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Has anyone ever actually made it from crypto that didn't get into bitcoin before it poomped to the moon

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people who got into ethereum, chainlink, antshares, BNB, and raiblocks early

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I made it from antshares and chainlink. I never bought btc, except to buy antshares, then CL. Heard of btc back in 2011 but thought it was a scam kek

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are you in anything new or just living off what you made?

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Once link staking is live I'll be pretty much set for life.

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im got into ethereum march 2016 and had a few million dollars worth at the height of the bubble. now im only a millionaire and while i dont have to work, it doesnt feel like ive made it.

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have u not been around these past few weeks?? Anything that is DeFi has been doing astronomical pumps.

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>have u not been around these past few weeks?
Not really, I don't have any shekels because I got laid off.
Post portfolio

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How many stinkers you holding there kiddo?

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just chainlink. Its the final blast for me. I've been lucky desu, not really dipped into anything but NEO and Chainlink

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Around 100k.

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My brother. Me too. Had 280k at one point.

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im mostly out from the COVID dump and never got back in. I'm in chainlink and plan to buy more on the way up if it breaks 5

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Oh fuck nice, if I liquidated my boomer stocks and went all in back in 2018 I could have had around 2-3mil link but oh well, I'll settle for my 100k stack. Gotta be happy with what I have.

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I did the reverse. Liquidated 180k link in Feb and went into boomer stocks, kept 100k link. I've made it either way now, and have the big serg to thank for it all

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Lol, that's funny, we got to the same spot but in reverse. It's nice to have the boring safety blanket of boomer stocks and then the excitement of link as well, best way to be imo.

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Yeah for sure. Having a 100% LINK position scared the fuck out of me. I had under $10k in my checking account, and 1.2 milly in LINK. Feel like I'll regret it when link blows through $100, but I know I did the right thing to secure my future yknow. If LINK fails, we will both be fine.

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How early did you guys get in?

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how in the fuck nigger? did you invest 50k at ICO?

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ico was around 9 cents

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I bought antshares at $2 dude. Bought chainlink at 17c.

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Q2 2018

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I'd like to expand on this question by asking can you really make it with an amount as small as a few thousand? It seems very hard with traditional stocks unless you spend months or years getting decent at day trading. Bitcoin has more 2x, 4x, 10x opportunities but you have to read 30 whitepapers and follow 30 obscure websites to weird projects and download nodes and all this shit. It's quite complicated.

How could you make it with just a few thousand? Start swinging and just compounding your gains until you've got real money?

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Start your own business. Work 60-80 hours a week, every week, for the first few years. If you fail, start again. Its the only way to make it, really. Then you'll be able to throw down 10, 30, 50k on an investment without losing your shit if it goes south. Work for yourself and have no master

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You could make that in the stock market by options trading and leveraged ETFs

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why not just flush it all down the toilet while you're at it

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get a job. investing compounds the money you already have. you have none. invest your money regularly into crypto (BTC/ETH/LINK) and the stock market (VOO/IJS/IUSV) and wait 10 years. any opportunity that could multiply your money 5x, 10x in a couple years etc is incredibly risky.

this, in other words, work hard.

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u r doing it backwards m8.

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35 year old combat veteran with a family. We have about 20k in savings from a very modest income, but I'm hesitant to start fucking around with more than say 4-5k of it (max) because that's our down payment for a house. I'm just wondering if it's even worth it to try and invest with a few k at all besides just to learn with, or if you'll never really see any serious money until you can bring double-digits to invest with.

Thanks for the advice though nigs.

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you'll never be wealthy anyways anon. 20k savings at your age, and after being in the military, just means that you do not have the mind to succeed financially. focus on your family bc you wont get wealth

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HAHahahahaha, shut the fuck up and eat my fucking ass, faggot. You'll never find a woman that can tolerate your disgusting ass and will die childless and alone after leading a pointless life of shallow self-gratification and resentment. Few will be at your funeral.
I'll be as rich as I fucking want to be because I can achieve whatever I set my mind towards. The point is that money was never a priority to me because it's ultimately just a means to an end, and not the purpose for my existence. I have a much more important role to play in this world and already have compared to narcissistic insect NPC's like you. You won't realize how fucking ignorant you are until you reach my age, if that, so I genuinely pity you.

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I also lost a ton on shitcoins.

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I also have a large inheritance and a house worth over 750k coming to me soon, so again it just shows how worthless of a faggot cunt you are, kek.

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>I made it from antshares and chainlink
Define 'made it'? How many boogers we talking about?
For the love of fuck, why wouldn't you cash out?

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He really rustled your jimmies didn't he G.I. Joe?

