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How's your saturday going ?

Why is being a young professional boomer so comfy? Easier to get girls, already own a home and have several job offers to choose from with 20-30% higher salary if we wanted to

I'm 34 myself and life has never been better, gaining both house vaulue, in stocks and in crypto. No need to go out and get superdrunk every evening, just sitting here and enjoying a fine japanese whisky

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You're being preyed on by used up roasties who just want you for your money.

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I took my fiancé's virginity in high school at 15 and we’re still together 5 years later. Get fucked boomer
>imaging not having a wife in your 30s

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I mined bitcoin in 2009 and I never have to work a day in my life.
Get fucked zoomer, I could buy your wife

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I have one since 2 years

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I'm 32 and haven't achieved anything in life

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I have plans for world domination by the time I'm 33 though.

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>Gonna eat dinner with the folks and play with fireworks.
>Looking at which new credit card to abuse rewards and play the credit score game (820+).
>Make more money than I spend and no wants.
>House paid for, no car or credit card debt.
I forgot how bad it was in my 20's.

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same anon
we will figure something out

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Yeah, I'm 33. Paid off apartment. Can get the women easily but only downside is staying hard during sex. I think either porn has ruined me or I need some of the blue pills.

But got some investments too and work in a comfy bank job as a software developer.

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Don't worry, it just gets better every year from now.

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Lol imagine being married in 2020. Sucks to be you.

>Well into my career
>Old enough to be disciplined and work out regularly, stay fit
>Have my own place
>Since I have no wife, I keep all my money
>Bigger selection of women since I climbed the social ladder

get fucked dumbass, stay jelly!

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Enjoy not having heirs

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I'm 32 and my dick works fine. Cut back on the porn fren.

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Did you try this? It's unironically nice and works for the mental thinking too

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Enjoy getting divorce raped lmao

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how the heck you fellow boomers paid off a property already?
t. 32 just about to take out my first mortage

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I’m 34, just got my first job since 2005 at a burger joint, been living off my schizo stipend, going to see ~20k cash after expenses (Medicaid + condo fee) this year if I don’t fuck up my job. Bought 7 shares of workhorse at 5$. Cashed out of robinhood with a 67 dollar profit. Switching to Webull. Rich Asian wife. Paying off a Amazon store card in collection since 2012 tomorrow. Then my other 8500 debt I accrued under accuse schizophrenic symptoms. Started taking my meds again 3 days ago. At least I’m not sharing needles in a tent.

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Imagine not being able to easily get along with someone. Your life will be empty and meaningless

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I guess we started early, early 20s, get a property and mortgage and pay it off with six figure salaries over those years.

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>Imagine buying into a system that fucks you at every turn
>Imagine believing you need this system to have meaningful relationships
Absolute cuckery

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Ya bro

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never seen it before but will look into it, thanks

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>if only you knew how comfy things really are

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I haven't paid off mine, but I sold an apartment with 150% gains then put those gains into a house and have a 350k mortgage I pay like 700 euro per month for

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Same age and I’ve never been hornier. Check your test levels and cut back on the porn. Porn is trash.

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Mommy and Daddy.

I'd wait two more years for the slight chance clown world doesn't win (again). But housecucks do make a point to get in before hyperinflation takes full effect and you get a house for the cost of a single meal.

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It’s true. You are a faceless bank account to them. You’ll see.

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I'm 31 years old. I've got 2 college degrees and a comfy healthcare job that pays me $165k per year. Not much luck with the ladies though :(
I've got the day off, so I'm chilling alone at home for Independence Day.

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I've had the same problem since I was like 26. It's definitely the porn and jacking off. Boner pills help to get it up but then it becomes more difficult to finish.

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Have a comfy job in the crypto sector, accumulating crypto, 40k in savings, bought link at 21c, still holding. Thinking about buying some metals. Sold my condo last year but thinking about buying another property in a few years as I just moved to west coast. Being a 30 year old boomer is pretty comfy so far

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Make about 80k year and still live with parents at 31. Would like to buy a house in cash in the next two years, hoping shit crashes a little but it probably won't. I'm a manlet so dont care about living with parents forever, I never get laid anyways. Fat stack of drugs is coming today and I am getting a new motorcycle soon. Hopefully I can go back to being a comfy NEET recluse in the future.

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Will the mortage be paid off before you die?

