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Redpill me on Idena

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>m-m-muh identity
it's yet another scam

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Biggest crap ever, dont fall for it noobs

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They are the first to implement Proof of Person. The project is kinda shit but they have first-mover advantage

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>proof of literally who
lmao, you can keep your bags

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what the fuck is Proof of Person lmaoooo

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It's the next 100x. Unironically

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what is uniswap address
thanks anon

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I don't think Idena is on Uniswap. You can buy on qTrade

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meant to reply to you

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idena is not erc20 so it cant be on any eth DEX, its a separate chain, devs are building interoperability with eth chain tho

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It actually does work with eth addresses, you can send it to an eth address and retrieve it just fine, albeit with some extra steps

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sorry I don't trust my $ with CEX ;-/
good luck anon with your high tech coin

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It's a scam

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Piece of shit.

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old Link is ball deep in this
t. Old Link

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Honestly, if you want to see what it's like and what the potential is, just head over to idena.io and spin up the client. It's pretty intuitive and sleek for a beta build. Get yourself synced and invited before next validation session, and experience the entire process first hand. You'll like it anon.
If you love it, you can fill a bag on qtrade down the line.
Mining costs you nothing but a few processing cycles and can be done on an old laptop. What do you have to lose?

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Nice digits

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where does one get an invite?

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daily reminder that IDENA will do a ETH like run in the future.

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telegram and discord

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How do I buy/store this? It’s not an ERC and baby needs some spoon feeding.

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you buy on qTrade and store in Idena wallet for windows. You can also earn Idena by doing validations and mining (which is not cpu intensive but requires a stable internet connection)

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EOY price estimates?

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>sharding is vital to project's success
>project's properties make sharding easier than implement than in any other blockchain
comfiest of holds

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10$ is very possible

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Idena is unironically pretty cool. You gotta be a real brainlet to not appreciate the concept, and the devs are probably the hardest working in crypto. They just suck at marketing.

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the fact that they want me to ask for an invite with my phone number disqualifies them to me.

also proof of iq would be way cooler

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>what is discord
unironically kys

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