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Keep your linkies

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An obvious scam vs. a paradigm shifting technology
I think the answer is obvious.

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why the pump?

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This was known for months.

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i think you are overselling your shittoken.
the sad fact about oracles is nobody needs oracles for anything.
just like nobody needs a bloated chain chock full of unverifiable garbage for anything.

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i would just call it bullshit and forget about it but one particular aspect stuck with me.
>researchers having access to real time healthcare data
it's like the most fucking dangerous shit ever. it's bound to result in massive data leaks. some of those "researchers" will be political agencies in disguise or simply sell to them.

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This... they literally presented at the Coingeek Conference and announced it then.

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That was several months ago

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every time this shitcoin pumps $20 these bsvtards feel emboldened and come out of the woodworks. next stop $120 you faggots and you know it

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do i sell at $200

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Don’t forget that Craig patented oracles for blockchain

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yeah i noticed this also but they will be gone in a few weeks.

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why would anyone bother with a shitty imposter of the original crypto
we already have litecoin and 5 billion other clones for that

bitcoin cash makes sense because it works better than the original
i never understood this bitcoin sv thing

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>nobody needs oracles for anything
doesnt everyone needs these for everything?
maybe it wont end up associated to a crypto token but can you explain what youre saying?

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