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>put 1k into shitcoin
>wait for it to 2x
>cash out and gain 1k profit

It's that easy

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1k isnt shit tho

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If you put too much in you cant sell it all. If I bought 5k worth of a shitcoin and wanted to sell 10k worth, chances are slim

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>wait for it to 2x
This is OP waiting his illiquid shitcoins to 2x.

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If you want to make 100 dollars selling shit you want to sell stuff for 1 dollar 100 times rather 100 once.
It's a lot easier to sell a 1 dollar item.
This goes double for things like stock where you could potentially lose money. Imagine going big for your goal, let's say 200k sou you buy 200k but something goes wrong and you lose it cause you waiting for it to double and it can craah before that.
Now if you simply do 1000 at a time you just need to do it 200 times and if at any point it crashes the most you lose is there thousand that is currently at stake.
It's called safety.

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you and I both know shitcoins usually 2x no matter what and dumb FOMO'ers buy in a light speed

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I agree that shitcoins move in cycles and a 2x is not even that hard.
Assuming that you buy the dip, most of time even if you buy on red candles it continues to dip for several weeks, tho.

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I always heard the opposite, it's not worth it to sell cheap shit unless you have an insane markup. Better to sell a few high ticket items to keep warehouse and logistics down to a minimum. Also less customer interaction. The guy who shops an hour looking for the same thing but from a seller for one cent less is the same guy who will return it and pester the shit out of you.

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most shitcoins have 1 moon

Set a sell order as soon as it 2xs befor ethe moon, it moons, you get your money back, and then get out before the inevitable dump

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It's why there's so many successful businesses that sell cheap shit whether it's McDonald's selling dollar burgers or Walmart in general. But there are few businesses that cater to the rich, sure if you can make it work you will be swimming in cash but only a few ever do. Meanwhile if you're patient anyone can make a fortune a little at a time.

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For every 3 star Michelin restaurant there are hundreds of food chains that are also successful. Most restaurants that aim for Michelin fail.

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