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>shallow self-gratification
This is why you are only worth 20k at 35. You could have easily invested your savings while in the military, they pay for everything, and you'd be a millionaire by now. I'm 22 and I have triple your net worth.

I'll be receiving an inheritance too, eventually, but I'll have made it long before that. Your financially illiterate mindset means you're going to blow your inheritance away anyways. Good luck, focus on your family.

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Yeah that's what happens when you insult someone you don't even know. He's just another fatass incel cunt autist that I assumed might act like a decent person. Stupid of me. Board is pretty worthless honestly. Reddit is better than this shit hole.

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absolutely SEETHING

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crypto is not like stocks that have real tangible value, it's easy to look at a stock and safely invest in it because you can assume it will have real world value, for example it was a guarantee amazon would eventually get big because ebay used to be fucking huge and amazon in its infancy was basically ebay 2.0
the problem with /biz/ retards is they try to view crypto as something tangible and valuable but it's not
it is a CURRENCY and you can't just invest in a fucking currency and hope you get rich
you have to constantly flip it and basically work it as a full time job so you can inch your way up little by little through small gains

trading crypto is fundementally no different from trading normal real life currency, people who view it as a "hold till I get rich" scheme are retarded, literally nobody has every retired off of other cryptos, the only people who got rich were mass bitcoin holders solely due to a fluke

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Seethe harder faggot.

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Yeah I could've. I also could've gotten blown up by a fucking IED, so I instead chose to party and get laid and have a great fucking time which I don't regret. My life now is great and I have everything I need, and I will make as much money as I feel like making because I'm a high-functioning individual with a 140 IQ (Mensa.) Money was never a priority in my life, which is why I have a wealth of experiences and an awesome personality along with a loving family. I'd rather live in a fucking box under a bridge and know what I know and be who I am than be a rich, soulless, ignorant cunt like yourself in this fucked up world. You focus on your bank account and remember these posts when you're dying alone after a shallow life chasing Jewish IOU's.

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Welfare queen.

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You're the ones seething since I described you perfectly. Really triggered because you know that women can't stand you no matter how fat your digital wallet gets huh? Also mad that you can't buy friends or real life experiences.
Sad. Many such cases.

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Seethe. Enjoy being a workhorse until you're 65

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HAHAHA you're a /pol/ retard, now it makes sense. I don't get a fucking thing from the government. The "welfare queen" meme is the fastest way to identify retards I've ever seen.
I actually worked for my money, far harder than you will ever work in your life, so please lecture me about hard work as you click buttons on your computer to transfer fake money around a digital ponzi scheme trying to screw and manipulate other people as you sit on your fat ass in your basement.

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this nigga looking like a steamed carrot because someone called him out on a taiwanese fish flying forum

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Actually I was going to say I feel you and you don't even have it bad - try living in the UK where everyone is in debt up to their eyeballs and never have any savings (1 in 3 Brits have more than £5k debt and those that do have savings wouldn't last a month on average). So don't assess your situation too harshly. I'm not much younger than you and I have around the same. But, when you visibly seethe on 4chan no one is going to treat you kindly...

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I've a friend in the british army who tells me on good authority a large part of his job consists of doing fuck all. I grafted hard for many years, started businesses, had many failures, been back in education, all sorts. Sounds like you're a jarhead who can't take any criticism and doesn't actually want anyone's advice so why don't you fuck off.

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I don't give a fuck if you faggots type "seethe" or not; I blew that faggot the fuck out and then you called me a welfare queen lol. Don't care, but you did have an interesting post just there so that's cool.

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>I've actually worked for my money
>90% of his net worth will be inheritance

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>I don't give a fuck if you faggots type "seethe"
>every post is you responding to people saying seethe


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Are you baiting?

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That's nice that your anecdote desk-jockey friend that works in the fucking finance corps in the most cucked army on Earth doesn't do anything. I have 3 combat deployments and 25 jumps, and I busted my fucking ass every day for my entire term of service. The pay is also completely insulting and veterans benefits are bad. GI Bill barely paid for 1/4 of my college and I had to pay for the rest myself. Medical care is hit-or-miss and very bare bones.
So hilarious you retards actually parrot the 'welfare queen' meme when service members are the only ones on the government dole that actually work for their fucking money, and they hardly get any compared to the billions spent on niggers and illegal immigrants and corrupt government workers and politicians. The irony and hypocrisy is GODDAMNED hilarious.

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Honestly as far as I'm concerned muricans are playing life on easy mode. I earn $40k a year in my late 20's through my own business and to hear americans talk on here you'd think I was bottom of the barrel scum, when in the UK that's a wage far in excess of what most people will see until their 40's - and it's expensive here too. So maybe $20k doesn't seem like a lot to other American's but it would put you at a better net-worth than most of the finance-living people here.

