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Guess who just re entered the markets. Glad I bought the energy stonk dip in March

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Based boomer just bet 10 Billion on American energy recovery

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Ah did old fag again

>> No.20128842

>Buying the top

Old man are you ok

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Oil chads shall rise again.

>> No.20128873

Get ready for a massive multi year energy bull run. Trump re election coupled with vaccine = moon mission for oil and natural gas

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Someone is getting FOMO

>> No.20129045

So he sold the bottom and bought the top? Holy fuck he's senile

>> No.20129471

>bought the top
the best is yet to come, baby bitch

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I do the opposite of whatever this retarded old r*ddit pervert does. Served me well over the last 10 years.

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You're going to be buying puts on the energy sector at the bell tomorrow?

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No I'm going to buy shit that goes up every day, which is the opposite of buying shit that goes down every day.

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the opposite of buying an energy company is to sell an energy company

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