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>he didn't check the catalog

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Nasdaq over 10000


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ok guys no gay shit this thread. thanks, lets keep it clean and first for I hate niggers

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>tfw you were so busy chasing penny pumps you missed a 3x on SWBI

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is buying into TSLA and WKHS now equivalent to buying a shitcoin or is it actually still a good play?

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Which SPAC should I go all in on tomorrow morning? I’m thinking $LCA.

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I'm thinking based.

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>anti-trust, loss of digital advertising, "overbought tech" threat
>Nasdaq still moons
The golden Doombull run has been going on since April

>TMF cheapies

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WKHS opens +17 tomorrow. I can’t believe you guys didn’t buy in under $5 when the DD was out there

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Why the fuck does WSB not discuss WKHS or SHLL? Are they really blacklisted in that shithole? Before any of you give me shit....I lurk there so I can anticipate and profit off of Reddit FOMO

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surprised I haven't seen firearm tickers shilled with all this niggershit going on until now

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doomy, keep an eye on /pmg/. I think that metals are due soon. I would consider beginning to average.

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I think AAPL 380c 7/24 might be the play, boys

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They have been shilled for a bit of time but they performed disappointingly so everyone forgot/shut up about them.

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wkhs shills are going to end up in the same position as the tankergang

read: bagholding this shit down to 0

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I am currently set to rebalance into gold miners in pieces and then in gold completely when money velocity changes.
I can see the argument for commodities, but why precious metals so soon?

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Don't worry about it, WSB is pretty useful as a sentiment indicator every now and then.

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Fuck I can't wait to actually hop in one of these things
Literally this could change the way people drive
Think of how often you really drive with anyone else in the car.

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wkhs threads on wsb are supposedly banned, someone supposed the mods are accumulating and will soon shill.

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so when the 2nd round of quarantines happen, how far will the market fall?

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>this extremely, ridiculously low volume on oil
the fuck is this. it hasn't moved whatsoever for 4 hours
are markets closed for holiday or something somewhere?

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They tried this in the 90s, lil zoomie. It always fails commercially because no one besides actual cuck fetishists will purchase a cuckmobile.

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are you like 5'6" 120 lbs?

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slowly! very, very slowly. Since the uncertainty around QQQ seems to be vaguely increasing, PM might be inching towards an entry, especially if you have significant tech exposure. My target date to be fully set is still likely around October.

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i'm angry the elio didn't happen, still.

i want an elio, god damnit.

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too slow
the best time to buy miners was months ago

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we're just gonna let people fucking die off.
the only thing making this more than "wash hands, wear masks" is the election and news hype.

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Realistically, what are you guys thinking wkhs will peak at?

I bought in at 7, and I'm pretty happy so far.

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They cant even get people to wear facemasks
Memecoof is over

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if you're right, then the play is energy, utilities and cash. otherwise, the next best time is now.

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i figured it would cap right around where we are at for the 1B valuation, who knows where it swings now

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Realistically, pretty damn high, but of course that assumes the rumor is going to be realized.

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JPow opens his mouth tomorrow
Will jobless claims affect market on Thursday?

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Not the 90's anymore grandpa
hows your ford stock treating you?

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Oh, for fuck's sake

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They didn't rebound very well off the March lows. Didn't move immediately during the riots either. But then, some days later, quietly, they advanced. Both RGR and SWBI. SW was the winning choice there. I didn't catch this pump either as I was busy in other stuff at the time and not paying attention.

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The USPS rumor?

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This election is going to be a fucking disaster. On one hand you have a sitting us president who doesn't know what to do during the pandemic(nobody on earth does), the msm has successfully labeled him as responsible for the pandemic even though it was from china. While also at the same time he doesmt do jack shit about the dead jogger rioters which are destroying property etc..while people who might agree with his views are getting deplatformed. Again he doesn't do jack shit.

On the other side, there's a senile idiot who will probably have kamala Harris as president by proxy.

Whoever wins we lose.

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you guys got some 3x etfs for the bull run tomorrow?

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This nigga just needs to get up there, report and then shut the fuck up
fuckin moron

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Yeah nobody is going to willingly get a vaccine.

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It's the week of July 4th. We'll probably see a minor dip and crab Wednesday but we are ending this week greener than ever because stocks can't go down on Independence day

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Presidents are just symbols, they don't really matter or mean anything. I would watch your back around your friends and family more than anything.

>> No.20018706

On the third hand you have the issue that only 50% of the population is going to turn out this year.
I'd say it's hard for the incumbent to lose, but with how Trump has managed this shit it's anyone's guess.

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Holding TQQQ, DFEN and SOXL. Feeling comfy.

Election affects stonks tranny

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Been around since 87' went public 2020.
Focus is on energy management.
Shit at explaining things fyi but I'll try my best.
They develop software to help with energy management and have 2 products out, mPulse which helps integrate solar, batteries, generators, etc to work for X and switchgear which I'm not sure exactly what it does. But they do plan to expand into the cannabis sector and possibly military as well. It serves as a good back up against power outages.

Anyway as of the 24th we got this: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cleanspark-announces-california-off-grid-130000433.html

And their twitter was shilling Tesla recently. I believe they're also in the finalization of closing a deal with Walmart if it hasn't already. They have a predicted value of $18 per share. Bullish, good volume.

