait for a better entry or just buy now though.

>> No.20199434

You sound like a nice lady and I don't want you to lose all your waitress wages, so no. Save that thousand dollars for a nice sweater for your cat.

>> No.20199436


>> No.20199465
File: 712 KB, 720x780, 1EA3C786-4720-4D5D-8AB7-F73D850ED6C8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Digits and LINK passes $10 this weekend.

>> No.20199556

itll first retrace to 5.10 - 4.90 before another parabola begins

simple TA

>> No.20199563

this isn't funny anymore i had 5 figure link and sold at $2 REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.20200479

10k EOY

>> No.20200555

I meant before ETH blew up. When it was where LINK was now. Did all of the top 5000 wallets make it? Did the top 10,000 make it? Did only the top 1000 make it?

>> No.20201066

No idiot these people are trying to unload on people like you

>> No.20201149

Yes. Buy and hold the fuck onto it. It's you're golden ticket

>> No.20201202
File: 276 KB, 991x1525, 16C5CE2D-191A-47CC-9232-112A0DEB9259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whiteboi copies the original man once again

How trite

>> No.20201217

You're priced out man. Shoulda bought years ago.

>> No.20201309

Looking at he volume of the buys that pumped us up to here I really doubt it. New floor would probably be around 5.60-5.80.

>> No.20201384

Yes buy now and sell the when the price goes lower.

>> No.20201413

You should put in as much of your capital as you can afford.

>> No.20201447


>> No.20201543

malt liquor at the yacht party, anon

>> No.20201612

Link is going to pump so hard you might not even see $7 or $8...its going to erect straight to a hard $10

>> No.20201683

After the drinks I expect you to be a gentleman and offer your wife

>> No.20201752

so what happens to crypto if a coin surpasses bitcoin in market cap?

>> No.20201778

Not too late fren. Buy before $10

>> No.20201785

Blessed checking. 7.77 it will be

>> No.20201801


>> No.20201831

>this message brought to you by fiverr

>> No.20201902
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you and op can hang out with and compare TA

>> No.20201939

The conference today revealed to the world the fat Russian that runs this scam. Price has already tanked 10%. Once it breaks through the $5 resistance the panic will begin and small holders and speculators will begin to offload, with the whales already long gone. Once it shoots through the $2.5 mark, unabated FEAR will ripe through all LINKies. With all those who dumped their current accounts into this scam twitching at their arsehole continuously while refreshing binance. The $0.50 mark will be met, the largest panic in history will ensue. The final deluded Nodes will begin to go offline, and wagecuckers with their engineering salaries loaded up in LINK will be left with it stuck in their wallet, unable to move it to binance to salvage some self respect. The price WILL tank at this point to sub $0.5, and most probably sub ICO levels. From that day forward the stinky Linkie wagecucking engineering nerds who bought this coin thinking it had fundamentals will go back to their jobs, with no money in their current accounts, to be made redundant by the next wave of pajeets arriving to undercut their wages. Stinky Linkies will hold bags FOREVER, with no job, no money, and no crypto. I warned you LINKies. There’s still time to get out. Sell NOW. Don’t be stinky, don’t be a LINKie.

>> No.20201941

Thansk for the confirmation that i will make it. Literraly the same thing was said about ETH, gonna buy another 1k.

>> No.20201942

Holy fuck the digits

>> No.20201998

I think it's going to lower a bit, be on the watch to buy more.

>> No.20202050

Which one

>> No.20202098

Chainlink has initiated golden bullrun protocol

>> No.20202125

you really went to the trouble of typing all of that out and i did not even read it

>> No.20202130

I have a poster of kamina on my wall with that quote
inb4 cringe

>> No.20202133

I think that coin would have boomer institutional FOMO into it like the last BTC pump.

>> No.20202172

Damn this board is full of newfags

>> No.20202287

Does anybody have a prediction that lines up with what has happened so far? If yes, what's next?
> t. nolink fag

>> No.20202341

I just go into crypto and browsing Biz I can even tell that's pasta

>> No.20202384

you joost win

>> No.20202398
File: 42 KB, 924x571, 1592036437146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Didn't buy when it dipped in March

>> No.20202437

fuck off /pol/. chainlink is for us gaychads.

>> No.20202884


>> No.20202958

more like for closet nazifurs

>> No.20203669

Thanks OP. Nice room!
Price goes up!

