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Right now I live in an apartment in the city and am worried about civil unrest and possibly even war. I wouldn't buy anything fancy, just a basic 150-250k house in the suburbs like pic related, safe area 40 mins away from a big city. I know there are better investments such as gold, silver, miners, BTC, ETH, LINK, oil, etc and I have some investments already but none of them provide shelter. I have $50k in cash to put down. With a 30 year fixed rate mortgage I could play the coming inflation in my favor. If housing crashes it wouldn't affect me that bad because I'm not buying giant luxury mansions just a basic house. Good idea?

Again, I'm worried about civil war in the coming months/years, especially if dems win. But don't want to make a financial mistake that could potentially set me back years. White 33 year old IT boomer forever alone.

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neat looking house.

im almost in the same boat. apt dwelling. it sucks. want to buy a house but worried what will housing market prices do.
i don't have the answers. but im about ready to say fuck it and just do what i feel like i need to do.

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honestly if you're an american, the prices after this shitshow can only go down, if you wait for like 6 months i think you can snag some shit for a good price, good luck with it fren

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We need to get away from this sort of bullshit anon.

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niggers should get the noose

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Can someone redpill me on buying a lot and building a house? Seems cheaper even if it is a wait

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The empire may have fallen by then desu.

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>prices after this shitshow can only go down,
in some ways i think this too. but then, i wouldnt count on it.
we're not in a housing price bubble.
it was a sellers market before this and had been for a while. there are alot of reason why it could remain a sellers market for some time yet, all the way thru this whole mess

everything is such a clown world though, its impossible to make logical predictions

at some poi t were gonna have to go with our gut instinct. problem is clearing your mind from all the media hype nonsense enough to get a good clear natural gut reaction without second guessing everything and pontificating ad nauseam

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it is absolutely cheaper, let's sey you have a 1000 sq meter lot, you build a house 200m2, 2 floors and a cellar, you're looking at around 300 to 400k, add in a nice garden and you can flip it if you bought the lot for like a 100k, sell the whole bunch for 600k, or keep it but you save i'd say between 15 and 25 percent

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i am actually afraid that the prices of nice suburbs that haven't been niggered might go up, i don't give a shit because i don't live there but i feel bad for you guys out there

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yeah, lord i know. stay strong fren. i have faith something good will happen and make things. better for our country. our world
we'll get through this somehow

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unironically look for rural properties with several acres. you'll want to be able to grow your own food. suburbs are too close to the city, in the inevitable civil war you won't be safe

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this is actually true, if i had to choose, i'd go for Montana with 50 acres and a log cabin, buy a horse, sheep, a cow, plant some shit and just live it out

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I'm sorta like u with less money but not a total poorfag, bought a house 2.5 yrs ago and am happy

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>Hate living in the city, in 3 bd w/2 flatmates
>Can only afford a house in my shitty hometown, 40 mins away

Should I try buy a 2 bedroom apartment in a nice area here? I'm not as scared as civil unrest even tho I'm in Britbongistan

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reject urbanism, get that cottage

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I have a good paying city job so no choice but to move out to the suburb. Also I have no fucking clue how to farm so my plan is to stock up on thousands of dollars of canned goods, water etc. Actually a house gives more storage space for supplies vs my cramped apartment. I guess that answers my question that I should definitely move to a house. The question remaining is if I should buy vs rent.

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It is possible that prices will go up with all the money being printed by the FED

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based and redpilled
>city job
can you negotiate working from home? or find a similar role that lets you work from home? america is falling apart, and you want to be in the countryside. stocking up is pointless, looters will raid your house. farming isn't easy to learn but you'll need to do so. when america falls your local grocery store won't carry food.

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leave something for your descendants

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also renting is a fucking moneypit

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>Had a chance to purchase a 2 bd, 2.5k sqft, 2 acre home in an area where a new middle school and high school is being built
220k and it will be up 40% in the next three years.

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if you don't flip it in the next 3-4 yrs, off yourself

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You don't get cottages in my hometown, it's a fucking dump full of neds, benefits scroungers and now a growing immigrant population. The nicest affordable housing properties are "new builds" which are rushed and full of Deanos with tacky BMWs taken out on finance.

Pic related

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thashit looks vile, just get an apt, make sure it has a terrace :D

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god i wish that were me

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Terraces are a luxury in the UK. But yeah will look into it. UK is one of the few countries where generally speaking I'd say cities are slightly better than towns (albeit both are depressing). Don't think I can say the same for US.

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Buy an apartment building and live in one of them

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i'm trying to buy, but they won't sell to me. i offered well above list for multiple bank owned houses and it's just been crickets.

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i'm a burger and that's one of the nicer apartments i've seen. it's probably affordable too. i live in a fucking DUMP believe me, it can be much much worse.

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It depends on how much crypto and metals you already own. Eliminating PMI with a 20% down is nice, if you can stay in the $150k - $200k area then you'll have at least $10k left to invest elsewhere. And guns if you don't have any yet.

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