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Woke up this morning took my daughter to the park, she loves the swings. Then mowed my lawn. Playing vidya now, waiting for LINK to go to $5. Happy 4th, boomer bros.

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Applied to a few jobs.

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kek, fucking mutts

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I guess, but how's that important? It's cheaper than ever to borrow money so paying off is worse than investing in the stock market

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buy rhodium

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Yeah, he should have kids already.

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33, built my house in the mountains, wife and 2 white children, third is a twinkle in my eye. bernese mountain dog. remington 870. steady career and salary. parents are rich and they're not giving anything to my young socialist sjw brother with his cat and burlesque dancer 36 yr old gf, lol.

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im 31 and contemplate suicide everyday

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Sup guys.

Anyone in here have an MBA? Just turned 30 here, thinking about getting one.

Other than that, doing pretty well. Able to WFH, make good money and just trying to keep improving. Gave up drinking not too long ago, just all around feeling pretty good.

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Don't buy any of the platinum group elements, Area 51 is creating them artificially and dumping them onto the market.

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what an ancestral gif, quality

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I know there is those executive MBA programs companies pay for, if I was getting into one yes but not paying myself

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I'm pretty sure he's looking for girls with 18-21 years. Like any sane person would do.

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No thanks. Gonna stick to gold n silver

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It's pretty nice. Much better than the grind that was my 20's. 30 now, married, just got a puppy, confident in my career, still renting but life is good.
Probably get a house and have a kid in 2 years or so.
Hard work pays off sometimes.

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Sounds like you're doing really good. Keep it up fren. We're all gonna make it

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>tfw you will never be Frenchbro

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Holy fucking based. Lovely shotgun. I'm looking to get a Mossberg 930 soon.

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28 yo here, when will getting girls become easy again? getting a gf after college seems like an impossible task.

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im 33 and got a 18 y/o virgin gf last year. Get fucked zoomer

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i'm drunk. watching a shitty movie. work tomorrow, at a dead end job. furloughed after tomorrow for 5 weeks, so lots more drinking and shitty movies. thinking about all my shitty decisions and my shitty life. thinking about all the trades i could have made that might have changed my life but never happened for various reasons. just so much stress over how shitty everything is. rats, mold, poverty, no sex or friends for a decade, just endless failure. what the fuck. it's worse than i ever imagined.

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Honestly 25-30 was the hardest. Uni was easy, then it was more people drifted apart a bit and the ones who met while studying started moving together etc

Then a few years into your career, when you have your stuff in order with finances and style and skills, and don't simp around for girls it gets easier. Instead of being the only target for you vs video games or something in your 20s, in the 30s it's like job, stocks, hobbies, girls and other things and for some stupid reason, that makes them more interested in you

I guess in the end that's what all this game theory incel stuff is about, be able to not care and walk away like it's nothing. When you have all other things, that becomes easier

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what degrees fren? I am too in the healthcare sector

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i get the principle of never simping and never chasing girls. but it appears that there is no venue for me to meet girls other than work (a huge no no in my book) and bars/night clubs (whores).

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>replying based to your own post

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BS in Chemistry
Doctor of Pharmacy

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Who cares about the past? Quit drinking and make those 5 weeks count.

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30 yr Incel here, on vacation in italy with my chad friends.

>my feet hurt
>i want to go home

Is this the boomer life?

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Are you working industry or retail? I am a pharmacist too but thinking of doing dentistry

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Got into Sloan for fall. Little regret in not trying for H/S or even INSEAD. Also still thinking about just calling it a wash and reapplying for next year. Really not digging the virtual.

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Retail at a grocery store and I pick up shifts 2 to 4 times a month at a hospital.

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what about something like a cooking class, book club/culture with something like history or architecture, or hiking groups maybe if you like that?

And try to become an organizer or helper, women are drawn to men who seem to wield power more than anything, and that other men approve of as a good man

>> No.20112535

And are you sure about dentistry? The amount of debt they graduate with is typically worse than pharmacy or medical school.

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Just turned 29 last month and I feel almost completely hopeless
Unless chainlink moons in the next 24 months I might kms

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>120k after tax from salary (6 months of the year I get to be at home doing nothing)
>just made it to 50k link and 5 btc
>house paid off

Feels pretty comfy. I tried to get in shape and quite smoking, but I haven't been able to. I'm much more interested in learning that working out, but I know I need to. I just want a million in the bank so I can rest easy, I'm so close.
No gf or anything though, I'm ugly as fuck and will only settle for 8/10 korean gf

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Making 165k as a retail, wew lad. Bong here and I am so jealous of you guys over there in America. If it was easier I would go to work in the US in a heartbeat.
The reason I want to do dentistry is that the pay is much better here (UK) than what pharmacy pays. Bonus points for it being pretty close to pharmacy as far as study material goes.