>> No.20203721

>Trust/ Truth in ID

>> No.20203754

去月亮 很高兴 太好了

>> No.20204475
File: 32 KB, 356x203, f this im out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why thank you good sir. I will take my seat now.

>> No.20204501


>> No.20205152


>> No.20205154

So comfy in here

>> No.20205218


We gone make it boys

>> No.20205605

>Chainlink has a good chance of becoming the 3rd and final building piece (next to BTC and ETH) that will elevate and legitimize the crypto space as a whole, bringing real world application.
I'm a btc maximalist, but last night while watching link moon the penny dropped that you are right. Btc works standalone, and all the shitcoins trying to be the SoV instead of bitcoin will burn and die. Defi is a legit market, but I thought it was still 5 years away. It probably is, but it might not be to early to pick the winners of that space, and it's going to be link and eth. So late last night I tossed $10k on each of link and eth, and I'm no longer a btc maximalist.

>> No.20206066

Welcome brother.

>> No.20206247
File: 110 KB, 2540x3176, 1561851198181.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20206362

That's a good rule but its sister rule is to never sell a dump, so why did you do it?
Anyways if you still belive in links future just DCA with money that you're willing to spend

>> No.20207341

Obviously the non-asian one

>> No.20207386
File: 97 KB, 800x1000, 1540407768582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mildly impressed check

>> No.20207408



>> No.20207419

Nice consolidation and no post conference dump. We moving for another ATH tonight?

>> No.20207466
File: 1.49 MB, 750x1008, biz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dubs in ID
I'm thinking you're going to make it

>> No.20207504

Sheet. Now kiss my feet.

>> No.20207546
File: 1.57 MB, 320x240, 1524721514240.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

welcome brother. I say this as a friend and not a shill, but make up for lost time and consolidate everything into LINK. Nothing is going to outpace it's returns. putting money into Eth at 250$ is like putting money into LINK at 250$--just stick with LINK until it has an actual bull run. just my 2 cents.

>> No.20207783

What language is this?

>> No.20207843
File: 70 KB, 976x703, BF4B5617-69AA-4682-950E-FC2C14EEA929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blasted through 6.4 onward next resistance

>> No.20207861


>> No.20207866
File: 241 KB, 932x944, 1524715912434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every time I check my wallet I'm paranoid that I'm going to see "OUT: 16,329 LINK" with nothing I can do about it

What's the safest way to store your Linkies? Back in 2017 people said hardware wallets but I dont really trust that shit anymore.

>> No.20207893

Put your LINKs in coinbase.

>> No.20207916
File: 465 KB, 1100x794, UntilNoLinkersAreDestroyed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20207989

Why don't you trust hardware wallets anymore? I think they do the job just fine. It feels far more secure than any other method of storage. I haven't kept up to date with crypto news for almost half a year. Did something big happen?

>> No.20208040

We'll bounce off of .00075 , roughly $7.10, then the retrace begins.

>> No.20208091


>> No.20208119

Why don't you trust hardware wallets?

>> No.20208143

yeh cos you guys have been so good at predicting this stuff kek

>> No.20208175

HW are fine, you can use metamask otherwise, it's cool

>> No.20208220

Someone hacks you or coinbase it's all gone. Look what happened at Mt Gox. No way would I leave my stack on an exchange. A ledger effectively puts an airgap between your key and your computer. Peace of mind, plus a seed phrase you can store somewhere remote and safe. No brainer.

>> No.20208336

at least put it in coinbase vault so that it takes about 2 days to process a transfer out.

This might be annoying to you when you do need to transfer some coins out but as is, if someone hacks your account they can instantly transfer non vaulted coins out.

Otherwise a ledger is the best way. Best is to just distribute

>> No.20208460

2 more hours.

>> No.20208501

lol, ngmi

>> No.20208533

I unironically use the coinbase vault as security precaution to prevent "wrench attack protocol." Someone comes to my house and holds a gun to my head, or beats me with a wrench I can say "look, takes two days to transfer"

Winklevoss twins do something like this too. They have private key written on several different pieces of paper, using sharing algorithm so that no one piece has the whole key. Then they put these in a few different safe deposit boxes.

Yes there is risk that coinbase goes under, but I think that risk is smaller than risk that someone will try to jack me.

Also, have a few smaller stacks on two different hardware wallets.

>> No.20208535

I was actually a nolinker til 2$, but then it fucking hit me and have been longing and accumulating since.
I may have had all this time since 0.2$ but that doesn't matter now.

