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My dad works at the FBI and he just told me they've got a major situation going right now, some nutjob showed up at the HQ wearing semtex explosive and threatening to blow himself up and the whole building with it. They've successfully managed to keep it low profile for now but it's gonna leak to the press any moment now, expect an army of reporters swarming the place, which is only going to aggravate that wacko... Apparently he's been ranting incoherently for hours non stop, talking about how America has lost its way, how liberals have betrayed the founding fathers, how the federal government is just a front for an occult cabal ran by satanic pedophile Jewish vampires and how George Floyd was on fentanyl and meth, he's saying he's on a mission from God and aims to kick-start the race war by revealing to the world how the negro commits 60% of the crimes despite only representing 15% of the population... Nobody even knows how the fuck he managed to entered the building with all those explosives. Apparently he's former military, used to do IT training in Afghanistan, then moved into the private sector where he supposedly entered a cultist pyramid scheme, where he got brainwashed and taken advantage of, he believed in the cause so much he put endless hours working for them, got completely overworked until he just finally snapped, lost all connection to reality and sanity. Our profiler say the reason he snapped was because of a love quarrel. A disgruntled lover. He gave all of his effort because he fell madly in love with the cult leader but in return, received nothing... Jealousy and resentment are indeed powerful emotions that will drive a man to great lengths to prove himself to the subject of his desire... Or perhaps to get revenge. He even wrote a manifesto and a suicide note. Something about how the fourth industrial revolution will be synonymous with the fourth Reich and the triumph of the proud Aryan man... Put on the news in 30 minutes if you don't believe me.

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UK negative bank rates

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Based schizo.

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he's ranting and yet you know and are ranting about what he's ranting about


the interesting truth is that the type of oddity who rants about these types of things, is the type of oddity that creates a thread like this

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I'm just repeating what my dad told me

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Actually I made all of that up except for the stats about negro crime

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It's happening

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Oh (you)

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Oh shit for some reason I don’t think this is a shitpost, is it? Actual happening

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read less 42 and try again schizo

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Lmfao imagine being so poor you don’t even pay $256 a month for cable just in case something happens.





Also turn on the news if you aren’t a poor faggot.

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