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Ah Ok. I assumed you were American. I'm guessing school isn't too expensive in the UK. It would be awesome if you could get a degree in the UK and then open a dental practice in America. $$$

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You are a millennial, not a boomer

This is exactly the sort of crass mistake a millennial would make as, generally speaking which we are by lumping together millions of people due simply to their age, millennials are the most ignorant and careless fucking maggots on the face of the earth.
Do you not even know what generation you are part of you fucking twat. Boomers were born between 1945 and 1960

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non of these are particularly interesting, but hiking groups could be fun. there is plenty of them around here, i guess i have to give it a shot someday.

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Patrician taste. Hope you make it there.

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how much link u got

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32 only 8 more years to go till i get muh pension

t. milfag

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>if you could get a degree in the UK and then open a dental practice in America
yep that would be the dream. Hopefully we ll all make it fren

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>being this new

>> No.20112945

Awesome congrats!! Mind sharing your stats?

My reach is booth, target is Anderson

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Quintessential boomer lifestyle u have there bro. Very similar for me, took daughter to park, did some gardening, took a nap, now having beer (two hearted ale) in basement while shitposing on the couch. I can't get into vidya anymore tho, would like to, but it just feels like a chore without any real reward.

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I'm 32 and live in a shed with no running water. I have more money than all of my peers and I never went to collage. Also havent worked in years. Probly gonna be retired in like 5 years with a large acrage parcel and a cabin.

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>not knowing boomer is a mindset and not an age

>> No.20113206

yes don't know what you are into, but it needs to be something where some kind of skill and knowledge is involved. random meetups to just sit and talk isn't so good generally

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DO NOT TAKE OUT A MORTGAGE RIGHT NOW!! The housing market is on the verge of collapsing, and you'll instantly be under water. Just wait. You're literally buying high, don't fucking do it retard.

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Business and finances?

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>I'm 34 myself and life has never been better, gaining both house vaulue, in stocks and in crypto.


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36yr old boomer here with high functioning cock and amazing wife. Haven't achieved anything of note except child. Without a good family your ambitions are for nothing.

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Just turned 30. You are not kidding about life getting easier. I spent my entire 20s trying to figure out an escape plan. I even bought property and a house in Russia as a plan B to retire early off $200k. Now that I hit 30 I keep getting cozy job offers and could easily start saving up exponentially.

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Just made classic burgers on the grill for me and gf. 100% usda BEEF none of this trannie basedbean s*hit. She made a cheesecake and I just had a slice then threw in a chew.

Earlier I submitted a forgiveness form for the 25k PPP loan I got through my solo S Corp. Talk about comfy lmao. Now I'm hanging with my dog in the back yard enjoying the peaceful American boomer neighborhood I bought a house in. It's literally all protoboomers who take care of their property and mow their lawns 2x a week.

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Checked and living the dream anon.

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Anon this is literally me I'm 22 and hope to retire before I'm 30 to Russia or some sort of cheap slav country. It really does get better?

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based, where is this boomerparadise located in the glorious land of america? Did you have some nice IPAs while grilling?

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Thanks, i needed this thread to not KMS myself in my 20s

>> No.20113615

Any chance of living a peaceful successful life for us is gone. Niggers will come after whites within your lifetime.

>> No.20113631

There's a solution to every problem.

>> No.20113737

Unfortunately it's in a NOT BASED state (MD) but I have to be here because of the niche I fill as a consultant which is too profitable to move away. Should be able to retire by 40 though

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>It really does get better?
It does and I can't really explain it. In my 20s I put in so much hussle, like over 9k job applications with no effect. My current job I didn't even apply for, got scooped in via connections. Now I'm getting more unsolicited offers. About the girls is also true. And they say your dick stops growing by age 25, but I swear mine even feels thicker since I hit 30. Its like you pass the Pink Wojak / Cozy Pepe barrier at that number.

About Russia, I'll still go through with it, but more money saved up can't hurt. Pic is my yard.