You can read more here: https://www.proactiveinvestors.com/companies/news/908772/cleanspark-developing-software-that-helps-companies-become-more-energy-efficient-908772.html

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nigger riots have an impact on the market genius. Look at facebergs stock.

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You didn't say a single thing about the market in that post.

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I want to be raped to death by a pack of red blooded congolese niggers. I want to have my internal organs absolutely obliterated by BVLL cock. As i lay dying on the floor i want my boi pucci to ooze buckets of BVLL cum

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Dude its going to be green all week. Banks are going to get a good pump. Literally every industry will be green because of Independence Day week

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Hey frens. Poor fag here. Over the month, especially the last 2 weeks, I’ve made some pretty decent decisions and ended up with raising my portfolio over double. I now sit on 200 shares of WKHS and am tempted to sell. I bought in at ~$7.50 and basically am curious. Do I risk it for more gains? Do I play it safe?

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>Fuck I can't wait to actually hop in one of these things
>Literally this could change the way people drive
>Think of how often you really drive with anyone else in the car.

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>nigger riots have an impact on the market genius. Look at facebergs stock.
ugh such faggotry
hopefully the protesters are as gullible as you

>companies cut ad spend during a global economic depression
>most public of the corporations use it as an opportunity to score points with the politically possessed


fuck off.

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Congratulations anon but you will never get out of being poor without taking the risks
By $10k you should consider safer plays

>> No.20018790

Powell has killed banks every time so far. We'll see.

>> No.20018799

And then the Reliant Robin failed so we tried again and then the Elio failed so we tried again...

Nobody wants a 1-seater, because you want to at least pretend you could potentially have room for a girl if you weren't such a useless autistic fuck

That's why the smallest successful cars have been two seatera (Del Sol, Miata, Smart).

I would buy the everloving shit out of an electric Del Sol.

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Set a stop loss friend. I think $11.97 is reasonable. You can avoid a major shake out whenever it happens in the morning but still walk away with good gains if it does get dumped on

>> No.20018809

Easy there!
Chill out there anon

>> No.20018822

Sell half and ride out the rest, since you are up 2x it's a free ride at that point

>> No.20018824

It's different this time, so the zoomer shitposted me.

>> No.20018826 [DELETED] 

this is some seriously impressive mental gymnastics to avoid talking about politics on /smg/
it is funny how much you seethe over the board wanting to chat a bit about our clown world (which affects the market) even whilst said market is closed.


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Do you have any idea how a boycott works?

>> No.20018840

I'm REALLY upset about BLNK. I should've bought at $3 instead of staring at $6 like a dummy. How long can these crazy +40% stock swings last?

>> No.20018841

>up on a WKHS put that I bought as insurance
Huh, guess I'll ditch it tomorrow whenever the daily dump happens

>> No.20018849

Happy we broke 20 today

>> No.20018853

The NWO has declared war on humanity. Best case scenario Trump declares martial law, war on china, and cancels the election.

>> No.20018854

on another topic should I load up more on KTOV or more Horse?

>> No.20018855

Fuck, what was that newspaper that the Jews boycotted in the early 1900s, and they ended up having to pay more, and lost all of their good ad space when the boycott failed, and they had to buy back in with lost business.

>> No.20018856

Oh shit, has anyone checked on bobo lately?

>> No.20018863

Not a peep about tomorrow being BLACK TUESDAY, must be hibernating

>> No.20018866

Looks like a regular car that almost but not quite escaped getting crushed into a cube desu

>> No.20018869

>cancelling election

That would be pretty ballsy, but I support a balkanization of the US at this point.

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>"""BLACK MONDAY""" 3 weeks in a row

>> No.20018888

Doesn't KTOV have an announcement tomorrow? I'd sell the news and go into horse because it will break $20 this week

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What's bioc going to do tomorrow?

>> No.20018898

remember how much noise the bobos made when futures opened last night, or when the market opened this morning?
they were so cocky

>> No.20018899

Tesla is still best positioned to swoop any demand there is for this sort of compact/sub compact EV with the Model Y or another thing around that size but stripped down and cheaper. The main thing is they need to get something on the market that sells for under $20k.

>> No.20018902

I didn't even bother to check before now, WKHS closed up after hours at $15.55. What the fuck? Are we actually going to $20.

>> No.20018907


Why is it mooning?

>> No.20018909


it's just a rumour though
i would expect a dump if they're radio silent for another day

>> No.20018912

Just be in the thread when we hit $10 ;)

>> No.20018920

>Are we actually going to $20
Yes, and sooner than you think

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He's in hiding until red candles appear, America will keep moving on.

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There are things that are related.
We could talk about how incredibly bullish any reparations would be for stocks, because poor blacks spend money on consumer discretionary items.
We could talk about how the market seems to think Biden would be bad for defense spending, as those were hammered when the polls indicated he was gaining some momentum.

>always thinking about trannies
you live in san francisco or something?

boycott of instagram?
Is someone organizing this?
FB audience doesn't really care, insta audience doesn't seem to know it's the same company.