>> No.20208600
File: 32 KB, 687x424, 38086701-D68F-4F37-8E10-31B610B6520B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hovering at $6.50 and volume is increasing. Wtf do we do boys

>> No.20208742

does he have the solution to the oracle problem on his tie?

>> No.20208846


Based and holy trinity pilled

BTC/ETH/LINK is unironically the goat portfolio

>> No.20208873

Fuck you

>> No.20208896

You better hold on to your butts. $10 is happening next

>> No.20208929

Ill buy when it hits 20 cents again

>> No.20208979

We break on through to the other side!

>> No.20209074
File: 57 KB, 250x219, 87545787_811181549388150_3376903798663413760_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna sleep cozy tonight boys.

We wait until kek blesses us.

>> No.20209422

$100 this month!

>> No.20209513


>> No.20209518

Check 'em.

>> No.20209557

Somewhere around 4 dollars is the new floor

>> No.20209564

Sorry, price only goes up.

>> No.20209578

Gonna farm my link up and then switch to RLC before it hits $5 at the end of the week.

I anticipate it'll outgrow link but in the meantime link is growing faster.

>> No.20209582

The pools closed.

>> No.20209586

Anyone who thinks this coin isn’t the real deal, a real wealth builder, is a fucking idiot

>> No.20209967
File: 59 KB, 960x882, 1588666849397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20210246


Do it and suffer, fucking loser.

>> No.20210279

I'll unironically cry if it hits $100.

>> No.20210411

I don't have enough!

>> No.20210472

We are.... dumping!

>> No.20210701
File: 55 KB, 790x507, -10 eow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>negative volume
what does it mean

>> No.20210806

More than likely that Eric Holder had Paul Walker assassinated to cover up his illegal gun smuggling operation in Mexico known as Fast and Furious.

>> No.20210818
File: 667 KB, 1000x824, 1593652900265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw tried swinging link when it first hit $1 and lost half of my stack

>> No.20210825

chainlink to $2 EOY screencap

>> No.20210835

See this nulinker faggots
This is an original 2017 Sibos Fud meme

>> No.20210888
File: 30 KB, 1654x360, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its already at $17

>> No.20210922
File: 44 KB, 657x527, 1507275065618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20210941


>> No.20210953

20k linklet reporting in. Holding for $1000

>> No.20210970

No they don’t

>> No.20210976

checked & blessed

>> No.20210983
File: 819 KB, 885x960, 1558041059184.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, I fucked up and sent all my LINK to my wallet to get it off the binance chink exchange without buying any ETH first to get it back out. Can I please trade somebody one LINK worth of ETH to cover gas?


>> No.20211101
File: 69 KB, 746x590, pupperhugs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gotchu fren

>> No.20211130
File: 59 KB, 636x321, 1540271247808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God bless you sergey, your linkies have been sent!

>> No.20211577

Oops looks like link shit itself

>> No.20211610

down we go to 5

>> No.20211633

Was that the top? Is now a good time to <spoiler>SWING

>> No.20211643

the LINK dump will only go down to $4-5
that will be last chance to get under $5

>> No.20211668


>> No.20212038
File: 504 KB, 640x627, 1558915747844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no volume
It's had support at 6.20$ all day. Check more than the last 30 minutes. +/- 10 cents is nothing you fuds.

The top hasn't been hit yet. We're gonna have another bullrun before it dumps back to 5.90$ and restabilizes around 7$. There's too many people waiting to buy in now for it to stay sub 6$ for long.

We are the LINK marines, and we're all gonna make it together.

>> No.20212459

Nope 100$ eom

>> No.20212576


>> No.20212783
File: 159 KB, 660x900, 1581419886775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20212867

I missed out ;_;

>> No.20212892

Wake up tomorrow, it goes up a dollar.. been a theme

>> No.20212913
File: 62 KB, 1507x735, linkusd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

has to hold the uptrend, otherwise we're heading lower.

>> No.20212914

No you didn't fren

But you're about to

>> No.20213785


>> No.20213797
File: 273 KB, 1013x1000, 1560473380436.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this aged really poorly

>> No.20213814

Linklet cope.

>> No.20213894

1k suicide stack

>> No.20213931

Suicide stack - 100k
Makeit stack - 1 mil
Sergy stack- 350 mil

>> No.20214305

Hello trips of truth.

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