>> No.20113750

Also I don't imbibe in the liquid jew

>> No.20113773

22 with 132k links

>> No.20113780

Very based. How much do you think you need to retire there?

>> No.20113890

Just got back from an afternoon motorcycle ride, going great. Sun is out, my portfolio is looking nice, riding a BMW r1100s. Lovely machine

>> No.20113898

>Easier to get girls

How do you get the girls though, where do you meet them? Just Tinder?
After uni i hardly meet new people aside from work

>> No.20113943

Literally just stop beating off all together, this fixed my dick in every way possible. Problem is after a month or two you’ll get waves of such fucking hornyness that you end up behind a target fucking done slam pig if you aren’t careful. With tinder it’s so easy these days for a quick lay, feeling disgusted with myself

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This is Siberia (Altai) so the land and small izbushka was $10k.
About $2k for flights each year if you want to live their for 6 months off the multi-entry tourist visa.
About $1k for a toyota sedan, about $100 per month for gas.
4G unlimited phone plan for $8 per month.
And no more than $200 per month for food and elsewise.

>> No.20113963

720 GMAT, 3.6 GPA, 6 years work experience across legal and marketing, 31, white male. Nothing really outstanding about my profile just lucked out during this cycle I think.

>> No.20113977

Solid advice here

While rates are crazy low, the values are 30-40 over median...like 2006.

I just sold a small property for 200% profit on money invested. The others all cash flow about 2x mortgage and have about 30% equity

I own 5 places and I’m renting an apartment waiting for the discounts to begin this winter. Love real estate, so slow to respond to shit. If you’re out in the suburbs or rural the prices haven’t even been hit by corona yet.

Taking my 100k and mostly going PMG and stonks

>> No.20113978

Can we email? [email protected]

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imagine getting married at 20 like an absolute retard. Literally every single person who got married out of highschool that I know is divorced and stuck with some retard kid.

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>so I'm chilling alone at home for Independence Day.
But you arent alone anon! You are here with frens!

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>Got into Sloan
Is Sloan any good? I got a friend who got an Mfin there and hasn't exactly gotten any worthwhile jobs. Small time useless stuff mainly. Seems they would help network their students more for such a high reputation place as MIT.

>> No.20114335

>Earlier I submitted a forgiveness form for the 25k PPP loan I got through my solo S Corp
hahahaha was this actually possible
god what a world

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Is this you?

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36 yr old boomer here checking in. Own a home, cut the shit out of my grass regularly, own crypto, stock, and have an IRA/401k. I don't drink but have some dabs and the grill going. Not a bad Saturday but also tfwnogf here, tfw no wife, tfw no kids so I may kms by 40.

>> No.20114412

Take up some hobbies... women show up when you do cool shit. I have faith in you...

>> No.20114419

Does your state allow you to file for unemployment as a disenfranchised gig worker as well?
>PPP forgiven loan
>$1,200 trump bux
>State unemployment +$600 per week

Solo bizanons certainly the most based.

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I’m 36. Moved cross country back home with my mom cuz I know society is collapsing. All my money is in link And ftm. And gold and silver. I don’t know how to get any link gains out of my hardware wallet need a friend for that and ftm is on Binance. So I have My mom gives me 100$ a week to get a blowjob in my car in her garage cuz she won’t let her in the house cuz of covid.

>> No.20114447

Eagerly awaiting the day I don’t have to ask her for cash so I can use my merc dimes

>> No.20114469

What would be an achievement for you?

>> No.20114489

is there a way to have a gf without losing your peace of mind

>> No.20114493

Do you speak Russian?

>> No.20114517

Looks really nice, anon.

>> No.20114519

Can't speak to MFin at Sloan but have heard from other alums at other schools that MBAs are given more white glove treatment by admins and career services across the board when compared to other masters programs. Especially when it comes to OCR, non-MBA masters aren't given anywhere close to the same level of support, not even sure if they even do recruiting events desu.
Cohort is also very different. People go into MFin typically already with a finance background and are just looking to amplify their current career trajectory, focusing on themselves and their studies. As opposed to MBA programs which are much lighter on the academics and focused on networking, clubs, and business building among peers. Most didn't have business in their undergrad and are using the MBA as a way to career swap which is why networking is such a key factor.
I don't think your friend reaped any of those benefits through MFin but at least came out with a specialized degree from a well respected school. The parent school of MIT is one of a few that has instant worldwide recognition. I'm sure they'll get a bite eventually.