I have a good idea about how boycotts work, and I saw that play out with the Occupy movement. But sure, if you think there's a chance that something would actually happen, then you should talk about that instead of the usual shit.

>> No.20018934

I'm not denying the company's ability to acquire money, you zoomer shithead. You don't seem to be getting it. What I am telling you is that you cucklord niggers express demand by the tens of thousands every time a company comes up with a 1 seater cuckmobile, a company makes it, and then no one actually follows through with buying them and the company goes bankrupt.

The fact that they can generate investment and my assertion that the product will be a flop are not mutually exclusive.

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fuck guys tradingeconomics accidentally leaked tomorrows headlines

shits red

>> No.20018940

Alright who will be the first to bring the covid vaccine to market? Glaxo?

>> No.20018941

Riding off horse

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>> No.20018952

>make your own news and then publish it as a "concern"
Very jewish

>> No.20018959


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File: 197 KB, 850x1189, __suzuya_pikachu_and_yoshi_kantai_collection_and_4_more_drawn_by_narushima_kanna__sample-add2a7c56e1a47f1256043749743cdfe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First thing I should've thought about when I saw this was that the gun stocks could still rally harder. This was really something.

Greater fools will likely come in and bid up the stocks thinking they're early.

>> No.20018961

there will be no vaccine

>> No.20018963

ok so bring 'em up instead of seething them to >>>/pol/ ? lol

>san francisco
maybe one day if i work for FANG. probably won't though since they'll background check me and figure out im conservative. probably won't get through their dsiversity quotas anyway.

>> No.20018967

I met in the middle. I put half of my shares up at a stop loss for essentially my original investment. If it crashes, it sells and I get my initial. If it rises, I make more money. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of doing this earlier.

>> No.20018970

Should I go all in on $LCA or $BMRG?

>> No.20018971

this confirms >>20018888

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Buy SPAQ before it’s too late

>> No.20018986

no, so talk about boycotts and how they could effect the market, not speculation about president harris and other such garbage. Let's hear it, what's your thesis.

>> No.20018996

it's 3am and i am a sleep deprived britbong. not tonight sorry lad

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>Greater fools will likely come in and bid up the stocks thinking they're early.
Could be. Ruger is in a slightly better chart position for another leg up. SWBI looks more precarious up this peak it has formed. Ruger earnings are last week of July. S&W not until late August. I don't think I will be trading either of these but we'll see how it goes.

>> No.20019012

momiji armpits are good for sniff

>> No.20019016

Over the weekend BLNK charging stations got added to Apple Maps. And also the WKHS/EV hype.

>> No.20019017

In a "normal" boomerconomy their gains would be impressive. But with memes popping off all over the place it's not worth the capital required for 7% gains over a week when I'm consistently pulling down 35% gains fucking daily.

>> No.20019018

I'd go a bit higher than your original investment for extra moneys but you do you friend. I wish you the best of luck and eternal gains

>> No.20019021

How do I buy stocks on TD Ameritrade during pre-market?

>> No.20019028
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Hello frens. How is evyone doing tonit? We dun gud? I like frens. Have some sleep time herbal tea before night night go time

>> No.20019035

Good for you. Be careful. Trading like this is dicey and statistical probability will bite you eventually if you aren't taking precautions.

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>Everything is green even VIX

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why would you get 120$ pants when u can get like 4 of them for that

>> No.20019063

What rumor?

>> No.20019074

whats gonna 35% this week and/or next, plz?

till i see solid plateaus or real drops.

>> No.20019077

ho ho this is giving me butterflies

>> No.20019083

Its called class. Not like a nigger such as yourself would understand

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USPS contract on July 14th

>> No.20019087

Redpill me on SPAQ

Who is BMRG looking to merge with? I can't seem to find anything about them

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why would you get pants

>> No.20019103

>Who is BMRG looking to merge with? I can't seem to find anything about them

Here you go, fren. This looks legit. And I think it might pan out, given all the rallying around clean energy stonks.

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my soldiers will swim in the blood of your people american dog, honk gong is mine

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THAT'S your boycott?

I thought you meant that USERS were boycotting.

Christ, corporations only "boycott" when they think they can make money off of it. You think Coke was taking a principled stand?
They're saving money on advertising, because the depression is going to get worse before it gets better. Their earnings will be fine unless they report lost users. But all the outrage gets people more involved in social media.


RGR is supposed to have a solid balance sheet, but these companies are also considered to have incompetent management. Ugh.

Like the looks of the charts of WEN or NXPI any more after today? I'm hoping MU can go higher as well...

>that pic
that was extremely Vice City, it's exactly what I thought of. I think that's the one where I had a mansion with automatics spawning in the front yard.

>> No.20019110

Thank you friend, I pray for your success. May you one day live in complete and total comfort if you don’t already.

>> No.20019120

buy WKHS at open? y/n

>> No.20019121
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Thinking about dumping FUSN , anybody have any arguments against this ?