>> No.20084052


Lol what the fuck do you expect, why should veterans get preferential treatment? You get paid during your 'service', during which you have zero living costs, and any fool moaning about the army way of life is freely admitting they were too stupid to read about it before they VOLUNTARILY signed up for it.

It's like training to be a builder and moaning you've gotta mix cement you battycrease.

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We're actually doing really good. No one in either of our families besides my father has any savings. Most people in the US live paycheck-to-paycheck even in the upper-middle class. Yeah you might be making 60-90k a year, and enjoy a cost of living that costs you $3500 a month just on rent or a mortgage.
The autists trying to wave their e-peen around on this board are in the <1% if they're actually telling the truth. We all knew those losers who never went to parties and never had many friends but saved every penny and had everything meticulously planned out. They grow up and have nothing but money, so they fly to Thailand to rape teenage boys because they never had a satisfying life.

>> No.20084081


P.s. fully agree soldiers deserve it more than shitlibs and other degenerates, but it's not like you were a conscript, you could have done some due diligence

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>60-90k a year, and enjoy a cost of living that costs you $3500
100k a year, 1500 on rent
>The autists trying to wave their e-peen around on this board are in the <1% if they're actually telling the truth. We all knew those losers who never went to parties and never had many friends but saved every penny and had everything meticulously planned out. They grow up and have nothing but money, so they fly to Thailand to rape teenage boys because they never had a satisfying life.
I cannot imagine a bigger poorfag cope than this lmfao. You're poor because you're stupid, not because you had fun when you were young. It doesn't cost much to go to parties, tard. Having fun and investing in a 401k arent mutually exclusive
I've never made someone seethe so hard on biz lmfao loving this

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i got in hex early, even though it's gone down to .003 i still crushed. i bought a lot at .00025 and sold a lot at .0055. i kinda wish i hadn't because i ended some juicy stakes early. hex is gonna moon so hard. great community too

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Yeah you live in a shitty barracks while you're a low rank until you can move off-post, which you then have to pay for yourself. You also have to pay for your own food and transportation costs, and again, the pay is poverty-tier. The only good thing is the medical coverage. Veterans should get benefits because a lot of us put our bodies through hell while serving unlike you fat ass losers, so medical care and education benefits are obviously a great thing for service members. You sacrifice your goddamned body for your country, why shouldn't they use some of the billions of imaginary money to help you take care of it? I guess that money is better spent on Juan and Ahmed jumping the border to sell cocaine, huh?

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Yep and most people's 'wealth' is paid for on credit cards. When I meet truly wealthy people they never look it. I'm from a working class background and never buy unnecessary shit, take out credit, or waste my money etc etc.

I wanted to rustle you but sounds like you're pretty based mate. Goodnight from bongland.

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>Sad. Many such cases.
I-I posted the words. Take that incels. Oh btw i havent touched a vag in 4 years. Mad?

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I never complained about the pay, nor even mentioned it. You faggots spewed out the 'welfare queen' buzzword.

But I'm not stupid. I'm very smart, smart enough not to tie my prime motivation in life to a Jewish economic scam. I'm sorry you're exactly the type of loser I described lol, but there's still time. Buying escorts and drugs won't net you a real life experience, but you can always try and recapture those lost years and missed benchmarks that would've made you a whole human being.
Your money won't fill the vacuous, sucking void that's in your soul, anon. You will be terrified when you face your own death as you realize that you didn't actually do anything meaningful in your life.

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Lol I was about 30% rustled. Not bad. Later guy.

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This is bait, either way jyst ignore him. He is flexing online but is a loser to go on a forum full of anonymous people to flex his status. His staus even something to flex on

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You aren't very smart or you'd be retired by 40. I know plenty of guys in the military who were able to do just that very easily.
>I'm very smart, smart enough not to tie my prime motivation in life to a Jewish economic scam.
You're coping because you are poor. Being poor is not a virtue. I'll be retired by your age and free to spend time with my family, travelling with them, and educating my kids. No one mentioned drugs, escorts, or partying but you. You say those things are not fulfilling, yet you also say the reason you're poor is because you decided to party instead of invest your money. Not so smart
> do anything meaningful in your life
Considering that I have a real career and didn't waste my youth fighting some old guy's war in the middle east, I think I'm better off than you so far :)

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Wasted. You have to ignore because I stung your asshole so bad that it's sucking buttermilk.

