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Where the DMG trannies at? Get in here so I can laugh at you.

>> No.20091122

Did you sell the top anon?

I did and I got a x10 on it.
Laugh at me all you want.

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>DMG at $1.42
>tfw only up 300%

end my suffering, anon. how will i ever continue to live

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A retrace! It's literally over
Sick digits bro

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Absolute lies you raging homosexual. The absolute most you could make out of DMG is a 2.5x if you bought the absolute bottom and sold the absolute top. Kill yourself DMG tranny.


Literally impossible to have gone up 300%. Kill yourself DMG tranny.



The absolute state of DMG trannies. They literally released 4 million coins months before they were supposed to and have been drip feeding exchanges to try and pump the price. People are ripping liquidity out of the pools because the scam is exposed and the artificial pumps can't keep the price up. Lmao. Kill yourself.

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>The absolute most you could make out of DMG is a 2.5x

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All the smarts are moving from DMG to DXD.

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>Bought at .36 cents
>Sold at 1.70
>Only 2.5x
That mixed with buzzword shilling throwing out discord tranny. This organized fud is delicious. About to renter with a double stack this time.

>> No.20091397

found the retard.

I'm not selling faggot. Go fuck yourself, you'll buy my bags at $10

>> No.20091507

imagine being this salty retard who can't even math kek

>> No.20091528

Don't forget to dilate, DMG trannies!

>> No.20092191

You just got called out as a complete retard by everybody on your own thread.

Not a good day.

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