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>from -0.01% futures to

>> No.20019130
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>that was extremely Vice City
anons already got ya covered there

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rate my britbong bags

cineworld opens july 4th but still tanked post announcement ohnonononono

>> No.20019135

Just started coming to this board a few days ago and learning the ropes. Does AH mean all time high? Didn't see it in the pastebin

>> No.20019142

When you place the trade make it a limit and the time in force should be set to AM and youll be golden

>> No.20019149

he's a lawyer in the most litigious country in the world, he probably has multiple pairs of $120 pants

>> No.20019150

After Hours

>> No.20019152
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I need an hot stonk pic bros

>> No.20019156

>Its called class.
Twist: they are both made by the same insectoids in the same insectoid shops using the same materials except one has a different tag.

>> No.20019159

after hours lad
good luck with your gains

>> No.20019165
File: 5 KB, 470x75, chrome_FeC5v23foe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm selling everything else I got to go back into WKHS all in again tmw if it hold steady or dips a little

>> No.20019166

Yes but if it opens too high wait for the dip

>> No.20019172
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i mean those pants and polo doesnt look that much better than the 30$ ones

in all fairness

lawyers need the rope anyways

>> No.20019175

>Like the looks of the charts of WEN or NXPI any more after today?
WEN is fine. Neutral ta but probable short term upside. Buy in put stop loss between 20 and 20.50. I don't like the looks of NXPI chart as much. Still same assessment as yesterday.

>> No.20019176

corona virus cant be vaccinated against but they can be treated. Mainly due to their mutation rate. And dont worry viruses rarely mutate for the worse they usually mutate so they can live longer in the host so that usually implies they dont kill the host.

>> No.20019177

It has dipped every single open session about 45 minutes into trading for the past 6 days straight. It's reasonable to wait until then and see what you can get.

>> No.20019182

Buy at the morning dip.
Everything's been starting high, gaining, then dipping over the first few hours.

>> No.20019188

Thanks, fren.

>> No.20019191

Damn, that's some good shit. Fuck it, I'm in.

If the merger doesn't pan out, do I get $10 back like in most other SPACs?

>> No.20019193

Thanks lads

>> No.20019195

can't wait for WKHS to be $300+ by august
and NKLA to be delisted for being a scam fraud

>> No.20019200

They feel better
t. spends a lot of time at estate sales feeling the trousers of wealthy men

>> No.20019203

He lives in a mansion, he can't wear cheap clothes.

>> No.20019209

>Have some sleep time herbal tea before night night go time
I will
much love to you

wearing pants is the penance of the wicked

>> No.20019217

because then all the rich people around you will no you are both cheap and eternally poor internally

>> No.20019224

its a difference you can tell wearing them or being near other people in the same class.

when he goes golfing or out to eat with his peers, they'd notice if he had on GAP clothes instead, even if just subconsciously.
there's a lot of psychology that ends up going into it, on why dress matters.

>> No.20019226
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bros i did the math if i can exercise my wkhs call early for 200 shares at 7.5 strike price and instantly sell for 15.55 then its worth more than selling the actual contract

am i missing something or is this a good idea? apparently i have to contact robinhood directly to do it

>> No.20019229

I'm asking because I don't have time to watch the market open at 6am, what's a good limit price?

>> No.20019232

Which meme stock do I yolo? Wkhs, solo, or blnk?

>> No.20019235


>> No.20019238

Massive cope just FOMO in

>> No.20019245
File: 491 KB, 1080x1920, Wholesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotta visit some of the boards I forget about from time to time

thank you, wise one!
Hmmm I bought a bunch of that NXPI and WEN near the highs because I couldn't take the fomo anymore... like a dummy. No more sleeping in, going to bed early tonight!

Setting that stop loss tonight.

>> No.20019254

Look, you stupid old fuck, I'm gonna spell it out for you
It's not 1990. EVs are on the rise, Cali just went full EV and so is Europe.
Regardless of whether you want to drive it or not isn't the point. It's meant for commercial fleets. Get it now retard? Think Domino's, UberEats, DoorDash.
The Tofino is for leisure (you'll see me in one soon)

>> No.20019257

Thinking about selling all my stocks besides the ones Im short term swinging and just staying cash for good oppprtunities 4chan finds. Is this a good or bad idea considering i might be selling some stuff at a loss?

>> No.20019260

He must be all in in oil

>> No.20019264

Most likely both WEN and NXPI will move up as long as the indexes don't do a dive. I think you'll be fine.

>> No.20019265

Correct. Some articles are lying around that big name companies only make up
like 5% of their ad revenue

>> No.20019284
File: 56 KB, 814x532, mia10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my mom says CTXR is the next play

what thinketh

i think youll lose a few hundred on opening tomorow you should have bailed that shit today

by the time robinhood gets back to you it will be too late dont bother

>> No.20019286

Thanks for posting

>> No.20019327

Nigga it's lunch time I can't have herbal tea. Thank you though.

>> No.20019389


>> No.20019398

Please someone answer me thx

>> No.20019416

I dumped mine- 500 shares, but I can only speak for myself.

>> No.20019419

BLNK. It’s only getting started

>> No.20019423

CTXR is definite next play.
Gappin up nicely.
Faster that KOTV, with less people

>> No.20019450

Its prolly chinese (competes with NIKOLA)

the chinese are filthy dogs never forget that

>> No.20019461

QRD on CTXR frens?