>> No.20114532

Don't do it. So much time and opportunity to turn it around.

Set some realistic goals for the next month around things like fitness, learning something new and saving money. Baby steps and go from there.

You can do it.

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Fuck yea boomer bros *sip* unite! 30yo boomer reporting in.

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Yes. And I married a rural Siberian girl and the land is registered under her name. Land ownership by foreign nationals is possible in RF, but I don't want too much attention from FSB or in my meme-clearance background checks.

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Not a boomer but trying to get to this level.

Here's my situation:

>About to move into the basement of a house my parents own (brother lives on main floor with his gf)
>Will only have to pay 1/3rd of taxes and utilities.
>Most of my money goes right into my checking account
>No debt (just car insurance, phone, groceries)
>Have about 60k in the bank and 10,000 LINK, dabble in stocks/options
>Good job but shit hours/lifestyle, really want to do something more meaningful

I was thinking about using some of my cash for a down payment on brand new duplex to rent out and just pay property management 10% to handle it, keep it out of sight and mostly out of mind. I'd put 5% down and just fake it that it's my primary residence for a bit before renting it out. Would be brand new so can't imagine maintenance costs would occur at all.

Really just wondering wtf else I should be doing with my life/money. Thought about law school too, only $45k for 3 years here in Canada.

>> No.20114655

based mountain man, have a 3rd chief

>> No.20114660

Nice did you have Russian speaking parents or did you teach yourself?

I think making your money in the West, spending it in Russia is the way to go. Trying to make it in the harsh Russian economy is probably not worth the effort.

>> No.20114678

Great plan just wait 2-3 years to buy. Read up on the case shiller home price index. We’re at 2006 levels of prices

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>> No.20114777

Where the fuck did you meet a rural Siberian girl?

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My Dad's family is from Moldova and then I studied hard to get the language proficiency bonus in the military.

I agree and it seems like working abroad then retiring is the lifestyle in Altai rep. My bro-in-law works for 4 months in Irkutsk then chills for the rest of the year. My anxiety going forward is how to transfer wealth and dividend income from US to RF. Thinking about Monero or just straight cash withdrawals.

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On a language learning chatroom called sharedtalk.com. Then we yolo'd to Ukraine to meet in person (no visa's needed). Later we lived in Germany while I hustled for min wage on US military bases.

>> No.20115045

Do not buy a fucking house now. Your better off taking that 60k and putting it on a roulette table, at least you have a chance to win doing that. We are going to have a deflationary collapse the likes of which we’ve never seen. But if you don’t take this advice and go buy something make sure you only use 30k for a down payment and put the other 30k half gold half silver.

You are crazy to have all that cash in the bank Given what’s going on. At least take 20k out and get 12 ounces of gold or 1,000 ounces of silver.

>> No.20115258

16-17 if you have good connections, age legality depending on state laws. You can fuck as young as 14 year olds if both of you consented and good at keeping secrets, that is if you're willing to live dangerously.

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>So I have My mom gives me 100$ a week to get a blowjob in my car in her garage cuz she won’t let her in the house cuz of covid.

>> No.20115753

Well, 28k is in checking, 23k in brokerage, another 15k in an etf product from my bank. Options account has been fucking murdered but we'll they're long positions...

>> No.20115812

Also, if a collapse is imminent, why shouldn't I stay cash to jump into a house at that point?

>> No.20116581


You made it.

>> No.20116651

Don't do dentistry. Less profitable than you think.

>> No.20116663

Move to the US and satisfy requirements for a PharmD equivalence. Marry a random slut for citizenship then divorce her once you got it.

>> No.20116719
File: 242 KB, 775x845, 1545933670124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Playing oldschool runescape and reminiscing the good ol' days.

>> No.20117402

What’s the obsession people have with maxing their credit score? Nothing changes past high 700s. I don’t ever check my credit score or do anything special to improve it and I got approved on a 1 million loan for my new house.

>> No.20117408

>getting a loan and not a mortgage
>not getting equity loc in your assets
Are you larping and/or poor?

>> No.20117709

you didn't really have a rebuttal, did you?

>> No.20117766

Wow awesome congrats!

What're you hoping to go into with the degree?

>> No.20118009

Marriages are easily annulled if its determined it was done strictly to gain citizenship. That Icelandic bitch Rich Piana married tried to pull that shit and it didn't work.