You can retire after 20 in the military, if you live. My job and unit were very dangerous and also lead to lots of back, knee, shoulder problems and sometimes death. Part of being wealthy requires the ability to move around, but my wife and I chose family over wealth. We didn't want to live in a shit hole and have our AutoZone burned down by joggers, and we didn't want to move away from family that needed us. Career choice is extremely limited where I live, but money was never my priority. It is now, only for the power and opportunities it offers, and I will become as wealthy as I want to be within the next five years. I've actually already started, and it's never too late, which is something you learn when you grow up a bit. There are people I know in their late 50's going to college and starting over completely, and they're empowered and happy. They are the American dream.

You just sound young and entitled, anon. Check your privilege and enjoy that white supremacy.

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Im a lawyer. Dont try to flex on me. I graduated from a Big 10 law school with a scholarship

>> No.20084389

>You can retire after 20 in the military, if you live. My job and unit were very dangerous and also lead to lots of back, knee, shoulder problems and sometimes death.
Who gives a shit you chose that
>Part of being wealthy requires the ability to move around, but my wife and I chose family over wealth
Another cope. You didn't choose shit, you just weren't bright enough to get a good job offer
>I've actually already started, and it's never too late, which is something you learn when you grow up a bit.
Nah it's too late. Time in the market matters more than amount you dump in, generally. That's something you learn when you understand how money works
>You just sound young and entitled, anon
You sound like you think you've got the world figured out because you read memes on r/TheDonald and went to boot camp with fellow 85 IQ grunts

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Most people don't deserve to make it due to placing value in the wrong things in life and guess what...

It's not family either

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Lol why are you sucking this guy off? That's pretty embarrassing. He didn't even actually say anything besides deflection and assumptions. He's still sticking to his guns that he knows the future of everyone's life and is certain that unless you've got a 401k by the time you're 18, you'll be a poor loser for your entire life. I mean it doesn't get any more ignorant than that.
The kid has a hilariously myopic perception of the world, and you're beneath him licking on his under-developed ballsack. Let that sink in.

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No disrespect but can you share what rank you were in the military during your service? I've been around my share of veterans and I always find it interesting how a person's personality is almost directly correlated to the highest rank they were while still in, even long after getting out/retiring.

Again no disrespect just asking/testing out this theory once again.

>> No.20084516

You are 35 years old arguing with youngsters on an anymous forum. You are so miserable and filled with PTSD, you have to argue with me. Let that sink in

>> No.20084539

You aren't a loser unless you focus on wealth. I told you in my first two posts to focus on family. In the realm of wealth, yes, obviously you will be a loser, in the sense that almost all Americans are losers and are forced to work until they are in the fifties or sixties to retire. All it takes is a simple understanding of compounding gains to grasp that. You can invest now for retirement in your 50s, and you can be successful at that. Probably not though because of your financial illiteracy, but don't worry most people are like that

>> No.20084555

I'm sure most of the posters on here are over the age of 25. I would bet the average age range is probably 30-50.

Got out as a specialist/E4, would've gotten sergeant if I re-enlisted but was pretty done after my first term. Fit your theory or no?

>> No.20084628

That depends on your definitions, which at least you provided. My family and I live well within our means, never struggle, have two paid-off nice vehicles, both college grads, and decent savings. Our little rural town greatly restricts job opportunities if we would want to stay here, and you should know that if you do indeed work. You have to be prepared to relocate as a professional, as all of the doctors, educators, DA's, etc.. move around with some frequency.
Choosing to stay in one place will limit you and that's an unavoidable fact.

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E-4 mafia nice. I can appreciate you trying to wake some of these kids up . Have a great 4th of July sir.

>> No.20084652

Thanks man. Got my Ranger tab, went on one deployment as team leader and I bounced out. Have a good 4th yourself.

>> No.20084659

If you are a desired and bright job applicant, companies fight for you. It's called a starting bonus man, some of us get paid just to sign a contract saying we'll work for a company. Sorry to break it to you like that

>> No.20084698

That's why you go to a college with a great placement program. I was offered a substantial re-enlistment bonus and I had several chances to do private security for about six times the amount I made while enlisted, tax free, but chose a different path. Also had a guaranteed job with several police departments, but sure am glad I didn't do that. I will make it financially, though, and I'll make sure to come back and post here when I do, just for you.

>> No.20084725

Yeah good luck pal, just set up a 401k so you can retire at 65 like a good little millenial

>> No.20084734

Thanks anon you're a real pal.

>> No.20084750

Not arging with you, but you should have flexed the Ranger tab. I am still not 100% you are trolling today, but I have my suspicions. Also if you want financial advice on crypto read my post earlier if you want my legit answer to your original question. Still have Happy Fourth of July

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>asks question
>gets mad when we tall him he's not gonna get rich off investing $2k
>21 posts by this ID
look man im sorry you didnt get the answer you wanted...

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