>> No.20019486
File: 690 KB, 728x728, squidgf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone send me their webull link

i dont wanna get cucked in the morning by rh

>> No.20019491

>this one guy on investing.coms shit chat that has lost so much money he's gone literally mental and can't stop spamming in the chat about doom
i need to stop reading this garbage chat

>> No.20019500

just get a TDA account ??

>> No.20019504

Check ur pm

>> No.20019506

>caring about futures at all
Literally the only people who should care are people with put and call positions on SPY, and even then only for the first 30 minutes

>> No.20019509

Rough bags, I'm bagholding CCL at -35%

>> No.20019515

WKHS is going up again tomorrow. Screencap this.

>> No.20019529

What’s he saying? I need the schadenfreude.

>> No.20019531

Just pick a random ticker and read stocktwits.

>> No.20019534
File: 790 KB, 1867x2800, 1589003020515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

VIX is going to break 30 this week

>> No.20019565
File: 3.48 MB, 2500x1626, 000622040023~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some 35mm horse pics I took

>> No.20019576

Thinking about buying AMD and MU for a short term play. Think they'll to to $55-$56 by the end of the week?

>> No.20019585
File: 2.98 MB, 2504x1660, 000622040025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20019593

Amd shits the bed so often I'd say go in if you wanna gamble

>> No.20019598

kek is in this thread

>> No.20019604
File: 770 KB, 498x484, veddynerbous.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

c-can these futures just go deeper green so i can sleep comfy without worry

>> No.20019618
File: 22 KB, 720x490, 1592999170826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Giving personal and financial information to the chinks

>> No.20019623

sleep is a luxury in this market

>> No.20019624

Any of you guys can recommend me a broker, I'm in asia and I'm interested in the US market and interactive broker seems pretty ok

>> No.20019636

I'll broker all your deals venmo me

>> No.20019645

Fuck off xi

>> No.20019655

Buying into BLNK think its a good buy to ride the electric craze? im out of wkhs now i made enough, went into PLUG aswell.

>> No.20019658

fuckin 2015-2019 could not look at shit fuck all and be 400% richer barely trying
and i fucking MISSED IT

>> No.20019669

Pretty upset I couldn't buy in at $48. I might throw a few hundred at it.

>> No.20019671
File: 1017 KB, 295x293, He's a tempermental Horse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder not to sell the dips, but to load up if you're so inclined

>> No.20019675

I don't have any sino blood in me

>> No.20019679
File: 479 KB, 1463x2048, BeisBaru02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've avoided lewd anime for a while, are any of these any good?
>eromanga sensei
>A Sister's All You Need

the only thing you have to fear is is not keeping some cash on hand to buy the dips.

>> No.20019686

that horse looks a lot bigger than 35mm to me bro

>> No.20019687

Thanks /p/, WKHS will pump one extra cent tomorrow for your efforts.

>> No.20019694

It seems BLNK is the next PLUG but it’s really just hype pumping it up and Apple Maps using it possibly a good hold for when iOS 14 comes out and when electric cars get mainstream use

>> No.20019710

its been bottoming out at 50 for the past months it looks like its getting ready to swing, like that other guy said amd shits the bed

>> No.20019715
File: 578 KB, 680x778, 1591571536947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20019717

I just want my one WKHS Oct 16 5c to make me 5 digits.

>> No.20019722
File: 3.52 MB, 2504x1660, 000622040024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used my grandmas camera. My dad gave it to me.

>> No.20019723

Is it safe to buy into DFEN for the rest of the week?

>> No.20019730

>when electric cars get mainstream use
yeah in 30-50 years

>> No.20019737

>Green Day
>green after hours

Ayy lmao

>> No.20019741

>the only thing you have to fear is is not keeping some cash on hand to buy the dips.
>keep cash on hand to buy dips
>nothing dips
>go all-in on something since nothing is dipping
>everything plummets
fuck this gayest of earths

>> No.20019742

yeah but you need to get the american trinity and buy ba and rtx too

>> No.20019762
File: 216 KB, 1617x1097, 1593411025108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you guys feel the bull market immanent? Weird feel

>> No.20019766
File: 1.51 MB, 1242x1697, 9E9D502F-DBBC-45B3-94B1-B0EBFC05035B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ivanka did it better

>> No.20019767

4th of July effedt

>> No.20019786
File: 157 KB, 767x647, 1593441242248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20019800


Most years have the "sell in may" thing, so stocks underperform into July, then benefit from quarterly rebalancing... Is that how it works maybe?

>> No.20019801

>american independence day holiday week
all green all day all week

>> No.20019810

CNN says CTXR is looking to hit $4.0 at the low end.. (only 1.54 now).. Mid is $5.50. May sell DAL @ 9:30 in the morning and roll it all over into CTXR.. 8500 dollars /1.54. 5519 shares. Sell the nut at 4.0 and walk away with over 22,000

>> No.20019821

To celebrate July 4th, the Dow will be increasing by 1776 points. Please prepare accordingly.

>> No.20019824

If Biden's win is priced in does that mean unexpected Republican upside (like Trump having a stroke and/or dropping out) would be big green dildos?

>> No.20019826

Depends on what the news is. If they're going to merger with a company like Merck, the value of KTOV is easily going to break $2 or $3 a share, seeing how is currently at $76. Even if it goes up to $5, you're still getting nearly a 5x return from right now. I wouldn't dump KTOV just yet.