>> No.20118172

I watch this every night before bed

>> No.20118299

where does that trail lead? what will be your legacy, I wonder?

>> No.20118350

house needs some work. location is perfect

>> No.20118384

don't pay for it yourself. if you need it (and you're worth it), your employer will offer to pay for it on your behalf.

I'll hire an MBA and pay him $80k all day, but I'd be paying anyone with equivalent experience basically the same - only difference is, the MBA is an additional $80-200k in debt. maybe it's different in other industries, but that's how tech and finance view advanced degrees, in my experience.

>t. fintech manager

>> No.20118408

go to church. if that's not your thing, join an activity group (skiing/golf/other hobbies) or attend meetup events or volunteer for a worthy cause.

>> No.20118420

Keep at it - you’ll make it. We believe in you fren

>> No.20118435

All of those things are true for me and I'm 25

>> No.20118468

Coming from someone who was in the same boat 3 years ago, I’m glad I didn’t do it. I set entirely attainable goals with real deadlines focused on my physical appearance, mental clarity and attention, as well as learning new things that I enjoyed spending time doing. Turns out I love to break down and repair old broken iPhones and MacBooks. I don’t make money doing it, but being able to recognize their unique problems and having the ability to fix them makes me feel good. Find something that makes you feel good fren. You can do it.

>> No.20118502

>holding cash
get invested bro. real estate, bonds, stocks, precious metals, crypto. get diversified, get smart about how & where your assets are. most importantly, make your money work for you - keep minimal cash on hand and invest every extra penny that isn't tied up in your emergency fund.

>> No.20118575

Why exactly do you think we're going deflationary? And please don't come over with this dollar milkshake theory bullshit that is essentially proven false already. When money is printed like shit all over the world. The fed even warned of inflationary scenarios in their last meeting. Also your tipps are the other way around, holding cash would be perfect in a deflationary scenario.

>> No.20118631

Good luck. Always remember when buying real estate: Location and property is everything, the house itself is secondary.

>> No.20118645

What do you mean with emergency fund? Isn't it more sensible to hold at least some month's salaries as cash for that purpose?

>> No.20118664

>go to church
how does that work exactly? do i go to the priest and ask him for a wife or something? you can't talk to people during prayer. and after the mass everyone seems to be minding their own business.

>> No.20118675

thats peek millenial.
Boomers are like twice that age

>> No.20118707

True. The definition of millenials goes from 1982 to 1996. Zoomers after 96, Before 82 gen X. Baby boomers are people born in the 50s and 60s.

>> No.20118734

what do you guys do with women besides fuck? i get really bored of them. the ones i've spent a lot of time with are generally not skilled at providing good company ie. cooking, massage, relaxing to music, not complaining, having hobbies besides netflix etc. do you just accept that you're going to get over all relationships after a few weeks and churn thots? i'm not motivated to do this in the slightest. please advise

>> No.20118821

27. Dropped out of Princeton in my 3rd year because I was failing and couldn't get past mental health issues related to my dad and my older brother both committing suicide within 2 months. Couldn't get financial aid, mom took the family money and cut off contact with me.

I got a part time job at an Amazon warehouse for minimum wage at 23 after hopping from couch to couch. My body is worn out from alcohol abuse.

It's been 4 years and I have $50k saved up from scraping together meals with rice and beans. I'm too tired after work to really study anything again. Right now I get paid $20.15/hour and got rejected from a promotion at Amazon. I feel so lost and at the end of a line. Sometimes I want to just throw all my savings at a random dormant stock and pray it shoots up or just kill myself when it tanks and never recovers.

But otherwise, I've been sober the past few months and I had a nice few cans of Arizona while watching Groundhog Day today (paid time off work.)

So I guess that's cool. No friends, no games, but movies are fun.

>> No.20119091

You should appeal to princeton, tell your story and finish your degree. If you get a degree from there the sky is the limit for you.

>> No.20119255
File: 56 KB, 372x348, 1529950848112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow nice too see my thread still going

good mornng all euroboomers

today I'm gonna other some shelves and boxes for my storage basement and then organize it

>> No.20119269

Pls respond
How do you set up your profile
My pictures aren’t bad but not much luck. Do you give any info in bio?

