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is there anything that hasn't mooned yet I can buy into?

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This pls

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Aleph jfc. You about to see the power of Aleph + Ledger + Synaps released one the CEX and DEX world.

Pay the fuck attention anon

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bump because im retarded

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you can buy LINK and still fucking make it.

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buy mobius

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Small Love Potion (check coingecko) is currently in a dip and set to continue blasting off, don't thank me later

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>he thinks any coins have actually mooned yet
kek, how new are you?

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moon v1

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MOON is still under a cent, buy now and see where you're at Saturday lol

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Link hasn’t even mooned yet

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Dividends . network

Released 3 days ago. Less than 100 holders. Actually lower than it's presale price rn cause morons selling at a loss. Sub 200k mc. Have to pay 25 percent to buy and 25 percent to sell to disincentivize selling so you'll need a to wait to get your money back but in return you get insane dividend payments in eth and can stake your coins.

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sad to say even niggers mooned

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this is the only serious reply in the thread

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Hopium Network (HOPE)

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Can anyone here tell me why XDB is so goddamn cheap now? worth trying?

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isnt that the guy behind h3x scam?

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>is there anything that hasn't mooned yet I can buy into?

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check em

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It has to go up eventually

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100 link right now will make you a respectable amount of money within the next 2 years

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Still early for GHOST too

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Ghost, XRP, RAIN.
Anti-Scam Token is 100% rug-proof.
XOR will probably be above 2.00 again next weekend.

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This, at this point the FUD has died out, we moon soon

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The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam. Price has already tanked 10%. Once it breaks through the $1.50 resistance the panic will begin and small holders and speculators will begin to offload, with the whales already long gone. Once it shoots through the $1 mark, unabated FEAR will ripe through all ARKies. With all those who dumped their current accounts into this scam twitching at their arsehole continuously while refreshing bittrex. The $0.50 mark will be met, the largest panic in history will ensue. The final deluded Nodes will begin to go offline, and wagecuckers with their engineering salaries loaded up in ARK will be left with it stuck in their wallet, unable to move it to bittrex to salvage some self respect. The price WILL tank at this point to sub $0.10, and most probably sub ICO levels. From that day forward the deluded Arkie wagecucking engineering nerds who bought this coin thinking it had fundamentals will go back to their jobs, with no money in their current accounts, to be made redundant by the next wave of pajeets arriving to undercut their wages. Deluded ARKies will hold bags FOREVER, with no job, no money, and no crypto. I warned you ARKies. There’s still time to get out. Sell NOW. Don’t be deluded, don’t be an ARKie.

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You should wait forever or search through trash and end up with nothing, that'd be great and so much better than just catching the money train.

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Oil will moon when flights take off again. Collect comfy dividends in between. Instead of praying for shit coin to turn to a penny.

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I'm in FUND and am convinced it will never break 5.5 cents.

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LINK is still a good buy. BNT is yet to moon and has V2 rolling out this month. ADA is at 12.5c and is probably going to 50c EOY.

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Every coin on bittrex

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With all of these defi protocols taking off, decentralised dispute resolution is needed to maintain decentralisation AND fairness.

The value prop is in essence this; if we can trust that in a decentralised network with proof of stake that MOST of the participants are honest, why can be not leverage the same property to select individuals to take decisions on matters?

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Serious answer? Aergo
Meme answer? Doge

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2017 called, they want their shitcoins back

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>when flights take off again
It's going to be many, many years of bag holding

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SUTERUSU, brainlet.

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Imagine being this illiterate

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this lmao.

/Crypto/ is still a fringe concept. When Bitcoin gets mainstream adoption (central bank unit of account, worldwide store of value aka Bit-Gold ) it can easily go to 1 million per coin. Any alt that actually survives and has real world usage (eg. Chainlink) can easily do 10x, 100x, or more

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ARC3D still has under 10k market cap. Will def get to at least 100k. The dividends have been huge too. "When you invest, a 10% fee is incurred on your Deposit - this contributes to the Dividends earned by already-existing holders."

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