>> No.20019850
File: 45 KB, 1080x608, WE_HOLD_THESE_GAINS_TO_BE_SELF_EVIDENT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, imagine betting against America

>> No.20019857

Why is everyone hyping ctxr what’s the similarities between ktov and it?

>> No.20019860

I'm tempted to liquidate my entire fucking around account to buy one TSLA share. I can't fractional shares. Talk me out of this. I can only afford to do it because of horse.

>> No.20019863

>implying Biden lives till Nov 3

>> No.20019875

What should I do if I bought ktov at .71 and sold my plan is to only go back in if it’s gonna be bought out

>> No.20019899

imagine betting against nature and the free market.

>> No.20019901
File: 11 KB, 320x278, 1590935380182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do I short black lives in south Chicago?

>> No.20019904

AH=after hours
ATH=all time high
EOY=end of year
Picture of woman=Man with feminine penis.

>> No.20019910

If you guys lose so much money listening to your gut why don't you just play against it?

>> No.20019915

smith and wesson

>> No.20019919


>> No.20019928

cyborg biden will rise
>still has speech problems but with a robot voice

>> No.20019930

due diligence

>> No.20019933

chances it moons along with the ev bull run?

>> No.20019934

Pharmaceutical companies are always quick cash, KTOV for example went into phase 2 of a cancer research drug, CTXR just went into.phase 3 of their drug Mino-Lok. If these drugs get picked up by mainstream health care providers, that's big money for the company.
Watch the thread very, very carefully. Like I said, if they merge with a big company their stock will minimum 2x/3x. If you're very very quick, you might be able to buy in at the very last second. I wouldn't count on that though. Without knowing the news, I have no idea what it's going to do.

>> No.20019939

Daily Dab, we do it once a day to keep the bears away

>> No.20019956

Without an actual product? No chance at all. They already used their photoshop pass, they don't get another.

>> No.20019957

>already 3x since March
>187B market cap
lol no

>> No.20019970
File: 250 KB, 498x345, tenor (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>newfag actually looks at the pastebin
There is a God. You'll make it anon.

>> No.20019975

I talk stonks with my grandpa and he was like where the hell are you finding these obscure stonks boy and I was to embarrassed to tell him about bizchan... sorry bros

>> No.20019984


>> No.20019989

Resident TSLA Chad here, if it's a good idea or not depends on your trading ability and how long you're going to hold it for. TSLA is an easy 5-10x over the next decade which will still out perform nearly everyone here but if you're only able to buy one share, it doesn't amount to that much. Short term I think we're looking at around $1,200 per share if they beat on deliveries and qualify for S&P 500 inclusion, so around a 20% gain.

This is why you need to have more income coming in so you don't have to choose.

>> No.20019996

Just say reddit.

>> No.20020007

yo somebody asked me in the other thread how i bought blnk after hours

i was able to buy it afterhours because i dont use a dogshit broker like robinhood

>> No.20020008

I don't think it can really moon anymore, just rise gradually. I still think it will continue upwards

>> No.20020010

Do u think it’s worth to get it if I’m buying above the price I sold it at? Or should I just hope it’s below 1.20 by the time it moons

>> No.20020015

Lol I dont want my grandpa thinking I suck cock that's worse

>> No.20020016 [DELETED] 

Trade Stocks, ETF and Options on Webull! Open an account and get a free stock. Deposit and get a second free stock. https://act.webull.com/n/QDO3OEECuZEZ/891/

>> No.20020020

I was wondering if there is hope for the Detroit homes that are $10, if you were able to buy and develop the area.

I say reddit and internet forums.

>> No.20020022

Like this guy said. You need to gamble all of it on the wkhs bull r u n then you can get tsla

>> No.20020026

KTOV, CTXR, either one I don't care which frankly long as I don't get burned on it and can walk away with least 20,000 before 2.5 yrs pass me by. After the horrors of ONTX it made me kinda stay away from uh questionable bio companies to put it mildly.

>> No.20020037

I was that anon lol I use Merrill edge so maybe I’ll be able to do after hours trading

>> No.20020051

What the fuck is it at now?

>> No.20020055

Everyday I see more Tesla's on the road. I think they will blow away everyone else in autonomous driving through the starlink satellites of SpaceX

>> No.20020056

you did good fren you'd get cut out of the will if he ever came here

>> No.20020057

my gf for the first time ever said "your stock trading isn't enough for you to support us waaah"
on my birthday of all days

what's a smooth answer to get her to stfu for a day

>> No.20020058

I personally would put any money into it until we know the announcement. If they don't announce anything big, it will probably go back down and hold until the next phase of their drug.

>> No.20020067

"Im leaving you"

>> No.20020077

same thing but with my dad. i just say that i look for companies that have good potential and spend a lot of time browsing random stocks in certain sectors looking for opportunity.

>> No.20020078

I have $2k in Canadabucks coming July 5 from CESB

>> No.20020079

This week is basically the best time to lock in a long position with big business

>> No.20020080

Show her your horse.

>> No.20020083
File: 21 KB, 480x360, dante.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>662.89% return on WKHS

The question is, do I have the guts to hold it through USPS contract announcement?

