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I don't need the money. I already have over 10K LINK.

>> No.20161944

Buy the top.

>> No.20161953

But the top isn't in yet.

>> No.20161954

I thought I was buying the top at $4.50, and I'm glad I did. Chainlink is unironically different than 99.9% of coins shilled on here.

>> No.20161994

Do it.

>> No.20162025

Checked. Do it OP, buy the top as a signal that you don't intend to sell. A year from now it will have compounded so much you won't even think about it. And you said you don't need the money.

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Kek is an infinite jester

>> No.20162044

But also, I don't think it's gonna retrace this time. I think it's gonna push to $7, unironically. This feels like the days leading up to the Google announcement

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Checked again. You said it yourself, plus a retrace will not matter in the long run. Post a pic of the buy for us.

>> No.20162124

>I don't think it's gonna retrace this time
ofc it will we have to test $5 to see if it works as support or not

>> No.20162138

You remind me of that faggot who kept saying "we have to test $0.70" after the Google pump lol

>> No.20162176

Buy it so that the people who can't just buy 1000 right now (me included) will just seethe, because it's funny

>> No.20162314

stupid meme
link only exist because of ETH

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