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Just like Chainlink these niggers are a solution waiting for a problem. Proof of Person will revolutionize the way we use the internet

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What's the point of Proof of Person?

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Unfortunately until we reach more exchanges the price will not reflect that

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Noone really knows yet, that's why this coin has so much potential

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Kek who in his right mind would ever listen this shitcoin?

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They actually have a working software

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I just checked the marketcap. This looks interesting

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>that shitty client
>working software

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Why is the client shitty?

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No it won't, just like 99.99% of other useless shitcoins.


It's literally garbage. I tried it. It sucks balls. Not even trolling.

It's been almost a year, and there is ZERO movement in demand. Nobody outside of a very small circle jerk cares, and they never will. Your bags are literally worthless. Accept it, and stop polluting the airwaves with your garbage. Validations are a shit show, the holders are clueless, the network is fragile as fuck, there is NO interest for this project in the real world, and the sell pressure is astronomical.

I've seen shit projects here before, but this one is truly the bottom of the barrel.

Now let's hear you attack me personally, and ignoring everything that I have said.

Truth hurts, doesn't it?

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>reddit spacing

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holy fuck, the onions

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You got your node killed by failing validation didn't you?

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why did "onions" turn into "onions" when i posted what the fuck jannies?

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The word being fucking censored here is _S_o_y_

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Would you rather spend 2 seconds proving your human solving a captcha or wake up at 3am every 2 weeks and spend 30 minutes doing the flip validation session?

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I get paid to do the flip validation session though

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as a european i have to wake up at 3 p.m. for the validation, fuck you cheng

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Get paid? How much do you get?

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my validation reward is 150 dna most of the time

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Look at these pajeets seething lmao

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go back

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Honestly it feels like no one is interested in this project. What are they even trying to solve? Noone cares about proof of person

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i was never on reddit nigger

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You newfags lack the intuition to differentiate between pajeet shilling, discord group shilling and /biz/ shilling.

The only projects that has really gone through the /oldbiz/ level of autistic technological scrutiny, which of course happened before /biz/ was invaded by hordes of literal retards in December, and which passed in most /biz/raelis eyes were;
>Dash [lol, but still profitable]
>Digibyte [lol]

Those are the ones /oldbiz/ as a whole has stood behind and vouched for. Everything else is either pajeets, discord groups or individual /biz/raelis having their individual beliefs.

Now let me tell you something:

DNA will join the list of autistic bizraeli shill coins.

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How out of touch are you? Identity is a major problem for all kinds of applications, allows for voting and general governance, fixes the massive problem of bots (online spam, breaking systems intended for unique users), single sign on where all data is controlled by users and never shared unless explicitly authorized, and more

I don't know if Idena will be the solution but one thing is for sure, whichever tech manages to solve the digital identity problem will be massive

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So what's the point of Idena? Explain to me because I'm a brainlet

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I remember people calling me a retard for not selling ETH when it hit like 10 dollars. Same people were recommending me to buy Putincoin or some dumb shit on yobit. Point is, don't care about what seething pajeets and discordtrannies with an agenda say.
The beauty about /biz/ is that most of us have some sort of stake in this game, so the fittest ideas survive while the true shitcoins crater to zero. It's the complete opposite of for example /pol/ or /b/ where the loudest and most numerous retards will take over the board culture.

I believe Idena is autistic enough to survive and I put my money where my mouth is.

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Thanks, just bought 100k

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Having a digital identity that is pseudo-anonymous and not dependent on governments for its issuance.
Seamless connection between "real you" and "internet you" without the potential for identity theft.
No more bots crapping up the internet.
No more juggling 100 usernames and passwords for all your digital shit.
Potential to seamlessly connect to other chains and systems. Need a smart contract set up? It can be done between two Idena identities, no middlemen, no fraud vectors.
Want an imageboard without pajeets and discordtrannies? Link your ID to your DNA identity. Like a 4chan pass, but not gay.
Mining is you getting rewarded for being a human and being part of humanity. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Do your own research, Anon. Good luck.

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Why does proof of person need a token?

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Because fuck you, that's why

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because that's how the system works

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I'm interested enough in Idena, and this seems like a really good time to accumulate as it has almost retraced from its pump in February. But everything I'm hearing is that the software is faulty and nodes keep dying? And they're not making any progress?

I bring those points up sincerely. I understand the merit of Proof of Person, but if someone can make a bullish case for Idena specifically I'd love to listen. If not, totally understandable. Either way I hope everyone has a great day :)

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>But everything I'm hearing is that the software is faulty and nodes keep dying? And they're not making any progress?
Their patch cycle is insanely fast. Nodes have been dying for the pajeets on their $0,50 a month VPS, that much is true. Hardfork has since fixed the load issues and even if Rajesh and his villagers take longer than the protocol expects them to, there are failsafes now.
If you are truly interested, look at the release schedule on github and in their telegram announcements, sift through FUD and midwit noise and you'll see that the project is rock-solid.

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Now for the basic bitch moonboi question, what are your targets for this? Both reasonable, and delusional.

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10$ eoy

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They have a working testnet, an active community and a solid output of devtime. Add to that that they're not an ICO or the latest uniswap scam, being in the top 100 is reasonable. That means doing a x30.
If we account for true value of the concept that is proof of identity, top 20 is not impossible. The top 20 contains literal who exchange coins and garbage BTC forks whose only redeeming factor is being a fork of BTC. That means doing a x400.

Delusional: Proof of humanity becomes as accepted and widespread as having a social media account. There are currently around 3.5 billion users on social media. Even if you value a single user as a dollar to the market cap, DNA displace Bitcoin Pajeet Vision. ROI-wise DNA shoots past the Andromeda Galaxy, doing a x1800,

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0.5$-$1 resonable
2$-5$ possible but hard
10$ delusional

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hahahahahaha just bought another 5k thanks

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What does that mean?

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It's getting friends/family/paid pajeets from fiverr to validate multiple nodes. In a logical model, they would set up their own node and mine for themselves, but people are lazy and knowledge commands a premium, so anon is making a tidy sum by adding them as pawns to his farm.

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get other to validate for you.
mine these identities between epoches.

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Honestly, if you want to see what it's like and what the potential is, just head over to idena.io and spin up the client. It's pretty intuitive and sleek for a beta build. Get yourself synced and invited before tomorrow's validation session, and experience the entire process first hand. You'll like it anon.
If you love it, you can fill a bag on qtrade down the line.
Mining costs you nothing but a few processing cycles and can be done on an old laptop. What do you have to lose?

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This is actually...kind of fascinating. Seems kind of complicated to get started but I'm gonna try.

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If you get set up within 10 hours, you'll be on board for the session tomorrow. If you pass it, you will be a miner for the epoch that follows.

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