>> No.20020089
File: 56 KB, 641x667, 1593294918748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>isn't enough for you to support us
Tell her to get a job, shut up, or get out.

>> No.20020091

disgusting thot gf, dump her then make massive gains so you can rub it in her face later and she'll come back begging for your cock but you'll never actually let her back in your life except as a groveling dog.

>> No.20020094

Link her onlyfans

>> No.20020098

Just follow the news. These companies literally put out press statements for everything they do. So if they go a while without making an announcement, assume their drug doesn't work. Believe me when I say they will tell you if it works.

>> No.20020100

surprised she hasn't left you yet, she must be very stupid to put up with your bullshit.

>> No.20020101

Use a stop loss and don't be a goof.

>> No.20020107

I don’t have much money either way so I’m just looking for big gains then once I have a sizeable amount of money I’ll go into other stuff. So if the gains aren’t confirmed and it’s a long hold I ain’t goin into it for now. VXRT however looks promising but I’ll probs skip out on it and go into an SPAC or BLNK or SOLO

>> No.20020108

convert to shares at 800-1000% then hold forever

>> No.20020114
File: 389 KB, 1427x1361, Screenshot_20200629-202350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>support us
You had her move in with you, didnt you.

>> No.20020123
File: 8 KB, 228x250, 1591224119915s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i only wish i had bought more. 100 shares at 7.50 is decent, though

>> No.20020124

I've seen families go bankrupt because the husband thinks he is a "day trader", gambling with their retirement.

>> No.20020125

not selling mine ever, itll be over 100$ a share one day. Workhorse will be a name as big as GM or Toyota or Caterpillar one day

>> No.20020129

>KO still not breaking 45

>> No.20020132
File: 111 KB, 1600x900, the_pianers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TED is sitting at January levels and repo fails are back down. I predict a green week.

>> No.20020134 [DELETED] 
File: 1.41 MB, 1582x850, asd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't wait for another green day to begin

>> No.20020141

Well look it like this. you got to see her true colors. She was more interested in the money than whatever you two were doing at the time. My wife she knows I've got stocks. She don't ask nor has ever showed any interest in knowing the value of them though. One of the reasons we get along so well. She don't really care about how much money is in the bank.

>> No.20020145

got it

>> No.20020153

looks like you found out your woman doesn't believe in you

far right, as always.

>> No.20020155
File: 243 KB, 600x800, XVVXYXOX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is time once again, for CAG earnings

>> No.20020165

>wkhs and workhorse still shadowbanned on r/wsb
>MANUALLY removed posts that try to circumvent this, even random ass posts in threads about "what people are buying"
honestly wtf is this. they are keeping it completely shut down in there

>> No.20020177

rolling, feeling bullish

>> No.20020181

Please just stay on reddit.

>> No.20020186

Ironic how they like referring to themselves that they are like 4chan

>> No.20020188

wow u stoopid

>> No.20020197

It's going to suck we are that old and we're getting dabbed on by the future equivalent to Zoomer Robinhood traders. Hopefully I will have enough money that it won't bother me that much, there are few things sadder than dirt poor old people.
Their cars don't actually get internet or data through Starlink, not yet anyway. They need to find away to make their pizza sized receiver smaller or incorporate it into the roof of the car. I think they physically move to track the satellites better so that may be hard to pull off.
That works temporarily but you still want to focus earning capital to add into your investment account as 3k is still too little do all that much even if you get lucky chose stocks with a very high performance. Good luck, leaf.
They're pretending that they don't pump and dump stocks. At this point WKHS has a relatively large market cap so I don't know how much damage they think they could do by pumping it.

>> No.20020206

Failed last time, here I go again.

>> No.20020220

Well done.
The future refused to change.

>> No.20020227

checking every thread for any post that dares mention wkhs, just to remove it, is pretty fucking weird

>> No.20020252

Honda Insight was cool when it was a two seater. First hybrid and very efficient.

>> No.20020259

fuck all these dog faced chinks

>> No.20020264

hmm CTXR seems closer to the end game from what I read in the presentation. Halfway thru Phase 3 w/ other drugs in the pipeline at lower stages of development. The upshot is with the urgency now thanks to our Virus friend and how the drug helps people with the virus they (FDA) may uh "fast track it" so it don't have to jump thru as many final hoops as other drugs have to go through. Which increases the odds of a green light. I went through this whole spell with AMRN, a nerve racking thing it was to, but AMRN prevailed and I walked away with a nice payday.

>> No.20020266

>It's going to suck we are that old and we're getting dabbed on by the future equivalent to Zoomer Robinhood traders. Hopefully I will have enough money that it won't bother me that much, there are few things sadder than dirt poor old people.
Grandpa and grandma grew up poor as hell in NYC and made the american dream work. Got a nice big house and pensions I think hes just bored and loves money from being poor so long that hes 80% proud and 10% jealous of the gains 10% bored as fuck in retirement

>> No.20020308

I talk with my uncle and sometimes my cousin before I buy anything it’s nice to get q second opinion and see what they think as they’re more experienced then I am. Got my uncle to buy WKHS today to

>> No.20020334

dangerously based

>> No.20020374

Why didn't you buy micron before earnings today?