>> No.20119299

it's true, I think I just get bored halfway through sex and boner dies. I have no issues being switched on at the start but once you see them naked compared to porn girls, it's a different story unless they are super hot. And sometimes the smell just kills it kek.

>> No.20119313

I know the meme heres "muh younger women" but thats why like 28+ or so is good. They have an education, a job and interests and you can discuss with them

I am 34 and my wife is 30, we can cook or work on the home together

>> No.20119316

sign up to all the dating apps, I had like 6 on the go before. cast your net wide and make yourself look successful like well traveled, dress smart. In the bio I just tell them what we can do on our dates shit girls like, like brunch and travel/adventures etc.

>> No.20119336

When I date women I put them into two categories: 1, thots for casual sex 2, potential waifus.

Assume the girl you go out with is waifu potential until she proves otherwise then relegate her into the thot factory. You keep the thots entertained enough to get more casual fun out of. But some girls are pretty based and have more to offer than just their pussy so those can be waifu potentials. They share common interests, able to talk more than just mainstream bullshit and have ambitions.

>> No.20119338

Because Thomas Jefferson said so...

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

>> No.20119364
File: 120 KB, 1080x1504, life advice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oldfags please grant me some wisdom

GF and I are 26, making 300k combined (Me 120, her 180k+ bonuses, both with room to move upwards) but even still with that Sydney is too fucking expensive to really get ahead. I just want a house that I can grill at and raise some kids not a souless bug box with a fuckhead landlord and dropkick real estate agents giving me shit. The city is good career and lifestyle wise but I am thinking if I can get 1-2 days WFH just fucking off to a smaller city and actually living. Everything in Sydney is harder, I cant fish or surf without sitting in traffic and competing with every cunt and their dog, NIMBY boomers give me shit for riding my skateboard or having a beer in the park, fucking overcrowded retirement village for people born at the right time or chinese money.

Anyway drunk rant aside do I just stick it out until im 30 or make a move sooner? Will marry this girl - she grew up on a farm and is very good career wise, not a dumb thot

>> No.20119409

>>Looking at which new credit card to abuse rewards and play the credit score game (820+).
kek me too

Don't do it anon
There is still hope to make it in crypto
Also consider moving to South East Asia

I'm considering getting my MBA just for fun
I actually enjoy learning and the structure of University. I've already made it though so i'm unsure if it will be worth my time.

>> No.20119413

>fiancé (not fiancée, so male)
>first and only sexual experience
Yeah I'm thinking it's gonna hurt like a bitch but good luck

>> No.20119606

better milk the shit out of it, don't think this gravy train will last within the next 5 years.

>> No.20119709


Yeah Im thinking make a fat bag and pay cash for a house in a non grind location and making it work.

>> No.20120213

How come anon? I know there is a hefty price to pay when you set up shop but I thought it was all gucci from then on

>> No.20120403

be careful. don't harm the fine and thin blood vessels in your cocks and balls. you could develop tumors or become impotent. stay away from those disgusting cock cages too. better finish half assed for a while and stop watching porn than ruin your cock. do kegel exercises to strengrhen your little friend. the whole industry is tricking you. sex toys only work for women but they want men as buyers too. so they throw out every shit they can regardless of the consequences.

>> No.20120623

Thanks anon, good info. Yeah seems like he didnt use the full effect of the school. Weird considering he did have an internship at one of those wallstreet big boy companies before going so odd. Maybe he just sucks.

>> No.20120701


>> No.20120752

penis rings is an old thing even used by romans so

>> No.20121430


>> No.20121878

Just turned 30 a month ago and life's pretty good. I hang out with my friends at least once a week, I'm getting a house at the end of the month and I'm healthier and fitter than I've ever been. Just need to stop jacking off.

>> No.20122297

I’m 32, and I've bounced around Europe and Asia just working remotely. Fuck buying a house when you can rent amazing AirBNB's for less than $500 a month anywhere cool if you're not a brainlet.

Food and stiff drinks are my vice.

I'm all in LOKI at the moment. Comfy.

>> No.20122712

This. Princeton alum here. Old Nassau will bend over backward to let you finish if you can show you cleaned up your act. Write a heartfelt letter to the Dean of Admission and (((Eisgruber's))) office.

>> No.20122717

can do that too, my main point is being a 30+ yo boomer is comfy and you can do as you want

>> No.20122767

RS3 is better.

>> No.20123035


With 34 you are not a fucking Boomer you jerk

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