>> No.20020422
File: 59 KB, 450x418, 1592983820392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at the futures

>> No.20020424

Earnings are always a gamble.
I’m long and I was too big of a pussy to buy during this recent dip, should’ve DCAed down. It’s already a big position though...

Not bad!
Probably the prettiest, but the body on the right really takes work. She keeps nice and fit.

>> No.20020473

this is another bull run

>> No.20020474

these cuck cars have been around for almost 100 years idiot. nobody buys them because a drunk mexican kills you 100% of the time when he plows his non-registered 2901 silverado running a red light into your ass

>> No.20020486

literally retarded. Trump is kicking ass, go fuck yourself

>> No.20020487


>> No.20020501


>> No.20020507

You're trying hard dude

>> No.20020511

>implying the japs won't make a better and cheaper vehicle should their population want it.

>> No.20020517

Anyone? or is everyone here americans?

>> No.20020522

to me it looks like the perfect little cuck pod

>> No.20020532

I invested in VXRT. Going to hold for the week but it’s looking like suicide is probably the best option now.

>> No.20020534


>> No.20020540

It would help the Asian posters if you told them what country you were from. Duh.

>> No.20020543
File: 461 KB, 350x232, 3CE28F21-EDBD-41F0-BA9C-C7E4403C6E7A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20020544

How are you going to charge the WKHS trucks?

Let me introduce you to BLNK

>> No.20020545

If you really loved your family youd have told them about horse last week

>> No.20020547

I sold my 300 shares of WKHS today at $14.25, I bought in at $7. I feel like a fucking idiot because I know it's my inner addict and I sold because I needed the sweet dopamine rush. Have any of you dealt with having a addiction to trading even though you know holding is much more profitable? How'd you get over it? I've sold so many cryptos and stock at 100% profit then watched it go up another 1,000%.

>> No.20020552

No, we're just not Asian. There are plenty of people here from Commonwealth and European countries.

>> No.20020594

holders don't post ITT because they don't waste time looking at random prices go up and down, just look at balance sheets, buy what you like and forget about it until the next quarterly report.

>> No.20020600

I hope I made the right choice by cancelling my 11.90 stop loss order on WKHS

>> No.20020612

Don't sell all of it next time. Maybe just sell enough to cover your cost basis, then you don't even have to worry about losing money.

>> No.20020614
File: 38 KB, 804x595, 2EDE9B28-BF46-4B0D-8F59-F1543F6E9E5C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah man, VXRT is about to announce a partnership with Johnson & Johnson on a vaccine and that’s not even related to their covid vaccine. Hold on to that shot because it’s about to explode. I bought it near its low today and I’m looking to make upwards of 30k on this. It’s still not too late bro’s. I’d get it while it’s this cheap.

>> No.20020627

new bread ?

>> No.20020640

/smg/ is dead. You're free now.

>> No.20020641


Use a trailing stop next time.

>> No.20020651

Smart but I really don't have much money invested so Im always chasing profits. I have about 10% of my savings in investments and that was all profit from a crypto coin. I need to either invest more or only use 50% of my investment fund for swing trading and profit chasing and let the rest sit.

>> No.20020652

bro its literally one big toy
im imagining zooming around in my little half car right now

>> No.20020658

ok fren, i will sleep

>> No.20020664

That just means they passed a test that allows them on Canadian roads, it doesn't mean they are that safe. Side impacts mostly happen going through intersections at a relatively slow speed, it's the head on collisions that will kill you. A Tesla front end has a larger crumple zone than the entire width of a Solo car which is why they are safer than nearly any ICE car. Imagine getting hit head on at highway speeds in a Solo, there would be nothing left.

>> No.20020673

its technically a motorcycle, so the whole deal is its cheaper than a car, safer than a "real" motorcycle

>> No.20020708

You're only now excited because you own SOLO stock, otherwise you would already own a Smart car or a three wheeled meme car.
The problem isn't the cost, the problem is only an autist would buy one and it has limited appeal to everyone else. The stock may pump like the rest of the EV stocks but it doesn't mean that everyone will be driving around in three wheeled meme cars ten years from now, that isn't going to happen.

>> No.20020848

You should also consider that it only has a 100 mile range which is a quarter of a new Tesla and the size of the car limits fitting a battery that would have comparable range. Sure it's cheap compared to other electric cars but there's no reason why another automaker wouldn't be able to make something like a EV Toyota Yaris at the same price point as the Solo. At that point, why would you buy one? Less range, fewer seats, worse safety, and it's not like you're going to be lane splitting in it so you're not getting anywhere faster in areas with heavy traffic.

>> No.20020858
File: 533 KB, 1078x817, Screenshot_20200629-140342_DuckDuckGo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goodnight frens

Trips and horse hits 25 tomorrow

>> No.20020881

I hate the fact that "uninsured motorists insurance" is a thing

>> No.20021166
File: 34 KB, 400x300, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doms and DoorDash are just my predictions for partners in the U.S. market, seeing as they've partnered with 7-11 already.
Like I keep saying with SOLO, that's not even Electrameccanica's largest draw, the Tofino is
Bear it if you want, this thing has a nice niche in the market.
Are you expecting to do a road trip in this thing?

>> No.20021782

what is happening in this image

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